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Generative AI in Education

  • Innovating Instruction: How AI is Changing the Teaching Landscape with Jon Fila

    9 ABR. 2024 · The Impact of Generative AI in Education: A Conversation with Jon Fila In this episode of the Gen AI and Education Podcast, host Julie interviews Jon Fila, an experienced educator, about the significance of generative AI in education and its potential for fostering generational change. Jon shares insights from his 20+ years in education, highlighting his work in online learning, curriculum writing, and digital design. He elaborates on how generative AI can transform the educational landscape by offering personalized support to students, thereby improving their academic journey and future prospects. Jon also discusses the challenges and opportunities of integrating AI in teaching practices, including ways to engage with neurodiverse students and English learners effectively. Furthermore, he addresses the broader implications of AI in education, such as workload concerns for teachers and the need for transparency with parents about AI's role in learning environments. Through his personal journey with AI and practical strategies for educators, Jon underscores the importance of critical engagement with AI tools to enhance educational outcomes and equity. 00:00 Welcome to the Gen AI and Education Podcast 00:33 The Impact of Education and Generative AI on Jon's Life 02:00 Exploring the Utility of Generative AI in Education 03:35 The Role of AI in Combating Isolation Among Educators 05:56 Addressing the Challenges of AI-Generated Student Submissions 12:41 Leveraging AI for Inclusive and Diverse Educational Content 18:38 The Evolving Role of Educators in the Age of AI 26:07 Navigating the Complexities of AI in Education 31:04 Engaging Parents and the Public in AI Education Conversations 36:00 Closing Thoughts and Resources on Inclusive AI Strategies
    37m 24s
  • Transforming Education for the Age of AI: Insights from Dr. Charles Fadel

    27 MAR. 2024 · This podcast episode features a conversation with Dr. Charles Fadel, founder of the Center for Curriculum Redesign, who discusses the importance of adapting education systems for the age of artificial intelligence (AI). Fadel emphasizes the need for education to prioritize wisdom, a blend of knowledge, understanding, mindfulness, and compassion, as its ultimate goal. He argues that modern education must evolve to address the challenges and opportunities presented by AI, focusing on fostering skills, character, and meta-learning. The discussion also covers the implementation of the CCR framework, the role of AI in enhancing teaching and learning processes, and the potential impact of AI on curriculum design. Check out Dr. Fadel's book https://curriculumredesign.org/our-work/education-for-the-age-of-ai/. (available on Amazon) 00:00 Introducing Dr. Charles Fadel 00:26 The Evolution and Impact of AI in Education 01:37 Wisdom: The Ultimate Goal of Education 02:59 Balancing Social, Economic, and Personal Needs in Education 04:30 Unpacking the CCR Framework: Preparing Students for the AI Age 10:41 The Role of AI in Enhancing Teaching and Learning 13:44 Diving into the Book: A Timeless Resource for Curriculum Design 21:56 The Future of Education: System Change and Modernizing Curriculum 25:58 Addressing Parent Education Around AI
    57m 9s
  • Elevating Education: The Power of Generative AI and Stakeholder Voices with Julie Evans

    14 MAR. 2024 · In this engaging conversation, Julie Evans, the CEO of Project Tomorrow, joins hosts Julie and Adam to discuss the transformative potential of generative AI in education, the importance of stakeholder feedback, and the work of Project Tomorrow. With over two decades of experience, Evans highlights the organization's commitment to amplifying educator voices through its Speak Up Research Project and introduces a new partnership focused on utilizing generative AI to enhance educational experiences. Evans shares her passion for data and cooking, emphasizing the significance of localized data in making informed decisions that resonate with specific community needs. The discussion also covers the newly launched generative AI survey aimed at capturing comprehensive insights from educators and school leaders to guide the future of education technology. 00:00 Welcome and Introduction to Julie Evans and Project Tomorrow 00:15 Julie Evans Shares Her Background and Passion 01:47 Exploring the Partnership Between ALP and Project Tomorrow 03:28 The Impact and Methodology of the Speak Up Research Project 07:16 Diving Into the Generative AI Survey and Its Significance 13:46 The Role of Data in Education and Its Evolution 20:37 How to Get Involved with the Generative AI Survey 24:31 Final Thoughts and the Potential of Generative AI in Education
    26m 34s
  • Navigating the AI Roadmap: An Insight into Denver Public Schools with Dr. Charles

    14 FEB. 2024 · In a podcast featuring special guest Dr. Richard Charles, Chief Information Officer for Denver Public Schools, Julie and Adam lead conversations in the topics of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Generative AI. Dr. Charles elaborated on the rapid technological changes, data security concerns, and the impact of AI on teaching and learning. He highlighted the need for new approaches to computing and mathematics education, stressing on the importance of statistics, linear algebra, and data science. Dr. Charles also shared, among others, about the use of AI tools for second language learners and the need for schools to establish policies and guardrails around the use of such technologies. Check out Dr. Charles' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFg4Fmw_kOE 00:00 Introduction and Guest Presentation 00:13 Dr. Charles' Journey to Denver Public Schools 05:37 The Impact of AI on Education 06:47 The Future of Programming and AI 08:02 The Challenges of Implementing AI in Education 09:55 The Importance of Human Interaction in the AI Era 32:37 The Role of AI in Mathematics Education 36:53 The Future of Denver Public Schools in the AI World
    39m 5s
  • Introducing The Generative AI in Education Podast

    22 ENE. 2024 · Hosts Julie Foss and Adam Garry get things rolling with their inauguarl episode exploring Generative AI in Education. They share some of their early experiences working with school districts and look at the topic from a systems level.
    29m 50s
  • Emerging Trends & Risks in Generative AI: An Education Perspective

    13 ENE. 2024 · In this insightful conversation, Julie and Adam delve into the dramatic transformations brought about by advancements in generative Artificial Intelligence (AI), particularly focusing on the education sector. They discuss the importance of AI in facilitating advanced learning partnerships and the rising implications its usage has for school systems. Topics include: - newly proposed regulations on data privacy - the rise of specialized A - the importance of policies, and the rapidly increasing risks related to AI. As a bonus, they also consider the future of AI, exploring promising possibilities, potential pitfalls, and the compelling pace of technological development.
    38m 46s

This podcast is for district leaders and education decision makers. Join Advanced Learning Partnership's hosts Adam Garry and Julie Foss as the curate and discuss the latest news, risks and...

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This podcast is for district leaders and education decision makers. Join Advanced Learning Partnership's hosts Adam Garry and Julie Foss as the curate and discuss the latest news, risks and possibilities of Generative AI from a systemic and practitioners lens.

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