• Ep. 57 - Diddy Drama, Cardi B falling off? & Marriage for Millennials !

    11 JUN. 2024 · Join us in this episode as we get into the latest news and hot topics in the world of hip-hop and pop culture. From Diddy's latest headlines to an in-depth discussion on dealing with domestic violence, we cover it all. Tune in for our Vibe Check segment where we review new music, debate the state of Cardi B's career, and explore our biggest fears in marriage. Don't miss out on these lively discussions and more! **Segments:** - **Diddy News/Reaction** (8:05)     We discuss the latest news about Diddy and share our reactions. - **Corey Holcomb & Craig David call Cassie out** (16:11)     Corey Holcomb and Craig David have something to say about Cassie. - **Why Didn't Cassie Leave?** (28:00)     We delve into the reasons why Cassie may have stayed in a difficult situation. - **Dealing with Domestic Violence growing up / Staying out of family business** (32:12)     A personal discussion on the impact of domestic violence and the complexities of family involvement. - **Vibe Check segment** (35:53)     Our regular segment where we check in on the latest vibes in the culture. - **Vince Staples ‘Dark Times’ Album review** (36:25)     We review Vince Staples' new album "Dark Times." - **Sexyy Redd ft. DRAKE - U my everything ft Drake** (46:17)     A look at the new collaboration between Sexyy Redd and Drake. - **BBL DRIZZY** (50:12)     Discussing the phenomenon of BBL Drizzy. - **Cardi B vs. Sexyy Red** (52:04)     Comparing and contrasting the careers and styles of Cardi B and Sexyy Red. - **Is Cardi B falling off?** (58:40)     Analyzing the current state of Cardi B's career and her future prospects. - **Charleston White vs. Orlando Brown** (1:06:53)     A debate between Charleston White and Orlando Brown. - **“This That & the 3rd” Segment: How to Survive the End of the World?** (1:11:55)     Our advice on how to prepare for and survive apocalyptic scenarios. - **Metro Boomin vs. 21 Savage** (1:24:24)     Comparing the impact and styles of Metro Boomin and 21 Savage. - **Marriage: What are your Biggest Fears in Marriage?** (1:25:07)     A candid conversation about the fears and challenges of marriage.
    1h 34m 20s
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    Ep. 56: What is an Industry Plant? Is Post Malone a Colonizer?

    2 JUN. 2024 · Reacting to the news surrounding Diddy. New music from 4 Batz . What is an Industry plant? Is Post Malone a HipHop colonizer? RICO STARTS a HEATED DEBATE  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3kVZ13TJWPQ
    2h 8m 51s
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    Ep. 55 - Game vs Rick Ross, The Downfall of Drake?... Is Kobe Overrated?

    23 MAY. 2024 · Discussing the Fallout of The Kendrick Lamar. & Drake battle . Are we witnessing the downfall of Drake? Who is EbonyPrince2k24?! The Game DISSES Rick Ross !  Malone starts a HEATED Debate on Kobe's Legacy in the GOAT discussion
    1h 56m 48s
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    Ep 54- The Caitlyn Clark Effect, Nuggets vs Timberwolves predictions, Lakers New Coach?

    23 MAY. 2024 · Flashback From a Youtube Exclusive Episode Discussing the Caitlyn Clarke / Angel Reese effect in WNBA marketing. Timberwolves vs Nuggets predictions. What are the Lakers next moves ?
    56m 40s
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    Ep. 53 | Drake & Kendrick Lamar CRASH OUT , Katt Williams' 'Woke Foke' review

    6 MAY. 2024 · Rico gives an apology to Katt Williams after his Woke Foke special beats expectations. J. cole also has earned an apology... We all know why  Stacks & Malone are back to discuss the CHAOS of the past week between the Drama of Kendirck Lamar & Drake's new Diss Tracks! Is Drake able to come back?? Adair calls in to defend drake the best he could.  Subscribe for more content!!
    1h 40m 5s
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    Ep.52| Kendrick Lamar's Euphoria REACTION/BREAKDOWN

    2 MAY. 2024 · You know why we're here! Rico had to get Stacks to pull up for an EMERGENCY PODCAST! Kendrick Lamar FINALLY RESPONDED to Drake! The guys are here to react and breakdown the lyrics to Kendrick's Headshot 'Euphoria' Diss.  Subscribe for More Content! https://www.youtube.com/@GreatMinds-DrinkAlike
    1h 3m 10s
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    Ep. 51. - RIP Devin Haney, Taylor Made Freestyle , Rachet is the new Black ft DJ. Leww

    26 ABR. 2024 · Welcome back! The guys brought back a special gues DJ Leww to chop it up. The guys discuss the Ryan Garcia v Devin Haney fight, Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul , Drake vs Kendrck & More!! SUBSCRIBE for more content!
    1h 8m 47s
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    Ep. 50 | Surviving Drake

    16 ABR. 2024 · Rico & the guys are back with a new episode! The guys give their thoughts on the drama surrounding Drake & Kendrick Lamar . Playing the diss tracks and rating the performance, the guys have a little fun with this one. RIco HATES J. COle. Malone Never beleived in him, and Stacks is holding out hope! Malone thinks No Jumper is a Social Experiment! Just throwing drama together and seeing what comes of it!  RIP O.J. Simpson - Rico shares his thoughts on OJ's impact to the culture  Tune in for more!
    1h 49m 4s
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    Ep.49| Top 5 TV Show Theme Songs

    20 MAR. 2024 · 🎙️ Welcome back to Great Minds Drink Alike 🥃! In this episode, we've got a jam-packed lineup for you, so grab your drinks and let's dive in! 🍹🎶   🔍 First up, we're breaking down ScHoolboy Q's latest album "Malone" track by track. Join us as we dissect the beats, lyrics, and vibes of this highly anticipated release. 💽🔥   🎬 Rico's taking the mic to deliver his review of Tyler Perry's newest film, 'Mea Culpa,' starring Kelly Rowland. Get ready for his candid thoughts and whether this movie hits the mark or misses it completely. 🎥🍿   💰 The BMF saga continues as we recap the explosive first episode of Season 3 and discuss Big Meech's impending prison release date. Plus, we're ranking the Power universe - which series reigns supreme? 💥💵   🏈 Cam Newton's recent altercation on the football field has got everyone talking, and we're diving into the drama with our reactions and analysis. Don't miss this heated discussion! 🥊🏟️   📺 Shannon Sharpe's viral moments are becoming a weekly occurrence - tune in as we dissect the latest buzz surrounding the sports commentator. 🗣️📈   🎤 Meek Mill is making headlines again, this time with allegations involving P Diddy. We're delving into the rumors and sharing our thoughts on this latest controversy. 🤔💥   🎵 Plus, we're spotlighting some standout tracks including Ambre's "Band Practice" and Chris Patrick's "Lock It Up." Prepare to discover your new favorite tunes! 🎶🔒   🚨 Rico's got a bone to pick with some overlooked R. Kelly songs - tune in to hear which tracks we've let slide under the radar for too long. 🎤🔍   📺 And don't miss our lively debate on the Top 5 TV show theme songs - did your favorites make the cut? 📺🎶   🏀 Is Bronny James ready to make the leap to the NBA? We're weighing in on LeBron's son and his future in the basketball world. 🏀🌟   📚 Lastly, we're tackling some big questions in the world of sports, including the impact of NIL deals on student-athletes and the NFL's decision to forgo the combine for QBs. Plus, do we really care about Saweetie's music? Join the debate! 🤔🎓   Get ready for a whirlwind of topics, laughs, and spirited discussions - it's all happening right here on Great Minds Drink Alike 🥃! Cheers! 🎉🎙️
    2h 8m 44s
  • Ep. 48 | 💩 Sh*tty Situations, R&B Debates, and Broke Boyz 💬🔥

    29 FEB. 2024 · 🚗 Buckle up as Stacks kicks off this episode with a hilarious tale of a 💩 situation he encountered while driving at work – you won't want to miss this one! 😂 • 🎤 The Great Minds trio dives into heated discussions on the current state of R&B groups – are they over for good? When was the last big R&B group to dominate the scene? 🎶 Plus, they weigh in on the best rap song of the last 29 years – get ready for some hot takes! • 🔍 Jeezy takes the spotlight with a Tiny Desk review, questioning if his run was underappreciated. Flashback to the Snow Man Jeezy t-shirts at Walmart – memories! 🌨️ • 🏀 Versus vs Tiny Desk showdown – did Versus drop the ball by selling too soon? And what does Ye being added to the Rolling Loud festival roster say about the other acts? • 🌟 The new wave of kid stars making dope music is up for discussion, along with a heated debate on Doc vs JJ Redick vs Pat Beverley – whose side are you on? • 💰 From Riches to Rags: Is former NFL MVP Adrian Peterson really going broke? The guys dissect AP selling his MVP trophies and more to settle debts. • 🎤 Did Dame Dash fall off? Rumors swirl about him selling his remaining Rocafella shares – what's the value of your legacy? 💎 • 🥊 Floyd Mayweather Jr. drops bombshell comments on the Pivot Podcast about Diddy's allegations – tune in for the scoop! • 🔥 Heated Debate Alert: Terrance Howard only got paid $12,000 for Hustle and Flow. Rico & Malone go head-to-head on whether it's Terrence's fault for not negotiating a better deal. • 🎵 Vibe Check Segment: "No Love Lost" by Fivio Foreign "Forever Lasting" by Domani ft. Teddy Hendrixx & DC Youngfly "Finesse" Bossman Dlow – what's on your playlist? • 📺 Wendy Williams Lifetime docuseries review – are her health issues karma, and is her family taking advantage of her? The Great Minds team breaks it down. • 🤣 Cory Holcomb vs Donnell Rawlings – is Corey Holcomb actually funny? The laughter and debates continue! Tune in, engage, and share your thoughts in the comments – it's Great Minds Drink Alike, where every topic is fair game! 🎉💬 #PodcastTalk #GreatMindsPodcast #PopCultureDebates #CelebrityShowdowns #RnBGroups #HipHopTalk #TinyDeskReview #VersusDebate #CelebNews #VibeCheck #HeatedDebates
    2h 5m 31s

🧠🍻 Step into the world of Great Minds Drink Alike 🧠🍻, where fun, laughter, and good vibes converge! Join hosts Rico and the crew from Houston, Texas, as they dive...

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🧠🍻 Step into the world of Great Minds Drink Alike 🧠🍻, where fun, laughter, and good vibes converge! Join hosts Rico and the crew from Houston, Texas, as they dive into the hip-hop, celebrity drama, sports, and the funny challenges of adulting. With engaging discussions, music reviews, and lively debates, each episode is a rollercoaster. Plus, stay tuned for the fun twists – we have a hell of a time... and maybe a drink or two along the way!

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