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    The 51st (No Participation Trophies) Featuring LEKL x THE MEDIA PRINCE

    28 MAR. 2024 · Episode 120 we got to the bottom of some shit. Sponsored by High Thoughts Cannabis Company and Muddy District clothing, HT welcomed our special guest, The Media Prince and L.E.K.L ( Let Em Know Lay ). Right off the back our host, D.Floyd, tapped into the come up of media entrepreneur, Media Prince (3:11) including his origin story and how he was able to create the persona that we see today. LEKL proudly repping VA (7:40) broke down her performance for Say Cheese TV, what her name actually means before talking about her decision to take a stand for mental health issues and self love in her music with songs like “Sixteen”. Things take a turn when Floyd calls out (12:20) Media Prince, Made In The DMV and DMV Hoodz N Newz, questioning if the companies are rigging local competitions and lists. The Media Prince finally tells all on the 2020 Clubhouse Scandal (24:00) where he was caught in a viral moment and accused of fraud during the pandemic, leading to his book, “And Then I Was Cancelled”.  How important is the team when things get slow ? (31:00)  Is D.Floyd the 51st best artist in the DMV ? Does the media play a role in the current state of music ? (37:00) Floyd gets emotional about the lives of DMV artists lost to the violence in music (39:12) The Highthoughts Podcast broke down paid promotion, ATL VS DMV, Nicki Minaj & Megan, sexualization in HIP - HOP and everything in between. This might be the one. Follow our host and guest on social media: @floydworld x @themediaprince x @lemlryg Like, Share, and Subscribe to The Highthoughts Podcast on all platforms including YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more.  Follow the HT team on social media : @thehightoughtspodcast @culturemedianetwork @elitestatusimages
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    How 2 Secure DC Featuring Trayon White x Mark Choppa

    13 MAR. 2024 · This week on HT (@thehighthoughtspodcast) we have two living legends in the DMV. Trayon White (@trayonwhite) has been a dedicated and decorated member of the DC City Council for years now as the representative for the world famous Ward 8, Southeast. Mark Choppa (@markchoppa) is a world renowned 2nd amendment gun enthusiast and conflict resolution advocate. He goes throughout the DMV community on the frontline as a mentor and educator to misguided youth while building a CHOPPA community of his own. Our host D.Floyd (@floydworld) got right into it asking Councilman White to break down what it is his does for Ward 8 and the city of DC (6:00) after talking about the many misconceptions about life on the council, Mark Choppa jumped in to talk about going viral recently in the boxing ring (11:43) Trayon White is no stranger to going viral (20:40) TW breaks down dealing with internet trolls and how that has affected him in the media. Everything from MC beating a body in 2019 (31:00) to rappers, Lil Dude and Skino, saying the mayor and Trayon “can’t stop shit”, HT covered it all (64:00). What is the Secure DC Crime Bill (1:07) ? Is Trayon White running for Mayor again (1:20:30) ? The guys spoke on Mental Health and Mark Choppa’s community is for the kids. This episode is definitely one you don’t want to miss. This podcast is available on all platforms (YouTube,Spotify,Apple,etc) Like,Share, and Subscribe to show love. Follow our hosts and guests : @floydworld @trayonwhite @markchoppaFollow the HT team : @thehighthoughtspodcast @culturemedianetwork @elitestatusimages
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    Can I Date A Stripper Featuring Reni Tatted x 3D Beatz

    6 MAR. 2024 · This week we’re right back with another one. We almost couldn’t put this out it was so crazy. Our host Floyd (@floydworld) wanted to have a good time so we called up the Princess of Podcasting, celebrity dancer and media personality, co-host of Smoke At The Shop Podcast, Reni (@reni_tatted) and entrepreneur, producer and co-owner of DC’s premier recording studio, “ The Grammy Room” 3D Beatz (@3DBeatz) The show touched on everything from Blueface and Chrisean. Dating in the public eye to Dating in the strip club. 3D gave his tips on tricking and talked about his experiences in the entertainment industry while Reni broke down the politics of the nightlife. With new episodes of SATS coming back it was only right we chopped it up about the upcoming season. This episode of HT (@thehighthoughtspodcast) was hilarious. Be back soon. Salute
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  • Just Do It Featuring J’Ta x Chink

    28 FEB. 2024 · Welcome back to the smoking section. This week on HT, our host, D.Floyd (@floydworld) sat down with two of the hottest new names coming out of the DMV. J’Ta (@justjta) has laid her foundation for years as a singer and songwriter but over the last 6 months, we’ve seen her rise to local notoriety. She discussed everything from her decision to be a “free agent” in Go-Go to her recent viral moments taking the city by storm. She broke down the pros and cons of being a woman in a male dominated industry and how she’s making her own mark in it. Chink (chinkdachamp) is an incredible lyricist with his own unique story to back him up. Incarcerated at 20 years old for armed robbery, the young rapper was able to transform his situation into a blossoming career as a recording artist and actor. With an upcoming film and new music on the way, Chink will definitely leave you impressed. This is one of those episodes you might run back again and again. Be back soon 💭 Like, Share, and Subscribe to The Highthoughts Podcast on all platforms including YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and more. Follow the HT team on social media : @thehightoughtspodcast @culturemedianetwork @elitestatusimages
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  • Girls Run The World Featuring Amber Rayne

    15 FEB. 2024 · Wassup world. The Highthoughts podcast is back with another great conversation with our host D.Floyd (@floydworld) sitting down to chop it up with Director, Producer, and Content Genius Amber Rayne. The two hit it off immediately jumping into her start in the entertainment industry as a published model and personality in front of the camera. How is life for young women in that world, what were some of the things that she experienced behind the scenes. With more and more allegations coming out against powerful executives, Amber broke down her views on dating within the industry and why she doesn’t mix business with her personal life. The conversation led to Amber breaking detailing some of her biggest accomplishments as a filmmaker as she credits the opportunities that helped her get to where she is. From Cool Kids to VladTV, Amber was ready for it all and dropped good jewels all the way through. This one was definitely worth the wait. Like ,Share , and Subscribe on all platforms. Be back next week. Salute. Sponsored by : @highthoughtscannabisco Follow the podcast and the guest on social media : @thehighthoughtspodcast x @theamberrayne Follow the HT team : @culturemedianetwork @elitestatusimages
    1h 36m 16s
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    Call Me Back Featuring IamDonniiP

    7 FEB. 2024 · This week we’re back with a bang. After all the texts and requests we finally made it happen. HT host, D.Floyd (@floydworld) sits down with one of the DMV’s prized possessions. Donnii P has built a name for herself across the globe with her unique style of social commentary that has resonated with millions on social media. Floyd wasted no time in getting to know the story of how she got to where she is. From her early start on Bulture Podcast with CEO Mikey up until the moment her first post went viral and eventually stolen from B.Simone, we covered it all. From there the conversation shifted to her current projects including the ill fated podcast tour with Internet personality, Truth Hurts, who has recently been accused of damning allegations. Donnie P didn’t back down at all as she explained her perspective on the situation and introduced her plans to continue her podcast. From pedophilia in Hip-Hop to dating do’s and don’ts in the industry, HT covered it all. This episode did what it was supposed to do. The price just went up. Be back next week. Follow our guest on social media : @iamdonniip Follow the HT team : @elitestatusimages @culturemedianetwork @thehighthoughtspodcast Like Share Subscribe on all Podcast Platforms and Subscribe on YouTube at Culture Media Network
    1h 19m 59s
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    Change The Game featuring Charles “Boobie” King

    3 ENE. 2024 · We're back again with a new HT that can't be missed. This week a legend in a few games came to chop it up with our host, D.Floyd in the smoking section. After being institutionalized most of his early adulthood , Charles King, affectionately known as "Boobie" , made a conscious decision to transform his life into a true instrument of hope. As an activist, mentor, mediator, entrepreneur, philanthropist and father, Boobie has become a standout as a leader in the efforts to reinstill hope in the neighborhoods that once taught him to be a man. As the founder of Helping Others With Life, a nonprofit organization dedicated to assisting underserved communities, and an ambassador for the Meek Mill backed,"Reform" , HT took every turn imaginable. King painted a vivid picture of life in DC at the height of the Murder Capital era in the 80s and 90s while Floyd explored the differences from those times compared to today. From policies, policing and principles, this conversation is something you need to see. Follow Floyd, King, and the HT team on social media at @floydworld @boobie617 @thehighthoughtspodcast @culturemedianetwork @42.combs @_ayybrandon @elitestatusimages Be sure to subscribe on all podcast platforms and tune in live via YouTube on Wednesdays at Culture Media Network at Noon. This episode is sponsored by @Mr.Roblato cannabis and Dope Tee Clothing. Be back soon.
    1h 4m 34s
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    King Of The DMV Featuring Big Flock

    20 DIC. 2023 · New week. New dope in the streets. This time HT is back with another classic conversation from our host D.Floyd. Our guest in the smoking section really doesn’t need an introduction. As one of the originators of what many have described as the “DMV Flow”, Big Flock has been a consistent presence in the DC area music scene for close to a decade. With many highs and lows throughout his career, Flock has proved his worth by staying relevant and real through it all. From repping PG County, MD to expanding his brand internationally, this episode was no different. Floyd and Flock discussed the current state of rap in the DMV and the effects that it’s had on the city as a whole. With violence surging, they broke down the role that rappers play in the results. Flock talked about his origins into rap including his time collaborating with Thraxxx and other artists like Shy Glizzy and the controversy that came with that. The biggest difference between local and national success and where he sees himself in comparison to other artists in his genre of rap. This conversation went everywhere from mental health and coping skills to legacy and parenthood. Guaranteed this won’t be close to what you’re expecting. A few fans wrote in their comments and questions for our “RollUp” segment and Floyd gets out on the spot like never before. This one might just do a million. You can’t miss this. Be back next week. Be sure to like, share and subscribe on all platforms and tune in every Wednesday to our YouTube channel: Culture Media Network ( @culturemedianetwork ) to watch the full episode in 4K video. Follow our host, guests and sponsors at : @floydworld @bigflock | @mr.roblato x @highthoughtscannabisco Executive Producers : D.Floyd x Ryan 42 CombsWriter x Director x Host : D.FloydEditor x Post Production x Creative Marketing Design : Ryan 42 CombsAudio x Visual : Elite Status Images
    1h 1m 58s
  • The Weed Episode Featuring Jay Mills x Mr. Roblato

    13 DIC. 2023 · Wassup World. This week we’re right back with a great episode. As the DMV sees record profits from the legalization of cannabis, a show like ours had to tap in with some of the trailblazers in the local industry. Both guests are young black entrepreneurs in one of the biggest markets in the U.S. Jay Mills is an artist, activist and entrepreneur who has been around for years leaving her mark. As the founder of various businesses based around the 420 renaissance , Mills has carved out her own lane since #PassTheJay. Rob from Mr.Roblato Boutique Cannabis, is using his extensive cultivation experience to educate other individuals interested in learning more about the process. Working directly with different companies to empower black businesses, Mr. Roblato has become a go to guy for the marijuana movement. As our first show of this kind, the HT crew had our first Weed Mukbang. Roblato brought some great strains through as we discussed the evolution of the canna-business and the effects that legalization has had on young black America. They broke down how they got into the industry and gave tips and tricks on how others can too. Is the new weed safe to smoke ? Are the laws meant set up for us to fail ? How do I start my own cannabis company? We cover all of that and much more on this great episode of Highthoughts. This episode is sponsored by @mr.roblato boutique cannabis and Dope Tee Clothing. Be sure to follow our hosts and guest on social media: @floydworld, @mr.roblato and @therealjaymills Follow the podcast team on social media : @thehighthoughtspodcast @culturemedianetwork @42.combs @_ayybrandon
    56m 10s
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    Don’t Get Spanked Featuring Bway x Trackstar Kelly

    6 DIC. 2023 · Wassup world. We back! After a week off you know the HT crew had to bring you a good one. Floyd sits down to chop it up with Poet, mentor, entrepreneur and Miss Africa pageant winner, Bway, alongside Rapper, activist and leader of the new school, Rock Kelly. While both have been doing their own thing for years, Bway breaks down her journey from Liberia to the District and everywhere in between immediately. But while she converted over, Trackstar Kelly comes from a well known DMV family and spent much of his youth as a superstar local athlete before moving on to the music. The conversation went from there to discussing how to be yourself, the difference in the ways young boys and girls are raised and the importance of the father in the household. Has the DMV lost its culture to social media ? Are most relationships transactional ? Floyd breaks down his off hand style of questioning at (50:00) before taking a deep dive into the Dee-1 / Rick Ross beef. Are rappers responsible for the effect their music has on the listener ? Are record labels giving out " Blood Money?" Bway touches on the differences between "Black" culture and "African" culture as we break down Wale's place in both(65:00) From Colorism to Kodak Black and Drink Champs, we hit all the topics tripping off Poetic High Edibles, a new company established by Bway (71:00) before ending the show with the "Cheesecake Factory" debate lol. This was a helluva show that you don't want to miss. Follow and subscribe on all platforms and check out the video exclusively on the CULTURE MEDIA NETWORK YouTube channel.
    1h 47m 12s
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