• AI Targeting Customers on All Digital Platforms - Greg Kalikas

    11 JUN. 2024 · Join Coach Dan Gordon in this episode of "For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY!" as he interviews Greg Kalikas, a former UFC event promoter who made a significant pivot to digital marketing. Greg shares his journey from promoting MMA events to becoming a national sales director in a top marketing agency. Discover the lessons he learned, the challenges he faced, and the strategies he used to succeed in multiple industries. Greg’s story is a testament to the power of saying yes and taking bold steps in uncertainty. Whether you're looking to pivot in your career or seeking inspiration, this episode is packed with valuable insights and practical advice for entrepreneurs. Five Badass Q&As Q1: How did you transition from event promotion to digital marketing? A1: I met with one of my sponsors, a marketing agency. During the meeting, the owner jokingly asked if I wanted to apply for their national sales director position. I applied and got the job, marking my entry into digital marketing. Q2: What motivated you to start promoting MMA events? A2: I had a lifelong passion for martial arts and a background in sports marketing. When the opportunity arose to promote an MMA event in Cleveland, I decided to take a chance, which turned into a successful business venture. Q3: What was the most challenging aspect of managing an event promotion and fighter management company? A3: Balancing the responsibilities and ensuring I didn’t overextend myself. The industry was rapidly evolving, and I had to stay ahead while managing multiple aspects of the business. Q4: How did you handle the oversaturation of the MMA market? A4: I tried to adapt by expanding into fighter management, but eventually, the market became too crowded. I held on too long, which led to financial strain and ultimately selling parts of the business for less than its potential value. Q5: What advice do you have for entrepreneurs facing the fear of pivoting in their careers? A5: Don’t fear taking risks and say yes to new opportunities. Trust in your ability to learn and adapt. Every experience teaches valuable lessons, and there’s always another opportunity around the corner. Five Badass Quotes - Everything happens for a reason; it’s about finding the lesson in every experience. - Being courageous and pretending to be courageous is pretty much the same.  - I won’t be as passionate about it if it's easy. - You must create your luck by being active and taking chances. - Never be afraid of doing something just for your selfish purposes. Five Badass Takeaways - Saying yes to opportunities can open unexpected doors. - Passion and drive are crucial to overcoming industry challenges. - Balance your business aspirations with your personal life to maintain well-being. - Every failure and success provides valuable lessons for future endeavors. - Confidence and adaptability are essential traits for entrepreneurial success. Contact Info Website: http://yourbusinessmarketer.com Schedule a one-on-one: Available on the website. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Welcome 01:00 Greg’s Background and MMA Promotion 04:00 Launching NWA FS 07:00 Transition to Digital Marketing 10:00 Challenges and Industry Changes Noon Balancing Personal and Professional Life 14:00 Lessons Learned and Advice for Entrepreneurs 16:00 Greg’s Current Role and Company Overview For more badass episodes, check us out at For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY! https://dangordonenterprise.com/badass 
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  • The Secrets to Rebuilding After Massive Failure -Deanna Radulescu

    4 JUN. 2024 · Join us for this SPECIAL episode of For Badass Entrepreneurs Only as we join Coach Dan Gordon as a guest on the Label-Free Podcast. Coach Dan discusses how he turned his greatest failure into a successful career as an entrepreneurial coach. Discover how he bounced back from losing $80,000 and transformed his life, helping over 1000 entrepreneurs. Coach Dan shares invaluable insights on resilience, the importance of self-belief, and actionable tips for achieving entrepreneurial success. He discusses embracing failure as a stepping stone, the power of persistence, and practical strategies to optimize performance. Tune in for an inspiring conversation that will motivate you to face your fears and take bold action. Five Badass Q&As Q1: What triggered your transition from marketing to entrepreneurial coaching? A1: About eight years ago, my marketing company collapsed, leading me to lose $80,000 and my identity. A friend suggested I pursue coaching, which sparked my journey to become an entrepreneurial coach.  Q2: How did you overcome your biggest failure and start anew? A2: I knew my failure wasn't the end. I called a friend, and eight months later, I walked on stage for my first paid speaking gig. The transformation in between was challenging but ultimately led me to where I am today. Q3: What type of entrepreneurs do you work with? A3: I work with badass entrepreneurs willing to step into uncertainty and transform themselves. If you're not ready to challenge yourself and grow, you're not my ideal client. Q4: How do you help entrepreneurs facing uncertainty and fear? A4: I guide them through the discomfort and fear of entering new territories. I help them navigate their journey and emerge stronger by providing support and perspective. Q5: What are the core principles you teach your clients? A5: Entrepreneurs must get enough sleep, manage stress, enhance focus, and optimize performance. I also emphasize the importance of being in integrity with oneself and maintaining a spirit of service. Five Badass Quotes - Failure is the middle of your story, not the end. - Jump off the cliff first, then figure out how to grow wings. - Your world is a physical manifestation of your beliefs. - The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago; the second best time is now. - Embrace the pain and challenging times because greatness is on the other side. Five Badass Takeaways - Failure is a stepping stone to success, not the end of your story. - Surround yourself with supportive friends who see your potential. - Be willing to step into uncertainty and challenge yourself. - Maintain a spirit of service and integrity in your business. - Take care of yourself: get enough sleep, manage stress, and optimize your performance. Contact Info LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/coachdangordon For a free book, text GAP to 213-409-8366 For binaural beats, text CALM to 213-409-8366 To book a call, text HELP to 213-409-8366 Chapters 0:00 Introduction 1:00 Coach Dan's transformation story 4:00 Embracing failure and moving forward 8:00 Founding Dan Gordon Enterprise Noon Working with badass entrepreneurs 16:00 Key principles for success 20:00 The power of stubbornness and transformation 25:00 Giving back and staying in integrity 28:00 Final words of wisdom For more badass episodes, check us out at For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY! https://dangordonenterprise.com/badass. 
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  • The Mistress of Badass Direct Sales Mastery - Jennie Bellinger

    28 MAY. 2024 · Don't miss out on this thrilling episode of 'For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY!' featuring Jennie Bellinger, a certified professional coach and the host of Badass Direct Sales Mastery. Jennie's unique blend of boldness and authenticity in direct sales is sure to inspire you. Gain insights into how she manages to grow her business while maintaining a fulfilling personal life, her strategies for supporting direct sales leaders with ADHD, and her techniques for turning fear into an exhilarating adventure. Jennie also debunks common myths about pyramid schemes, stresses the importance of customer-centric sales, and shares her wisdom on building motivated teams. If you're ready to take your sales strategy and leadership skills to the next level, this episode is a must-see! Five Badass Q&As Q1: What inspired you to adopt the BDSM theme for your podcast? A1: It was a way to stand out from my competitors. I wanted to create something unique that would grab attention and also align with my personality and background in the kink community.  Q2: How do you help people overcome the fear of selling? A2: I teach them to make it about the customer, not themselves. People love to buy, but they hate being sold to. By focusing on helping others, the fear of selling diminishes. Q3: What are the most common mistakes people make in direct sales? A3: They rely too much on the job's flexibility, treating it like a side gig instead of a business. They also need to identify their ideal customer and market to everyone, which is ineffective. Q4: How do you handle objections about direct sales being a pyramid scheme? A4: I clarify that pyramid schemes involve no actual product or service sold, whereas legitimate direct sales companies offer tangible products. I also draw parallels to traditional corporate structures, which are similarly hierarchical. Q5: What advice do you have for building a motivated sales team? A5: Identify the right people who share your values and are enthusiastic about the product. Avoid recruiting just anyone; focus on those you enjoy working with and who fit your team culture.  Five Badass Quotes - People love to buy; they don't love to be sold.  - Being attractive is the new currency. - You might flex yourself right out of business if you're careless. - Sales is a part of business. If you want to be an entrepreneur, you are going to sell. - Fear and excitement feel the same in your body. The difference is the story you tell yourself.  Five Badass Takeaways - Make it About the Customer: Focus on helping others rather than just making a sale. - Stand Out: Find a unique angle or theme to differentiate yourself in the market. - Know Your Audience: Understand and connect with your ideal customers and team members. - Embrace Fear: Transform fear into excitement and use it as a motivator. - Build Relationships: Maintain connections even if a sale doesn't happen immediately; they can lead to referrals.  Contact Info  Website: https://badassdirectsalesmastery.com   Calendar: talkwithjennieb.com  Text “DOM” to 213-409-8366 for direct sales resources. Chapters   00:00 Introduction and Welcome 01:00 Jennie's Unique Approach to Sales 03:00 The BDSM Theme Explained  07:00 Building a Personal Brand 11:00 Debunking the Pyramid Scheme Myth 14:00 Importance of Customer Focus 18:00 Overcoming Sales Objections 22:00 Identifying Ideal Customers 26:00 Leadership in Direct Sales 30:00 NuCalm Product Endorsement 32:00 Developing Leadership Skills 35:00 SelfLeadership and Imposter Syndrome 40:00 Recruiting and Building a Team 44:00 Embracing Fear and Excitement 50:00 Maintaining Relationships PostSale 54:00 Closing Remarks and Contact Information  For more badass episodes, check us out at For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY! https://dangordonenterprise.com/badass.
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  • The Future of AI in Entrepreneurship: Great Insights! - Peter Swain

    21 MAY. 2024 · Join Coach Dan Gordon as he engages in an insightful conversation with Peter Swain, a master marketer turned AI expert. Peter shares his journey from launching the British version of Yelp to leading the ROI Mastermind. Discover the importance of embracing failure, leveraging AI for business growth, and why most entrepreneurs struggle to achieve greatness. Peter explains how past traumas affect decision-making and the key differences between successful and unsuccessful people.  Tune in for actionable advice, inspiring lessons, and practical tips from Peter's 25-year digital marketing and AI career. Take advantage of this episode, packed with valuable insights for entrepreneurs!  Five Badass Q&As Q1: What inspired you to write You Can Be Proud or Rich: 52 Life Lessons to Live By? A1: It came from talking to people about their dreams and the gap between reality and dreams. I wanted to help bridge that gap with practical life lessons. Q2: How can entrepreneurs develop the awareness to overcome their past traumas? A2: Reinforce positive patterns when things are going well, like practicing gratitude daily. This makes it easier to stay positive during tough times. Q3: Why do you believe most entrepreneurs shouldn't be entrepreneurs? A3: Most people are sold a dream that isn't true. The success rate is less than 1%, and the journey is often more complex and lonelier than expected. Q4: What is the most significant difference between successful and unsuccessful people? A4: Successful people challenge their patterns of previous behavior. They don't let past traumas dictate their decisions. Q5: How should entrepreneurs leverage AI to benefit their businesses? A5: Use AI to make or save money in practical ways. Join the ROI Mastermind to learn actionable strategies tailored for business owners.  Five Badass Quotes - Rewarding failure gives the impetus to carry on the journey of discovery. - 85% of your decisions are based on previous behavior patterns. - Most people are sold a dream that isn't true. - Successful people challenge their patterns of previous behavior. - Engineer your product before you engineer your sales process.  Five Badass Takeaways - Embrace failure as a step towards success. - Practice gratitude daily to reinforce positive patterns. - Most entrepreneurs fail because they are sold a dream that isn't true. - Successful people challenge past traumas and patterns. - Leverage AI to make or save money in your business.  Contact Info  Peter Swain's ROI Mastermind: Text Swain to 213-409-8366 for a free trial week. Chapters 00:00  Introduction and Peter's Analogy of Failure 01:30  Peter's Background and Book Introduction 04:00  The Science Behind Our Behaviors 06:45  Overcoming Past Traumas 08:30  Why Most Entrepreneurs Fail 11:00  The Reality of Being an Entrepreneur 16:00  Innovating with AI 20:00  How to Leverage AI in Business 23:00  Final Thoughts and Call to Action For more badass episodes, check us out at For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY! https://dangordonenterprise.com/badass.
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  • Rockstar illusionist shares his success secrets - Franz Harary

    14 MAY. 2024 · Franz Harary, a grand illusionist and visionary, has revolutionized the world of magic with his incredible illusions. Franz shares his journey and the psychology behind his success, from creating the largest magic show in history to working with global superstars like Michael Jackson. Discover how he captivated millions, innovatively used technology in magic, and seized opportunities against all odds. Learn about his transition from stage illusions to architectural design and his advice for entrepreneurs facing challenges. This inspiring episode reveals the creative mind of one of entertainment's most influential figures. Join us for an unforgettable conversation with Franz Harary. Five Badass Q&As Q1: What was Franz Harary's reaction when someone said his ideas were impossible? A1: Anytime someone said, You can't do this, Franz's instant response was, I'm talking to the wrong guy. Q2: How did Franz start designing illusions for large audiences? A2: In high school, Franz created an illusion for the marching band where a person disappeared from the 50-yard line of a football game, which led to more opportunities. Q3: How did Franz get involved with Michael Jackson? A3: Franz sent a VHS tape of his magic to Michael Jackson's attorney after finding his contact info on TV, leading to a meeting and a job designing illusions for Jackson's tour. Q4: How does Franz describe the role of psychology in magic and business? A4: Franz believes that understanding and influencing how people think is crucial in creating illusions and convincing people to buy into his ideas. Q5: What drives Franz to keep innovating in his career? A5: Franz is motivated by the joy of creating something new and watching it impact people positively, which fuels his continuous pursuit of new markets and opportunities. Five Badass Quotes 1. Anytime someone has told me, 'No, that's impossible,' my instant response is, 'I'm talking to the wrong guy.' 2. I can control what they think. And if you can control how they feel, you can control what they see. 3. Every once in a while, I got lucky. And the whole time, I play my trumpet and think of magic. 4. The more success I attain, the greater the pressure becomes. 5. Creating something that didn't exist before and seeing it help people is a massive reward. Five Badass Takeaways 1. Persistently pursue your ideas, even when others doubt you. 2. Understanding psychology is critical to both magic and business success. 3. Always look for new opportunities and ways to reach your audience. 4. The best innovations often come from solving personal challenges. 5. Success increases pressure and drives continuous improvement and innovation. Contact Info Franz Harary's Website: https://franzharary.com/ For more episodes, visit: https://dangordonenterprise.com/badass Chapters 0:00 Introduction 1:00 Franz Harary's background and accomplishments 2:30 Early magic and marching band illusions 5:00 The psychology of magic and success 8:30 Franz's TikTok success 10:00 Reaching Michael Jackson and other stars 13:00 Challenges and strategies in magic and business 15:00 Designing illusions for major artists 19:00 Transition to architectural design and theme parks 21:00 Advice for entrepreneurs 24:00 The darker side of success 30:00 Franz's final thoughts on innovation and legacy For more badass episodes, check us out at For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY! https://dangordonenterprise.com/badass.
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  • From Garage to Greatness: Let's Build an Empire! - Mitch Russo

    24 FEB. 2024 · In this episode, Mitch Russo shares his journey from founding TimeSlips in his garage to building an eight-figure business with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes. Mitch emphasizes the crucial role of sales and the importance of creating a solid company culture. He discusses innovative approaches to business, the significance of persistence and adaptability, and how to turn setbacks into opportunities. Learn from Mitch's experiences scaling companies, building certification programs, and maintaining a vision that drives success. This episode presents valuable insights for entrepreneurs aiming to elevate their businesses. Five Badass Q&As Q1: How did you start TimeSlips with just $10,000? A1: I started TimeSlips in my garage with $10,000 in cash and only raised additional funds within a line of credit. It was challenging, but we focused on creating a revolutionary time-tracking software that filled a significant market gap. Q2: What role did sales play in your success? A2: Sales were foundational to my success. Learning how to sell is crucial, as it’s not just about selling products but also ideas and concepts. My sales experience generated substantial revenue, enabling us to reinvest in the business and grow. Q3: How did you build a successful certification program? A3: I built the certification program by recognizing the need for a structured and professional approach. We created a culture of ethics and professionalism, ensuring our certified professionals maintained high standards and represented the company well. Q4: How did you transition to working with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes? A4: I transitioned by leveraging my relationship with Chet Holmes, who introduced me to Tony Robbins. Together, we built a successful coaching business, tripling the sales force and creating impactful programs. Q5: What advice do you have for entrepreneurs facing setbacks? A5: Embrace setbacks as learning opportunities. Be prepared for things to take longer and be more complicated than expected. Persistence, adaptability, and a willingness to pivot are vital to overcoming challenges and achieving success. Five Badass Quotes 1. You can only create a culture with a vision. 2. Sales is foundational to success; it's not just about selling products but ideas and concepts. 3. Innovation often comes from outside an industry. 4. If we had to pivot once, we’d probably have to pivot repeatedly. 5. The only failure is having an experience that doesn’t turn out well and learning nothing from it. Five Badass Takeaways 1. Vision and ethics are critical to building a solid company culture. 2. Sales skills are essential for any entrepreneur's success. 3. Innovation often requires looking at problems from a fresh perspective. 4. Persistence and adaptability are crucial to overcoming business challenges. 5. Building a supportive and self-correcting culture ensures long-term success. Part 6: Contact Info Contact Info Mitch Russo's book Coaching Elevation: Text MITCH to 213-409-8366. Mitch Russo's website: www.mitchrusso.com https://www.mitchrusso.com Chapters 0:00 Creating a culture with vision and ethics 1:00 Introduction to the podcast and guest Mitch Russo 2:00 Mitch's journey with TimeSlips 4:00 Importance of sales in entrepreneurship 8:00 Transition to working with Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes 10:00 Building certification programs and company culture 15:00 Key takeaways and advice for entrepreneurs 50:00 Closing and contact information For more badass episodes, check us out at For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY! https://dangordonenterprise.com/badass
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  • A badass woman shatters the glass ceiling - Jo-Anne MacDonald

    24 FEB. 2024 · Join Coach Dan Gordon as he delves into an inspiring conversation with JoAnn Macdonald. They discuss the importance of resilience, accountability, and navigating the highs and lows of a career. JoAnn shares her journey, including how she faced challenges, embraced vulnerability, and found fulfillment by staying true to herself. This episode is a must-listen if you want to be empowered and motivated in your entrepreneurial journey. Five Badass Q&As Q1: How do you define resilience in your personal and professional life? A1: Resilience is about taking responsibility for both the good and the bad. It's about facing challenges head-on and not looking outside of oneself for solutions. Q2: What advice do you have for young women navigating male-dominated corporate environments? A2: Power dynamics can be tricky. Focus on your skills and contributions, seek mentors, and don't compare yourself to others. Stand on your achievements. Q3: How did you handle the personal and professional hurt when your contract wasn't renewed? A3: It took complete acceptance of the situation. I learned to appreciate the experience for what it was and not take it personally. Accepting the reality without judgment helped me move forward. Q4: What is your perspective on hope and its role in business? A4: Hope requires courage and vulnerability. It's important to maintain hope without becoming cynical. Hope drives positive actions and prevents paralysis by indecision. Q5: How do you approach balancing a solid presence in the workplace with avoiding being perceived as intimidating? A5: It’s important to be true to oneself. While feedback about being intimidating was challenging, I realized diminishing myself wasn't the answer. Genuine confidence and competence should not be compromised. Five Badass Quotes 1. Resilience is taking accountability for both the good and bad. 2. Hope takes courage and vulnerability; without it, you risk becoming cynical. 3. Complete acceptance of any situation is critical to moving forward. 4. Your skills and contributions should stand independently rather than in comparison to others. 5. Genuine confidence and competence should always be maintained. Five Badass Takeaways 1. Embrace accountability for your actions and outcomes. 2. Maintain hope and courage to drive positive actions. 3. Accept situations fully to move past personal and professional setbacks. 4. Focus on your skills and contributions without comparing yourself to others. 5. Genuine confidence and competence are vital; never diminish yourself. Contact Info Instagram: @Ms. Jo Jo McDonald Email: Jo Mack (J.O.M.A.C. at I.C.3.ca Text: 5066479393 Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Importance of Career Fulfillment 01:00 Welcoming JoAnn Macdonald 02:00 Accountability and Resilience 04:00 The Role of Hope in Business 06:00 Dealing with Career Challenges 09:00 Leadership and Gender Dynamics 14:00 Advice for Young Women in Corporate Environments 18:00 The Importance of Hard Work and Engagement 21:00 Personal Vision and Career Fulfillment 26:00 The Balance of Power and Fairness 31:00 Navigating Inappropriate Situations 41:00 Conclusion and Contact Information For more badass episodes, check us out at For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY! https://dangordonenterprise.com/badass.
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    From Being Trafficked to Fighting Sex Trafficking- Sean Wheeler

    16 FEB. 2024 · Join us in this powerful episode as we speak with Sean Wheeler, a survivor of sex trafficking who has transformed his harrowing experiences into a mission to help others. Sean shares his journey from being a victim to founding Starfish Ministries, an organization dedicated to fighting child sex trafficking and providing a voice for boys. Discover how Sean overcame unimaginable trauma, found forgiveness, and worked tirelessly to prevent others from experiencing the same fate. His story is about resilience, hope, and the relentless pursuit of justice. Tune in to learn the importance of facing our fears, asking for help, and using our past experiences to fuel positive change. Five Badass Q&As Q1: What is one thing you always tell people about forgiveness? A1: Don't spend your life waiting for an apology that will probably never come. Holding on to unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies. Q2: How did your organization, Starfish Ministries, come to be? A2: I realized I had a story to tell and wasn't making much headway with existing organizations. So, I decided to start my foundation to fight child sex trafficking and provide a voice for boys. Q3: What was a turning point for you in your healing journey? A3: A counselor helped me understand that what happened to me was not my fault and that forgiveness was a way to free myself from the past. Q4: How do you handle public speaking about such a personal and emotional topic? A4: I often tear up when telling my story, but I see it as showing transparency. Sharing my story helps in my healing process and offers hope to others. Q5: What is your longterm goal for Starfish Ministries? A5: My goal is to build a facility in Colorado for people coming out of prison, offering them a comprehensive rehabilitation process to reintegrate into society. Five Badass Quotes 1. Holding on to unforgiveness is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies. 2. A child can never consent; they can only comply. 3. You can't wait till you get past something to begin. You begin, and in the doing, the healing happens. 4. I build my foundation using the bricks that others throw at me. 5. Forgiveness doesn't let them off the hook; it lets you off the hook. Five Badass Takeaways 1. Forgiveness is crucial for personal healing. 2. Asking for help is a decisive step towards recovery. 3. Sharing personal stories can foster connection and support. 4. Transforming trauma into a mission can bring about positive change. 5. Perseverance and resilience are vital to overcoming life's challenges. Contact Info Sean Wheeler's organization: http://starfishcolorado.org Text STARFISH to 213.409.8366 to contribute Chapters 00:00:00 Introduction to Sean Wheeler and his story 00:01:00 Early life and initial trafficking experiences 00:09:00 Teenage years and deciding to stop being a victim 00:18:00 The process of healing and seeking help 00:29:00 Founding Starfish Ministries and its impact 00:42:00 Challenges and successes in the fight against trafficking 00:54:00 Conclusion and call to action For more badass episodes, check us out at For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY! https://dangordonenterprise.com/badass
    50m 56s
  • Can Generosity = Income? A Journey to Success - Josh Elledge

    16 FEB. 2024 · In this episode, Josh Elledge of Up My Influence shares his journey from journalism in the Navy to becoming a top podcaster and business relationship expert. Learn how he overcame six business failures to build a thriving company and his innovative approach to leveraging podcasting for business development. Josh also discusses the importance of generosity and authentic relationship-building in achieving success. Tune in for invaluable insights and practical advice on growing your influence and income through podcasting. Five Badass Q&As Q1: What is your most critical lesson from your multiple business failures? A1: The most critical lesson is to keep going despite fear and doubt. Every failure is a stepping stone; history shows you'll not die from it. Just do it anyway. Q2: How did you leverage your journalism background in your entrepreneurial journey? A2: Adrian Cronauer taught me the importance of serving the audience with honesty and transparency. This principle guided my approach to business and media, emphasizing value and integrity. Q3: What differentiates your approach to PR and business development? A3: We focus on generosity first and business second. By building genuine relationships and serving others, we stand out and create lasting connections that lead to business success. Q4: How do you handle the initial fear of public speaking or taking bold actions? A4: I acknowledge the fear and do it anyway. It's about being honest and authentic with the audience, which helps to overcome the initial discomfort and build confidence over time. Q5: What advice do you have for someone looking to start a podcast for business development? A5: Focus on relationship building rather than transactional goals. Use the platform to spotlight others and build genuine connections. This approach creates valuable relationships and opens doors for business opportunities. Five Badass Quotes 1. I get nervous every day, but I do it anyway because history has shown I'm probably not going to die. 2. You take on a sacred obligation When you leverage a platform to serve audiences. 3. Doing the right thing is often scary, lonely, and uncertain. 4. Generosity first, business second. 5. Your network is your net worth. Five Badass Takeaways 1. Embrace fear and do it anyway; each failure is a learning opportunity. 2. Honest and transparent communication builds trust and long-term success. 3. Generosity in business leads to more robust, more genuine relationships. 4. Consistent, high-level introductions are vital to growing your influence. 5. Building relationships through podcasting creates lasting business opportunities. Contact Info Josh Elledge's website: www.upmyinfluence.com Text Josh to 213-409-8366 for a free resource Follow Josh on social media (Search Josh Elledge Chapters 00:00:00 Overcoming daily fears 00:01:00 Introduction to Josh Elledge 00:02:00 Josh's journalism background and lessons learned 00:03:00 Importance of doing the right thing 00:04:00 Handling self-doubt and public speaking 00:05:00 Josh's business failures and successes 00:06:00 Building genuine business relationships 00:07:00 Generosity first, business second 00:08:00 Podcasting as a relationship-building tool 00:09:00 Authenticity in sales and marketing 00:10:00 The power of collaboration For more badass episodes, check us out at For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY! https://dangordonenterprise.com/badass.
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  • Building Real Connections & Impactful Communities - Jade Olivia

    16 FEB. 2024 · In this episode of For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY!, Coach Dan Gordon talks with Jade Olivia, a community engagement expert. Jade shares her top strategies for transforming your clients and customers into thriving communities. Discover the secrets to fostering genuine connections, encouraging interaction, and using data-driven methods to enhance engagement. Learn how to make your members feel seen, heard, and valued. Don’t miss this chance to elevate your community management skills! Five Badass Q&As Q1: What is people's most significant mistake when building a community? A1: Treating it like social media. Posting and hoping for engagement is not the same as fostering a true community. Q2: How should a business owner interact with their community? A2: Facilitate conversations among members rather than being the focal point. Introduce members to each other and encourage them to share their experiences. Q3: What’s the first step to take when someone joins your community? A3: Understand their journey and milestones. Track their progress and engage them based on their level and interests. Q4: How can you keep track of all the information about community members? A4: Use a data grid to track their mastery levels and unique categories. This helps in making strategic interactions and connecting members. Q5: How do you get your community to grow and bring in more people? A5: Happy members are natural promoters. Use urgency, exclusivity, and gamification to encourage them to invite others. Five Badass Quotes 1. Stop treating your communities like social media. 2. The best communities are about the members, not the leader. 3. Create milestones for your community members’ journeys. 4. Happy members are your best promoters. 5. Make your members feel seen, heard, and valued. Five Badass Takeaways 1. Treat your community differently from social media. 2. Facilitate member interactions instead of being the leading voice. 3. Track member progress using a data grid to engage them better. 4. Use urgency, exclusivity, and gamification to grow your community. 5. Focus on making members feel seen, heard, and valued. Contact Info Jade Olivia: jadeolivia. co https://jadeolivia.co Instagram: jadeolivia. co https://instagram.com/jadeolivia.co Facebook: jadeolivia. co https://facebook.com/jadeolivia.co Coach Dan Gordon: Text GAP to 213.409.8366 for a free book. Chapters 00:00:00 Introduction by Coach Dan Gordon 00:01:00 Jade’s community engagement tips 00:04:00 Differences between social media and community 00:07:00 Member interaction strategies 00:10:00 Mapping member progress 00:14:00 Data tracking for engagement 00:19:00 Growing your community 00:24:00 Seen, heard, and valued approach 00:28:00 Contact and further resources For more badass episodes, check us out at For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY! https://dangordonenterprise.com/badass.
    21m 16s

Coach Dan Gordon presents For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY! This is the ONLY podcast offering entrepreneurs unfiltered access to the world’s most elite business minds. Discover the blueprint that hard-hitting entrepreneurs...

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Coach Dan Gordon presents For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY!

This is the ONLY podcast offering entrepreneurs unfiltered access to the world’s most elite business minds.

Discover the blueprint that hard-hitting entrepreneurs use to achieve massive success in truly badass ways.

His notable guests include:
  • Phil Q, the man who launched Virgin Records with Richard Branson.
  • Glenn Stearns, the rags-to-riches mortgage tycoon and star of Undercover Billionaire.
  • Jim Katzaroff, the CEO who gave up millions to work on finding a cure for MS.
  • Stormy Simon, the welfare mom who went from secretary to CEO of Overstock.com.

All of Coach Dan’s guests are absolute visionaries in their fields!

For Badass Entrepreneurs ONLY! is the number one podcast for entrepreneurs seeking the ultimate success in business and life!
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