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    Episode 95 - Choking Hazards and Baby Steps: A Parenting Rollercoaster

    7 FEB. 2024 · In this heartfelt episode of Freezer Milk, Bridget and Chris navigate the ebbs and flows of parenting with their three boys, Enzo, Rhett, and Arlo. Amidst the joyful chaos, they share the latest family updates, including the smooth integration of their new au pair, newfound pockets of free time, and the little victories of exercise and dates. Enzo's struggles with sibling dynamics and his unique perspective on being an only child part-time are candidly discussed. The couple also confronts the frightening reality of choking hazards with toddlers, a stark reminder of the constant vigilance parenting demands. In a turn of events, they celebrate baby Arlo's first steps, capturing the bittersweet nature of watching their children grow. Join Bridget and Chris as they reflect on the complexities of raising young kids, the unexpected moments of terror and triumph, and the importance of a supportive village in this journey of parenthood. Tune in for an episode that's as unpredictable and rewarding as parenting itself. Don't forget to visit freezermilk.com or follow @FreezerMilkPodcast on Instagram for more behind-the-scenes content.
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    Episode 94 - Therapy, Snow, and Peanut Butter Whiskey, A Parenting Journey

    22 ENE. 2024 · In this episode of Freezer Milk, Bridget and Chris escape to their porch sanctuary to chat amidst the winter chill and a recent snowfall. With the kids safely in view through the glass, they discuss the unique cold of Virginia, the arrival of their new au pair, and the mixed blessings of daycare. Chris shares his reflections on returning to his native Arizona for work and the stark contrast to their new life on the East Coast. They delve into the importance of mental health as Chris opens up about seeking therapy to manage life's stresses, while Bridget talks about tackling emotional eating. The couple also recounts their foodie adventures in DC, the thrill of hockey games, and the dream of restoring an old house. As they sip on peanut butter whiskey, they muse on the importance of consistency over motivation and the small joys like clapping milestones from baby Arlo. Tune in for an honest, reflective journey through parenting, personal growth, and embracing change.
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    Episode 93 - Riding Into the New Year: Bikes, Babies, and Business

    1 ENE. 2024 · Join Bridget and Chris in their latest podcast episode as they reflect on the holiday season's whirlwind, marked by their son Arlo's first birthday, the challenges of daycare illnesses, and the joyous chaos of Christmas morning, discussions of an Au Pair, and Enzo learns to ride a bike. It's a candid conversation that celebrates the messy, beautiful journey of parenting and the hopeful anticipation of the year ahead.
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    Episode 92 - Toddler Tantrums and Parent's Night Away

    12 DIC. 2023 · In this week's parenting podcast, Bridget and Chris give an intimate look into life with three young boys. They chat about the chaos of Thanksgiving with toddlers, share funny stories from a rare weekend away in Charleston, and commiserate over the daily struggles of defiant two-year-olds. Tune in for an honest, relatable take on parenting young children.
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    Episode 91 - Holiday Hosts

    21 NOV. 2023 · This week on the Freezer Milk Podcast, hosts Bridget and Chris chat about their plans for the upcoming holidays, reminisce about parenting struggles with their three young boys, and look forward to creating new family traditions. With Thanksgiving approaching, they decide to host the holiday themselves this year since Bridget's aunt, who normally hosts, is sick. Bridget talks about her grocery shopping to plan the perfect meal. They also discuss their hopes for a white Christmas, though they know weather is unpredictable. Looking back, they remember how hard it was when their oldest son Enzo was a baby and wasn't sleeping through the night yet. But now their family has grown, transitioning from a one bedroom apartment to a home 3x the size. The holidays this year will be a special chance to make memories after feeling isolated the past few years.
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    Episode 90 - A Parent's Worst Nightmare: RSV Strikes Our Boys

    6 NOV. 2023 · This gripping episode chronicles young parents Bridget and Chris' exhausting trial by fire caring for their two young sons, Rhett and Arlo, as they endured back-to-back severe viral infections requiring multiple ER visits and hospitalizations. Their harrowing account of watching their boys struggle to breathe, dealing with dangerously high fevers, and providing round-the-clock care will resonate with all parents. An emotional rollercoaster full of lessons learned navigating daycare germs, caring for sick family members, and mustering unknown reserves of energy and strength when it mattered most.
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    Episode 89 - ERs, Overdue Talks, AZ Visit

    19 OCT. 2023 · This week on the podcast, Chris and Bridget dive into the ups and downs of parenting their three rambunctious boys. Listen in as they vent about sleepless nights and stomach bugs, then find the silver linings in milestone moments like watching their son shine as a wedding party member. You'll hear an emotional story of Chris' father's car accident and how it brought them closer, as well as the importance of trusting your instincts as a parent. Tune in for a candid, relatable look at the rollercoaster ride of parenthood.
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    Episode 88 - Florida, No Sleep, We are here already?

    6 OCT. 2023 · This week on Freezer Milk Podcast, hosts Bridget and Chris have an honest discussion about the challenges of parenting in the digital age. When their son Enzo is caught watching YouTube videos he shouldn't be, it leads to a pivotal parenting moment. Hear how Enzo reacts when confronted with consequences, and how a heartfelt walk and talk with Chris helps him gain maturity and perspective. Tune in for an insightful look at setting boundaries, building trust, and maintaining open communication with kids in today's tech-filled world.
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    Episode 87 - Anaphylaxis, Traveling Without Babies

    28 SEP. 2023 · Parents of three boys, Bridget and Chris of the Freezer Milk Podcast invite you into their world of controlled chaos this week. Bridget shares the terrifying story of having a severe allergic reaction to antibiotics that rapidly progressed to anaphylaxis. Chris recounts his confusion and alarm over the situation, from Bridget's itchy red rash to bluish lips. Beyond the ER drama, they also reflect on the importance of their morning routine, Bridget's anxiety over upcoming solo travel, and why a good hospital tops their criteria for where to live. Pull up a seat for intimate and lighthearted conversations about health scares, parenting mishaps, and the unshakable partnership between spouses tackling life's ups and downs together.
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    Episode 86 - Hippie Baby, Brothers Playing

    21 SEP. 2023 · Back with a new episode after a brief hiatus, Bridget and Chris of Freezer Milk Podcast candidly share the joys and struggles of adjusting to major life changes - from moving states to having a third baby. With plenty of wisdom but no sugarcoating, they discuss their tween's emotional challenges, toddler dynamics, and their own search for balance and friendship as spouses and parents.
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Parenting is a trip, we are here to buckle in for the ride with you sharing our hilarious stories, cute moments, and everything in between. We cuss occasionally, so threw...

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Parenting is a trip, we are here to buckle in for the ride with you sharing our hilarious stories, cute moments, and everything in between. We cuss occasionally, so threw an E on there.
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