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  • ASMR - CardBoard Tapping🧃😴

    21 SEP. 2022 · Hello again! Thank you so much for listening to this podcast, I hope you are having a wonderful day. Fight for your goals and you will achieve everything you set your mind to. For now, I hope this cardboard sound helps you to sleep, study, relax, meditate.... Use it in the best way you consider. See you soon :)⭐️* *THIS AUDIO IS UNDER CC. LICENSE
    29m 52s
  • ASMR - Hair Comb Touching, Tapping, Scratching...💇🏽‍♀️😴

    29 ABR. 2022 · Hi again! For too long I did not hang anything to relax, I hope this audio doing asmr with a comb for your hair helps you sleep, relax, study... I hope you enjoy it and can achieve all the goals you propose, a greeting and love a lot :)* *THIS AUDIO IS UNDER CC.LICENSE. *If there is any problem please contact through my email to solve it :)
    9m 32s
  • ASMR - Crinkle Bag Sounds😴🛍

    13 FEB. 2022 · I hope you can sleep and relax with this sounds of different bags, you are great and you deserve all the best, I send you a huge greeting. You can use this ASMR for sleep, study, chill, relax... Just enjoy ;). * THIS AUDIO IS UNDER C.C LICENSE.
    15m 27s
  • ASMR - Page turning, Paper Sound, Newspaper...🗞😴

    21 OCT. 2021 · Thank you very much for listening to this podcast, our only goal is your relaxation, I hope you get it with this ASMR where you turn the pages of a newspaper and make different sounds with the paper. You can use it to relax, study, sleep, chill... *THIS AUDIO IS UNDER CC. LICENSE.
    10m 30s
  • ASMR - Tapping on Nails 💅🏼😴

    22 SEP. 2021 · ASMR of tapping on nails, one of my favourite tapping audios... Use it on the best way. ASMR to relax, study... *THIS AUDIO IS UNDER CC LICENSE
    19m 10s
  • ASMR - Forest & Wind🌲💨

    5 JUN. 2021 · ASMR of a forest with trees on a windy day, to sleep, relax, study... Use it the best way, enjoy this audio and many more on my podcast :) *THIS AUDIO IS UNDER CC. LICENSE.
    45m 49s
  • ASMR - Ocean Waves/Sea Sound🌊

    26 ABR. 2021 · ASMR of ocean waves or sea sound to relax, study, chill... just enjoy :). *THIS AUDIO IS UNDER CC.LICENSE.
    50m 14s
  • ASMR - Real Thunderstorm🌩

    16 FEB. 2021 · ASMR - Relaxing Thunderstorm for sleep, study, chill.... *THIS AUDIO IS UNDER CC. LICENSE.
    29m 22s
  • ASMR - Soap Carving Recopilation 🧼😴

    23 ENE. 2021 · Hi! That’s an ASMR of soap carving, a recopilation of soap carving💖. dejVqXmAIbkhTKRCDm6d *THIS VIDEO/AUDIO IS UNDER CC.LICENSE. This license allows u to reupload it💖💖 I do that for relax purpose :)
    8m 21s
  • ASMR - Tapping and Water Sounds✋🏽🥶

    8 ENE. 2021 · ASMR - Tapping and Water sounds to relax our mind, to study of work. * THIS VIDEO IS UNDER CC LICENSE
    22m 54s
Hi! Thats the time to relax, put on some headphones and enjoy the podcasts I’m uploading. I hope you like them! :)
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