• #55 Divine Feminine Essence with guest Dr.Sondra Joyce

    1 DIC. 2023 · Join me for a juicy conversation about stepping into Divine Feminine Essence. We cover many topics including how women's circles are making a comeback and having transformational impact in the world. My Guest: Dr Sondra Joyce simply warms the world with her presence. Dr Sondra is a coach, retreat facilitator and the creator of transformational women’s circles. She is a Colorado native with a tropical heart. What shines through Sondra is her passion for transformation . She continues to spiral upward, continually letting go of what no longer serves so she can step more and more into her divine authenticity. Sondra has a tremendous amount of experience leading retreats, masterminds, and coaching backed by 3 educational degrees including a Doctorate of Arts and a Masters Degree in Family Therapy as well as countless certificates and trainings. She lives in a cohousing community near Durango, Colorado, on several acres of land with dedicated sacred space for fire and prayer circles. PS: Check out her guest blog on our Fab-website https://fabulousat50.com/Blog50 To reach Sondra: send an email to Sondra@SondraJoyce.com Website: https://sondrajoyce.com/ Jan 2024 Retreat: https://sondrajoyce.com/2024retreat
    35m 4s
  • #54 Fabulous Health with Metabolic Balance

    27 NOV. 2023 · Metabolic Balance Canada is committed to helping individuals achieve holistic health and wellness. If you're curious about how this program can transform your life, we invite you to listen in on today's episode were the table is turned and our host Joanne becomes the guest in a recent Instagram interview for Metabolic Balance Canada conducted by Jen Vasey, a top Metabolic Balance Canadia coach. Joanne Neweduk, also a skilled MB coach, will be sharing her insights on how she integrates Metabolic Balance into her FabulousHealth programs for women in midlife. Discover how she supports women to harmonize body, mind, and spirit through personalized nutrition and lifestyle strategies. It's a unique opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and take a step towards a healthier and more Fabulous you. Join us for this enlightening conversation! ABOUT METABOLIC BALANCE: Metabolic Balance Canada is a program designed to support overall health and wellness by focusing on personalized nutrition and metabolic optimization. It utilizes a holistic approach that takes into account an individual's unique biochemical makeup, lifestyle, and health goals. Through a comprehensive assessment, including blood tests and an analysis of personal health history, Metabolic Balance creates a customized nutrition plan tailored to an individual's specific needs. This plan includes a balanced combination of foods that promote stable blood sugar levels, weight management, and overall well-being. By addressing the root causes of health issues and optimizing metabolic function, Metabolic Balance Canada empowers individuals to achieve and maintain better health, vitality, and a sense of balance in their lives. To book a FREE consultation with Joanne please email her directly at Joanne@FabulousHealth.ca
    34m 41s
  • #53 Why Mental Health Matters with guest Krista Malden

    10 NOV. 2023 · Join host Joanne Neweduk for this episode delving into the crucial topic of mental health and why it matters, especially in the context of business and personal development. Joining Joanne is Krista Malden, the founder of Community Now Magazine, who brings her wealth of knowledge and experience in mental health advocacy to the conversation. Together, they explore the importance of mental well-being in various aspects of life, emphasizing its significance in workplace culture. During their discussion, Joanne and Krista enthusiastically discuss The 6th Annual Mental Health Summit, which promises to be a transformative event. The summit's agenda includes engaging activities like drumming and interactive stations, designed to foster personal growth and healing. Moreover, there are thought-provoking panel discussions and keynote speakers - Joanne being one of them - who will share valuable insights on mental health. Joanne's presentation is entitled Harmonizing Body Mind and Spirit. How to Nourish Your Body, Optimize Your Mind and Enliven Your Spirit. This episode encourages listeners to take the time to prioritize their mental well-being and offers a sneak peek into the exciting and enlightening events at the Mental Health Summit, highlighting the critical role mental health plays in living a truly fabulous life. To learn more about Community Now Magazine visit: https://communitynowmagazine.com/ To Purchase Tickets for the 6th Annual Mental Health Summit in Calgary Alberta, Host by Community Now Magazine on December 13, 2023 - Click this link: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/6th-annual-cn-magazine-mental-health-summit-tickets-713201764677?aff=oddtdtcreatorget
    16m 23s
  • #52 Exercise Therapy with guest Marilyn Vrooman-Robertson

    2 NOV. 2023 · In this episode, host Joanne welcomes Marilyn Vrooman-Robertson, a certified exercise therapist specializing in helping women aged 55+ in Calgary and surrounding areas regain mobility and live without pain, enabling them to pursue their passions. Marilyn shares her inspiring journey from a corporate career to her current path, driven by a life-changing concussion. Throughout the episode, she offers valuable tips and insights on how to break free from pain and embrace active aging, emphasizing the importance of living life to its fullest potential despite obstacles. To connect with Marilyn please visit her website: http://www.mvrfitnessyyc.com/
    35m 28s
  • #51 Karmic Art with guest Patricia Gagic

    26 OCT. 2023 · Join host Joanne Neweduk on this captivating episode as she welcomes the extraordinary Patricia Gagic. Patricia is not your average artist; she's an internationally acclaimed contemporary artist, author, musician and entrepreneur who has left an indelible mark on the world. In this episode, Patricia shares her incredible journey into the art world, including her transformative mentorship in France, and delves into the fascinating concept of "Karmic Art." You'll also learn about her heart-centered projects in Cambodia, making this episode truly inspirational. To connect with Patricia please visit her website: http://www.patriciakarengagic.com/ Patricia Gagic's Bio: Patricia Gagic has been internationally lauded for her work - as one of Canada’s most exceptional communicators, as an award-winning contemporary Artist, Author, and successful Entrepreneur. Patricia is an etheric energy leader – founder of the “Karmic Art Experience” merging realism with soul. In 2017, she was presented the Excellence in the Arts for Courage and Commitment to Human rights, Dignity and Freedom Award by the Canadian Civil Liberties Association. She is the recipient of the 2020 Lifetime Achievement award by Universal Women’s Network. In 2013 she was Knighted as a Dame of The Order of St. George- Grand Priory of Canada. She is a four- time named WXN Top 100 Most Powerful Women in Canada inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2018. She is a member of the IWF, International Women’s Forum and member of the Board of the Sir Edmund Hilary Foundation. Speaking engagements include the Harvard Club of Boston, Carnegie Hall, and NASDAQ. Recipient of the Salon National des Beaux-arts Gold Medal at the Carrousel du Louvre, in Paris, and Silver and Pewter Medal Academique Societe Arts Sciences Lettres of France. ATIM Art Tour International named Patricia Artist of the Year 2020 and 2023.
    35m 26s
  • #50 Partners to Powerhouses with Guest Zena Krogedal

    19 OCT. 2023 · In this exciting episode of "Fabulous at 50," host Joanne is joined by the incredible Zena Krogedal. Zena is a Certified Business and Life Coach with a remarkable background. Her family's journey from immigrating to the United States in 1975 to her current status as a successful professional is a testament to the American Dream. But the conversation doesn't stop there. Zena and her husband are embarking on an exciting new venture - coaching couples who are also in business together. During this episode, Zena delves into this exciting development, discussing how couples can transform their partnerships into powerhouses of success. With over 26 years of experience in business operations, customer service, marketing, and real estate sales and investment, Zena is well-equipped to guide couples toward their goals. Listeners will gain valuable insights into achieving success, maintaining strong relationships, and personal growth, as Zena shares her expertise and experiences. The episode is a must-listen for those who are part of both a romantic partnership and a business venture. For more information about Zena Krogedal and her coaching services, you can visit her website at https://zenakrogedal.com/. Join us in this conversation about transforming partners into powerhouses in both love and business.
    31m 23s
  • #49 Late Bloomer with guest Carolyn Harley

    13 OCT. 2023 · In this episode we meet Carolyn Harley, a multi-talented singer-songwriter and performer from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Carolyn's musical style is as diverse as it gets, blending folk, blues, country, bluegrass, swing, and humor in her albums and concerts. But Carolyn is not just about music; she has a zest for life in her retirement years. She's an avid photographer, traveler, birdwatcher, and reader, all while continuing her musical journey. Carolyn's story is an inspiring one, as she considers herself a "Late Bloomer." While she has been writing songs since her days as a young mother, retirement has given her the time to fully explore and share her music with the world. She's not just making music; she's writing songs that truly matter. In 2021, Carolyn's album "Heartbeat of the World" was nominated for Folk Recording of the Year at the YYC Music Awards, a testament to her talent and dedication. Her motto, "It is Never Too Late to Bloom," serves as a reminder that creativity knows no age limits. For more on Carolyn Harley's music and journey, you can visit her website at: https://carolynharley.com/ Connect with her on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/carolynharleymusic/) and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/carolynharleymusic/). This episode is a testament to pursuing your passions and creativity, regardless of where life's journey has taken you.
    32m 46s
  • #48 Wear The Pearls with Guest Brenda Pelland McIntosh

    28 SEP. 2023 · Wear the Pearls with Brenda Pelland McIntosh. In this captivating episode entitled "Wear the Pearls" host Joanne Neweduk welcomes her nursing school classmate Brenda Pelland McIntosh. Brenda, a seasoned Life & HEALth Care Consultant, reflects on her journey and shares how she embodies the essence of "Wear the Pearls." She believes in the power of authenticity and encourages everyone to embrace their true selves. Brenda's wisdom and compassion shine through as she discusses her life journey and the trials and tribulations she herself has overcome. Listeners will be inspired by Brenda's commitment to fostering a proactive, compassionate approach to healthcare, where individuals are empowered with choices aligned with their values. Her personal anecdotes and insights will resonate with anyone seeking a more authentic and fulfilling life. Join us on this enlightening journey as we explore the pearls of wisdom that Brenda Pelland McIntosh has gathered throughout her life. BIO: Brenda Pelland-McIntosh – Life & HEALth Care Consulting Life and HEALth Care Consultant Brenda Pelland-McIntosh loves helping people heal through the power of transformation. As a Registered Nurse, End of Life Doula, “option-ologist” and advocate, Brenda believes in a proactive, compassionate approach to HEALthcare by empowering her clients and giving them options so they can make the choice that’s right for them. Beyond her consulting practice, Brenda enjoys traveling, gardening and time spent on her farm with her husband, their two dogs, horses and llamas. Brenda and husband have a delightful podcast entitled: https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/thoughts-from-the-tractor-brenda-pm/id1588945034
    26m 41s
  • #47 A Conversation with End-of-Life Doula Janet Pillay

    21 SEP. 2023 · Join me, host Joanne Neweduk in a heartfelt and enlightening conversation with Janet Pillay, the Founder of Dying the Dream and a renowned End of Life Care Consultant & Certified Death Doula. In this episode, we delve into the profound work Janet does to support terminally ill individuals and families during their most vulnerable moments. Janet Pillay's journey into the world of end-of-life care is a story of compassion, empathy, and transformation. Janet who has sat at countless bedsides of the dying, brings a wealth of experience to her role as an end-of-life doula. Janet's mission is to preserve dignity, offer solace, and bring peace of mind and heart to those approaching the end of their lives. Throughout our discussion, we explore the concept of an end-of-life doula, also known as a death doula, shedding light on the critical role they play in providing emotional, spiritual, and practical support during this sacred transition. Janet shares her unique specialties and insights, emphasizing the importance of lessening fear and building confidence with moving forward. Listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the profound impact that end-of-life doulas like Janet have on individuals and families, helping them navigate the often overwhelming experience of grief and loss. Discover Janet's personal journey into this meaningful profession, the lessons she's learned along the way, and the transformative power of her work in the world of end-of-life care. Our conversation will touch your heart, open your mind, and inspire you to explore the vital role end-of-life doulas play in our society. Join us for this insightful episode as we gain valuable insights from Janet Pillay's compassionate expertise. To Learn More visit https://dyingthedream.ca/
    32m 24s
  • #46 Aging vs Ailment: Spine and Bone Health with guest Dr. Andrea

    14 SEP. 2023 · In this enlightening episode of Fabulous at 50, we delve deep into the world of spine and bone health, exploring the distinctions between imbalances and natural aging along with the strategies to slow it down. Joining us today is a true expert in the field, Dr. Andrea, whose passion for chiropractic care and holistic well-being has transformed lives. Understanding the Aging Process: We kick off the conversation by unraveling the mysteries of natural aging. Dr. Andrea shares invaluable insights into how our spines and bones evolve with time. From changes in bone density to the wear and tear on our spine's discs, she helps us grasp the realities of aging gracefully. Slowing Down the Clock: But aging doesn't have to mean surrendering to discomfort and immobility. Dr. Andrea takes us through actionable steps and lifestyle changes that can significantly slow down the aging process. From nutrition tips to exercise routines tailored for bone health, she empowers us to take control of our well-being. Addressing Imbalances: The podcast also delves into the crucial topic of imbalances that can lead to pain and discomfort. Dr. Andrea explains how these imbalances develop and offers valuable advice on how to correct them. Her expertise is in instrument-based chiropractic adjustments, using the High Tech ProAdjuster, and she discusses how these techniques can gently alleviate pain and improve overall quality of life. Prevention and Healing: As a certified Functional Movement Assessment practitioner and Ergonomics specialist, Dr. Andrea emphasizes the importance of identifying and addressing issues before they escalate. She shares her knowledge on prevention strategies and how to foster a pain-free existence. Key Takeaways: In this episode, listeners will gain a deeper understanding of spine and bone health, aging, and pain management. Dr. Andrea's passion and expertise shine through as she offers practical advice and solutions that can be integrated into daily life. Join Us on the Journey: Tune in to discover the keys to aging gracefully, preventing discomfort, and optimizing spine and bone health. Dr. Andrea's dedication to empowering individuals to live their best lives resonates throughout the episode, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking to maintain a vibrant, pain-free existence. Don't miss this opportunity to embark on a journey toward a happier, healthier you. Listen now to unlock the secrets of spine and bone health with Dr. Andrea and Host Joanne. Divine Spine Chiropractic office # (403) 457-3714 http://www.divinespinecalgarysw.com/ Slowing the Aging Process: https://amzn.to/3CfRJ0S Join Dr. Andrea in her Facebook group to stay connected... https://www.facebook.com/groups/expectwellness Dr. Andrea's Bio Dr. Andrea's journey into Chiropractic began with a profound experience when her little sister's health dramatically improved through chiropractic care, liberating her from seizures and medications. Born and raised in Montreal, Dr. Andrea holds a Bachelor's degree in Athletic Therapy from Concordia University and earned her Doctorate of Chiropractic and a Master's Degree in Sport Health Science from Life University in Atlanta, GA. Her practice revolves around instrument-based Chiropractic adjustments, utilizing the High Tech ProAdjuster for gentle, specific, and effective healing—no twisting or cracking. Dr. Andrea welcomes patients of all ages, with a special focus on anti-aging and the baby boomer generation. She's a certified Functional Movement Assessment practitioner, Ergonomics specialist, and Metabolic Balance Weight Loss Coach. Recognized with the 2019 Health and Wellness Award by Womanition Magazine Canada, Dr. Andrea is also the author of "Slowing the Aging Process: 5 Simple Steps to Look and Feel Younger" Her mission is to help individuals live happier, balanced lives through chiropractic care and empower them to take control of their health. She's a respected keynote speaker and health educator, dedicated to enhancing wellness and promoting a vibrant life for her patients.
    36m 6s

Welcome to the Fabulous at 50 podcast, where we are changing the aging narrative, and empower women in midlife. Join host, Joanne Neweduk, CEO of Fabulous at 50 and founder...

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Welcome to the Fabulous at 50 podcast, where we are changing the aging narrative, and empower women in midlife.

Join host, Joanne Neweduk, CEO of Fabulous at 50 and founder of FabulousHealth as she brings you stories that matter and celebrates your place in this world.

As women in midlife, we often face societal pressures and stereotypes that can limit our potential and hold us back.

As an advocate for lifelong learning and women's empowerment, Joanne believes it's never too late to live the life you've always imagined.

Join her for lively and informative interviews with inspiring guests, as they explore a wide range of topics relevant to the Fabulous at 50 global sisterhood of vibrant, inquiring women.

Her guests share their personal stories, insights, and wisdom, and offer practical tips for navigating this transformative and exciting chapter.

From health, fitness, food, and fashion, to personal development, money, career and menopause madness, this is your forum for open and honest conversation with leaders in their own right, offering resources for education, enjoyment, and encouragement.

Together, let's change the aging narrative and start living our best lives!

Visit - www.Fabulousat50.com to claim your “Make Mine Fabulous” 21 Ways to Energize Your Life.
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