• Student Voices in Charter School Advocacy

    13 MAY. 2024 · Raise Your Voice! That’s the theme for the 2024 National Charter Schools Week celebration (NCSW). The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools is thrilled to uplift the voices fighting for more students across the nation to have access to a high-quality public school education. During NCSW, the National Alliance honored seven changemakers who’ve gone the extra mile to meet the needs of students, families, and their communities. One of our changemakers, Daniyal Hussain, who is a senior at Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School in New Mexico joined the podcast to share how he used his voice to create positive change. Episode Takeaways: - National Charter Schools Week is an annual event to celebrate charter schools and the contributions to public education. - Student voice is vital to a school’s environment and encourages students to take ownership of their learning and impact their communities. - The 2024 National Charter School Changemakers have played a critical role in driving positive change to meet the unique needs of students in public education. Quotes "Education reform advocacy is vital for daily life and can inspire students to pursue passions and careers in civic education." - Daniyal Hussain "STEAM teaches teamwork, communication, resilience, and learning from failures." - Daniyal Hussain Featured in the Episode Daniyal Hussain Senior at Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School in New Mexico LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daniyal-hussain/ Chapters 00:00 - Introduction 02:25 - Faculty support and opportunities in education 05:08 - The Impact of Student Advocacy 07:20 - Advocating for community and education 10:23 - Importance of Securing IB Test Funding 11:36 - Advocacy club seeks STEAM network funding 14:05 - Funding needs for civic education program 15:36 - Nurturing Constitutional Understanding 17:37 - Future plans: University of New Mexico and advocacy 18:44 - Outro
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  • Charter Schools Knock It Out of the Park: Parents Want Public School Options

    11 DIC. 2023 · More than 300,000 students were enrolled in charter schools beginning from the 2019-2020 school year up to the 2022-2023 school year—a nine percent increase. In December of 2023, the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools released a new report: Believing in Public Education: A Demographic and State-level Analysis of Public Charter School and District Public School Enrollment Trends. The co-author of the report and senior director of policy, research, and evaluation at the National Alliance joined the podcast to discuss the findings. Episode Takeaways: - Charter school enrollment continues to grow—a nine percent increase between 2019-2020 school year up to the 2022-2023 school year. - Charter School student enrollment growth outpaced state population trends. - Parents want public school options. - Enrollment Trends: Analyzing Growth and Decline - Factors Driving Charter School Enrollment - Demographic Shifts in Charter School Enrollment - Connection between Enrollment and Population Changes Quotes "The pandemic has shown that every sector must prove itself and deliver the best for our children." - Drew Jacobs "Let's envision and pursue the essential evolution of education together as a united community in the education realm."- Drew Jacobs Featured in the Episode Drew Jacobs Senior Director Of Policy, Research, And Evaluation At The National Alliance For Public Charter Schools Website: https://publiccharters.org/members/drew-jacobs/ Chapters 00:00 - Introduction 01:18 - Empowering Students and Families: Tracking Enrollment Choices 06:12 - Resetting the Landscape: Declining District Enrollment, Growing Charters 09:28 - Accountability and Autonomy: The Promise of Charter Schools 12:22 - Intensity Variations and Surpassing Expectations in Hispanic Student Growth 14:30 - Unraveling COVID's Impact: Population Shifts and Relocation from Major Cities 18:04 - Dominating Enrollment Trends: The Rise of Hispanic Students in Charter Schools 20:23 - Charter Schools Leading the Way in Filling Learning Gaps 21:14 - Seizing Opportunities: Excellence and Innovation in Charter Schools 22:02 - Core to Our Sector: Embracing Innovation in Every Aspect 24:31 - Delivering for Kids: Highlighting the Importance Revealed during the Pandemic 25:45 - Conclusion Produced by Heartcast Media https://www.heartcastmedia.com
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  • Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month feat. Dr. Narciso Garcia

    6 OCT. 2023 · A purpose in life and a reason for learning, those are the core values at Vanguard Academy. The public charter school serves grades PreK-3 through 12 across three cities in Texas. The superintendent of schools, Dr. Narciso Garcia, joined the Get Schooled on Public Education Podcast to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. Dr. Garcia discussed his passion for education and the ways his background and experiences as a leader of color impacts the students and communities they serve in an interview conducted by the National Alliance for Public Charter School’s senior manager of government relations, Marlon Greatrex. Key Takeaways: - Public charter schools across the country serve 1.3 million Hispanic and Latino students and their families. - 40% of Hispanic parents in the U.S. strongly agree they want public school options for their children (https://publiccharters.org/newsroom/publications/never-going-back-an-analysis-of-parent-sentiment-on-education-2/). - Charter Schools help families, including those from marginalized communities, gain access to a high quality public education
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  • Something Has to Change: Insights from New Teacher Survey

    22 AGO. 2023 · The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools commissioned the Harris Poll to conduct a national survey of public school teachers to gain insight on their experiences, thoughts, and motivations for staying or leaving the classroom. Both charter and district teachers shared their reality in the classroom—and the majority of educators agree, something needs to change in order to recruit and retain teachers. The National Alliance’s senior vice president of communications and marketing, Debbie Veney, the senior advisor for school support, George Parker, and Rebecca Purser the research manager at Harris Poll joined the Get Schooled on Public Education podcast to discuss the findings. Episode Takeaways: - Teachers feel that something needs to change in public education in order to retain and recruit educators - Teachers want their voices to be heard and valued by those who can take action on their feedback - Many charter school teachers say they are as or more motivated than when they initially entered the profession https://www.publiccharters.org/our-work/publications/listen-to-your-teacher Featured in the Episode George Parker Senior Advisor for School Support Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/george-parker-3b518033/ Rebecca Purser Research Manager at Harris Poll Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rebecca-purser1/ Debbie Veney The National Alliance’s Senior Vice President of communications and marketing Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/debbie-veney-8969a93/ Quotes “Quality teaching and learning rely on this foundation. Without it, education's quality suffers."- George Parker "In the face of challenges, teachers are embracing adaptation to provide an enriching educational journey that complies with the law."- Debbie Veney "Driven by a passion to make a difference in children's lives, teachers find their strength tested by the school environment, which can either uplift or challenge their commitment to this noble profession."-Rebecca Purser Chapters 00:06 - Introduction 02:53 - Exploring Insights from a US District and Charter Teacher Survey 04:01 - Navigating Data Complexity: Unveiling Key Insights in Education 06:20 - Fostering Teacher Respect, Support, and Effective Discipline Solutions 08:12 - Addressing the Core Issue: Prioritizing Student Behavior Solutions 11:24 - Unveiling the Numbers: Teachers' Perspective on Cultural Shifts 13:28 - Nurturing and Sustaining Teacher Motivation Over Time 16:10 - Unveiling the Passion and Values of Charter School Educators 18:07 - Autonomy and Innovation: Catalysts for Teacher Motivation 19:26 - Agility and Efficient Policy Implementation in Charter School Settings 22:11 - The Unique Teacher Experience Offered by Charter Schools 23:32 - Conclusion Produced by Heartcast Media https://www.heartcastmedia.com
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  • Are Charter Schools Public Schools? Spoiler Alert: Yes

    18 JUL. 2023 · Charter Schools are free, public, and open to all. These unique public schools are independently-operated under a contract with a charter school authorizer. Examples of authorizers include, non-profit organizations, government agencies, and/or universities. Charter school authorizers hold schools accountable based on the standards outlined in their “charter.” The public charter school model gives educators the autonomy to design classrooms focused on students’ needs. In this episode, David Griffith, Associate Director of Research at the Thomas B. Fordham discussed common misconceptions around charter schools. Guest David Griffith Associate Director of Research at the Thomas B. Fordham https://fordhaminstitute.org/national/research/think-again-do-charter-schools-drain-resources-traditional-public-schools Episode Takeaways: - Charter schools are free, public, and open to all. - Research indicates parents want high-quality public-school options. - Charter schools are held accountable. - Charter schools are fundamental to the composition of the public education system. Quotes “We want a safe place with passionate educators and a supportive community." - David Griffith "No single source has all the answers, but combining information with personal site visits is key."- David Griffith "Parental choice is crucial. If the current environment isn't working, find a better fit for your child."- David Griffith Chapters 00:06 – Introduction 01:05 - From Promising to Scalable Solutions for Achievement Gaps 02:40 - Bridging the Knowledge Gap for Average Americans 04:59 - Understanding the Impact of Charter Schools on Traditional Public Schools 08:51 - Driving Educational Progress through Charter Schools 10:14 - Fostering Excellence through Healthy Educational Competition 11:44 - Parental Choice and Regulatory Oversight 14:56 - Challenges Faced by Charter Schools in an Era of Polarization 16:11 - Empowering Change through Education and Advocacy 17:31 - The Importance of Like-Minded Families in Our School Search 19:14 - Balancing Data and Personal Experiences in School Selection 20:35 - Conclusion
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  • Creating A Sense of Belonging for Refugee and Immigrant Students

    29 JUN. 2023 · Many refugee students and families face a unique set of challenges, including but not limited to, cultural differences, language barriers, a lack of resources, discrimination, feelings of displacement, and trauma. Luma Mufleh is a refugee activist and founder of the nonprofit, Fugees Family. She opened two schools, Fugees Academy in Ohio and Georgia, dedicated to supporting refugee students and families. Luma is the author of Learning America: One Woman's Fight for Educational Justice for Refugee Children and her most recent memoir, From Here. In this episode of Get Schooled on Public Education, Luma discusses her experience as an immigrant, her advocacy journey, and how her charter school helps to resettle families to ensure students feel safe and grounded. Key Takeaways: - Refugee and immigrant students have different needs—one size will not fit all. - Try placing yourself in the shoes of an immigrant or refugee student when making decisions/polices that impact them - Consider realistic timelines for student learning and growth based on their individual needs Featured in the Episode Luma Mufleh Refugee Activist and Founder of Fugees Family Linkedin:https://www.linkedin.com/in/salome-thomas-el-ed-d-8789526/https://www.linkedin.com/in/lumamufleh/ Quotes “It's pretty powerful when you know you've got a community that's got your back when you're struggling, when you're failing, and when you're succeeding.” - Luma Mufleh "My focus is advocating and fighting for their best interests, disregarding the comfort of others."- Luma Mufleh Chapters 00:00 Introduction 01:01 A Journey of Schools, Soccer, and Education 03:10 Prioritizing Deserving Students Over Personal Interests 05:10 Immigrant Student's Success with Community Support 06:00 Empowering Students to Overcome Adversity 07:24 Embracing Activism and Overcoming Challenges 08:38 Breaking Barriers: Policies Affecting Refugee & Immigrant Students 09:56 Conclusion
    10m 43s
  • Strategies for Teacher Retention

    29 JUN. 2023 · We are facing a nationwide teacher shortage. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 45% of all public schools had at least one teacher vacancy as of October 2022. In May of 2023, the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools commissioned a national survey of 1,211 public school teachers to learn more about their experience in the classroom and reasons they may want to stay or leave the profession. Both charter and district school teachers participated in the survey. Among initial key findings from the poll, data suggest public school teachers—in both district and charter public schools—are more concerned about student behavior and discipline issues than they are about pay. Another near-universal point of agreement: the politicization of education is not playing well in the classroom. Ninety percent of teachers agreed they are caught in the crossfire of a culture war, while they just want to teach. There is also a stark contrast in the experiences of district and charter school teachers, with respect to job satisfaction and the motivation to remain in the classroom over time. Dr. Salome Thomas-EL is an award-winning principal, best-selling author, and current head of school at Thomas Edison Public Charter School in Wilmington, Delaware. Principal EL discussed his experience, motivation, and strategies for teacher retention. Key Takeaways: - Consider integrating HUB to improve school culture—teachers and students want to be Heard, Understood, and feel a sense of Belonging. - Schedule time to listen to teachers and be intentional with next steps - Support teachers’ efforts to build relationships with students - Identify ways to protect teachers’ time Featured in the Episode Dr. Salome Thomas-EL Head of School at Thomas Edison Public Charter School in Wilmington, Delaware Linkedin:https://www.linkedin.com/in/salome-thomas-el-ed-d-8789526/ Quotes “In challenging times (in education), the bravest act is choosing to stay.”- Dr. Salome Thomas-EL "Our students thrive on the love and support they receive from both our teachers and the community. It means a lot to know we have support from others." - Dr. Salome Thomas-EL Chapters 00:13 Introduction 01:23 Supporting Students Through Management Struggles 02:45 Inspiring Change: Making a Difference in Education 04:49 Supporting and Compensating Teachers. 07:03 Building Bridges: Connecting Teachers for Support and Growth 08:53 Preparing Teachers for Management and Family Engagement. 11:04 Nurturing Creativity in Charter School Environments 12:47 Motivating Educators through Co-authored Books. 15:50 Finding Inspiration in Challenging Times as a Teacher. 17:26 Fostering Collaboration in the Charter Community 18:37 Conclusion
    19m 24s
  • Teacher Voice: Solutions from Changemakers in Public Education

    15 MAY. 2023 · Teachers from all over the nation gathered on Capitol Hill in May of 2023 to celebrate their impact in education and exchange ideas on how to strengthen the teaching profession. During National Charters Schools Week, the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools presented seven changemaker awards for teachers who’ve gone above and beyond to shape the lives of students. They participated in a panel moderated by the National Alliance’s senior advisor for school support, George Parker. Hear directly from teachers on how they stay motivated, their experience teaching in a charter school, and ways school leaders can attract more teachers to the profession. For questions, comments, or episode ideas, email mailto:podcast@publiccharters.org. Takeaways: - Teacher voice is critical to providing students with a high-quality public education. - Invest in your teachers to ensure they feel seen, heard, and valued. - Increase teacher salaries. - Ensure teachers have the tools and resources to serve students. - Include teachers in conversations and in decision-making. Panel Moderator: George Parker, senior advisor, school support, National Alliance for Public Charter Schools National Alliance 2023 Changemakers and Panelists: Andrea Thomas, Dream Diné Charter School in Shiprock, NM Tiffany Ortego, One City Preschool in Madison, WI Cielo Acosta, SLAM! Miami in Miami, FL David Singer, University Prep in Denver, CO Nathaniel Dunn III, i3 Academy in Birmingham, AL Dr. Alissa Russell, Life High School Oak Cliff in Dallas, TX Coach Jermar Rountree, Center City Public Charter - Brightwood Campus in Washington, DC Quotes “By nurturing the confidence of educators and offering platforms for networking and personal growth, we can empower them to become influential role models who inspire their students.- Andrea Thomas "We are a group of educators with unwavering grit, committed to showing up every day and persevering in our mission."- David Singer "I aim to cultivate resilience and a growth mindset in my students, empowering them to learn from mistakes and emerge stronger." – Jermar Rountree "To retain quality educators, we need autonomy, validation, and respect. By involving us in important discussions, you create an environment that supports our best work.- Tiffany Ortego “Empowering our students with advocacy skills can create a significant impact. Let's prioritize advocacy education”.- Dr. Alissa Russell "Uplift your children with problem-solving strategies, but remember that guidance is essential. Show them the way to independence” - Nathaniel Dunn III Chapters 00:00 Introduction 04:50 The Motivation Behind Teaching at Slam 05:53 Charter Schools: Solving the Math Problem 15:25 Teaching on Navajo Nation: Embracing Diversity 19:40 Elevating the Teaching Profession: Expanding Talent Pool 27:00 Fostering Respect and Communication Among Students 33:14 Investing in Educators for Success 40:53 Community, Safety, and Learning Skills for Students 47:29 Teaching Resilience and Embracing Failure 51:59 Creating Safe Spaces for Teachers 54:38 Mental Health Partnerships for Educators 1:05:36 Knowledge Sharing to Enhance Education 1:10:20 Grit and Perseverance: The Keys to Success 1:12:07 Outro
    1h 12m 53s
  • How Charter Schools Support Students with Special Needs

    14 ABR. 2023 · Nearly 1 in 36 children in the U.S. have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) according to the CDC. The National Institute of Mental health defines ASD as a neurological and developmental disorder that affects how people interact with others, communicate, learn, and behave. Arizona Autism Charter School (AZACS) is the first and only public charter school in Arizona focused on meeting the individualized educational needs of K-12 students with autism. Hear from the founder and Executive Director of Arizona Autism Charter Schools on how this school is serving students with unique needs. Takeaways - Learn how Diana’s personal experience inspired her to open a school dedicated to serving students with unique abilities. - Hear how Arizona Autism Charter School provides an optimal learning environment for students with special needs. - For parents who may have children with special needs, remain encouraged and do not give up on finding the best fit school where your scholar can be themselves and thrive. Featured Guest Diana Diaz-Harrison Founder & Executive Director, Arizona Autism Charter Schools https://www.linkedin.com/in/diana-diaz-harrison-b68855116/ https://www.autismcharter.org/
    17m 23s
  • Celebrating Women in Education with Nina Rees

    8 MAR. 2023 · The president and CEO of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools joined the Get Schooled on Publication Education podcast to celebrate Women’s History Month. Nina shared her personal journey into education advocacy starting out as a staffer on Capitol Hill a little more than 30 years ago. Today, Nina runs a national nonprofit dedicated to strengthening and increasing student access to high quality public schools. During the conversation, Nina also discussed what it was like to immigrate to the U.S. from Iran as a child, where her passion stems from, and several women who inspired her along the way. Takeaways Nina Rees’ educational journey and what leads her to be a leader and helping other women Explaining some factors on why chartered schools are in high demand Sharing amazing and memorable stories in regards with chartered schoolsCelebrating the major victories against the Department of Education Harmful Proposal to Chartered Schools Quotes Fight for the things that you care about, but do it in a way that will lead others to join you - Ruth Bader Ginsburg Connect deeply with others. Our humanity is the one thing that we will have in common. - Melinda Gates Featured Guest Nina Rees President & CEO, National Alliance for Public Charted Schools https://www.linkedin.com/in/nina-rees-76911111 https://www.publiccharters.org Chapters 00:00 Introduction 01:34 Nina’s role and helping women 05:22 Her educational journey 08:18 Inspiring and amazing women 10:32 Causes for charter school demand 13:26 Some memorable stories 17:14 Celebrating major wins 20:53 Advice to listeners who aspire leadership roles 23:13 Conclusion Produced by Heartcast Media http://www.heartcastmedia.com
    23m 44s

Did you know charter schools are always public schools? And that there is a national organization of public education experts dedicated to advocating for students to have access to high-quality...

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Did you know charter schools are always public schools? And that there is a national organization of public education experts dedicated to advocating for students to have access to high-quality public education nationwide? The National Alliance for Public Charter Schools invites you to Get Schooled on Public Education. I’ll be your host; my name is Brittnee Baker. I am the manager of Marketing and Communications at the National Alliance. We will cover topics such as funding, curriculum, teacher development, student learning needs, parental demand, and more and give you deep dives and diverse perspectives on the challenges and opportunities our nation faces as we seek to deliver on the promise of a free, high-quality public education for all. Subscribe today.
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