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Get Rooted Radio with Erica Gifford-Mills

  • Hidden Potential - The Art and Science to Achieving Excellence

    3 JUN. 2024 · Join Erica Gifford Mills and her guest, Dr. Val Margarit, an esteemed educator, transformational coach, and mindfulness teacher, on an inspiring journey of self-discovery, self-empowerment and well-being. In this captivating podcast episode, Dr. Margarit shares the secrets of unlocking your hidden potential and achieving excellence, regardless of where you are in life right now.    Drawing from her extensive background in education, sociology, neuroscience, leadership, and mindfulness, Dr. Margarit explores the transformative power of building a growth mindset, fostering resilience, and living in alignment with your core values. She offers practical strategies for overcoming obstacles, setting meaningful goals, building confidence, and living holistically, with intention and purpose.    Discover how to thrive in today's rapidly changing world as Dr. Margarit reveals insights and actionable advice that will leave you inspired and motivated to pursue your dreams fearlessly. Whether you're a student, educator, aspiring leader, or anyone who's eager to make positive changes in their life, don't miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey!
    59m 5s
  • Honor Your Instincts, Increase Your Intuition, and Quiet Your Inner Critic!

    20 MAY. 2024 · Feminine intuition can be a woman’s greatest superpower; but not if she ignores it!  Join Erica Gifford Mills and her guest, Lisa Gillette, as they discuss science-based approach to increase intuition, access natural instinct, and quiet the inner critic, so you can rise and thrive!
    45m 40s
  • Let The Next Leaders Lead

    6 MAY. 2024 · For us, older and wiser leaders, we must think about developing the next generations of leaders more as a right to passage and ours to do. We must also think about our responsibility to those coming after us and the longevity of our organizations…our world.   Join Erica Gifford Mills and her guest, Dr. Sheila Trapp, as they talk about letting the next leaders lead.  Remember, we must get the next set of leaders ready to take our place in organizations because we need them to take us to another level. We must let them in and let them lead.
    56m 52s
  • 3 Practical Tools for a Healthy & Abundant Life

    15 ABR. 2024 · Are you choosing to create a healthy, happy and abundant life? Join Erica Gifford Mills and her guest, Sherry Anshara, as they discuss three practical tools to get you there!
    55m 5s
  • Why are you sitting around waiting? What are you waiting for?

    1 ABR. 2024 · From time to time, we all find ourselves feeling a bit discombobulated and at times we really don’t know what triggered this feeling. It’s ok to feel this way, really it is. We can't be superwoman every day. This is life…there will be off days as well as perfect days. What we must understand is that it is ok to not feel happy and jovial all the time so long as we don’t allow this feeling to linger too long.   Join Erica Gifford Mills and her guest, Dee Burrell, as they discuss letting go, overcoming obstacles, starting over with a new beginning, and believing in yourself.
    53m 33s
  • The Journey from Anxiety to Peace and How Meditation can Help

    18 MAR. 2024 · In this episode, join Erica Gifford Mills and her guest, Jean Walters, as they discuss practical steps to handle fear, embrace struggle, and eliminate worry to become happy and free. They will also discuss what meditation is, how it can help and why it is important.   Join the journey from anxiety to peace!
    56m 46s
  • Embarking on the Transformative Journey of Self-Love

    19 FEB. 2024 · February is the month of love. But we should love ourselves each and every day!   Join Erica Gifford Mills and her guest, Dr. Donna Lindsay, as they lead listeners to reflect on the thought processes we have been entertaining and the heart issues and attitudes we have been avoiding that have hindered our self-love journey.     This time of reflection will be instrumental in improving self-esteem and self-confidence and allowing all of us to gain a greater understanding of ourselves.  This greater understanding will lead to an overall improvement in our relationship with self and others as we learn how to love unconditionally and unapologetically.
    51m 49s
  • Assertiveness and Boundary Setting

    5 FEB. 2024 · Learn how to harness the power of assertiveness to build and maintain healthier, safer relationships, both personally and professionally. Join Erica Gifford Mills and her guest, Cara Tuttle Bell, as they discuss the potential and limits of boundary-setting, how assertiveness differs from aggressive and passive-aggressive behavior, and the benefits of incorporating assertive communication into our daily lives.
    56m 11s
  • Bring Your Full Power into 2024

    15 ENE. 2024 · As we enter into the new year, we must bring our entire self. Join Erica Gifford Mills and her guest, Dr. Diane Garrison, as they discuss setting intentions, goals, balance and self care, building confidence to gain clarity and tools to pull it all together.   Enter the new year in your FULL POWER.   Watch Here: https://youtu.be/PFk5j9PNlo8  
    49m 54s
  • Looking back to look ahead!

    1 ENE. 2024 · The saying goes don't look behind you, you aren't going that way. However, sometimes, you need to look in that rearview mirror to see what went wrong and what went right to keep moving forward.   Join Erica Gifford Mills on this January 1, 2024 episode as she discusses how looking back can help you look ahead. She will discuss the advantages of setting goals, how to set goals and become a GOAL digger in 2024.
    59m 28s

Are you ready to branch out? To take a leap of faith? To love yourself and others fully? then… Let go of whatever no longer serves you to take action...

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Are you ready to branch out? To take a leap of faith? To love yourself and others fully? then… Let go of whatever no longer serves you to take action now on, Get Rooted Radio with Erica Gifford Mills Living It Up – Loving It Up – Letting It Go! Erica will energize and excite you to power up your passionate dream that sets your soul on fire! With Erica’s e3 approach: equipping, empowering and enlightening yourself so you can be yourself, for yourself! Get ready and get rooted to live life wit ...

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