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  • Bleach Blonde Bad Built Butch Body

    31 MAY. 2024 · 5/31/24 - Cancel culture is coming for social media influencers, Amal Clooney calls for Netanyahu to face charges, scams on TikTok are targeting weight loss drugs, a Cleveland hero rescues baby from a burning house, existing home sales in teh US are dropping, tornadic activity hits the midwest, and a Maryland woman pleads guilty to an alleged plot to attack Baltimore power stations. Plus, Rep. Jasmine Crockett files to trademark ‘Bleach Blonde Bad Built Butch Body’ after her clash with Marjorie Taylor Greene. Yes, you read that correctly.  Website: GoodDayShow.com Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks
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  • What Happened to Red Lobster?

    30 MAY. 2024 · 5/30/24 - The world economy may be slightly growing by the end of the year, life expectancy could be increasing over the next 5 years, an Argentine long-legged maned wolf was returned to the wild, a mother restrained a rabid fox that bit her daughter, a man is injured in a grizzly bear attack, Red Lobster voluntarily files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and a massive recall on Yogi brand tea for high levels of pesticde residues. We discuss. Twins graduate as valedictorian and salutatorian for their high school with $5 million dollars of scholarships offered to them and many college/university acceptance letters, a mom and son graduate college together, a 91yo man rescues a struggling fire department with a hefty donation, a former Red Sox pitcher is arrested in an anti-child predator sting, and severe turbulence on a Singapore Airlines flight. We discuss that, too. Warren Eckstein, everyone's favorite pet and animal expert (http://ThePetShow.com), joins for a conversation on leaving wild animals alone, the story of a Mass. man with terminal illness looking for his dog's next forever home, and the importance of setting up a living trust for your pet.  Website: GoodDayShow.com Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks
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  • What Is BORG Drinking

    29 MAY. 2024 · 5/29/24 - Doug Stephan and Jai Kershner get together to discuss the news topics of the week. After 7 year spent in prison and wanting to turn his pain into something positive, a man and his wife go to music festivals to discuss overdosing and how to help people protect their loved ones from an overdose. A discussion on human trafficking, a son's heroic actions saving his dad when a car they're working on explodes, an Air Force pilot dies after his aircraft ejection seat goes off while still on the ground, and fun facts about DaVinci's Mona Lisa painting. Plus, the International Criminal Court put our an arrest warrent for the Israeli Prime Minister and 3 Hamas leaders, how a reverse dictionary can be a beneficial tool, and BORG drinking. We discuss that, too. Other conversations include the importance of meditation, the latest on the Baltimore bridge container collision, Pope Francis's thoughts on surrogacy, and how one woman learned someone made a deepfake porn of her after declining him for a date and how she's fighting back.  Website: GoodDayShow.com Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks
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  • Retiring Florida Man Learns He’s Been Living in U.S. Illegally

    28 MAY. 2024 · 5/28/24 - Doug Stephan, Jai Kershner and Jennifer Horn welcome in news from the "Did you know and did you care" department with facts about bees. Yes, bees. We're nearing the end of commencement season and sharing the story of a commencement speaker who brought duffel bags of cash to give graduates TWO gifts, the end of an era in Vegas with the closing of The Mirage, and noncitizen voting becomes a centerpiece of 2024 GOP messaging. We discuss. A Florida man learns he's not a U.S. citizen after being denied social security upon retirement, why a Florida teen was turned away from her high school prom, the rising Naitonal debt, how social media is impacting U.S. National Parks, and issues with Amazon's self-driving taxi. We discuss that, too.  Plus, a visit from Nik Miles, ourautoexpert.com, for a lesson on all things automotive. One of the main onversations includes which vehicles are  the most overpriced used cars.  Website: GoodDayShow.com Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks
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  • It's Not "Happy Memorial Day"

    27 MAY. 2024 · 5/27/24 - A brief history lesson on Memorial Day and why the greeting "Happy Memorial Day" isn't the proper option. Here is the website Doug mentions to learn more about the remembrance and honoring of our fallen heroes - http://USmemorialday.org Increasing gas prices, the best place to live in the United States, the new portrait of Princess Kate and why it's drawing strong reactions on social media. We discuss. Plus, Aaron Rodgers says he passed on being RFK Jr.'s running mate, Oxford's breakthrough in cancer detection, police found a woman living in a grocery store sign, and the imprisoned journalist reporting on COVID in China is finally released after charges for 'provoking trouble' were brought against her. We discuss that, too.  In this week's Food, Farm & Family conversation, Doug explains why buying local produce is important, why shopping for seasonal is better for your budget, and news on the maker of a popular weedkiller amplifying their fight against cancer-related lawsuits.  Website: GoodDayShow.com Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks
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  • Can You Smoke Pot While Breastfeeding?

    24 MAY. 2024 · 5/24/24 - Doug Stephan and Jai Kershner discuss, a grad student who trades piano performances for housing at a senior facility, Jerry Seinfeld's Duke University speech, drug overdoses on the rise in major cities, and an A.I. robot tells graduates to believe in themselves. The first warm-blooded dinosaurs roamed Earth 180 million years ago, cable network ratings are in, and a conversation on marijuana use while breastfeeding. We discuss that, too. There's also a focus on inflation cooling (slightly), the Nashville police officer who was fired over an OnlyFans video showing a spoof traffic stop in uniform, and your Summer weather outlook.  Website: GoodDayShow.com Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks
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  • Why Do People Hate Prince William and Meghan Markle?

    23 MAY. 2024 · 5/23/24 - Top baby names, 20-hours of PTO for prenatal care, the U.S. is poised to send $1 billion in weapons to Israel, two yacht passengers are rescued after whales sink their boat, and remembering radio legend (and Doug's friend) Dick Summers. We discuss. Other topics in focus include: Tom Brady regrets his roast, Jason Kelce's joining Monday Night Football Countdown show, the Dublin to NYC portal is temporarily closed due to "inappropriate" behavior, and questioning why people despise the Duke and Duchess of Sussex so much. Oh, and life imitates an action film when a prison convoy is attacked by armed men in an attempt to break out an inmate. Plus, our favorite pet and animal expert, Warren Eckstein (http://thepetshow.com), joins to discuss the fatal shooting of actress Angie Harmon’s dog by a delivery driver, an “unadaptable dog gets adopted and heads to the Westminster dog competition, and an escaped Zebra.   Website: http://GoodDayHealthShow.com Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks
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  • Best Way to Get Your Vitamin D

    22 MAY. 2024 · 5/22/24 - Our favorite NUCCA Chiropractor and GAPS Practitioner, Dr. Jack Stockwell, joins to discuss the Lake Legume toxic water scandal and the continued lawsuits from people who were exposed, the vitamins we need and the best way to get vitamin D. You can hear more from Dr. Jack on the Good Day Health podcast at GoodDayHealthShow.com, or connect with him online at ForbiddenDoctor.com and JackStockwell.com.  Doug Stephan and Jai Kershner discuss a plan from the Biden administration to lower credit card late-fees, a Virginia county board votes to restore Confederates' names to schools, a 24yo women becomes partially paralyzed after a singer stage dives onto her at New York concert, Oprah Winfrey explains her "diet culture" regret, and Melinda French Gates resigns as Gates Foundation co-chair. Plus, a Chicago police officer with cancer in one lung and COVID-19 damage in the other gets a successful double lung transplant, an Idaho doctor is dead after triggering an avalanche, the reality of human trafficking in the United States, a man is charged with knowingly spreading HIV, and one woman’s IVF journey is halted because of embryo-ruling in Alabama. We discuss that, too.  Website: GoodDayShow.com Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks
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  • Is There Too Much Government?

    21 MAY. 2024 · 5/21/24 - Doug Stephan and Jai Kershner discuss the Supreme Court Justice publishing a new book on the human toll of too much law, King Charles' eviction notice to Prince Andrew, and a conversation with Uri Geller joining from Tel Aviv for a conversation on the conflict between Israel & Hamas and the effects of the war in Gaza, as well as how Israelis really feel about the American President. A good news story of a 17yo graduating with her doctoral degree, chatting about airlines suing the Biden administration over a new rule to make certain fees easier to spot, Hubspot’s digital detox, RFK Jr’s candidacy, and the Colorado teen charged in the fatal rock-throwing prank please gulty. Website: GoodDayShow.com Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks
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  • What Happened at Jerry Seinfeld's Commencement Speech?

    20 MAY. 2024 · 5/20/24 - Jennifer Horn joins Doug Stephan for a conversation about a teacher who found an ancient Celtic stone while digging in his garden, a 100 year old getting his college diploma, college protests and the reaction to Jerry Seinfeld’s commencement speech, Cindy Crawford's no unsolicited advice policy for her family,  and the deadly force used against a Florida airman who answered his door with a pistol at his side and was fatally shot by the officer at the door checking on a complaint. Secretary Blinkin is out and about delivering Biden administrations public criticisms, the first person to get a genetically modified kidney from a pig has died, a promising antibody drug that may help people with diabetes, worms in strawberries, poll numbers, and rising interest rates. We discuss that, too. Plus, our favorite auto expert, Nik Miles (OurAutoExpert.com), recaps his time spent in Spain this week with the new Aston Martin, safety regulations, an elaboration on torque, and the Biden administration mandating automatic emergency breaking in new cars in the next 5-6 years.  Website: GoodDayShow.com Social Media: @GoodDayNetworks
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Doug Stephan & Jai Kershner share trending news stories, pop culture, sports, tech, music, movies and tons more - there's something for everyone on the Good Day Download. It's never...

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Doug Stephan & Jai Kershner share trending news stories, pop culture, sports, tech, music, movies and tons more - there's something for everyone on the Good Day Download. It's never too late in the day to make it a Good Day.
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