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  • Kabana Nababa pt.2

    2 MAY. 2024 · Join us as we chat with Eden about the experiences of Eritrean women. We explore the importance of solidarity, setting boundaries, and practicing self-care.
    41m 25s
  • Eden Star on Conquering Imposter Syndrome

    7 ABR. 2024 · In this episode, we're honored to host the remarkable Eden Star as we explore the challenges of imposter syndrome. Join us for a discussion on leveraging cultural values, balancing adaptation, and building unwavering confidence in the face of adversity. Thank you, Eden!!
    37m 23s
  • Kabana Nabana

    9 MAR. 2024 · Happy international women's day!!
    16m 10s
  • Faith Partners

    22 FEB. 2024 · In this episode, we explore the power of having a partner in belief and the strength found in unity. Selam's story inspires us to embrace our faith with courage and gratitude, reminding us that we are never alone on this sacred path. Tune in for a soul-stirring conversation that illuminates the beauty of walking hand in hand with God and fellow believers.
    35m 12s
  • Echo Whispers: Imposter Syndrome

    6 FEB. 2024 · In this episode, we explore the pervasive challenge of Impostor Syndrome, delving into the disconnect between how we perceive ourselves and how others see us. The host shares personal struggles with internalizing achievements and battling that nagging feeling of inadequacy. The episode also touches on the universal struggle of feeling alone and invisible, emphasizing the validity of our emotions. Ultimately, it highlights the significance of community, breaking down walls between our inner and external selves, and embracing vulnerability for personal growth.
    15m 16s
  • Amplifying Authenticity in the Digital Highs

    29 ENE. 2024 · Welcome to the latest episode of FARA Podcast! In this episode, Mary, an entrepreneur and owner of an online bookstore, takes us on a candid exploration of her experiences. We dive into the unique dynamics of her TikTok journey, discussing the profound influence she's had on the Eritrean community. Join us for an unfiltered conversation as Mary opens up about her wishes and desires for the future of her platform. From the challenges of building a significant online presence to the meaningful connections she's formed, we explore the genuine stories behind the numbers. Thank you for coming on Mary.
    38m 14s
  • Reading Reddit: Are we the drama?

    5 ABR. 2023 · Welcome to this episode where we address the age-old question from Reddit: 'Am I an asshole?' Joining me is a special guest and my greatest friend, Niat. Known for being incredibly smart, kind, and funny, Niat brings a fresh perspective to our discussion. We had a blast filming this episode, and we hope you'll enjoy listening to it just as much.
    33m 3s
  • The Tee Abraha

    23 MAR. 2023 · In observance of International Women's Month, I extended an invitation to Tee Abraha, an accomplished young Eritrean woman, to honor and celebrate the achievements of Eritrean women. Tee Abraha's remarkable work towards realizing her aspirations and empowering other Eritreans is truly admirable. Her unwavering courage, boundless energy, and resolute determination are inspiring, and I believe she has the potential to make a significant impact on the world stage. You can find her on Instagram at @Teeabraha.
    36m 31s
  • My Mental Matters

    4 NOV. 2022 · Danaite one of the creators of "Mental health within our community" club on clubhouse came by and shared why our mental health is the number one thing we need to take care of and I of course overshared and mumbled on and on for hours. Check the club out on clubhouse!!
    55m 14s
  • Life behind Insta-glam image of ‘influencers’

    4 JUL. 2022 · Grateful to have Hewan join me on this episode to talk about what our experiences have been while trying to navigate this ever-changing world of influencing. We talk about transparency, hate comments, partnerships deals, and all things social media. Hewan social media handles @hewan on youtube @hewanft on TikTok and @Hfm21 on Instagram!
    53m 14s

The Fara Podcast is a safe space created for women who are living freely and breaking boundaries in the face of a culture that oppresses them. We’ll discuss misogyny, identity,...

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The Fara Podcast is a safe space created for women who are living freely and breaking boundaries in the face of a culture that oppresses them. We’ll discuss misogyny, identity, social media, and whatever else that comes out of my mouth. Cheers to all my Faras living their most authentic lives!
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