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Grit Meets Growth

  • Beyond the Comfort Zone: Living Out of Character for Growth - Episode 79

    8 MAY. 2024 · Today we dive deep into the three crucial steps for achieving our goals: imagining possibilities, believing in them, and taking action. We’re also hitting on how our character influences our ability to execute these steps effectively and suggest that altering our behavior might be necessary for success. We’re exploring the importance of building a strong network, cultivating resilience, and making intentional efforts to pursue our aspirations.  In this episode, we're exploring:    The Three Steps to Goal Achievement: Jim Rohn's philosophy, emphasizing the importance of imagination, belief, and action in realizing our aspirations. Assessing Character for Success: The idea that achieving goals might require a change in behavior and mindset, highlighting the necessity of aligning our character with our ambitions. Networking and Resilience: The significance of building a strong network of connections and developing resilience to navigate challenges effectively. Intentional Effort and Long-Term Vision: The need for consistent, intentional effort in pursuing our goals, recognizing that progress takes time and dedication. Living Out of Character: The concept of pushing boundaries by living out of character, challenging ourselves to break free from ingrained habits and beliefs.  ... ONE TRUTH Achieving meaningful goals requires aligning imagination, belief, and action, but it also necessitates a willingness to assess and possibly change our character and behavior to support our aspirations.
    28m 40s
  • Spring Cleaning Your Life: Decluttering and Embracing Growth - Episode 78

    24 ABR. 2024 · Life is a journey filled with moments and people who come into our lives for various reasons, some for a season, and others for a lifetime. As we navigate through these chapters, it's essential to recognize the importance of spring cleaning not just our homes but also our relationships.  In this episode, we're exploring:  - Not all relationships are meant to last forever; some people come into our lives for a specific reason, season, or lesson.  - We often anticipate that everything in our lives will remain permanent, whether it's friendships, jobs, or client relationships. Change is inevitable, embrace the impermanence of life. - Just as we engage in spring cleaning to declutter our physical spaces, it's crucial to evaluate and declutter our relationships. Some relationships may no longer provide value – it's okay to let them go. - Chase quality over quantity. Having a few authentic, supportive friends is more valuable than having numerous superficial relationships. Surrounding ourselves with growth-minded individuals who support and challenge us can significantly impact our personal development. - Awareness is the first step, but action is crucial. Whether it's addressing old paradigms, changing negative beliefs about ourselves, or pursuing our dreams, taking decisive action is essential for growth and change. - Time waits for no one, and it's essential to live in the moment, cherish our relationships, and make the most out of life. Procrastination and waiting for "someday" can lead to missed opportunities and regrets. ONE TRUTH Relationships, like seasons, change and evolve over time. Not every relationship is meant to last forever, and it's essential to recognize when a relationship no longer serves us or adds value to our lives. Embracing the impermanence of relationships allows us to let go when necessary, make room for new connections, and focus on nurturing the relationships that truly matter.
    30m 41s
  • Finding Gratitude in the Chaos: Lessons in Grit - Episode 77

    10 ABR. 2024 · Today, we’re exploring the strategies and mindset shifts necessary to weather life’s storms and emerge stronger on the other side. From finding gratitude amidst the chaos to maintaining discipline in the midst of turmoil, we uncover the resilience that lies within each of us. Victory is on the other side – keep moving.   We’re exploring: Adapting to Change: Exploring the challenges and opportunities that come with changes in our lives. Finding Energy in New Spaces: The impact of environment on energy levels and productivity, and how changing surroundings can bring new vitality. Gratitude Amidst Adversity: Cultivating gratitude, even in the midst of difficult times, as a tool for resilience and perspective. Maintaining Routine and Discipline: The significance of sticking to routines, maintaining discipline, and continuing healthy habits, even when motivation is hard to find. Adding Value to Others: The power of adding value to relationships, communities, and oneself as a means of finding purpose and fulfillment. Navigating the Storm: The importance of resilience, perseverance, and embracing the lessons embedded within adversity. One Truth Resilience is cultivated through a consistent practice of gratitude, discipline, and adding value to others – even amid the most challenging circumstances. Stay hard.
    23m 18s
  • Redefining Success: Beyond the Basics to Take Charge of Your Growth - Episode 76

    27 MAR. 2024 · Welcome to another episode of the Grit Meets Growth Podcast, where we're all about keeping it real and digging into what it takes to level up in life. Today, we’re getting down to the nitty-gritty of personal development. You've heard the buzzwords – eat right, exercise, rest – but here, we're taking it a step further. We're talking about the real game-changers: finding your tribe, living by your values, and owning your journey. It's not easy, but it's worth it. Let's do this.   In this episode, we’re exploring: - Core Values and Alignment: The importance of aligning actions with core values. This foundational work cannot be done by anyone else but oneself. - Personal Responsibility: While others may support us on our journey, the initial decisions and commitment to personal growth are solely our own responsibility. - Surrounding Oneself with the Right People: Let’s not miss the impact of the company we keep and  how our closest relationships shape our trajectory in life. - Continuous Growth and Openness to Change: Mindset is everything, and embracing one of continuous growth and being open to change is key for personal evolution. - Daily Wins in Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Areas: Here’s a practical approach to success, focusing on achieving daily wins in three key areas: physical fitness, mental stimulation, and spiritual well-being. - Navigating Life's Seasons: Embrace the seasons of life, understanding that discomfort and challenges often precede growth and transformation.  TRUTH: Personal growth and success require individual initiative and commitment. While external support and guidance are valuable, the core decisions and actions necessary for personal development must come from within. No one else can do the foundational work of aligning actions with core values or embracing change on your behalf as an individual. Ultimately, taking ownership of your journey and consistently striving for growth are essential for achieving long-term success.
    31m 17s
  • Embracing Decisiveness, Living Life, and Owning Your Goals - Episode 75

    13 MAR. 2024 · In this episode of the podcast, we dive into a conversation about decision-making and the importance of being decisive amidst a world of overwhelming choices. We're dissecting the challenges of overanalyzing decisions and getting stuck in a loop of analysis paralysis. At the same time, we're emphasizing the need to trust oneself, embrace the discomfort of the process, and define personal goals that resonate deeply – doubling down on the significance of consistency, commitment, and finding one's why.    In this episode, we’re exploring these concepts: - Embrace decisiveness: Learn to trust your instincts and make choices confidently. - Own your goals: Define goals that hold personal significance and go all in on them. - Process over outcome: Understand that the journey towards your goals is where the real growth happens. - Find your why: Discover the deeper reasons behind your goals to stay motivated and resilient in the face of obstacles. - Consistency is key: Success isn't achieved overnight. Consistency is what leads to meaningful results. - Comparison kills: Avoid the trap of comparison and un your race at your own pace. - Gratitude and perspective: Appreciate that you woke up today.  TRUTH: Success and personal growth require embracing discomfort, making decisive choices, and committing to YOUR journey… not someone else’s.  Find inspiration in this discussion? Don't forget to leave a review and subscribe to catch all the future episodes.
    27m 52s
  • Beyond the Eject Button: Taking Charge of Life's Challenges - Episode 74

    28 FEB. 2024 · Goals, relationships, fitness, entrepreneurship… Today's culture has a natural tendency to hit the eject button when faced with adversity. In this episode, we challenge the notion of giving up too early and emphasize the importance of pushing through, no matter how tough things may seem. Teetering on the edge or contemplating giving up? This episode is for you. Let's dive in. In this episode, we’re exploring these concepts: - Choosing resilience over giving up when faced with adversity, urging listeners not to hit the eject button too early in life's challenges. - The significance of having a purpose that extends beyond oneself, focusing on serving others, whether it's in business, relationships, or personal growth. - Burning the boats, eliminating the option of retreat, and committing fully to goals, regardless of the obstacles. - Taking ownership and responsibility for one's actions and circumstances, a key factor in overcoming challenges and achieving success in various aspects of life. - Embracing discomfort and pushing through tough times rather than seeking comfort and avoiding difficult situations. - Shifting your mindset from focusing on external factors and blaming others to taking proactive steps, making choices, and finding solutions, even in the face of unexpected setbacks. TRUTH: Embracing discomfort and pushing through challenges, rather than seeking comfort and giving up prematurely, leads to personal growth, resilience, and ultimately, a sense of fulfillment and achievement. Find inspiration in this discussion? Don't forget to leave a review and subscribe to catch all the future episodes.
    31m 58s
  • How Bad Do You Want It? Backing Up Manifestation with Action - Episode 73

    14 FEB. 2024 · "Just manifest it!" There's more to achieving your goals than simply manifesting them. Yes, you have to see them and believe in them first. Vision is essential, but backing it up with work and action is the key. We're diving deep into the raw realities of pursuing our dreams and achieving our goals, exploring the pivotal role of discipline, habits, and consistency in achieving growth. Join us as we strive to make each day count, backed up by the simple question, "How bad do we want it?" In this episode, we’re exploring these concepts: - Success is rarely easy: debunking the myth of effortless success. - Discipline breeds success: Consistent effort and disciplined habits are the foundation. - Embrace vulnerability and accountability: Openness, vulnerability, and accountability. - Cultivate gratitude for abundance: A mindset of gratitude attracts more. - Prioritizing delayed gratification: Crucial for achieving sustainable success. - Determine your level of commitment: Ask yourself, "How bad do you want it?" - Take ownership and persevere: Committing to disciplined action and embracing challenges. TRUTH: One truth from this episode is that lasting success requires disciplined effort, consistent habits, and a willingness to embrace discomfort and vulnerability along the journey. Find inspiration in this discussion? Don't forget to leave a review and subscribe to catch all the future episodes.
    37m 1s
  • Chasing Self Improvement: The Ultimate Rebellion - Episode 72

    31 ENE. 2024 · We each have an inner rebel, living inside of us and wanting to push back against the grain. We know there’s something more for us, even if the world is telling us that good enough is good enough. Today, we dive into the concept of planting seeds for success, discussing the importance of consistency, discipline, and making decisions that align with your goals. We're sharing personal experiences, from the gym to self-love, and emphasizing the power of grit in driving growth. Join us for a rebellious journey towards self-improvement… In this episode, we’re exploring these concepts: • Consistency leads to long-term success • Starting today, even with small steps, is crucial for progress • Doing challenging things consistently, facing discomfort, and pushing through obstacles develops grit • While self-love is important, it shouldn't be an excuse for complacency • Having a plan is essential to providing direction and achieving goals • Challenge the status quo, rebel against societal norms, and embrace change TRUTH: Rebellion and questioning conventional wisdom when pursuing one's authentic path and a desire for personal growth are powerful forces for positive transformation. Start your rebellion today and push back against all the things that have you feeling stuck. Find inspiration in this discussion? Don't forget to leave a review and subscribe to catch all the future episodes.
    38m 18s
  • Blame Game No More: Taking Control of Relationship Realities - Episode 71

    17 ENE. 2024 · Relationships are hard, especially the ones with our spouses and partners. At the same time, these connections can significantly impact our overall progress in all the other areas of our lives. We kick off the discussion by addressing a fundamental question: When things in a relationship aren't going the way you want them to, where's the first place you look? Is it at your partner, pointing fingers and assigning blame, or do you own your part and work on your own personal growth? Kicking it off there, let’s get after it… In this episode, we’re exploring these concepts: • Taking ownership over placing blame • Navigating through uncomfortable changes • Avoiding keeping score and comparison • It’s not their job to make you happy • Communication and difficult conversations • Embracing each other’s quirks TRUTH: Successful relationships require work: continuous effort, awareness, and communication. Building a strong and lasting relationship involves intentional actions, open communication, and a commitment to understanding and accepting each other. Find inspiration in this discussion? Don't forget to leave a review and subscribe to catch all the future episodes.
    40m 12s
  • Unleashing Change and Achieving Your Goals in the New Year - Episode 70

    3 ENE. 2024 · Join us as we explore goal setting and the concepts of enjoying the process, breaking through plateaus, and the necessity of putting in the work to achieve what you want. Get ready for insights, inspiration, and a healthy dose of motivation to kickstart an exciting 2024. If you resonate with our messages, don't forget to leave a review and subscribe for more gripping conversations. Now, let's get after it! In this episode, we’re exploring these concepts: • It’s never too late to start: Encouragement to begin working towards your goals, irrespective of when you decide to start. • "One day or day one, your choice": Insights from Andy Priscilla, stressing the significance of personal choices in initiating change. • Enjoying the process: Discussion on finding fulfillment in the journey itself rather than solely focusing on goal achievement. • Breaking through plateaus: Recognition of the challenges and plateaus in goal pursuit, emphasizing the need to push through and make necessary changes. • Putting in the work: Reiteration of the fundamental principle that success and satisfaction come from consistent effort and dedication to the journey. TRUTH: The achievement of goals is short-lived, and true satisfaction and fulfillment come from enjoying the entire journey, including the challenges, plateaus, and the process of working towards those goals. Finding joy in the day-to-day efforts and experiences, even the challenges, rather than relying solely on the moment of goal attainment, is what leads to lasting happiness. Find inspiration in this discussion? Don't forget to leave a review and subscribe to catch all the future episodes.
    29m 43s

Chris Cathers and John Gamades bring you Grit Meets Growth... The podcast where we explore the power of getting uncomfortable, making things happen, and creating a magnetic life. Are you...

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Chris Cathers and John Gamades bring you Grit Meets Growth... The podcast where we explore the power of getting uncomfortable, making things happen, and creating a magnetic life. Are you ready?

Chris Cathers is the co-founder and CEO of Octellient, an information security expert, advisor and coach, and a cancer survivor.

John Gamades is a co-founder and partner at the marketing agency OrangeBall Creative and the author of the Depth Not Width blog.

Both are proud husbands, dads, and leaders in all they do. Having experienced adversity, challenges, the pressure of being entrepreneurs, Grit Meets Growth is the authentic and raw sharing of their journeys.
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