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  • Episode 8: See New Skincare | Beauty and Skincare Entrepreneurs Create International Brand in Their 20s

    1 MAY. 2020 · Based in Seattle, Brynaea Gabriel and Austin Trefts created a subscription box company from the ground up. I found these two on Instagram, and what caught my eye at first was the branding. See New Skincare looks like a luxury skincare brand that has been around for at least 10 years. Although I was convinced this was a company that had a corporation behind them, their eye catching visuals made me take a look at their website, where I found that the founders are both in their 20s. Since the start of their company in 2018 they’ve been able to live in Asia and ended their first year by donating over $30,000 to Dress for Success. In this episode they break down the beauty industry, starting a skincare business, pitching to hundreds of companies in Thailand, and more. Timecodes: 1:42 | Deciding what kind of business to start and a trip to Ulta 3:42 | Reasons for using a subscription box model and focusing on one brand at a time 7:20 | Traveling to Asia and pitching to hundreds of companies 10:10 | Getting lost on the way to their first meeting in Thailand and international business tips 17:02 | Creating a unique brand and importance of being genuine 19:03 | Securing an investor two days before their payments were due 21:45 | Dress for Success and the importance of fulfilling partnerships 24:28 | Keeping emotionally stable through years of work and working in your passion 28:09 | What’s next for See New and creating an impactful brand name Social: Business Instagram: @seenewskincare Twitter and Instagram: @ggotitdone Website: https://www.seenewskincare.com
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  • Episode 7: Plenty and Well | Branding, Business and Wellness Coaching, and Realities of Working for Yourself

    2 MAR. 2020 · Natalie Kelly is an inspiration to many both with IBD and without as she runs her business and wellness coaching in Seattle, Washington. Natalie went from crying every time she applied to a job to working a full time job, quitting, brainstorming and building in her parents basement and then to running her business full time. She gives great tips on branding, how to get into business or wellness coaching, and the realities many young entrepreneurs face. Timecodes: 1:12 | Natalie’s life changing chronic diagnosis 3:00 | Health Coaching and Business Coaching on the day to day 6:17 | Skills needed to become a coach and most frequent client needs 8:47 | Importance of having entrepreneur friends to support mental and business struggles 10:46 | Transition from graduation to a full time job and then to starting her own business 13:30 | Getting rid of self doubt and fear 14:40 | Ins and outs of influencer marketing 17:17 | What your time is worth, correcting undercharging for services 20:13 | Creating a membership site and Natalie’s structure for community 21:25 | Creating, designing, and publishing E-books 23:01 | Natalie’s podcast Social: Business Instagram: @plentyandwellwithnat Business Website: www.plentyandwell.com Twitter and Instagram: @ggotitdone Website: www.getitgotitdone.com
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  • Episode 6: TDC Digital Agency | Florida Couple Leaves Corporate to Start Thriving Marketing Company

    10 FEB. 2020 · Based in Orlando Florida, Laura Gomez and Gabriel Menses were in the workforce for a year until they decided to leave corporate and start their own company. Starting with food videography, they’ve created videos for Benihana, spa companies, aviation companies, and more. In this episode, from finding clients to creating packages, they break down everything you need to know for creating a successful digital marketing company. Social: Business Instagram: @tdcdigitalagency Laura Gomez: @thelauragomez Gabriel Meneses: @heymeneses Twitter and Instagram: @ggotitdone Website: www.tdcdigitalagency.com
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  • Episode 5: Don't Let Your Thoughts Hold You Back | Changed My 2020 Mindset with The 5th Agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz & Don Jose Ruiz

    31 DIC. 2019 · Are you happy or are you suffering? You have control over your mind and your thoughts, and truly working on these five agreements will help change your entire mindset and how you operate on a daily basis. I can 100% say that The 5th agreement by Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz changed the last part of 2019 for me, and with 2020 around the corner it’s not too late to permanently change your mindset past the initial high of the new year. Once your mindset changes, whatever goals you have for 2020 will be so much easier to complete because you’ll completely stop worrying about what other people think and won’t let your own thoughts hold you back. Happy new year guys! Timecodes: 00:35 | Impact of this book on my mindset and where to find it 2:22 | The power of being impeccable with your word and speaking positively into the universe 4:00 | How to never take anything personally and live carefree 7:05 | Working to end your personal hell and working against the human nature of assuming 11:20 | Undoing years of negative habits and creating new ones 13:20 | Everyone is living in their own world so stay skeptical 14:40 | Living in the present and changing the future Social: Twitter and Instagram: @ggotitdone Website: Getitgotitdone.com
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  • Episode 4: The Baby Bear Brand, LLC | Philadelphia Entrepreneur's Creative Balloon Art Success and Forever 21 Collaboration

    15 DIC. 2019 · This episode features Brian the Balloon Artist of the Baby Bear Brand, LLC. Based in North Philadelphia, Brian was interested in entrepreneurship from a young age while working as an event planner with his mom and baker/decorator with his dad. At 14, he started doing balloon art for family, and in the next couple of years he amassed a large following and has had his balloon art featured in Forever 21 and with the Philadelphia 76ers. Brian has also just dropped his own merchandise in the past month and is a great inspiration for other entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs! Timecodes: 2:08 | Brian’s first balloons and his business’s first years 3:07 | Collaboration with Forever 21 and the Philadelphia 76ers 6:05 | Creating an LLC and obtaining other business documents 8:00 | Why he doesn’t promote Entrepreneurship and creating structure 10:00 | Helping with his dad’s business and how he first tried balloon art 13:03 | Service in Haiti 15:40 | Getting found on social media and the importance of client relationships 17:16 | What’s next for The Baby Bear Brand, LLC 19:26 | Entrepreneurial Inspiration of the Week Social: Business Instagram: @Briantheballoonartist Twitter and Instagram: @ggotitdone Website: Getitgotitdone.com
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  • Episode 3: JAcK'D UP | Two Friends Create Thriving Promotions Company With Over 20 Shows

    1 DIC. 2019 · In this episode I speak with Jennifer Kash and Jane Kardotzke of Jack’D Up, a promotions house here in Athens, Ohio. These two entrepreneurs do everything from finding artists for the lineup to contacting venues, promoting it, making sure they are within bounds legally, setting up the show the day of, cleaning up afterwards, and everything in between. A lot of people think you shouldn’t go into business with your best friend, but with 20 shows and counting these two prove that wrong. Timecodes: 1:53 | Background information on Jennifer and Jane 7:18 | Running a promotions company and JAcK’D UP’s beginnings 12:20 | Realities of going into business with a friend 16:15 | Grant writing 18:00 | Jennifer’s favorite show: Diverse band lineup on top of parking garage 23:18 | Jane’s favorite show #1: First time they had crowd-surfing at a show, The Emperor’s New Chaz, Judge Russo, and Motel Stories 24:26 | Jane’s favorite show #2: Electric Beach backyard show, almost shut down by police 26:04 | Jane’s favorite show #3 and #4: Huge crowd and fostering community 28:40 | Advice for working in the concert and show spaces 32:59 | Entrepreneurial Inspiration of the week Social: Business Instagram: @Jackdupcollective Twitter and Instagram: @ggotitdone Website: Getitgotitdone.com
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  • Episode 2: CannaGo | Atlanta Entrepreneurs Develop Innovative CBD Delivery Service App

    17 NOV. 2019 · In this episode we meet with Victor Nwadike, Kevin Tolliver, and Matthew Gaffney of Cannago. Cannago is a CBD delivery service app in development that will bring CBD right to your doorstep. Across the U.S., CBD and other Cannabis products have been in and out of the news as Congress struggles with their legality. We discuss specific problems they’ve had as a startup in the CBD industry and the ins and outs of what is important for any budding entrepreneur to know. Timecodes: 1:58 | Victor, Kevin, and Matthew’s roles and Cannago’s beginnings 7:50 | Building a dependable team 11:05 | Navigating restrictions while marketing cannabis 13:25 | Things to keep in mind when founding and financing a company 17:12 | Impactful goal setting 21:15 | The thought process of an entrepreneur 22:46 | Networking and never being the smartest person in the room 25:41 | Advice to entrepreneurs of color 28:50 | Investing in your community 30:30 | Being the biggest believer in your idea (but not too in love) Social: Business Instagram and Twitter: @CannaGoApp Business Website: www.trycannago.com Instagram and Twitter: @ggotitdone
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  • Episode 1: Kay's Nade | Ohio Entrepreneur's Pop Up Shop Success & Homemade Lemonade

    10 NOV. 2019 · In this episode I speak with Kaylah Danielle of Kay’s Nade from Cincinnati Ohio. Kaylah started this company while at Ohio University. She went from making a few jars to seeing her orders double, and then triple. We learn about Kaylah’s life growing up, how she came up with her recipe, her Pop Up Shop success (stayed up 24 hours to make 300 Jars!), how easy (and relatively cheap) it was for her to obtain licenses, and how she manages being a student Entrepreneur. Timecodes: 0:00 | Kaylah’s life growing up and internship experiences 6:28 | Kay’s Nade and It’s beginnings 12:43 | Pop up shop 20:55 | Impact of “clout” on a business and promotion 23:14 | Managing being a student and an entrepreneur 26:50 | Why she’ll never do a traditional Lemonade Stand 28:57 | Doing taxes and managing receipts 30:22 | Advice 32:37 | Entrepreneurial inspiration of the week Social: Business Instagram: @kays_nade Personal Instagram: @kays_dynasty Twitter and Instagram: @ggotitdone Acronyms: BSCC: Black Student Communication Caucus OU: Ohio University BAR: Black Alumni Reunion
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The Podcast for entrepreneurs that want to GET It done by learning from those who GOT It done. We’ll hear personal stories from young entrepreneurs across the country who got...

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The Podcast for entrepreneurs that want to GET It done by learning from those who GOT It done. We’ll hear personal stories from young entrepreneurs across the country who got their concept off of paper and into reality. What's your "It"?
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