• Field Sobriety Test Leads to DUI Arrest

    19 ABR. 2024 · Video on https://hakeym.com/288/ -> https://hakeym.com/288/ A man who appears to be a student of University of Miami in Coral Gables Florida was pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. After a Field Sobriety Test was administered, it was determined by the officers that he was intoxicated. He was subsequently arrested, and his vehicle was towed away by a police contractedd towing service. NoomVibe_2024_04_19_08_47_43.mp4
    47m 22s
  • Drug-Resistant Bacteria Stymied by AI-Designed Antibiotics

    28 MAR. 2024 · Episode 18 - HAK | EYM News
    15m 34s
  • Virtual Peer Pressure: How Avatars Affect Our Moral Choices

    24 MAR. 2024 · Summary: Researchers explored how group dynamics, including virtual avatars, impact individuals’ moral judgments. The study revealed that participants often altered their opinions to align with those of a group, whether the pressure came from real individuals or AI-controlled avatars in a virtual environment. NoomVibe_2024_03_22_22_28_28.mp4
    11m 42s
  • Mating Study Unlocks the Genetic Code of Attraction

    23 MAR. 2024 · Summary: Researchers uncover the nuanced mating behaviors of nematodes, revealing a complex interplay between hermaphroditic and female roundworms in their quest for reproduction. While females actively seek out males, tracking them by smell for mating, hermaphrodites exhibit a starkly different approach, avoiding mating until they deplete their sperm supply. NoomVibe_2024_03_22_22_12_06.mp4
    16m 33s
  • Happiness Takes Practice (NeuroScience News)

    14 MAR. 2024 · Summary: Happiness can indeed be learned through courses like their ‘Science of Happiness’, which educates students on evidence-informed habits for well-being. However, a follow-up study indicates that the initial boost in well-being requires sustained effort and continued practice of these habits, such as gratitude and meditation, to maintain long-term benefits. This study underscores the importance of actively working on mental health, akin to maintaining physical fitness, challenging the prevailing ‘self-care’ narrative by emphasizing outward-focused activities. Reading Source: https://neurosciencenews.com/happiness-practice-25736/  NoomVibe_2024_03_13_19_17_28
    14m 17s
  • AI and Mindfulness: A New Way to Manage Pain (NeuroScience News)

    14 MAR. 2024 · Summary: A new study examines the potential of artificial intelligence to shift chronic pain treatment from opioids to mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR). Utilizing machine learning to analyze extensive patient data, the study aims to predict which patients will benefit most from MBSR, a critical step towards personalized medicine.By focusing on chronic lower back pain and incorporating diverse populations, this research holds promise for reducing opioid dependence and enhancing healthcare efficiency. The initiative, named IMPACT, underscoring the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in tackling complex health challenges. Reading Source: https://neurosciencenews.com/ai-mindfulness-pain-25750/ NoomVibe_2024_03_13_17_26_03
    33m 40s
  • Pornography’s Broad Impact Across Genders (NeuroScience News Reading)

    12 MAR. 2024 · Featuring https://noomvibe.app/ceciliafig - Creator of "Kudos!" on Wisdom and NoomVibe! https://noomvibe.app/ceciliafig Summary: A new study examines the phenomenon of problematic pornography use (PPU) across 42 countries, involving over 82,000 people of diverse genders and sexual orientations. The research highlights how PPU affects a significant minority, leading to serious life consequences, yet remains largely unaddressed in terms of seeking help. Source: https://neurosciencenews.com/gender-porn-addiction-psychology-25701/ https://noomvibe.app/tl/DJfd https://noomvibe.app/tl/DJfd NoomVibe_2024_03_12_00_35_49
    40m 37s
  • Association Between Erectile Dysfunction & Time Spent Watching Porn in Young Men

    8 MAR. 2024 · Broadcast on Spreaker & NoomVibe Source: NeuroScience News https://neurosciencenews.com/porn-erectile-function-16664/ Summary: 23% of men under the age of 35 who reported watching pornography frequently reported problems with erectile function when attempting intercourse with a partner. The study found a significant relationship between time spent watching pornographic movies and increased difficulty with erectile dysfunction with a partner.
    11m 20s
  • Watching pornography rewires the brain to a more juvenile state

    6 MAR. 2024 · Source: NeuroScience News Pornography viewers are increasingly choosing more violent forms of pornography; this may be attributed to the desensitizing effect of regular consumption. https://neurosciencenews.com/neuroscience-pornography-brain-15354/ Producer: Flor Elizabeth Carrasco News Reader: Hakeem Ali-Bocas Alexander UniquilibriuM Multimedia Publishing hak@uniquilibrium.com 757 763 9621 On NoomVibe https://noomvibe.app/tl/97h2
    14m 30s
  • Episode 10 - Preliminary Investigation into The W Assisted Living Facility in Pompano Beach

    26 DIC. 2023 · Episode 10 - HAK | EYM News Beginning preliminary research into the W assisted living facility in Pompano Beach Florida checking up on some things that I’ve heard about the facility and taking some notes to begin a more completed investigation
    28m 14s

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