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    Episode 42 - Budokon GK Experience - Chapter 2 - Pride of Tribe

    23 ABR. 2024 · A little bit late, but here we have the second instalment of the Budokon Guru Killer Experience from 2022 where the ground rules are set, a discussion is had and the lay of the land is described. 
    1h 23m 7s
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    Episode 41 - Budokon GK Experience - Chapter 1 - Get me 2 Montana

    1 SEP. 2022 · And away we go! Buckle in for the first chapter in the Budokon Guru Killer Experience. We're still in London but we're getting all the way over to Whitefish, Montana via Portland, Oregon. We meander through a tough Livestream I did with Yasmin Ibrahim (this Shig doesn't cry...she did this time though!) which was the catalyst for this entire thing even getting to where it did. Mentioning the ever-inspiring Francis Bourgeois and his love for trains (Instagram.com/francis_bourgeois43) and finally getting my butt to the Budokon Big Sky Ranch. Finally, I expand upon what the Guru Killer 500-hour Teacher Training certification is, so you know just what I've signed up for the next month! Check for yourself: http://budokon.com/tt-description-bdk-500hr
    1h 8m 23s
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    Episode 40 - Budokon GK Experience - Prologue WTF is Budokon?

    17 AGO. 2022 · And Here. We. Go. Finally, we're diving into my Budokon Montana Guru Killer Experience. Condensing 30-days of consecutive opportunities to "practice living as the best version of myself" amidst a 20-plus strong tribe on The Shayne's ranch in Whitefish, Montana USA. Join me as I recall various experiences, discuss ideas and slice in some live audio from the experience over the next few episodes. Episode 1 is the prologue - WTF is Budokon, and how did I even reach a point of being so into it?! Jump on in, sun babies. Music from Tunetank.com Vislevski - Western Drive (Copyright Free Music) Download free: https://tunetank.com/t/7nfd/1673-western-drive
    36m 18s
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    Episode 39 - Oh Hello 2022

    10 AGO. 2022 · Oh Hello 2022...Life as per usual has been kicking my butt. But(t) I've been kicking it back! Get your ears hooked into this completely raw, somewhat unedited but entirely entertaining life update in all things Shiggi. It includes tasty morsels like levelling up in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, living the good life in Montana and what's next for this glorious little podcast.
    35m 52s
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    Episode 38 - The Blind Pursuit of Happinness (a self-employed story)

    24 MAY. 2021 · Happiness, it's the goal. Or so we're lead to believe. It's easy to live a life where you do your work, have a bit of fun and then you die (maybe you have a kid or two on the way) but what happens when you ask yourself what happiness means to you? When you've reached that "goal" what happens when you ask, "Now what?" - this is my story of exactly that.
    54m 43s
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    Episode 37 - Suicide Happened on a Monday (2 years on)

    6 MAY. 2021 · It's been 2 years since my mother's suicide and things are hitting kinda different this time. Is a whole year of lockdown partially to blame? Probably. Is Icarus doing his best to get some airtime? Absolutely.
    41m 17s
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    Episode 35 - Weaksauce + Due Diligence

    22 ABR. 2021 · The gremlins well and truly got stuck in with this one! Still - from the live stream (every Tuesday on my Facbook page/profile and YouTube channel at 10am UK time) we meander through the world of experiencing and living through "the suck". It's another brief flurry of martial arts hijinx then we settle into the March Metamorphosis challenge I got stuck into from the folks at Budokon. More about what they do is here: https://www.budokon.com
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    Episode 34 - The sum of your peers and the dangers within

    18 ABR. 2021 · Episode 34! This episode was inspired by a conversation with a new client. We love labels, it helps us interact with the world around us. But are we reaching a point now where they may well start doing more harm than good? Let's see what my squirrel brain has to offer...
    44m 52s
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    Episode 33 - When Knowledge Equals Death (PodFade)

    8 ABR. 2021 · When Knowledge equals Death. A bit drastic? Yes. But I learned about PodFade recently and expanded those thoughts to many other times in my life where being overwhelmed in one fashion or another meant stopping that activity. Are your hobbies turning into jobs and dying too? There are some ways to manage this, in this episode.
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    Episode 32 - The Dichotomy of Victimhood

    1 ABR. 2021 · It's not an April Fool's! Another episode is here for your listening pleasure. Weaving through the dicey terrain of Victimhood. Is it an either/or situation? Is it a both/and situation? How on earth do we navigate such nuance? Why did I make that comment about Robots on Mars. Help me.
    26m 36s
We only have one life to live, might as well give it a go. Shiggi presents musings, experiences and thoughts from her part of the world

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