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God's Pure Word of Faith

  • Richard Hardin's GPWF: Ways God Speaks #1

    22 JUN. 2024 · How or Ways God Speaks #1-----My Books: Amazon.com/Richard-A-Hardin/e/B09J2YHCVB .... Faith comes by hearing God's perfect Word, Christ, then accepting, and receiving His pure Word(Christ) into our heart. We must seek & learn to hear His Perfect Word(CHRIST). He will help us (anyone, even you) if we seek Him with all our heart.  Listen and you may recognize new ways God has been trying to speak to you! on @KLRNRadio.com 6AM CST Sat/Sun, #GPWF #Christian or rahardin.com
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  • Richard Hardin's GPWF: God's Special Protections!

    21 JUN. 2024 · God's Special Protections! My 8 Books: Amazon.com/Richard-A-Hardin/e/B09J2YHCVB ****Today I am going to show that many times God’s people had to have the nerve to speak out His Words of deliverance, then God worked in the lives of His people to protect or deliver them from the hands of the enemy. When we speak some words expecting God to back them up, the Words we speak must be God's Pure Words (Christ) and we must have our heart "fairly" pleasing to God. Like for example, 2 Cor 2:10-11 says to forgive others lest you give the devil advantage. Eph 4:26-27 says to not go to bed angry and give place to the devil. In 'The Lords' Prayer' we ask God to forgive us as we forgive others. So, even as Christians we must keep our fellowship with God better than just going to Church and sometimes carrying a Bible. Also, Proverbs 30:5-6 states God will not back up His Word we have changed or false beliefs just because we are serious and truly believe them in our mind and heart! Proverbs 30:5-6, "Every Word of God is pure: He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him. Add thou not unto His Words, lest He reprove thee, and thou be found a liar." God will only back up His Pure Word! Everything else is a lie and He will not back it up! That is why it is so serious that we all seek God's Pure Word from all the errors being taught in the religious community by groups who profess exactly opposite beliefs and the many differences expressed in the major 26 versions of the Bible. With all these differences in the wording of these versions and the many teachings of the thousands of preachers, we each are left with a great responsibility for seeking God for His Pure Word and like Jesus said we must become able to hear God's voice like sheep following their shepherd. He could do any of these for us today on @KLRNRadio.com 7AM Fri  on #GPWF #Christian or anytime at rahardin.com,
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  • Richard Hardin's GPWF: We All Must Be Seeking God's Pure Word/Will!

    20 JUN. 2024 · We Must Seek God's Pure's Word/Will! -rahardin.com; Bio, Pods,Videos-- Proverbs 30:5,6-"Every Word of God is pure: He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him.  Add thou not unto His Words, lest He reprove thee, and thou be found a liar."                         Books: Amazon.com/Richard-A-Hardin/e/B09J2YHCVB ----Wed - 7AM CST-- Are you seeking and hoping to find God's perfect will about some specific area of very important concern? Listen to how Abraham's chief servant found God's perfect will to find Abraham' son, Isaac, God's perfect wife. Neither Abraham or Isaac were involved in the search for his wife, yet Isaac received God's special choice for him to marry Rebekah. This story shows the servant's dedication to finding God's perfect will and woman for his master's son, Isaac. Wouldn't it be neat if we all knew that God had handpicked our mates before we got married? God does have a special calling on each of our lives, and that includes a special mate(helpmate) to help us fulfill His calling. If you are seeking a mate, job, or whatever special calling of service, set yourself to seek God's will daily where you are, and you will meet someone else seeking God's special calling for their life. The two of you will soon realize that the two of you can help each other with your callings. On @KLRNRadio.com 7AM Thu #GPWF #Christian or anytime at rahardin.com (radio
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  • Richard Hardin's GPWF: We Are All Saved By Grace Thru Faith!

    19 JUN. 2024 · We Are All Saved From Our Sin Debt by Grace Thru Faith --By Jesus!                                             Books: Amazon.com/Richard-A-Hardin/e/B09J2YHCVB                                                                  Wkly: M-F, 7-8AM; Sat-Sun, 6-8AM (CST) @ on Itunes. ****Ephesians 2:8 states, "For by grace are ye saved through faith..."; Romans 5:2,"...We have access by faith into this grace wherein we stand..." Failing to understand faith and grace is like most people who talk about electricity; they talk a lot about the uses of electricity without knowing the definition of electricity and knowing what it really is, where it comes from(wall plug?), or how to generate (get new) electricity. That is how our spiritual leaders are teaching faith and grace, but it would help so much to know the definitions of what faith and grace are since we must live by them. Our leaders are talking and saying a lot of good words about faith and grace but don't know what they are. . ***For example: Grace is not God's unmerited favor--that is totally wrong, error or a lie of the devil to mislead people and cause them to miss salvation! Mercy is God's unmerited favor, Romans 2:4! The definition of Faith is not Hebrews 11:1 which only says that when you see your hopes being fulfilled, you know it is Faith that is fulfilling them even tho you can not see the Faith. That is like when you turn on a light switch in a dark room, if the light comes on and fulfills your hope for light, then you know electricity did it even tho you can not see the electricity or know what it is! But that is not a definition of electricity even though you know that it was electricity that caused the light to light up, AND neither is Heb 11:1 a definition of Faith, it only tells us that Faith is what fulfilled our hopes even tho we can not see it!!*In the last few minutes of today’s program I had to add two short messages. The first will be about John 3:16 and how it reflects on predestination, election, and calvinism’s (Reformed Theology) teachings of God electing people to heaven and hell prior to our birth. The second message will be on deliverance from fear. on @KLRNRadio.com 7AM Mon #GPWF #Christian or rahardin.com (Pods)
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  • Richard Hardin's GPWF: Deliverance Prayer and/or Fast!

    18 JUN. 2024 · Deliverance Prayer and Fast is a great way to receive your victory over sicknesses, bad habits like smoking or other matters that might be troubling you but you just can't seem to get the victory. My 8 books on  Amazon.com/Richard-A-Hardin/e/B09J2YHCVB, Are Approx: $5 each. In each book you will find truths that are not being taught in our Christian society that you need to be aware of to help your family and friends!   Listen on KLRN Radio, 6 am Central Standard time.
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  • Richard Hardin's GPWF: Why Bad Happens To Good People!

    17 JUN. 2024 · Why "Bad" Happens to "Good" People? ---Fri---rahardin.com-- Bio, Pods My Books: Amazon.com/Richard-A-Hardin/e/B09J2YHCVB    Approx: 5$-10$ ea.  ****Richard Hardin, POBox 45684, OKC, OK 73145. ****There are many very important subjects which are not being taught in the Christian community or Christian World View, and there are many that are being taught incorrectly on false beliefs, and some popular beliefs that are made up and have no mention whatsoever in the Bible .   Why do such bad things happen to "good" people? AND why do such "good" things happen to "bad" people??? ****There are 5 kind of people in the world for this message: (First) Children or anyone who has not come to the age, time, or mental accountability to God. There are (2 kind) of non-Christians: Some who are right now seeking God, and others who are rejecting God!  And there are (2 kind) of Christians: Some who are being lazy, carnal, babes in Christ who are not really seeking a closer fellowship with God, but are maybe going to church doing things which look good outwardly, 2 Chronicles 12:14, says Rehoboam, “Did evil because he prepared not his heart to seek the Lord.” And, the Fifth group are Christians who are seeking their Holy Calling of 2 Tim 1:9, “Who hath saved us, and called us with an Holy Calling, not according to our works, but according to His own purpose and grace, which was given us in Christ Jesus before the world began.” It is not our position to judge what happens to others, but Active Christians will be sharing their changed heart Born Again experience and the gospel with others as much as they can because they know the seriousness for those who will suffer eternity without Christ! ***Which of the 5 groups are you? on @KLRNRadio.com CST 7 AM Fri #GPWF #Christian & at rahardin.com
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  • Richard Hardin's GPWF: Mercy, Grace, Charity

    16 JUN. 2024 · Richard Hardin's GPWF: Mercy, Grace, Charity, -(Works Of God!) Three of the most important words in the Bible for Christians to understand! -             My Books:Amazon.com/Richard-A-Hardin/e/B09J2YHCVB        clarifies Mercy, Grace & Charity! ***It may surprise you but Mercy, Grace, and Charity are not different kinds of Love! They are ways that God Who is Love comes to us in different ways and relates with us! For example: The Water that comes to your house from the main city water line is divided up when it gets to your house and goes many different paths; to the bath tub, commodes, to the kitchen sinks, to the refrigerator, to the hot water heater, etc. Now when you have a problem and want to identify it to the plumber, you say the commode water won't flush, or the hot water heater is not heating, the bath water will not turn on, and identify to the plumber the area of problem. The water is the same in all these areas. Mercy, Grace and Charity are the same Love of God (God), and it is God (God is Love),(Jesus is God the Same Love, and their Words are the Spirit of God,  working or moving in different ways to us or thru us, but it is the same Spirit of God(His Words) in all cases because we only have one God and one Spirit of God! Charity is the same actions of God working with or in people which is described differently by the Apostle Paul who says "faith that worketh by love" which would be the same as a Christian accepting God's call (Word) into their heart, and obeying God's call to teach, preach, witness etc., and God going and working with the Christian in their heart to confirm His Words thru the Christian to the other person(s) heart and supply the needs. Listen in for more details.Also read in Genesis how Joseph was exalted to equality with the Pharaoh of Egypt and either of their words were helt the same power over the people of Egypt. That was a physical Trinity!  Pharaoh, Joseph and their words(their spirit)!  @KLRNRadio.com 5AM CST Sun #GPWF #Christian or rahardin.com (Pods)
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  • Richard Hardin's GPWF: BIBLES! Is Your Bible God's Pure Word?

    15 JUN. 2024 · BIBLES? Is YOUR Personal Bible 'God's PURE Word'? If not? With 26 main versions that differ, which do you put your faith in!  What would or should you do? My Books: Amazon.com/Richard-A-Hardin/e/B09J2YHCVB, ****Richard Hardin, POBox 45684, OKC, OK 73145. ****BIBLE? Proverbs 30:5-6, (KJV), “Every Word of God is Pure: He is a shield unto them that put their trust in Him. (6) Add thou not unto His Words, lest He reprove thee, and thou be found a liar.” We must base our Salvation and daily walk with God on God’s Pure Word, if we expect God to back up His promises of salvation, protection, provisions, health and all of the other promises to us. If we do not have His correct Words of Salvation, we will be found a "liar" as above and without salvation. If we are “standing on false, incorrect promises,” we will be disappointed in God when our desires are not fulfilled as the above Scripture states, “we will be found a liar” because God will not do what we are claiming or asking of Him. Basing our belief, trust, or “faith” on error, false teachings, or anything other than God’s Pure Word, Christ, has caused people to give up on God after tragedies happen because they felt let down by “God,” and it has caused many to turn completely from God.. ***The fact that we have hundreds of denominations or groups (each based on the “Bible”) teaching many opposite beliefs about God, and over 26 major copies of the Bible (because some scholars thought they could do better than the previous translators), and even differences in some of the original manuscripts---should kinda give you a clue that we should be more concerned about our Spiritual condition and seeking God's Pure Word even if most preachers do stand in the pulpit, raise their copy of a "Bible" and scream they believe every Word of it. Preachers mainly go to Bible Schools to study how to teach their denominational beliefs and stay away from “controversial” or different beliefs of others. We, you and I, are not receiving God’s PURE Word from the ministers across our land. And you may say I am not teaching it either! But the seriousness to you is that when you stand before God, what will matter is have you taken the time to SEEK the truth, God's Pure Word, yourself? I am not perfect, but I want to encourage you do better than our “spiritual leaders” across our country. Your family and friends need you! 
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  • Richard Hardin's GPWF: Jehoshaphat

    14 JUN. 2024 · Jehoshaphat's Victory Over Three Armies by singing(Praising God) without having to fight!! My Books Approx $5 ea: Amazon.com/Richard-A-Hardin/e/B09J2YHCVB Jehoshaphat went from doubt & fear> to seeking God >to accepting/obeying God's Word >to receive God's Victory! It took three days for them to pick up the rewards! God may be ready to fight your battle, but there are some things you must do to be the person that He will defend, protect or bless! The story is in 2 Chronicles 20:1-26. A good example of how hope, fear, doubt, seeking, belief, trust, unbelief, faith, walking by faith, receiving the victory are related. These are the circumstances we find ourselves in when a serious problem comes on us. I pray this message will help you in facing your problems because you will know you have the ability to make the correct choices that will have to be made when you are faced with any problem, regardless how big. There is enough mercy and grace for any situation if we turn to Jesus with all our heart and ask for help, Hebrews 4:16, “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” **Understanding the relationships between these words will give you confidence when you are seeking God about your problems or concerns. **When King Jehoshaphat heard he was surrounded by three armies, He didn't know what to do and feared, then set himself and all Judah to seek the Lord. Obeying the Scripture promises, they fasted and prayed three days before the Temple, then God spoke through one of the priests and said, "Hearken ye, all Judah, and ye inhabitants of Jerusalem, and thou King Jehoshaphat, 'Thus saith the Lord unto you, Be not afraid nor dismayed by reason of this great multitude;for the battle is not yours, but God’s. Tomorrow go ye down against them:...Ye shall not need to fight in this battle: set yourselves, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the Lord with you, O Judah and Jerusalem: set yourselves, stand ye still, and see the salvation of the Lord with you, O Judah and Jerusalem: fear not, nor be dismayed; tomorrow go out against them: for the Lord will be with you." ”Jehoshaphat accepted God's Word,(Christ). He and all Judah bowed their heads and thanked God for His answer. The next morning they marched out the gates of the city singing and praising God. God performed the victory as they watched. It took three days to gather all the spoils of the battle.
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  • Richard Hardins GPWF: Christ, God & Jesus' Living Word: The Rock Of Our Salvation!Not Peter!

    13 JUN. 2024 · Christ(God and Jesus''s Word)! IsThe Rock of Our Salvation! Not Peter! My 8 Books: Amazon.com/Richard-A-Hardin/e/B09J2YHCVB (Approx- 5$ ea) ****I will show that God was the Rock of the Old Testament salvation and Christ(God's Living Word) is the Rock of our New Testament salvation. Jesus did not say in Matthew 16:16-17 that Peter would be the Rock of His, Jesus’, Church. Christ, the living, creating power of God, Rhema, not Peter is the Rock of our salvation. Christ is our hope of Glory, Col 1:27, not Peter. I want to clear up the confusion which you might have about whether or not Jesus said He would build His Church on Peter? No! Jesus was referring to the Living Word of God, Christ, Who had taught Peter that Jesus was the Christ, the son of God. Jesus goes on to say that we all, you and I, must be personally taught by God's Living Word, Christ, as Peter was in, John 6:45, "It is written in the prophets, 'And they shall be all taught of God. Every man therefore that hath heard, and hath learned of the Father, cometh unto me." Each of us must be taught by the Living Spirit of God, Christ, to come to Jesus for salvation, in the same manner Peter was taught by Jesus’ Father through His Spoken Word, Christ, in Matt 16:16. Christ, the Living Word, in our new heart is the Rock of our salvation, not Peter. We call out to Jesus, God, for salvation, He in return sends His Living Creating Word, Christ, into our hearts to create in us our new hearts, Ezekiel 36:26, "A new heart also will I give you, and a new Spirit(Christ) will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you and heart of flesh. (27) And I will put My Spirit(Christ) within you,.." That is how you receive the new "Born Again heart by His Spirit of Christ creating in you the new heart and putting His Spirit(Christ) into the new heart." Wed @KLRNRadio.com show less
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The God of the Bible is getting a bum rap. The Christian community is so mixed up, 200+ denominations and groups teaching opposite "words from God." There are many very...

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The God of the Bible is getting a bum rap. The Christian community is so mixed up, 200+ denominations and groups teaching opposite "words from God." There are many very important subjects which are not being discussed in the Christian community, there are many that are being discussed incorrectly based on false beliefs, and there are some popular beliefs that are completely made up and have no mention whatsoever in the Bible. There should be one Christian group according to Eph 4:4-12 teaching and believing one gospel. God is not backing up the Christian community in our country because our ministers have not been to school to learn God's Pure Word, but to learn how to twist it to their denominational belief. So you as an individual better start seeking the Scriptures for yourself to prepare for the future.
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