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Everyone Has A Story - with Roger Sargent

  • Beauty Between Thoughts with Perry Knoppert

    30 ABR. 2024 · Using my car’s GPS system, I can all alternate my route by pre-programming various options, such as no tolls, no interstates, most scenic, fastest … YOU NAME IT! Why in our personal and professional lives don’t we use that same methodology or program? This episode will introduce you to a solution to explore new paths in our lives. It will introduce you to the world of “Non-Linear” thinking and experiencing the BEAUTY that exists! Special Guest: Perry Knoppert - Founder of The Octopus Movement, Non-Linear Thinking Advocate, Philanthropist, Artist and Octovist Speaker’s Contact Info: droctopus@theoctopusmovement.org Host: Roger Sargent; President of Affluence Business Solutions & Host; “Everyone has a Story” Podcast Sponsors: Custom Bookkeeping, IvyCat Web Design, Buller Accounting, Sievers Real Estate Team, West Sound Recording Studio, The Morry Method, Results Coaching, Live My Possibilities, Virtues Matter
    34m 19s
  • Dreaming BIG with Dominkia Staniewicz

    16 ABR. 2024 · I’ve seen and heard from so many individuals that had set a goal, maybe a resolution and failed to achieve it, FULLY. Why does this occur with our society of “go-getters” 92% of the time? This episode will explore this topic from the “”BRAIN’s” perspective. A few small steps will be shared that can give you BIG results toward your goals and dreams. Special Guest: Dominkia Staniewicz Speaker’s Contact Info: d.staniewicz@gmail.com
    34m 4s
  • Not Perfect with Yasmina Lyons

    26 MAR. 2024 · Face it, we are not perfect! Let me tell you my message gets more discouraging…you never will be perfect. Now we all will have our moments…300 game in bowling, a judge gives an athlete/competitor a perfect score..etc. Those moments don’t last. Then what, we begin to crave it, chasing it each waking moment of each day. The good news there are methods that help with this issue, and the even better news is that they can be very fun and entertaining! Special Guest: Yasmina Lyons - Global Resilience & Wellbeing Coach & Trainer Speaker’s Contact Info: contact@yasminalyons.com
    28m 56s
  • Distractions with Tess Cheng

    19 MAR. 2024 · I personally love accomplishing my daily tasks, both personally and professionally. I’ve noticed that there some individuals that a great deal more accomplished than I have. I’m well aware that this shouldn’t be a contest or really any amount of time wasted on comparisons…but, being the curious person that I am, I want to know their secret(s). This episode will share some SIMPLE steps to be more productive and to live a more fulfilled life! Special Guest: Tess Cheng - MS, Certified Health & Wellness Coach and Founder of Glow With Tess Get in touch with Tess: info@glowithtess.com
    31m 55s
  • My Gift to Myself with Emilie Macas

    13 MAR. 2024 · In today’s messaging regarding personal & professional development, “self-love” and “self-care” are mentioned a great deal… what does this really mean? The old joke regarding the best auto mechanic in town having the worst running car isn’t really that far off from the truth. But when it comes to our own personal and professional health & growth it’s no laughing matter. Congratulations, you have made it this far! This episode will explore using your own particular past and journey to date, in a non-complicated way, to see things from a different perspective that allows you to GIFT you to YOU! Special Guest: Emilie Macas - Holistic Health Practitioner and Author of “The Naked Truth of a Healer” Get in touch with Emilie: emiliemacas26@gmail.com
    33m 35s
  • Wanting More with Monselete Bowden

    5 MAR. 2024 · That familiar aroma that brings back, hopefully happy thoughts & memories… bacon in the morning, fresh bread baking in the oven, fragrant flowers from the garden …AAAH!!! It leaves us wanting more, feeding that insatiable appetite !!! Why? This episode discusses that desire to want more, and more and even more MORE! Let’s discover together how to accept today and what it brings fully to our daily lives and curb our insatiable desire for MORE! Special Guest: Monselete J. Bowden - Executive Coach and Founder of Aromatic Readings. Get in touch with Monselete at mb@monselete.com
    42m 39s
  • Spiraling with Roshmi Dalal

    5 MAR. 2024 · Have you ever felt that you were losing your footing or grip on LIFE? How long can some someone endure the pain of their own destruction? Individuals today need to slow down and even pause. This time in their life should not be treated as a sprint, but a longer race where time for silence and reflection is necessary. This episode describes the feelings and signs of “Spiraling” and the recommended steps to stop or at least slow down the free fall and begin enjoying your days, weeks, months and everyone around you. Special Guest: Roshmi Dalal - Executive, Positive & Emotional Intelligence Coach and Mental Fitness Coach. Get in touch with Roshmi Dalal at roshmid@gmail.com
    37m 33s
  • Ghosts with Sarah Banker

    21 FEB. 2024 · “I ain't afraid of no ghosts” … a line from the title song of the movie “Ghostbusters”. The thought of ghosts in general, make us think of those terrifying characters or maybe on the lighter side of Casper … 'The Friendly Ghost'. Ghosts can take various shapes, sizes and illusions. So, what is a ghost really? This episode, we will be discussing the version that haunts our thoughts, derail our dreams and make our lives even more challenging. Special Guest: Sarah Banker - Founder of Sarah Banker Music & TEDx Presenter Get in touch with Sarah: sarahbankermusic@gmail.com
    29m 23s
  • Creating US with Judy Tsuei

    13 FEB. 2024 · What does “US” mean today? I believe it means something different to everyone, BUT, it is even needed more today than ever. To fully understand, let’s listen to others that have, unfortunately, the experiences that showed them that they needed “OTHERS” and how they turned those difficult life experiences into healthier “Together” moments. Join Judy Tsuei and I as we discuss her past, loneliness and the learning moments she gained. Special Guest: Judy Tsuei, Founder of Wild Hearted Words, Business Mentor & Author Get in touch with Judy: judy@wildheartedwords.com
    39m 14s
  • Judgements with Jas Kiran Kaur

    6 FEB. 2024 · It appears from an early age we are introduced to being judged. I’m not talking about the county fair judging with your prized farm animal, vegetable or apple pie. I’m referring to our actions of life! What does that really mean? We all need to take a step back and pause, and STOP comparing ourselves to other’s opinions and their ways to chose their live their life. My favorite quote on this topic is to stop comparing your DAY 1 to someone else’s DAY 100. Special Guest: Jas Kiran Kaur - Founder of YourLitCoach, Success & Happiness Coach Speaker’s Contact Info: yourlitcoachjas@gmail.com
    30m 19s
Roger Sargent, CEO of "Affluence Business Solutions" talks with notable professionals in business and industry as they share their story and journey to excellence in business and life.

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