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  • Episode 49 - 2022 Wrap Up and Thriving In 2023

    13 DIC. 2022 · Welcome to Balanced Living For Women at Freedom At The Crossroads! Today I’m sharing the latest news about the show, topics affecting women and how we can thrive and not just survive in 2023. Selfcare and self love are central to you thriving in 2023. Women around the globe continue to fight for body autonomy, human rights, gender equity, etc. while we’ve had a number of setbacks in 2022, let’s be mindful to hold and support one another globally because we are all in this together! Be sure to follow and subscribe to the podcast and follow the blog/website at freedomatthecrossroads.com
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  • Episode 48: What they don’t tell you about selfcare!

    6 JUN. 2021 · Hello my sisters and welcome to another episode of Freedom At The Crossroads where we talk about all things centered on women’s selfcare as well as the issues that matter to us! We hear a lot about selfcare in the media, but “no one” (i.e. the media and gurus) tells us about the “real”consequences of that journey. Today I’ll be breaking that down and getting real with some thought provoking insights as well as asking some hard questions-are you ready to get Undomesticated? Are you ready to break the conditioning that so many women have internalized and accepted as “just a part of living”? I’m not and I hope you’re ready to get real too so, grab a latté, chai, your favorite snack, and tune into the convo!
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  • About those New Year Resolutions: 2021 Expec

    9 FEB. 2021 · Welcome to a new year here at freedom At The Crossroads !Come on and grab a latté, a snack and tune in to today’s convo as we discuss what’s new for 2021, selfcare, empowerment, healing foods, skincare and so much more! This is a transformative year for women everywhere and it’s long past the time for doing away with self-sabotaging behaviors and laying on the altar of other people’s expectations (aka, o.p.e.)!
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  • Selfcare for women, activism and tips for staying healthy this fall

    13 OCT. 2020 · Hello goddess tribe!! Once again it's time to pull up a chair, grab a latté, your favorite snack and tune in for another round of rants, convos and thoughts about personal growth, selfcare, social justice, and, shoutouts to phenomenal women who have embraced transformation and refuse to be domesticated! The fall season is here and today we are talking about some tips to stay health and resilient even during a global pandemic. How do you stay healthy at this time? How can we remain resilient and committed to personal growth at this time? I talk about this and more in today's episode of the Undomesticated Woman Podcast Series!
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  • Embrace The Change: Navigating Difficult Spaces (situations)

    20 SEP. 2020 · Resilience is the word for these times in which we find ourselves. When it comes to dealing with the stresses of change d crisis, being resilient by way of radical selfcare, is the way to go! Many nations and communities are struggling with the challenges brought on and amplified, by covid 19. Civil unrest, social justice protests, demonstrations and bloodshed, are causing all of us to wake up! Our planet is in crisis and we who inhabit this unique space are also in crisis because we ARE all connected. Ladies, grab a snack, your favorite latté and let's encourage one another today.
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  • Episode 44 - Freedom At The Crossroads: What Juneteenth Means For Sefcare

    19 JUN. 2020 · Welcome my Undomesticated sisters! It's time to pull up a seat, grab a latté and some snacks because we've got a lot to talk about in honor of Juneteenth, y'all! Selfcare has always been about activism and this June 19 (Juneteenth) is made even more appropriate given the current civil rights and social justice movements that are now sweeping the globe in response to the murder of by law enforcement of George Floyd and others here in the U.S.A. This June 19th is a powerful reminder that selfcare is a radical movement that at it’s core lies empowerment and self advocacy. It is a rallying call to embrace the necessary changes that we all must undergo both individually and collectively. For in order to heal, transform and evolve, discomfort and action are all part of the process.
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  • You Have No Competition: Perspectives on Toxic Femininity 3

    10 ABR. 2020 · When we stop competing against each other, every woman wins. We are each limitless, unique and powerful in own right. But culture and society in general, have brainwashed (ie domesticated) women in to believing we need to ”measure” ourselves against some ”perfect” version of what a woman should be, look like, etc. Grab a latté or your favorite cup of tea and join the convo on combating the destructive of societal domestication of women! Learn what it means to be an #UndomesticatedWoman.
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  • Thoughts For The New Year: living as an undomesticated woman in 2020

    10 ENE. 2020 · Happy New Year and welcome to new things here At Freedom At The Crossroads’ Undomesticated Woman podcast series!! I’m started the new year with a few reflections on current events, more rants and convos that affect our global community of women. Get ready for a fun ride filled with raw discussions of the our issues, interviews with fempreneurs, female authors and so much more!!
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  • Smashing the patriarchy and reclaiming your power!

    3 DIC. 2019 · Grab a latté and a snack because this a podcast for women focusing on women's selfcare, getting off the altar of O.P.E. (aka, other people's expectations, etc), personal development and so much more! Visit our blog online for articles, tips and more at freedomatthecrossroads.com. Today's episode tackes the issue of empowerment, who benefits when you give yours away, misogyny, the intersection of race, class, and womanhood and other issues that matter to us. Tune in to another rant about current events within the context of selfcare, personal empowerment and development.
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  • What Story Are You Telling Yourself: About yourself as a woman and o.p.e. (other people’s expectations)

    27 NOV. 2019 · Hello goddess tribe!! Once again it's time to pull up a chair, grab a latté, your favorite snack and tune in for another convo about our issues!! Today we’re talking about the “stories we’re telling ourselves” that are keeping us in our current state! What self-sabotaging stories, social and cultural conditioning (aka, female domestication), etc are we allowing to constrain, bind and disempower us as women in 2019? What do we need to DO to smash it down? We’ll also touch more on what being stuck in a rut feels like, upcoming guests and so much more! To really keep up with all the fun and exciting things coming to Freedom At The Crossroads’ Undomesticated Woman Podcast Series, be sure to SUBSCRIBE and hit that notification button!!
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My passion is to help women at the crossroads break the silence and martydom on the altar of O.P.E. (aka, other people's expectations). I help women achieve fitness, health and...

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My passion is to help women at the crossroads break the silence and martydom on the altar of O.P.E. (aka, other people's expectations). I help women achieve fitness, health and harmony in their lives through an empowering selfcare jourmey.

I’ve taken my experience training and personal tragedy to develop a female focused program of health and wellness that adopts "wholism" and personal development at the core of my program strategies.

I' m an ”undomesticated” African goddess with a passion for women’s health and empowerment. By day I navigate the crazy of the healthcare arena, give support to my clients and dedicate myelf to the journey of life. In short, I help women transform their lives and health by reclaiming their power!

You are more than the space that you occupy, rise up and reclaim your voice and your power!
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