• Exploring Trauma-Informed & Ethical Storytelling with Dr. Meghna Bhat

    3 JUN. 2024 · Content Warning: This episode includes discussions on trauma and gender-based violence which may be triggering for some listeners. Listener discretion is advised. "We don't just bring our intergenerational cycles of trauma but also intergenerational cycles of wisdom." – Dr. Meghna Bhat   In this episode, Dr. Meghna Bhat, a renowned gender and social justice consultant and storyteller, explores the delicate balance of trauma-informed storytelling within the gender-based violence prevention field. Gayathri and Meghna delve into the practical aspects of creating safe, inclusive spaces for storytelling. Listeners will gain insights into the power of storytelling to foster connection, community, and healing, all while navigating the ethical considerations essential to maintaining the dignity and agency of survivors.   Resources mentioned in episode: www.gulabistories.com www.meghnabhat.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/meghnabhat instagram.com/gulabi_stories www.campfirekinship.com
    36m 7s
  • How to Craft A Powerful Land Acknowledgement, with aloT of Poetry

    1 MAY. 2024 · Land Acknowledgements are a crucial part of reconciliation, recognizing historical and ongoing relationships with Indigenous peoples. However, these acknowledgements can easily become scripted and lose their impact.  In this episode, Gayathri and her guest, aloT of Poetry, a Nigerian-South African Poet now based in Mohkinstis, explore how poetry can cultivate genuine understanding and respect. Crafting a poem might seem daunting, but it can help us navigate the complex emotions and histories that come with reflecting on the place we may now call home.  Tune into this episode to discover aloT of Poetry's insights on infusing personal and emotional depth into your Land Acknowledgments, transforming them from scripted formalities into powerful, heartfelt recognitions. Plus, don't miss her reading her own poem and Land Acknowledgement for Treaty 7. Links mentioned in episode: www.alotofpoetry.com www.campfirekinship.com www.instagram.com/alot.of.poetry/ Step 2:
  • Vulnerability - Is There Such a Thing as Too Much? with Dr. Roselle Gonsalves

    2 ABR. 2024 · Vulnerability in sharing our stories allows us to show up as our true selves and helps to deepen belonging with others. Yet, embracing vulnerability raises important questions about the balance between authenticity and psychological safety. How can vulnerability act as a bridge to more meaningful bonds without leaving us feeling exposed? Let's dive deep with Dr. Roselle Gonsalves as she draws from her impactful work in inclusion and reconciliation, and insights from her latest book, The Ordinary Turned Precious! Links mentioned in the episode: www.rmgonsalves.com https://campfirekinship.com www.cjsw.com/program/hearth2heart https://amazon.com/dp/1738091104?ref_=cm_sw_r_cp_ud_dp_7EYCZJ69P6DJGMERYVYG
    52m 36s
  • Welcome to Season 2!

    25 MAR. 2024 · In this new launch, host Gayathri Shukla unveils her plans for Season 2's theme, Belonging! She recaps her journey thus far, expressing gratitude for listeners' feedback and providing a glimpse of what you can expect in upcoming episodes. IG: campfire_kinship https://campfirekinship.com
    15m 43s
  • The Magic of Kindness with Elena Esina

    2 JUN. 2023 · In this final episode of Season 1, host Gayathri and Elena share some lessons they have learned from working together on the Landed project, and their hopes for the future. Elena Esina is an adjunct professor in the Faculty of Social Work, https://www.linkedin.com/company/ucalgary/ where she manages an initiative called Shift: The Project to End Domestic Violence. Elena holds a master’s in social work and a bachelor’s in financial management. For the last 10 years, Elena has been managing multiple large-scale research projects while conducting research on the prevention of domestic violence. She also leads Immigrant Women Work-Integrated Learning Hub that provides work experience placements for internationally trained women from all over the world in the academic setting. In addition, Elena is a co-founder of https://www.linkedin.com/company/shift-to-learn/, an online learning platform that aims to stop violence before it starts. She is a recent recipient of the 2022 Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee medal in recognition of her leadership in supporting immigrant communities.
    30m 54s
  • My Journey, with Melike Tasdelan

    4 MAY. 2023 · "I feel a sense of belonging when I am surrounded by people who care about me, and people who are sincere to me." In this episode, we'll be exploring the story of Landed co-author Melike Tasdelen, an immigrant woman who defied cultural norms to pursue her education and economic opportunities. Coming from a part of the world where society values women based on their roles as wives and mothers, Melike's journey of self-discovery and determination to succeed is inspiring. She moved from Turkey to Canada by herself after graduating from accounting in 2013. She also has a degree from Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and works as an accountant. Join us as we delve into her story of struggle and triumph, and learn how she navigated societal expectations as well as the additional obstacles of starting from scratch as an international student. campfirekinship.com IG: @campfire_kinship
    21m 42s
  • Distances and Destinations: Healing in Hong Kong, with Jesiebelle Salcedo

    6 ABR. 2023 · "I feel a sense of belonging when communities show care and compassion." Children of immigrants often find themselves living in two worlds. In this episode, Landed co-author and second-generation Filipina-Canadian Jesiebelle Salcedo shares how giving voice to her mom's immigration story has helped her heal her relationship with her mom while honouring her family's roots. Jesie is a teacher, reader, and writer based in Calgary, Alberta. She holds bachelor’s degrees in Canadian studies and elementary English as an additional language from the University of Calgary. To date, she has worked with many first-generation and immigrant youth in local non-profit settings and within the school system, fueling her passion for anti-racism education. In her spare time, Jesie enjoys baking up a storm, exploring new foods, creating pottery pieces, and spending time with her friends and family. Find her on Instagram: @jbreadsandwrites; @jbs_fooddiariescampfirekinship.com IG: @campfire_kinship
    27m 6s
  • A "Better" Version with Swati Dhingra

    2 MAR. 2023 · "When I became an independent, single, immigrant woman homeowner in Calgary...that was like a proud, proud moment...a fantastic feeling of belonging in Canada, and calling it a home." In this episode, Landed co-author Dr. Swati Dhingra joins us to share her immigration journey from India to Canada. She offers tips about the hurdles she faced along the way, including overcoming criticism.   Dr. Dhingra is a research coordinator at the University of Calgary. With her unique background in dentistry and oral medicine from India, she brings an exceptional blend of knowledge and expertise in academic, clinical and community research. She has contributed to several multi-disciplinary research projects at U of C and has been a part of community research projects with Alberta Health Services. Dr. Dhingra is passionate about social work and always looks for meaningful ways to give back to the community. She is also a trained classical Indian dancer and has an extraordinary love for music and travel. Find her at: https://profiles.ucalgary.ca/swati-dhingracampfirekinship.com IG: @campfire_kinship
    27m 52s
  • The Poetry of the Life of an Immigrant Woman with Kelly Kaur

    3 FEB. 2023 · "I feel a sense of belonging when my heart feels at peace no matter where I am, and that is in beautiful Calgary with my family and friends, and I am at peace ." Our latest episode on Hearth 2 Heart is with Kelly Kaur who grew up in Singapore and lives in Calgary. Kelly teaches at Mount Royal University and Athabasca University. She has been published in Qatar, Italy, Malaysia, Zimbabwe, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Canada, Berlin, Prague, Australia, India, and the United States. Some works have appeared in New Asian Short Stories 2015, The Best Asian Stories 2020, and The Best Asian Poetry 2021. Her poems have been published in the International Human Rights Art Festival in New York. She has been published on UNESCO’s Cities of Literature website. Her novel, Letters to Singapore, released on May 1, 2022, by Stonehouse Publishing. kellykaur.comcampfirekinship.com IG: @campfire_kinship
    29m 6s
  • The Seemingly Impossible Quest and Longing for Change with Anusha Kassan

    5 ENE. 2023 · "Until true systemic change takes place, and racist, discriminatory and unjust structures are dismantled in our society, I know I will not be able to rest."Born in Montreal to a French-Canadian mother and a South Asian father,  Anusha Kassan shares her experience of her writing her story in Landed.  Anusha is currently an associate professor with a high-impact position in the School and Applied Child Psychology Program at the University of British Columbia. Her scholarly interests are informed by her own bi-cultural identities and an overarching social justice framework.  Anusha’s program of research presently includes two major foci: immigration experiences across different groups (i.e., newcomer youth, women, 2SLGBTQIA+ peoples), and cultural and social justice responsiveness in professional psychology.  Connect with Anusha at anushakassan.comcampfirekinship.com IG: @campfire_kinship
    29m 47s

The Hearth 2 Heart podcast represents our mission at https://campfirekinship.com: to unlock the power of empathy, one story at a time. This Season dives into the theme of Belonging! Join...

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The Hearth 2 Heart podcast represents our mission at Campfire Kinship: to unlock the power of empathy, one story at a time. This Season dives into the theme of Belonging! Join host Gayathri Shukla and other thought leaders in the space of equity, diversity, inclusion and belonging as they explore - through heartfelt stories - what it means to belong, common challenges, and how to overcome them. You may find the echoes of your own experiences reflected, while learning from diverse perspectives. Listen on your preferred podcast platform, and please rate and review the podcast if you enjoy it!
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