• #75 Portugal Unplugged - With Jess Oliveira

    10 JUN. 2024 · If Portugal wasn't on your list of places to visit, maybe it should be! We spoke with flight attendant turned tour guide and business owner of MAT Portugal, Jess Oliveira. After traveling to 43 countries, she decided to settle in Madeira, the "Hawaii of Europe." Jess has helped more than 10,000 travelers explore Portugal in a slow paced and authentic way. Jess shares some of the hidden gems Portugal offers that might not make it in your average travel guide.
    43m 53s
  • #74 We Are All In This Together: Cycling Across America (Part 2): With Daniel Troia

    15 ABR. 2024 · Award-winning filmmaker Daniel Troia embarked on a cross-country bicycle journey to uncover the essence of our shared humanity. Amidst the backdrop of societal tension, Troia's lens captures the raw authenticity of his quest for genuine connections. In Part 2, we focus on the filmmaking process behind "We Are All In This Together". Go back to Part 1 to learn more about the experience behind his seven month adventure.
    27m 55s
  • #73 We Are All In This Together: Cycling Across America (Part 1) - With Daniel Troia

    8 ABR. 2024 · Amidst the palpable tension gripping our nation, Daniel Troia, an award winning filmmaker embarked on a cross-country bicycle journey to explore the truth of our human bond. With no food or money, Troia sought genuine interactions, captured through hidden camera glasses. Armed with a drone and GoPro, Daniel invites viewers to pedal alongside him, to witness the beauty and diversity of the US and its people. He spent seven months on the road, met countless souls, and one resounding truth emerged: despite our differences, the threads of connection bind us tighter than we realize. (Part 1)
    41m 33s
  • #72 Embracing New Beginnings - Somewhere Else With Chels Pels

    18 MAR. 2024 · From heartache to triumph, Chels' story embodies the spirit of starting over and chasing dreams, including launching her own travel company. Chelsea Pelsone keeps it real and opens up about her life-changing experience and healing through the boundless beauty of nature. 
    44m 7s
  • #71 The FIFA World Cup - With Argentine, Javier Labourt

    26 FEB. 2024 · The FIFA World Cup takes place every 4 years and guest Javier Labourt has attended 3 tournaments including the South Africa, Brazil, and Qatar editions. As a devout Argentina football fan, he has seen his national team lose and win a World Cup Final. Tune in to relive a few World Cups through the Argentine perspective. Javi witnessed the 2014 final in which his team lost to Germany and the 2022 final against France in which Argentina and Messi finally won the biggest prize in world football.
    58m 9s
  • #70 Budget Travel, Hidden Gems, Traveling to 50+ Countries - Tips from Alexa McDonald

    12 FEB. 2024 · Alexa McDonald has been to more than 50 countries and has developed useful and interesting tactics to travel the world for free or on a budget. Alexa is a content creator and open book, she loves to help people navigate the world and this episode is filled with helpful tips for travelers of all ages and experience. Tune in and maybe you'll want to visit some of the hidden gems she recommends.
    37m 4s
  • #69 Exploring the Hiking Scene in LA - With JUST TREK Founder Justin Rimon

    29 ENE. 2024 · When you first think of LA, the glitz and glamor of Hollywood and sun kissed beaches might be what brings you to this iconic city. But, the diverse terrain and great weather makes the LA area a hikers paradise. Justin Rimon, Founder of JUST TREK, an LA based hiking group talks about the organization's humble beginnings, the importance and need for community, and what you can expect to enjoy from exploring the incredible trails in Los Angeles, California.
    56m 25s
  • #68 Tourism in Syria: Reality Vs. Perception - With Angela Santos

    15 ENE. 2024 · Angela Santos is a solo traveler and photographer known as the “Blonde Around the World”. Angela reflects on one of her most memorable adventures, a trip to Syria amidst the ongoing conflict. Angela aims to demystify stigmas and paradigms associated with tourism and lesser traveled destinations like the Middle East. While on her trip in Syria, she met locals that shared stories of courage, strength, and kindness she'll never forget.
    41m 48s
  • #67 Financially Sustainable Travel with Nora Dunn - The Professional Hobo

    3 ENE. 2024 · Nora Dunn, also known as the "Professional Hobo" sold her busy financial planning practice in 2006 to travel the world. She is considered one of the original Digital Nomads and Lifestyle Travel Bloggers that specializes in slow travel. She combines her expertise as a former Certified Financial Planner with her lifestyle travel experience to teach people how to travel long-term in a financially sustainable way. Nora has traveled to more than 75 countries while working remotely and has been featured in Forbes, Business Insider, Lonely Planet, and even Oprah.
    58m 18s
  • #66 Holiday Update from the Globetrotters Team

    20 DIC. 2023 · A quick update from the Globetrotters Team about our recent hiatus, what you can expect in 2024, and a happy holiday greeting to all. We'll be back: Wednesday, January 3rd.
    2m 3s

Where do you find your travel information these days? If your answer is social media, chances are you have a love-hate relationship with how travel is portrayed on these platforms....

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Where do you find your travel information these days? If your answer is social media, chances are you have a love-hate relationship with how travel is portrayed on these platforms. Globetrotters podcast is a travel show that goes beyond the shallow social media captions and scripted TV shows, by highlighting travel stories from diverse people from around the world.

Not into stories? Our Layover episodes are your one-stop shop for the latest travel news, emerging travel trends and advice from experts. We investigate trends and topics and look into how you can make the most of an adventure without breaking the bank.

Join co-hosts Jon and Max on our adventure.
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