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Getting Personal with Plant Medicine

  • From Prescription Pills to Plant-Based Healing: Part One

    15 MAY. 2024 · This is part one of a two-part episode. Holly Hillyer of https://www.utokia.com/aboutus shares her transformative journey from relying on prescription pills to embracing plant-based healing through cannabis. Following a severe horse-riding accident that left her with nerve damage and an addiction to painkillers, Holly discovered the therapeutic benefits of cannabis edibles, which played a crucial role in her recovery. The episode delves into the evolution of her family's clandestine cannabis operation to a legal business in Oregon, detailing the challenges they faced amid changing state regulations and the shift from medical to recreational focus in the industry. Holly discusses the stigmatization of cannabis as a pain relief option, its complex history, and the pressing need for advocacy to improve access to this form of treatment. The conversation also touches on the potential benefits of other natural remedies like lion's mane mushrooms. The episode concludes with Holly's insights into the hemp industry and her aspirations for helping people manage various health conditions through natural alternatives.   This episode is sponsored by https://mitragaia.com/, a leading online kratom supplier. Use code Plantpod for 10% your next purchase. Edited and produced by Your Highness Media. 
    41m 19s
  • Series: Talking to Kids About Substance Education and Prohibition

    30 ABR. 2024 · In this episode, Diana is joined by Mallory O'Connor of Normal Moms Club, who discusses strategies for engaging in honest conversations with children about drugs. She shares insights on how to provide age-appropriate education and emphasizes the need for knowledge over fear or misinformation. Diana and Mallory also talk about the shift from programs like DARE, the importance of transparency regarding cannabis use, and personal experiences with educating kids about Narcan and opiates. They also touch upon the historical context of "Reefer Madness" and its relevance today. The episode concludes with a mention of the Normal Moms Club, a community that offers support to mothers on these topics.  This episode is sponsored by https://mitragaia.com/, a leading online kratom supplier. Use code Plantpod for 10% your next purchase. Edited and produced by Your Highness Media. 
    21m 3s
  • Rooted in Tradition: The Synergy of Herbal Healing and Mythology

    10 ABR. 2024 · https://www.seraphinacapranos.com/ a registered homeopath and herbalist, joins Diana to talk about the world of plant medicine and the interplay with mythology. Seraphina shares her personal journey and the deep roots of herbal healing in human tradition. She also discusses the benefits of specific herbs like black cohosh and motherwort, providing insights into their healing properties. The episode further introduces Serafina's program https://www.centerforsacredarts.com/a-feminine-path-home-8-week-program," co-created with Dr. Carly DeNoon, which combines ancient myths with modern science for women's holistic healing. Additionally, the "Alchemy of Herbal Medicine" is highlighted as a self-paced program for aspiring herbalists. Seraphina and Diana discuss the importance of focusing on a few herbs deeply rather than many superficially and the transformative nature of engaging with herbal wisdom. The episode encourages listeners to explore the offerings on Serafina's website for a journey into herbalism.(00:23) Exploring Plant Medicine and Herbal Healing(11:21) Exploring Herbalism and Mythology for Healing(21:06) Herbal Medicine Program Offerings  This episode is sponsored by https://mitragaia.com/, a leading online kratom supplier. Use code Plantpod for 10% your next purchase. Edited and produced by Your Highness Media. 
    22m 19s
  • Series: Talking to Kids About CBD

    20 MAR. 2024 · In the latest episode in our series: Talking to Kids, Diana sits down with Sysamone from https://www.savanhwellness.com/ and her daughter Riley to discuss the complexities of talking to children about CBD. As CBD becomes more mainstream, there is an increased need for clear and informed conversations with children. Sysamone brings her unique perspective as both a parent and a professional in the CBD industry to offer insights into how to differentiate between CBD and THC, as well as hemp-derived and marijuana-derived products. And Riley brings a younger perspective about how CBD is discussed with kids. Throughout the episode, the focus is placed on the importance of education, open dialogue, and setting boundaries within the household to create a safe space for children to ask questions and learn about CBD.  
    23m 14s
  • Minisode: The Versatility of Vervain

    14 MAR. 2024 · In our latest minisode, we're shining a spotlight on the multifaceted herb vervain. Known for its popularity in witchcraft and metaphysics, vervain's friendly nature sets it apart from its more volatile botanical counterparts. Discover the myriad of ways this powerful plant is used in magical rituals, from creating love potions to turning bad luck into the best luck, and even transforming foes into friends.  Whether it's soothing digestive troubles, easing nervous tension, or mitigating symptoms of chronic illnesses, this versatile herb has a remedy for many health concerns. https://mitragaia.com/
    3m 57s
  • From Addiction to Advocacy: Peter Perkins’ Journey to Recovery and the Quest for Kratom Legitimization

    6 MAR. 2024 · In this revealing episode, Peter Perkins, CEO of Golden Grove, shares his personal battle with substance abuse disorder and his path to recovery. Perkins discusses his previous addictions to substances like cocaine, alcohol, and opiates, and how pharmaceutical aids such as Suboxone and naltrexone, along with the support of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), played a role in his journey towards sobriety.Perkins’ narrative takes an interesting turn with his introduction to kratom, spurred by a friend’s success in using the herb to manage chronic pain and opioid dependency. This leads to a broader conversation on kratom’s place in the treatment of substance abuse disorders. Perkins speaks on his own use of kratom and his active participation in advocacy efforts, highlighting his work on the American Kratom Protection Act aimed at legalizing the substance.He shares his personal insights on kratom, comparing its effects to the mild stimulation of caffeine or the relaxing qualities of wine, yet without the associated intoxication or cravings. While he notes the importance of responsible kratom use and the risks of combining it with other substances, he emphasizes the potential benefits when used appropriately.In the episode, Perkins addresses the controversies surrounding kratom use, advocating for a harm reduction approach and recognizing the uniqueness of each individual’s recovery process. He echoes Dr. Peter Grinspoon’s perspective on the shortcomings of a one-size-fits-all, abstinence-only approach to recovery.Perkins also takes pride in his contribution to the kratom community by creating a kratom-infused beverage, containing 35 milligrams of mitragynine along with ingredients like lion’s mane mushroom and L-theanine, designed to cater to those looking for either mental focus or relaxation. He ensures listeners of the product’s safety and adaptability to different users’ needs.The episode wraps up with Perkins expressing gratitude, reiterating his commitment to ethical practices in his industry, and encouraging the audience to support the podcast through engagement and by subscribing to the newsletter.
    25m 15s
  • From Addiction to Advocacy: Peter Perkins’ Journey to Recovery and the Quest for Kratom Legitimization

    5 MAR. 2024 · (00:24) Personal Journey With Plant Medicine(07:15) Benefits and Proceeding with Caution (15:42) Innovative Kratom and Lion's Mane Beverage(24:26) Corporate Values and Integrity in Business(00:24) Personal Journey With Plant MedicinePeter Perkins, CEO of https://drinkgoldengrove.com/ joins Diana for an intimate conversation about his transformative experience with plant medicine. Peter candidly opens up about his past battles with substance abuse and how he found support in kratom, a natural aid that played a pivotal role in his recovery journey. They also discuss the critical efforts to ensure kratom's legality, emphasizing the significance of trust and safety in the realm of plant medicine products.The discussion shifts towards the larger conversation about substance use, recovery, and the various paths to achieving a better quality of life, challenging the traditional views on success and abstinence in the process of healing.
    25m 15s
  • The Clash of Child Custody and Cannabis Consumption

    19 FEB. 2024 · Join us for a candid discussion with https://maryjanemediaco.my.canva.site/ from the https://www.instagram.com/normalmomsclub/ as she shares her journey navigating the social and legal hurdles of being a cannabis-consuming mother. Mallory recounts the harrowing experience of losing custody of her child and the stark realities of varying cannabis laws across states. Our conversation extends to the essential topic of educating children about cannabis safety, contrasting public perceptions with the often-overlooked dangers of common household items.We also tackle the complexities parents face in normalizing cannabis use, especially in adult-use states. Mallory sheds light on the dissonance between Child Protective Services' official policies and the challenges real people face. Hear how the Normal Mom's Club offers support and guidance to parents, advocating for responsible education about cannabis and fostering a sense of community through open dialogue.(00:24) Navigating Public Perceptions of Cannabis(12:02) Challenges of Normalizing Cannabis Use(18:56) Advice for Cannabis Consuming Parents(22:48) Supporting Normal Mom's Club 
    23m 41s
  • Fur the Love of CBD: Healing Animals Through Plant Medicine

    31 ENE. 2024 · In this episode, Julianne Bryson and Diane Scott of https://treatibles.com/, share their personal experiences and expertise on the benefits of CBD for pet wellness. They delve into their company's journey from creating cannabis edibles for humans to pioneering CBD treatments specifically formulated for animals, emphasizing the remarkable improvements in pets with conditions like rheumatoid arthritis. The duo also discusses the science behind full-spectrum CBD and their dedication to educating pet owners about natural, healthful solutions for their furry companions.(05:51 - 07:32) CBD Benefits for Rescue Pets(09:26 - 11:05) Discovering True Dog Personalities(16:42 - 18:18) CBD Products for Cats and Dogs(21:10 - 22:21) Conflicting Dosage Labels for PetsUse code Yourhighness for 10% off TreatiblesUse code  Plantpod for 10% off Mitragaia 
    29m 27s
  • Series: Talking to Kids About Plant-Based Pathways to Menstrual Wellbeing

    16 ENE. 2024 · In the second episode of the "Talking to Kids" series, hosts Diana and Maggie delve into natural remedies and cyclical living for menstrual health, with guest expert Leslie Draffin. They share personal stories, debunk menstrual myths, and discuss how to empower young people to embrace their cycles with confidence, utilizing plant medicine and traditional wisdom.(03:36 - 05:10) Changing the Conversation(16:47 - 18:18) Teaching Children to Honor Femininity(21:32 - 23:39) Separating Menstrual Health From Sex EducationImportant links:https://www.lesliedraffin.com/https://beacons.ai/wilsonmaggiehttps://mitragaia.com/  (use code Plantpod for 10% off)https://www.thehealingroseco.com/ (use code Highness  for 15% off)
    25m 55s

Whether you're just starting to explore the potential of plants or are a seasoned alternative healing expert, our show invites you to unwind, learn, and discover the remarkable healing power...

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Whether you're just starting to explore the potential of plants or are a seasoned alternative healing expert, our show invites you to unwind, learn, and discover the remarkable healing power that nature's botanical treasures offer.
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