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  • A Very Long Honeymoon

    29 SEP. 2022 · #128 - Whether you’re planning or dreaming of exploring the Pan American Highway or anywhere else for that matter; this episode is Perfect for You! A ton of great detail along with endless stories of Overland Travel from Baltimore Maryland to Peru. The extra cool thing is, this isn’t their first time doing a vehicle based, or overlanding trip. In 2015 they flew from Switzerland to the US, rented a Chevy Tahoe, traveling all over the US stopping to sleep in Walmart parking lots. Taking all the lessons learned from their US and even an Australia overland trip, they laid out a plan to return to the US tackling the Pan - AM. How they did it, all the lessons learned, experiences along the way and advice for you, is now live! This week's guests are on A Very Long Honeymoon overlanding through the Pan-AM in their converted High Top 2014 Troopy. Anouk (a business analyst) and Raphi (a construction supervisor) are super fun to chat with and learn from. Anouk also writes a detailed blog at: www.averylonghoneymoon.com / You can also follow them on instagram under @averylonghoneymoon
    1h 22m 20s
  • Tuk South - Africa in a Tuk Tuk with Support for Africa's Rangers

    8 SEP. 2022 · #127 - Some of our favorite interviews have been from Africa. Listening to stories from the Kalahari, Lions, Tigers, Elephants, and now all the way down to centipedes. This is a fascinating episode loaded with stories from Africa! And better yet, it’s centered on a five man crew of film makers raising awareness and raising money to help support the Wildlife Rangers who are responsible for protecting the entire eco system in the most remote places in Africa. In this episode you will learn about the five man film crew who make up Tuk South. Their only means of transportation is Princes Buttercup and her unnamed little Tuk Tuk companion. Ivo and Jasper (two brothers) from Kenya Africa are natural born storytellers who are perfect for the job of raise awareness while broadcasting to the world raw day to day realities from the smallest of Africa’s villages. Be sure to follow them on social media: Instagram: @TukSouth YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TukSouth Website: www.TukSouth.com Our Request for you to consider is 28 cents. 
If you have the means to put 28 cents together for 365 days or 182 days, kindly consider doing so. If 24 of us do exactly this, we can collectively provide support for one Ranger for one year. From boots, to food, to the needs of his family.
    1h 42m 6s
  • Meat Around The World

    11 AGO. 2022 · #126 - This week we have the privilege of talking with Richie and Abigail of Meat Around The World! Their Overland story started about five years ago in Switzerland when Richie who was a full-time truck driver and part-time photographer had the crazy idea of driving around the world. On October 5, 2019 with their seven month old baby Zoe, five suitcases and one-way tickets for Phoenix, AZ they said goodbye to friends and family at the Zurich airport. Now with over 1,000 days on the road, including a two day stop in jail (they didn’t collect $200 for) they kindly carved out sometime as they visit with family in Costa Rica to share their experiences and hard earned knowledge as accomplished overland travelers. More than two and a half years later; they’ve been through through the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Costa Rica! Be sure to follow Meat Around The World, visit their website and absolutely take a look at their YouTube channel. All links can be found at www.ghtoverland.com
    1h 22m 46s
  • Crystal Geyser & Canyonlands National Park

    28 JUL. 2022 · #125 - A review of how our time in Canyonland National Park was, along with a camping experience at Crystal Geyser in Utah. The stories that come from our days and experiences on the road are fun to share. Hope you enjoy! www.ghtoverland.com
    39m 59s
  • Explícito

    Arches & Back Roads

    14 JUL. 2022 · #124 - If you’re planning or even thinking of going to Arches National Park, there’s a few things we’d do different on our next loop back, and that's what we review in this episode. Mistakes made, total awesome experiences had and all the things we never thought about until it was too late. BLOG Post / Show Notes & Lots More at: www.ghtoverland.com
    47m 10s
  • The Realities of Change - Podcasting & Overlanding Full-Time

    30 JUN. 2022 · #123 - Discussing the realities of full-time overland travel, while attempting to release podcast episodes consistently :0 How we plan to release episodes more consistently, and what you can expect moving forward. Watch our adventures on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/c/GHTOVERLAND Learn more about us at: https://ghtoverland.com/
    48m 38s
  • Overland Truck Campers at Overland Expo

    2 JUN. 2022 · #122 - Overland Expo West 2022 Review, along with updates from the road of full time overland travel living. We talk truck campers for overland travel with two experienced truck camper owners Mike and James. Fellow Hallmark Camper owners, with much more experience under their belts, share their insights and experiences. In addition we talk shortly with Matt & Molly of Hallmark, reviewing build times, starting costs, available models and more. More details are available at www.ghtoverland.com
    1h 10m 53s
  • Alaska Overlander - 4X4 Rental in Alaska

    19 MAY. 2022 · Episode #121 - Craig and Brook of Alaska Overlander launched their full-service overland adventure business in the midst of the covid pandemic, providing fully kitted out overland vehicles for rent. As many small family run business go, they started off small with only two vehicles. With the success of their business and popularity of overland travel, they now have nine vehicles in their fleet for your next Alaska adventure. It’s strikingly obvious that Craig has years of experience in the hospitality and tourism industry. Everything about Alaska Overlander speaks volumes to the amount of thought and organization that makes up Craig and Brooks business. As simple as their ultra organized instagram account, to every question we asked, Craig had a solution. If Alaska is on your bucket list, a call, email or DM to Alaska Overlander should be your first stop. The savings in fuel cost just to get to Alaska, to the more important; saving of time! Time is that one thing we never get back, and rarely have enough of. A flight to Anchorage with a backpack of outdoor clothing is all it takes. Allowing more time to explore the rugged beauty of, arguably the most desirable state to explore, Alaska! Alaska Overlander rents mostly Toyota platform rigs, built fully in-house with their partner Total Truck Alaska. They can also help with route planning, activity recommendations, while being a valued resource for other Overlanders from bikes, EarthRoamers and MAN sized rigs. Website: www.alaskaoverlander.com Phone: 907-202-0481 Email: craig@alaskaoverlander.com Instagram: @AlaskaOverlader Facebook: @AKoverlander
    1h 19m 7s
  • Overland Adventure Travel with Victor from Hallmark Campers

    12 MAY. 2022 · #120 - Full Time Overland Travel! Those few times in our lives when our biggest dreams and goals come to fruition. All the planning, all the little hurdles along our paths of accomplishing mini goals along the way. For us it’s been a blend of surreal, a little frantic, along with a trifecta of snow, wind and hot dry dusty days. Complimented with unbelievable scenery, desert flowers of shocking beauty, sunrises, sunsets, followed by clear night sky we’ve not enjoyed for years. We’re more than delighted to share with you our new home on wheels after a roller coaster ride of small amounts of panic last December. After a little shy of 1,300 miles from Portland Oregon to Fort Lupton Colorado, we took delivery of our new pop-up truck camper, the Hallmark Victor! Hallmark is re-introducing this classic floor plan they first released in 1968. The primary distinction between the Victor and their other models is the dinette. The Victor features an East & West dinette, where all their other models are a North / South layout. The much larger table was the winner! We have two separate ways to position the table, with an added bonus of putting the table, in what we refer to as “Night Mode”. This is removing the table top and placing it against the sink side of the camper, basically making it disappear. In Night Mode we have a plethora of floor space, making it much easier to enter and exit the bed, or just allow two people plenty of room without bumping butts. See our website at GHTOVERLAND.com for more detailed show notes.
    54m 42s
  • Manfred and the Fam - Dutch Overlanding Family

    21 ABR. 2022 · #119 - When the truck is aptly named “Manfred” (think Manny the Woolly Mammoth from the Ice Age movies) you know its size is going to be massive, complemented by a fun natured side. There’s no disappointment when it comes to learning about this Dutch family of four, who’ve decided living a life outside and exploring with their two young children was the better option than running a business and chasing professional careers. In 2020 the full time exploration started, or at least that was the plan. Fleur and Mike had sold their home in the Netherlands, booked a flight to Canada, packed their bags and had Manfreds boat ride booked. Then; as we all know the world hit the brakes hard and fast in the spring of 2020, closing borders and changing travel plans for many adventure seekers. Searching for a Plan B, they loaded into their trusted Manfred and started exploring close to home in the Netherlands. As soon as boarders began to open back up they stretched Manfreds legs, overlanding further into Europe. In this episode we talk about all the important details of a family overlanding. What the kids think of traveling full time, along with the scoop on their beautifully rugged Manfred.
    1h 2m 41s

The GHT Overland Podcast is a podcast devoted to sharing the stories, along with the vast experience of Overlanding Adventure Travelers around the world. Enjoy stories from adventure travelers of...

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The GHT Overland Podcast is a podcast devoted to sharing the stories, along with the vast experience of Overlanding Adventure Travelers around the world. Enjoy stories from adventure travelers of all types. From the large MAN trucks to moto, Chris and Lisa interview full time overland travelers as they prepare to escape into their own full time travel. Subscribe now for stories of adventure and travel from those who have tackled the backroads of Alaska to New Zealand. It’s Awesome!
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