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Get Out of Wrap - Contact Centre Chat

  • #95 Erica Farmer of Quantum Rise Talent Group chats about digital learning

    18 FEB. 2022 · Erica is the co-founder of Quantum Rise Talent Group and is a subject matter expert in L&D - we talk about Erica's career and the birth of Quantum Rise at the start of the pandemic and how progressive L&D practitioners embracing digital techniques have delivered exceptional results - Erica talks passionately about the industry, values and much more.
    34m 42s
  • #94 Lynsay McEwen - Head of Hosted Platforms at Sabio talks about Women in Tech

    11 FEB. 2022 · Lynsay McEwen - Head of Hosted Platforms at Sabio talks about Women in Tech and specifically in the contact centre technology / software environment. Lynsay shares her experiences and talks about why she is so passionate about leading the way for young women to get into technology and is very active in making this happen. An inspiring chat !
    1h 1m 41s
  • #93 John Devlin of Ascensos talks BPO Outsourcing market & why we need to sell our industry better

    9 FEB. 2022 · John has been on the podcast before in the first year and he is always a great guest, great views and insights on the industry and in this episode talks about Ascensos's expansion into South Africa and Turkey. We also talk about how we need to do a better PR job for our industry and also chat football !
    51m 56s
  • #92 James Hughes - Group Head of Solutions at Sabio talks Agent Mental Health & Wellbeing

    2 FEB. 2022 · James Hughes talks about one of his passions and that's for ensuring technology supports Agent mental health & wellbeing. We chat about Sabio's positioning here and also trends in the industry around attrition , absence and what other kpi's are important indicators when it comes to agent wellbeing. We also talk about James other passion - can you guess what it is ?
    56m 11s
  • #91 Chris de Souza of CGI on building great teams and thoughts on the future.

    28 ENE. 2022 · How did Chris empower the team on the Boris Bikes scheme ? What are the key things you must do to build great team spirit and what does Chris think about the future of our industry. We cover these and much more talking to industry expert Chris de Souza .
    52m 6s
  • #90 Jonathan Gale CEO of Sabio kicks off a series looking behind the scenes at Sabio

    21 ENE. 2022 · Episode #90 of Get out of Wrap is the kick off episode for a series of behind the scenes look at some exciting stuff going on at Sabio - and who better to give us that first look than the CEO Jonathan Gale. We of course chat about Jonathan’s career and there is a fascinating insight into the inception of Sabio and the birth of this important company in our industry. We get to hear about the convergence of the contact centre, CX and CRM, what does this mean and for who ? In a wide ranging insightful and entertaining chat Jonathan also talks about our industry, innovation, where Sabio have come from and where they are going. The first of what looks to be a really interesting series of chats.
    58m 5s
  • #89 Angella Hill-Wilson - role model, activist, industry subject matter expert & all round amazing human

    14 ENE. 2022 · From starting on the phones in Telemarketing to setting up Call Centres across Europe and running her own successful business Angella is a real role model. We talk about her journey and she shares great advice and insights. We also chatted about Angella's passion & activism for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and how her own experiences shaped that and how we can be allies. Angella is rightly considered a subject matter and lovely human and I am sure after listening you will think so too.
    41m 50s
  • #88 David Harrison - Director of Customer @ Atlanta Group

    18 DIC. 2021 · Whilst working at a fairground style stall at Alton Towers giving teddy bears away a bit too freely David Harrison discovered the magic of customer service. Hear this and the rest of David’s story as a slightly introverted young man was catapulted into positions he thought he wasn’t ready for, yet thrived. David has led teams to 7 awards and talks passionately about leaving behind the command & control culture prevalent in a lot of contact centres to ones of purpose driven & trusted teams. I loved talking to David and he shares tips and insight throughout - this is a must listen/watch for; - anyone who wants their teams bought into a business & brand in profound ways - people who might be slightly introverted or who have been anxious - Leaders who want to engage front line teams in CX & CI - People who want to learn what it takes to win some great awards David also talks about the leaders who have had an impact on his career, fruit pastilles and Stoke.
    58m 54s
  • #87 Sandrea Morgan

    3 DIC. 2021 · I am so lucky doing the podcast as I get to talk to brilliant people and Sandrea is one of those. Sandrea shares her inspirational personal story and journey into our world of contact centres and shares her tips and current cutting edge world at Depop. I loved talking to Sandrea about the topics she is passionate about and Sandrea celebrates and leverages difference and diversity within her teams to deliver excellence. A brilliant guest I know you will love listening to this episode.
    1h 39s
  • #86 Helping Team Leaders be better emotionally intelligent leaders with Chris Rainsforth

    1 DIC. 2021 · How do you become a more Emotionally Intelligent leader that leads with empathy ? In this episode myself and Chris discuss our experiences and offer some advice and tips.
    37m 38s

Published weekly this is a podcast for anyone interested in Call & Contact Centres - whilst UK based the best practice and tips shared apply to listeners all over the...

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Published weekly this is a podcast for anyone interested in Call & Contact Centres - whilst UK based the best practice and tips shared apply to listeners all over the world.

Come and listen to chats with Contact Centre Experts in all the disciplines we have in our vibrant, fun, creative and fast paced contact centres.

Hear how leaders have got to where they are now - gain from their experiences and insight.

Hosted by contact centre expert Martin Teasdale
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