• Coping with Hope. 58 Abby Kisicki, Gun Violence Prevention Organizer

    10 JUN. 2024 · Abby Kisciki, a Gen Z alumna of Arena Academy (https://www.freedomoverfascism.us/p/47-lauren-baer-managing-director), is an organizer for Newtown Action Alliance and gun violence prevention. We talk about coping with hope, and using hope responsibly, especially in gun violence prevention. Abby started getting involved in political advocacy as a college student and, after surviving the Highland Park shooting, she became active in gun violence prevention advocacy, hosting Zoom action sessions from her home in Chicago. https://www.newtownactionalliance.org/ https://arena.run/ #democracy #organizer #organize #vote #politics #funders #genz #voters #freedomoverfascism #podcast #democrats #Project2025 #fascism #christo-fascism #ChristianNationalism #ChristianNationalist #Biden #antiTrump #election #voteblue #ContestEveryRace #RuralOrganizing #TeamDemocracy  #abortion #lgbtq #gunviolenceprevention #arena #arenaacademy #NewtownActionAlliance #HighlandParkShooting
    29m 3s
  • Raising Arizona. And Michigan. And all 50 states. Charles Gaba, ACA Data Analyst and Democratic Activist

    5 JUN. 2024 · Stephanie talks to Charles Gaba, an ACA data analyst and activist who started raising money for Dem candidates online in 2018. He operates a simple website, http://blue24.org with links to slates of Democratic candidates on Act Blue that makes it easy to donate to several candidates at a time, or just one or two. In 2020, he raised a total of 6 million dollars for Democratic candidates and organizations. This year, he’s on pace to exceed that. By the end of May 2020, he had raised $303k, whereas by the end of May 2024 he’s raised $573k. T hat’s a 90% increase. http://Blue24.org is not a PAC, and Gaba doesn’t take a cut of the money he raises (although you can donate to him through the website). Gaba uses his 50k followers on Twitter and other platforms to raise money for federal and state legislative rates in all 50 states. You can follow him https://x.com/charles_gaba.
    28m 9s
  • 56. Mother’s Always Right. Nancy Thompson, Founder of Mothers Against Greg Abbott

    29 MAY. 2024 · Stephanie chats with Nancy Thompson, founder and head of Mothers Against Greg Abbott about the fascism Texas is fighting right NOW, and how Nancy had enough, showed up with a sign to protest, and launched a movement that grows every time Greg Abbot, TX Gov, speaks. https://mothersagainstgregabbott.com/ Questions: sgwilson@gmail.com
    49m 18s
  • 55. Making Dems Competitive Everywhere: Madeline Eden, CTO Movement Labs and Contest Every Race

    22 MAY. 2024 · Stephanie talks with Madeline Eden, CTO of Movement Labs and Contest Every Race. We’re letting 100,000 Republican candidates win every year without a challenger. We all know that when we put up Democratic candidates in state and local races, even in deeply red districts, more voters turn out, more people become engaged, and Democrats can win seats they’ve lost by default. Madeline Eden is CTO of Movement Labs, as well as its project Contest Every Race, which has recruited more than 7000 candidates for all levels of campaigns. Thirty-eight percent of them have won their races. Contest Every Race runs a Rural Power Initiative and provides coaching for all the candidates it recruits, so that first time candidates have training and understanding of what it takes to run and win. We’ve discussed this in several different episodes over the past 2 seasons, so please check out past episodes with Blue Ohio, Blue Missouri, Blue Texas, Every State Blue, Run for Something, the Outrun Coalition, and many more. https://www.contesteveryrace.com/
    37m 49s
  • 54. A Place to Call Home: Conversation with Shion Deysarkar, CEO of Unified social media community

    15 MAY. 2024 · Stephanie chatted with Shion Desarkar about creating community among pro-democracy activists. Right now I know we’re on a billion social media platforms to try to reach people who will reach others in real life. The promise of Unified is that if activists have a single platform to talk to each other, we can learn from each other, contact each other, share strategies, and multiply our effectiveness. Here’s my invite link, which Shion recommends as the best way for listeners to join up.  Right now Unified is only on mobile. https://www.joinunified.us/?code=guide9775&id=6667 Questions: https://gmail.com
    36m 16s
  • 53. Paolo Cremidis, ED of Outrun Coalition on electing young and diverse candidates in rural areas to office.

    8 MAY. 2024 · Stephanie talks to Paolo Cremidis about running candidates who are young and diverse in rural areas. Outrun coalition has gone from electing 6 candidates in upstate NY in 2020 to more than 470 across the country currently. They believe that anyone and everyone should run for office and reject the notion that rural=white. Here are a couple of organizations Paolo recommends donating to—most of whom support candidates running downballot in MAGA captured areas. I've listed the Freedom Over Fascism episode number where I've interviewed most of these folks:  Every State Blue https://everystateblue.org/ (umbrella org). Run by Jonathan Zucker, Episode Blue Ohio. Run by David Pepper, Episode 2, http://blueohio.org Blue Missouri. Run by Jess Piper, Episode 7, http://bluemissiouri.org Blue Tennessee, Run by Lisa D, http://bluetennessee.org Blue Texas. Run by Kim Allen, Episode 5. http://bluetexas.org Forgotten Dems: https://forgottendemocrats.org/ Find more info about Outrun Coalition at https://twitter.com/theoutruncotheoutrunco Questions: mailto:sgwilson@gmail.com. Please support us if you can at http://www.freedomoverfascism.us.
    43m 12s
  • 52. Dmitri Melhorn, co-founder of Invest in US on saving democracy from a funder’s point of view.

    1 MAY. 2024 · Stephanie talks with Dmitri Melhorn, cofounder of the Invest in US investment fund with Reid Hoffman. Stephanie and Dmitri discuss what investments Melhorn believes are the most effective for President Biden to win in November. The organization invests in advocacy organizations, voter outreach groups, media outlets, electoral strategy groups, and other organizations devoted to opposing former President Donald Trump and the Republican Party. Read more about Investing in Us: https://www.influencewatch.org/for-profit/investing-in-us/ Questions: sgwilson@gmail.com
    46m 31s
  • 51. Brianna Wu on Jew Hatred in the Progressive Movement since 10/7

    24 ABR. 2024 · Stephanie speaks with Brianna Wu, a former congressional candidate in MA and present activist and fundraiser. They discuss running for office and post October 7 dynamics of the progressive movement, Jew-hatred, compassion, and inclusion. This was recorded before the events at Columbia, University (and other colleges and universities across the country), where protesters shouted their support for Hamas, killing Isreli civilians, and destroying Israel. Universities provided virtual learning and advised Jewish students to go home because they could not ensure the safety of the students. This conversation was raw, real, and emotional for both of us. She's been one of the most vocal supporters of Jewish Americans and Israelis (not the government) on social media. Briana references this article in the conversation. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2024/04/us-anti-semitism-jewish-american-safety/677469/ You can find Brianna on Twitter @BriannaWu.
    43m 20s
  • 50. Andra Watkins, NYT Bestselling Author, on Christo-Fascism and Project 2025

    17 ABR. 2024 · Stephanie talks to NYT Bestselling Author Andra Watkins about Project 2025 and its Christo-Fascist core. Watkins is the author of the substack newsletter, “How Project 2025 will Ruin Your Life,” which decodes the Heritage Foundation authoritarian playbook for a Trump or Republican presidency. Project 2025 is written in “evangelicalese,” coded so that a Christian Nationalist audience understands and a general audience misses the nuances of the manifesto. https://project2025istheocracy.substack.com/ https://andrawatkins.com/ http://www.freedomoverfascism.us  mailto:sgwilson@gmail.com
    41m 29s
  • 49. Brian Hansbury, Co-Founder of Media and Democracy Project on The Failing Legacy Media

    10 ABR. 2024 · Stephanie talks to Brian Hansbury, one of the co-founders of Media and Democracy Project. They discuss what the corporate media is doing wrong, and how we can make a difference, participate in the Media and Democracy Project’s actions, and tell people we know IRL about what Republicans plan to do TO THEM if they win at the national level. http://www.mediaanddemocracyproject.org Questions: mailto:sgwilson@gmail.com
    47m 46s

Freedom Over Fascism is hosted by historian, comms consultant, and activist Stephanie Gerber Wilson, PhD. She investigates what it takes to rebuild power and freedom in MAGA captured states. MAGA...

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Freedom Over Fascism is hosted by historian, comms consultant, and activist Stephanie Gerber Wilson, PhD. She investigates what it takes to rebuild power and freedom in MAGA captured states. MAGA is waging a full-out war against Americans to gain authoritarian power, and we must reclaim our freedom and our power. We talk to authors, experts, activists, historians, and officials who sound the alarm and work to build freedom over fascism. Together we’ll discover what it takes to win in parts of America dominated by MAGA extremists.
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