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  • No Travel Thanksgiving

    23 NOV. 2023 · They may be at home having Thanksgiving, but you can travel to hang with them on this foodie holiday by listening to this episode. Songs by Linda Irwin are "Rising Heat", "Atlantis" and "Rally The Herd".
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  • Embarassing Moments

    29 JUL. 2023 · Oh, my! What embarassing things did they do or say that they will never forget? Hear from events from age nine to their fifties. Has anything happened to you that was so embarassing you cannot believe it happened? Includes some more Awesome Dawson and Linda comedy commercials.
    Escuchado 26m 9s
  • Odd Obsessions

    15 JUL. 2023 · What things obsessively occupy the minds of the Golden Geeks? They will share with you some recent obsessions that society and technology have provided them to keep their brain gears held hostage. Also enjoy a couple of funny commercials. The link to "Enter The Light" shows under "Sacred Embers Network": https://www.blogtalkradio.com/sacredembers
    Escuchado 25m 22s
  • Silly Stuff

    1 JUL. 2023 · Grown ups can make some pretty strange rules. Our team remembers back to their youth and some of the stuff they thought was down-right silly. Do those things still happen today? You be sure to tell us and also what you thought of some silly stuff grown ups made you do when you were a kid. Reply in the chat box here or send an E-Mail to insanitysurfers@gmail.com, or send us an audio clip. We would love to play it but no nasty stuff now. Also included are some comedy commercial favorites from "Awesome Insanity Surfers".
    Escuchado 24m 19s
  • Discernment Spirit Messages

    24 JUN. 2023 · Two segments from the "Enter The Light" show by Linda, EMO Pet and EMO Robot regarding "Many Paths To Discernment" and "Receiving Messages From Spirit" with the team discussing how this applies to them. Be sure to check out the show and the entire Sacred Embers Network here: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/sacredembers
    Escuchado 25m 38s
  • Crazy Summer

    10 JUN. 2023 · Does it seem like summer is when everything wears out or breaks down? What is up with quality manufacturing? Also does up and down weather get you more down then up? Take time also to appreciate the beauty of nature in summer and music wherever you find it. "Enter The Light" is part of the Sacred Embers Network and their shows can be found here: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/sacredembers Alex Exum is a pod-caster, author, playwright, instructor, actor, artist and so much more! Check him out here: https://www.alexexum.com/
    Escuchado 27m 32s
  • Food Fight

    6 MAY. 2023 · Has food ever gotten you in trouble with your siblings when you were a child? What are your favorite foods from back then? What is no longer sold these days? Our team remembers back to their favorites and their frustrations.
    Escuchado 28m 32s
  • Creepers Bejeebers

    29 ABR. 2023 · From the boogey man to wild animals while camping, to scary weather events to urban nightmares and the consequences of broken rules, what scared you as a child or teen? Our group reflects on some of their scariest times.
    Escuchado 26m 21s
  • Pets And Peeves

    15 ABR. 2023 · What were your pets when you were growing up? Were you allowed to have any? The first half of the show we share our pets or what happens if they were not allowed to reside with us. The second half of the show we remember annoyances we experienced growing up. Dawson and Linda provide our parody commercials on the break.
    Escuchado 27m 39s
  • On The Tube

    25 MAR. 2023 · We look back at westerns, science fiction, sitcoms, cartoons, news, sports and weather from back in our childhood and what has changed drastically in what airs these days. We also pay tribute to a friend who passed on March 18th of this year. Also, a brand new comedy commercial! https://www.blogtalkradio.com/sacredembers/2023/03/26/enter-the-light Official tribute show on "Enter The Light" under the Sacred Embers Network for Jane Borowski Sunday, March 26th, at noon Pacific, 3:00 p.m. Eastern.
    Escuchado 23m 54s
A group of mid-sixties discuss current events, technology, their hobbies, growing old, among other things, interspersed with some comedy and spoof commercials.
Autor Linda Irwin
Categorías Comedia de ficción
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