• Let's Talk Comic Books from a KID's Perspective E69

    28 MAY. 2024 · So you may be a Marvel Fan? Maybe a DC Fan? Alternative? Gamer? Reader? Lover of all things? Regardless who you are - one adventure you need to check out are comic books.  Whether it is for the art, the writing, the escape or just something new.  This is something you need to do in your bucket list whether you are 11 or 111 years old.  So learn why now and how you can one day get them for FREE! 
    15m 6s
  • Kid Review on Super Mario Wonder Game E68

    29 ENE. 2024 · What kid old or young doesn't like Super Mario? But would they enjoy Super Mario Wonder? Let's find out...
    8m 20s
  • Want More Loki? So Do WE!!!!!!! E67

    10 DIC. 2023 · - Loki Season 2 concluded, but will there be a Loki Season 3? - Will Tom come back to play Loki? - Will Loki be part of the new Marvel chapters? - Why is Loki 2 better than Loki 1? - What is up with Loki 2 new horns and so much more...
    10m 37s
  • 5 AMAZING Things about MY Family E66

    6 NOV. 2023 · Everyone needs to show some gratitude. Today on the Fonseca Mommy & ME Show, we are going to talk about five things that are amazing about MY family. What is amazing about your family? What do you like to do together? What is important to your family? How does your family make you family? Well, subscribe and listen to all the ways I find joy and gratitude.
    10m 49s
  • Mario + Rabbids sparks of Hope KID REVIEW E65

    7 SEP. 2023 · It is time for another game review on Nintendo Switch. It is with mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Rabbid, Peach, Rabbid Luigi and many other friends (but we find out not Daisy). So listen about a very popular game that still is the buzz since its release last year.
    9m 1s
  • Coping Skill Tips from a KID E64

    2 SEP. 2023 · All inspired by the one and only Fonseca who said he wanted to help others understand, "How to deal with disappointments." So let's listen and learn.
    12m 27s
  • Blue Beetle Movie Review by a KID E63

    28 AGO. 2023 · Why aren't you watching Blue Beetle?! It is so good. Listen and learn.
    10m 27s
  • MEG2 "RIP Pippin" A KID movie review E62

    13 AGO. 2023 · You can always start your day right with action especially with Jason Statham and now in Meg2: The Trench Jing Wu and Shuya Sophia Cai. This sequel follows Meg, the 2018 blockbuster, shark - no I mean Megalodon, the Giant Prehistoric Shark, that has recorded to be as long as 60 feet. However, the movie was 80 feet and there were multiple. The movie was so good, Mr. Fonseca aka the KID, watched it twice because he had to have his older brothers, Mateo and Andre check it out. The movie is theoried to inspire future palaeontologists and we need it because the ocean floor is the most unexplored area in the world. The movie is adapted from the bestselling novel "Meg: A Novel of Deep Terror" by Steve Alten. But this movie set in the Mariana Trench in the western Pacific Ocean may have a lot of scientific inaccuracies - the megalodon are known to be extinct, but exploring the unknown as a diver or a future scientist may inspire another generation to explore the ocean floor. Trivia fact: Why the big hype about Pippin the dog? While the Meg wants RIP Pippin, this movie keeps coming back and was first scene in the original Jaws but as Pipit, the black labrador retriever, the true star of Jaws. Positive review to make sure to go to this movie especially if Barbie is sold out, again!
    9m 34s
  • Haunted Mansion KID Movie Review E61

    30 JUL. 2023 · Is this movie good enough for a back to back viewing, one day after the next? Apparently, YES! Watch the updated Haunted Mansion movie - yes the other one not with Eddie Murphy. Yet, this movie has an all star cast with one of your favorites and soon one of your kid's favorites. A diverse cast along with diverse stories and backgrounds (a psychic, scientist, a "priest", historican a single mom and a kid -- just perfect for the Fonseca Mommy and ME Show!
    9m 56s
  • Nintendo Switch ~ Love it or Love it! E60

    16 JUL. 2023 · The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo's fastest-selling console to date and in case you are wondering whether you should buy it or not - here is a kid's review about the most popular console in the WORLD!
    9m 38s

The Fonseca Mommy and Me Show talks about games, songs, movies, and even current events from a kid's point of view by just talking to his mom. Enjoy the show...

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The Fonseca Mommy and Me Show talks about games, songs, movies, and even current events from a kid's point of view by just talking to his mom. Enjoy the show and for more shows produced by the Fonseca Show check out Your Nerd Side, College4All, and SIC Podcast.
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