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    Lust Unbound - Part 3

    14 JUN. 2024 · https://wyldeinbed.com Suddenly Elisa's sensual world has been opened up  Desires she never imgined lay before her But will she surrender to these new found  Thoughts of wicked carnal pleasure Or will she return to the  Vanilla life she has always known. In this tantalizing episode of our erotic podcast, immerse yourself in a seductive tale of exploration and desire as a woman embarks on a journey of self-discovery with her ex-husband's friend. Delve into the depths of sensuality and taboo as boundaries are pushed and passions ignited in ways never imagined. As the story unfolds, listeners are drawn into a world where inhibitions are shed, and raw, unbridled desire takes center stage. The woman, once confined by societal norms and expectations, finds herself captivated by the enigmatic allure of her ex-husband's friend, a figure from her past who ignites a flame within her that cannot be extinguished. With each encounter, the tension between them grows palpable, charged with a magnetic energy that defies reason and logic. Their interactions are a dance of forbidden pleasures, a symphony of whispered confessions and stolen moments that blur the lines between right and wrong, pleasure and pain. As they succumb to their primal urges, the woman discovers a newfound sense of liberation and empowerment, embracing her sexuality in ways she never thought possible. The intimacy they share is not just physical but emotional, a connection that transcends the boundaries of convention and dives deep into the realm of the forbidden. Amidst the heat of their encounters, listeners are taken on a journey of self-exploration and awakening, witnessing the transformation of a woman who embraces her desires without shame or guilt. The narrative is a celebration of the sensual, the erotic, and the taboo, weaving a tapestry of passion and intimacy that leaves a lasting imprint on the soul. Through whispered confessions and whispered desires, the woman and her ex-husband's friend navigate the complex terrain of lust and longing, navigating a path fraught with danger and excitement. Each moment is a revelation, each touch a symphony of pleasure, as they surrender to the intoxicating pull of their desires. In this episode, listeners are invited to witness a story of passion and surrender, of lust and liberation, as a woman discovers the depths of her own desires in the arms of her ex-husband's friend. It is a journey that challenges conventions, defies expectations, and ultimately celebrates the beauty of embracing one's true self in all its sensual, erotic, and taboo glory.
    24m 58s
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    Lust Unbound Part 2

    8 JUN. 2024 · Part Two of our taboo listeners erotic fantasy. Elisas passion has been laid bare. Unable to resist she has succumbed to Brix's charm Yet in the back of her mind she knows His still the best friend of her ex husband. Is this all another one of Brandon's games or could this chemistry be real?
    19m 55s
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    Lust Unbound - Part 1

    31 MAY. 2024 · On this episode from Wylde in Bed, we bring you the first installment of a sizzling three-part erotic tale that will leave you breathless and craving more.   Elisa found the strength to make a new life.  To walk away from that disaster of a marriage to Brandon. But on nights like tonight, as she sits alone at a bar, nursing a drink and an unending feeling of lonliness. she might question her judgement.    When Brix walks in to the bar, the best friend of her ex-husband, the man who once promised to love her forever. The same man who belittled her in front of his friends for his amusement.   Elisa still feels the intense attraction for Brix she always had, but why is he in this bar?   Is this just conincidence? Or is there a darker motive?   In this latest erotic story from Wylde In Bed, immerse yourself in a taboo tale of tense sexual attraction that crosses the border of right and wrong.
    23m 54s
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    Emma's Awakening - Part 2: A Strangers To Lovers Erotic Fantasy

    24 MAY. 2024 · https://wyldeinbed.com This episode contain graphic descriptions of spanking and light bondage.  Emma comes round after the most intense orgasm of her life. She can't see Derek, but she can still hear the voices in the darkness. Already her innocence is slipping, but what other desires will she surrender to in the darkness of the library. What other fantasies might she discover in the night?
    26m 21s
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    Emma's Awakening - Part 1

    18 MAY. 2024 · In the private seclusion of her library, Emma feels safe to explore whatever pleasure she desires.  But as she begins enjoying the full intoxicating depths of her pleasure, there is a man. Or is there? Is he real or imagined? Is he just a drem coming to life, or is there more to be discovered? How far will Emma go with a complete strange to discover her deepest fantasies.
    17m 26s
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    Dark Knights of Passion - Part 3

    11 MAY. 2024 · https://link.chtbl.com/ZSrVniiD Monica has waited for six years for this moment, To share this time this experience with Xavier. But now it’s here, Can she satisfy him? What dark desires does he hide in the privacy of his mind. Can she let herself go, And Experience the deep pleasure She always dreamed of. 
    31m 8s
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    Featherlight Touch: Your Gateway to Deeper Pleasure.

    5 MAY. 2024 · You can grab your copy of the truly magical and orgasmic  https://wyldeinbed.com/product/featherlight-touch/.  This is more than just another orgasm.  More than just another release.  This is your first step throug hthe gateway to your pleasure, to immerse yourself in a satisfaction you have yet to enjoy.  This session has been crafted with a unique blend of Hypnosis, Tantra and Guided Visualisation to open up your sensual channels and transform your pleasure from ordinary to EXTRAordinary.  https://wyldeinbed.com/product/featherlight-touch/
    9m 8s
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    Dark Knights of Passion - Part 2

    4 MAY. 2024 · Monica has spent the last 6 years lusting after her boss,  all the time more frustrated by the  omnipresent shadow of her ex-husband  looming from behind.  But now, as the final moments of her sham of a marriage  begin to tick away.  Finally free of the husband that tormented her life, can she pursue her hearts desire? Can she satisfy this lust she has felt all these years?  Or has her confidence been so eroded she must resign herself to a life alone. 
    24m 48s
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    Dark Knights of Passion - Part 1

    26 ABR. 2024 · https://link.chtbl.com/ZSrVniiD The dark shadows of her  soon to be ex-husband still cast it's darkness over every single day of her life.  Yet somewhere through that darkness Somewhere beyond the pain,  his smile shone brightly  bright enough to make all the past simply disappear. Bright enough to ignite  the long forgotten flames of passion  and make her feel like a woman again 
    24m 53s
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    The Altar of Wax - Part 2 - A Listeners Erotic BDSM Fantasy

    20 ABR. 2024 · https://link.chtbl.com/ZSrVniiD Bound by her pain fuelled lust,  Dawn has no alternative but to Sink  deeper into her  darkest desires. Mark’s passion seems to be ignited By these discovered fantasies, His normal calm, loving persona Replaced by something More animal. Faced with the opportunity To take these desires further Will she run? Or submit to his demonic lust. 
    19m 30s

Welcome to the world of sensual Erotic stories where your sexual desires and fantasies can be brought to life, with me your host, Devlin Wylde, as we embark on a...

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Welcome to the world of sensual Erotic stories where your sexual desires and fantasies can be brought to life, with me your host, Devlin Wylde, as we embark on a journey of intense pleasure and immerse ourselves in your deepest desires.
With surprise bonus episodes of my unique Experiential Erotica, Orgasmic Meditation and ASMR you know you want to subscribe so you don’t miss a single, throbbing pleasure.
So loosen those clothes, put your earbuds in and relax back on that bed. I will join you every Friday at 10pm CST to whisper an erotic story right there…can you feel my breath yet?
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