• The Final Show

    7 ENE. 2019 · Follow @St3veRay and subscribe to the email list to hear about upcoming projects.    Featured in this episode: Essential Everyday Mini Pretzels      The End.
    4m 49s
  • Dog training - David Sleeper

    6 SEP. 2018 · David Sleeper is a dog trainer, writer, and philosopher. We spoke a few months back in an abandoned air force base in the high desert of West Texas about David Sleeper’s new book: Imprinting Morality in dogs and humans. Sleeper hopes to have his website i-am-paradox.com live by the end of the week. Learn more about Steve Ray Media here. 
    38m 1s
  • Explícito

    Play by the rules Steve

    29 JUN. 2018 · Steve considers money, weather, and the future of podcasting. Sign up for the newsletter EVERYONE is talking about at FarmingGod.org    
    4m 14s
  • Farming god in the Deep North

    28 MAR. 2018 · The Deep North podcast has launched. On computer> http://deepnorthpodcast.com/ On iPhone> https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/deep-north/id1357648245?ls=1 But Farming god isn't going anywhere. Stay tuned.  Jay Walljasper (author of The Great Neighborhood Book) and Alexandra Connett (Minneapolis transplant) make a case for a city beyond cows, cold, and camp snoopy. Before moving to Minneapolis, Alexandra had no expectations for Minnesota, "Everyone was asking me why I was moving to the middle of nowhere." Since arriving, her experience has been much different than she had imagined.  Walljasper says Alexandra isn't a unique case and that this perception is partially Minnesotans fault. In the age of social media and the brand called you "it's time that MSP set aside its suburban sensibility and proudly say we are a city."  Music by Zack Baltich and intro music by Enjoy the Cat Click here to learn more about Jay Walljasper
    6m 33s
  • A Christmas Story

    19 DIC. 2017 · A historical Christmas story featuring everyone’s favorite deer. Stay informed at https://farminggod.org/ Long before the historical Jesus and Black Friday, stories held special significance during this part of the year, the darkest days of winter, the solstice, a time to celebrate the coming of light.  In the 4th century Pope Julius I declared that the 25th of December be the celebration of Jesus’s birth. The timing worked nicely for evangelists, presumably making the pagan to christian conversion an easier sell. When Christianity came to America, the puritans banned Christmas for dislike of decadence.  From 1659 to 1681, Boston residents were fined for displaying Christmas spirit. Contemporary American Christmas is an entity of its own, resting on the shoulders of Charles Dickens and department store jingles. Rudolph originally appeared in a 1939 advertisement for Montgomery Ward, a department store. If we are, after all, living according to a story, we may as well choose a fantastic one.  Public Domain Audio files found at: https://librivox.org/character-building-by-booker-t-washington/ https://librivox.org/the-wind-among-the-reeds-by-william-butler-yeats/ https://librivox.org/ogura-hyakunin-isshu-by-fujiwara-no-teika/ https://librivox.org/search?q=farming&search_form=advanced https://archive.org/details/78_rudolph-the-red-nosed-reindeer_spike-jones-and-his-city-slickers-rudolph-himself_gbia0018975b
    13m 52s
  • Explícito

    Nonviolent Sabotage - Dakota Access Pipeline

    31 OCT. 2017 · Ruby and Jessica drill holes in the Dakota access pipeline. After limited success in public hearings, encampments, petitions, marches, and rallies, the two admitted to non violent sabotage. In this episode, the two speak publicly about the success they experienced during their 8-month long property destruction campaign, including the piercing of empty & exposed DAPL pipeline valves, as well as setting fire to pipeline machinery. Since coming forward, their home has been raided by the FBI, the two have been named as individuals in a federal lawsuit and both are facing future federal indictment.  Musings to consider: “The duty of privilege is absolute integrity” - John O'Donohue “as the rising smoke of an offering through the sun door, do goes the hero, released from the ego” - Joseph Campbell Hero with a thousand faces “The work is not yours to finish. But neither are you to take no part in it.” -Rabbi Tarfon I’m not condemning what the women did, I’m not condoning it either. But I’d like to talk about it. Email me: steve@farminggod.com with any thoughts. Music by Paul Spring and Brian Thavis. Thanks to the Minneapolis Catholic Workers. 
    41m 17s
  • Russian Revolution

    1 OCT. 2017 · Russians in rural Wisconsin- celebrating the 100 year anniversary of the Russian Revolution. What did this revolutionary era mean to the people of 20th century Russia? And what does it mean to you and I as we pursue happiness in the land of the free? Former episodes featuring rural Wisconsin ‘Ice age trail’, ‘Cardinal Directions’, and ‘Silicon Valley Fox’ Russian Revolution 1905-1921 By Dr. Mark Steinberg  Country strummin’ by Chip The rest of the the spectacular music by members of the Midwest Bard Club.
    29m 24s
  • Explícito

    Middle America etc.

    30 JUL. 2017 · Smoke signals on FarmingGod.org Traveling from one place to another and the space between
    32m 19s
  • Cardinal Directions

    2 JUL. 2017 · ‘Lumberjacking’ in the Kettle Moraine, eating steak sandwiches, and swimming east, where no humans live.
    6m 1s
  • Explícito

    Ice Age Trail

    25 JUN. 2017 · An intersection with Anthony- Hiking, camping, thinking along the Ice Age Trail, raising awareness for veteran suicide, in the Kettle moraine of eastern Wisconsin. Newsletter at https://farminggod.org/
    10m 34s

Farming god goes to the places and talks to the people adventuring through America’s spiritual revolution. We travel to China, to Mexico, and across middle America, asking bigger questions that...

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Farming god goes to the places and talks to the people adventuring through America’s spiritual revolution. We travel to China, to Mexico, and across middle America, asking bigger questions that broaden our understanding, fuel our imagination, and put our anxiety into perspective. Our fear is replaced by a vibrant identity that allows us to not merely survive, but to truly live. There has never been a greater opportunity for a new way to live in America. Will you join me?
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