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    Lateral Thinking With BANKS ARCADE

    28 MAY. 2024 · Interview by Rashid Alkamraihki Melbourne based music machine Banks Arcade are in the prime of their musical career. Having recently completed the Death 2 A Muse Tour, Banks Arcade now set their sights on the release of new album A Muse, which will be unleashed on June 28. Formed over a shared love of music with a razor-sharp avant-garde aesthetic, Banks Arcade have always teetered on modernity; a fact displayed firmly on their 2018 debut EP Endnote, its 2020 follow-up Fever Dreams, and the group's head-turning singles Roses and Drown, both of which have gone on to amass well over 2 million individual streams. Releasing their full-length Future Lovers in 2022, Banks Arcade cemented their future-facing trademark style while also turning heads courtesy of their emphatic soundscapes, searing metal and hip-hop additions. Evolving from the darker sides explored on their recent DEATH 2 EP, released in February, A Muse finds the New Zealand-hailing, Melbourne-based quartet shedding the expected and instead flourishing between moments of searing rock, towering hooks, dance beats and fresh explorations into heavy surrounds. HEAVY interrogator Rashid caught up with the band the afternoon of their final Brisbane show to talk more about the album, the tour, the different stylistic choices between both EPs (Death 2 and A Muse) and releasing them as two separate works rather than an album, hotel stabbings and the price of cheese in New Zealand plus more.
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    Taming The Beast With ZAK THOM From DREGG

    28 MAY. 2024 · Interview by Kris Peters *interview contains some language that may be offensive to some readers/listeners* Since bursting onto the scene in 2015, Melbourne noise machine Dregg have been a musical force unto themselves, throwing an eclectic mix of genres against the wall and making cherry pie with the resulting residue. Their music has always been ferocious, confronting, and, most importantly, different, with a fearless blend of elements of metal, hardcore, rap, and electronic music, crafting a sound that embodies their bold, no-rules attitude. But just when you thought it was safe to go back into the moshpit, Dregg return with a new lineup, increased energy and more metal in the form of new single Dog Cunts. It is a vicious, snarling slab of music that hints at the slightly newer direction Dregg will be taking with more upcoming music. New guitarist Zak Thom sat down with HEAVY to talk more, starting with the early response to the track that came out on May 17. "(It's been) Great, actually," he enthused. "I honestly had no idea how it was going to go, because it's my first time being in a band that's had this much reach. So I'm fully just gauging off everything Chris (Mackertich, vocalist) says (laughs)." We ask if he attributes much of that positive response to the use of the suddenly popular C word in the title. "Yeah, definitely," he laughed. "If you look at the comments that have been popping up, people are saying 'Dog Cunts, are these guys Aussie?' I feel like it's such a draw. Even when we sent it to our managers over in America, they loved it immediately. Just the fact it says Dog Cunts which is such an Aussie term." In the full interview, Zak talked more about the release of their new single Dog Cunts and the positive response it has received. He also talked about their upcoming album, which will feature heavier and more experimental elements, and their intention to explore diverse musical genres. He discussed the visual concept and storyline of the music video for Dog Cunts and the potential release date and the working title of the next album. Additionally, Zak introduced himself as one of the new band members and discussed Dregg's unique mix of music genres and their process of pushing boundaries in their music. He also talked about the band's upcoming show and how the addition of new members and a slightly more aggressive sound will alter the live performances.
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  • Theoretically Speaking With RIKARD ZANDER From EVERGREY

    28 MAY. 2024 · Interview by Kris Peters Swedish progressive power metal outfit Evergrey have had a long and distinguished career, chalking up 13 albums in their three-decade existence, in the process redefining the acceptable parameters for Swedish metal. Led since 1993 by guitarist/vocalist Tom S Englund, Evergrey have maintained their dark approach to a generally bright form of metal, spreading their musical wings further with each new release. Evergrey will release their 14th studio album Theories Of Emptiness on June 7, with keyboard player Rikard Zander spending time with HEAVY to discuss the new material. We start by asking if, after 13 previous album releases, the impending release of another is still a nerve-wracking process. "Yeah, I've been there, done that," he shrugged, "but we still put so much effort into every album we do. We always try to do our best, and we always try to top the previous albums. So, of course, we are very anxious to see how it's going to be received. We're always a little bit nervous of course, because we've been in the process for such a long time so we really don't know… we don't have an objective side of it yet, so it feels good when you start to get some good reviews and hear people liking it (laughs)." "We always try to find new angles for every release. I mean, we're not going to change completely. We still have a way, and we're going to put out great music, but we try to find a new way of writing, maybe just to try to keep it fresh. And I think the new angle on this album is mostly that Johan, our bass player, has written a lot of music, and he hasn't done that before." In the full interview, Rikard discussed Evergrey's new album Theories of Emptiness, highlighting the band's approach to creating fresh music and the influence of different band members on the album's sound. He also expressed surprise at early reviews calling it their best album ever, emphasizing the band's ongoing efforts to deliver high-quality music despite releasing numerous albums. He engaged in a detailed discussion about the album, covering various aspects such as the song titles, guest vocals, and the introduction of new elements, particularly the contribution of bass player Johan in songwriting. Rikard also provided insights into the band's upcoming world tour plans, including gigs in South America, European festivals, a Scandinavian tour, and a European tour in the fall.
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    Reward For Effort With MATT FACK From THE OMNIFIC

    25 MAY. 2024 · Interview by Kris Peters Melbourne instrumental outfit The Omnific are a band who have managed to traverse the boundaries normally separating instrumental music from that with vocals, blending a variety of techniques and impossible-to-resist musical precision that appeals to all lovers of music. Following the release of three groundbreaking EPs - Sonorous (2016), Kismet (2017), and The Minds Eye (2019) - The Omnific found themselves and their music reaching all corners of the globe, even attracting the attention of Clay Gober from Polyphia who featured on the single Antecedent from the band's debut 2021 album Escapades. In 2023, the group went from strength to strength; supporting Polyphia in Australia, and Ne Obliviscaris in Europe and North America, capping it off with a landmark 46-date world tour in support of single Phat Mackerel, including festivals Euroblast (DE), Reeperbahn (DE) and Bigsound (AU) before starting off 2024 supporting The Hu on home soil. A major feature of their success has been an amalgamation of styles and genres which dives through prog, metal, djent, funk, synth-driven soundscapes, and more. With their sophomore album The Law Of Augmenting Returns being unleashed yesterday, HEAVY caught up with one of two bass players, Matt Fack, to find out more. We start by asking about the album title, The Law Of Augmenting Returns. "A lot of thought went into that," Fack nodded, "because the whole concept was like, well, the law of diminishing returns seems to be a pretty common concept, mainly, I guess, in the commerce world. But in life, when you think about it, I guess, the more you do something, the less return you get from that. So I was trying to think, what could we sort of, I guess, due to like, be like, what's the opposite? Like the more you do something, the more reward you get out of it. And augmenting also relates to music, like diminished to augmented. So that fits to music as well. I guess you can say it's got some cool meaning to it." We ask if there was any more pressure going into this album following the universal success of Escapades. "I guess you can think about it like your own personal pressure," he measured. "Like, I want to outdo myself from the prior record. I guess when it comes to just being creative… I wouldn't say it's like pressuring myself to do something, because it all kind of flows naturally when you're feeling like in the moment. I'm just thrilled it sort of just came about as it did without putting pressure on ourselves." In the full interview, we discussed The Omnific's new album, The Law of Augmenting Returns, in greater detail. We talked about the concept behind the album title and the pressure associated with releasing a sophomore album. Matt also delved into the creative journey behind the album, discussing the process of incorporating live musicians and selecting singles, as well as the significance of their production team and the impact of guest spots on the album. He also provided insights into their upcoming European tour and plans for future performances, offering a comprehensive overview of their musical endeavours and creative aspirations.
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    A Musical Novel With CARLOS & TOM From PARK RD

    25 MAY. 2024 · Interview by Kris Peters New Zealand indie rock outfit Park Rd have released their debut album, The Novel, which came out last Friday, May 24. The Novel stands as a testament to PARK RD's evolution as musicians and individuals and offers listeners an intimate glimpse into their heads and hearts. Having already announced themselves on the scene with two previous EPs and a host of singles, Park Rd have had a stellar last 12 months, performing at festivals such as SXSW Sydney, Rhythm & Vines, Soundsplash and Le Currents, as well as supporting The Band CAMINO, Milky Chance, Spacey Jane, and Summer Thieves. HEAVY sat down with members Carlos Martin (bass) and Tom Chamberlain (vocals) to find out more. We discussed their debut album, The Novel, and their excitement and anxiety surrounding its release. They shared insights into their songwriting process, emphasizing the organic and fluid nature of their creative approach, and revealed that the album features a mix of rock, pop, and more intimate, stripped-back compositions. The band also discussed their recent tour of Australia and their plans for upcoming shows, expressing their eagerness to connect with Aussie crowds and their hopes for a successful tour.
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    Connection Through Communication With ALEX CENTOFANTI From GYPSY ROAD

    22 MAY. 2024 · Interview by Kris Peters Preparing for a debut album - for any band - is an arduous task. Once you make that firm decision and commit to laying down your tracks for others to digest, it seems like, in many respects, everything is violently taken from your control and placed at the mercy of others. As such, it would be easy - and almost forgivable - to take the easier path, whatever that may be. Safe songs, safe structure, proven methods and carefully mapped out schedules, but at what cost? You only get one chance to release a debut album, and in many ways that one album can define the rest of your musical career. Which is why a large number of bands take the safe passage. Or at least their version of it, which invariably leads to a more polished and socially acceptable offering of music from the lyrics all the way down to presentation. But every once in a while you come across a band who throw caution to the wind and leave themselves and their music exposed as they let their fledgling work of art loose on the world. A band who are unashamed to leave large chunks of their own DNA splattered throughout the release, thus laying bare their innermost emotions and thoughts. It is a brave and increasingly fading approach, but has also become so much more noticeable in what is fast becoming a saturated market where different often equates to good. So it is with Melbourne-based post-punk, Midwest emo outfit Gypsy Road who have laid their souls on open display with their debut album Letters To A Friend, From Interstate which is released on May 24. An exhaustive and confronting collection of eight songs highlighting the emotional struggles confronted by the band throughout the entire process, Letters To A Friend, From Interstate captures a band unafraid to admit not having the answers and honest enough to concede defeat. It is an eclectic and refreshing journey through a myriad of genres that are woven together in a sonic tapestry that drips with vulnerability yet exudes an air of confidence that suggests a strong future. HEAVY caught up with frontman Alex Centofanti to find out more, asking if he is nervous, excited, anxious or all three together as Friday's release date approaches. "All of the above," he laughed. "For so many multiple reasons. The last three singles we have released - which actually have been our first ever singles because before that we released three EP's - has been a new experience for me and pretty nerve-wracking. Those songs have actually done the best for any releases we have done. That's why it's also anxious, nervous and excited. I'm hoping that it translates to the album. It's one of those things where you get worried that when you release a couple of songs people aren't going to listen to the full album, so I'm hoping they make it through the whole thing because I think it's pretty good (laughs)." We press Alex on the musical side of the album and what Gypsy Road were going for sonically. "I was going for quite a few things," he measured. "I was going for a heavier sound than I've ever done before. I was going for a lot more… I wouldn't say a darker sound, but I was definitely going for that melancholy vibe. I was really just trying to make it sound how I felt at the time." In the full interview, Alex talks more about the musicality on Letters To A Friend, From Interstate, what sorts of things they did as a band in preparation for their debut offering, how they will gauge the success of the album, the emotional side of the music and committing that to paper, some of the themes and lyrical content covered, future planning in terms of musical growth, upcoming gigs and more.
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    Musical Deception With SIANA DAVIS From KRAVE

    22 MAY. 2024 · Interview by Kris Peters If work ethic and dedication to your craft were the only parameters of success in the music industry, then Brisbane hard rock outfit Krave would already be nestled comfortably somewhere towards the upper regions of the proverbial tree. The trio have spent most of their short existence playing anywhere and everywhere they could, offsetting that essential drive with a steady succession of powerful and catchy singles that have provided a strong platform from which to launch their assault. After spending the past 18 months focussing more on the live aspect of their tenure - which included support slots for Suicidal Tendencies and Avatar - Krave have now turned their sonic gaze back to writing and recording, with a stronger sense of self-belief and trust in their ability that only time on the road can bring. Today, May 23, sees Krave release their first new music since December 2022 in the form of the single Charade, a song that highlights the band's growth and belief and reflects a harder edge that has laid simmering gently beneath the surface in previous years. HEAVY caught up with vocalist/bassist Siana Davis to find out more. "It is such an epic one," she explained of Charade. "It's a new kind of sound for Krave and explores lots of deep topics within the music itself, and we are amazed with the production of the song. We've hit a whole new level as a band." After a prolonged absence from releasing music, we ask Siana if she feels any extra pressure stepping back into the limelight again. "It's quite nervous getting back out there," she laughed. "We've been playing so many shows last year and we have been so busy. We've been saying we have to release new music soon and everyone has been 'when's it coming?' (laughs)." In the full interview, Siana tells us more about Charade from a musical point of view, the deep lyrics and Krave's consistency when it comes to writing engaging and substantial music, how their sound has changed to reflect the band's recent growth, if Charade is a stand-alone track or part of a bigger picture, what direction new music will take, reaping the benefits of sustained touring, upcoming shows and more.
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    Psychic Celebrations with LIAM CORMIER From CANCER BATS

    22 MAY. 2024 · Interview by Kris Peters After an absence of five years, Canadian hardcore punk outfit Cancer Bats are finally returning to our shores next month for an eight-date run of shows in a belated celebration of the band's most recent 2022 album Psychic Jailbreak. That album marked a changing of the guard for Cancer Bats, with founding guitarist Scott Middleton leaving before the album was recorded, forcing the remaining three members into an uncomfortable writing and recording process that ultimately brought out the best in each of them. The album was a resounding success but is yet to be performed live in this country, a blight that shall be rectified in just over three weeks, with frontman Liam Cormier making no effort to hide his enthusiasm when he spoke with HEAVY only hours ago. "I'm still on this tour," he replied when asked if he was packed and ready for Australia yet, "so I have a bag of dirty laundry (laughs). I'm ready to go. I'll just put this in the wash, then repack my bags. I feel like this last bunch of touring we've been really busy, so it's almost like having a bag packed and ready to rip. That's how I've been living (laughs)." We ask Liam what has changed with Cancer Bats since their last visit down under. "Last time we played, we had Wade MacNeil from Alexisonfire playing guitar with us," he offered. "Since then, we've had a couple of other folks on guitar duties, but now our homie Jackson (Landry) is gonna be shredding for both the Cancer Bats and Bat Sabbath shows. Australia will get to meet our new favourite… he calls us his Uncles because he's younger. He's like a 27-year-old little ripper." In the full interview, Liam talks more about Jackson and how he has slotted into the band, the response to Psychic Jailbreak from fans, the internal pressures the band put on themselves to improve on each album, keeping things fresh after seven albums and counting, taking Fangz as national support and the part Cancer Bats played in getting the band together, having local bands open in each city, the two Bat Sabbath shows and what to expect, what craziness Cancer Bats plan to bring and more.
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    22 MAY. 2024 · Interview by Kris Peters Quinceañera - the celebration of a girl's 15th birthday, marking her passage from girlhood to womanhood; the term is also used for the celebrant herself. Sounds like cause to celebrate and an even greater cause to party, which is exactly what Me First And The Gimme Gimmes did when they ‘crashed’ the coming-of-age ceremony of a young lady by the name of Madison. Not that anyone should be surprised seeing twenty years earlier the band had done the same thing at Johnny’s Bar Mitzvah but as they say, why let somebody else's inhibition spoil what could be a great party for yourself? Not only did the band perform to an unwelcoming audience at said ceremony, they also recorded the set and invite one and all to share the special occasion when they release BLOW IT…AT MADISON’S QUINCEAÑERA! on June 14. HEAVY sat down earlier today with frontman Spike Slawson to find out more details in all of their punk drenched glory. We start by asking if he still gets nervous about impending album releases. "Absolutely," he nodded. "It was our first Quinceañera party, and it's intended to be awkward and comic and tragic all at once, and so if it is a success it's likely going to be excruciating and in the moment, if that makes sense. It's very nerve-wracking. We vetted the contestants that won the dubious prize of having us play their Quinceañera party, and we wanted to make sure there were no natural allies in attendance. Nobody that knew who we were or was going to be inclined to liking us or our performance. That was very important to us, and it was the right decision. But when I was about to go out and actually face the crowd, it was… difficult. It was a challenge. But, we had a good time. The crowd eventually turned around. I think we finally played a song from this Millennium and that made a big difference I think." In the full interview, Spike explains what a Quinceañera actually is, opening with Black Sabbath and if, in hindsight, he would have chosen a different song, the in between song banter and keeping the recording authentic, how Madison liked the show, using a horn section for the first time, how he would describe Me First & The Gimme Gimmes to someone who had never heard them before and more.
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    The Eye Of The Storm With AGE OF EMERGENCE

    18 MAY. 2024 · Interview by Kris Peters Newcastle progressive rock outfit Age Of Emergence are currently about halfway through a run of shows around Australia in support of their new EP The All Seeing Eye Part 1. In a world where the core genres are starting to become more popular by the week, it is refreshing to see a band staying true to their core, unafraid of defying conventions by peddling their brand of rock. Age Of Emergence have been plying their trade since forming in Newcastle back in 2013, releasing their first EP Plea For A Dying World four years later before following that up with The War Within Ourselves in 2020. Then, as happened the world over, the pandemic struck and halted the momentum AGE had been steadily building, but rather than succumb to the general bleakness engulfing the world, the band decided to turn their feelings into music with the result being The All Seeing Eye. The EP also sees AGE welcome in new drummer Adam Clayton, with Adam joining vocals/bass Dean Holmes and guitarist Matt Neilson for a chat with HEAVY earlier today, starting with the early response to the new EP. "No one has said anything so far," Holmes laughed. "So, so far it's been pretty positive. I guess most people seem to think it's better or just as good as the stuff we've done previously." "People like the video clip we've done as well," Clayton added. "It's good to know that the effort is being appreciated." "The sound is an improvement from what we were chasing," Neilson chimed in. "We used more of the current modern recording methods with this," Holmes continued. "All the plug-ins and things like that and I can see why bands are using it now.
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    Growing The Family, HARD-ONS Style

    15 SEP. 2021 · The Hard-Ons are almost more Australian than Vegemite. Almost. For just shy of 40 years guitarist Blackie and bass player Ray Ahn have punked and rolled themselves into Australian music folklore with their blending of punk tempos, hardcore attitude, heavy metal riffs and surf-pop melodies, coupled with a dry and laconic sense of humour, catapulting them into the hearts and eardrums of generations of fans. The recent announcement of You Am I frontman Tim Rogers to The Hard-Ons was met in some quarters with surprise, but most with excited anticipation, with the amalgamation of two of this countries most loved bands a recipe for success. That anticipation was justified with the release of the bands first single with Rogers, Hold Tight, satiating long term fans and silencing the doubters with its fresh approach to The Hard-Ons sound without overhauling the finer points that endeared the band to many. Rogers and Blackie joined HEAVY for a fun chat recently to discuss the next phase of the Australian juggernaut that is The Hard-Ons and their new album I‘m Sorry Sir, That Riffs Been Taken, which is out on October 8. We start by welcoming Rogers to the band and asking how it came about. "The call came - and I thought it was a wind up - but Ray's always been straight up with me," he began. "For thirty years he told me how bad we've been when we've been bad in my other band, and he's been so generous, so I decided to take it seriously and sobered up a bit and then drove up to Sydney and had two rehearsals and it was so much fun and terrifying. I've never rehearsed harder in any situation. " "You found it terrifying, but fucken hell, it was a pleasure," Blackie cut in, laughing. "So your suffering was my pleasure (laughs)." "I think I turned up the second rehearsal," Rogers continued, "and I was a bit more relaxed and had more fun because the band said 'hey Tim, why don't you just choose a set list' and I thought well, I've got a wishlist of about 97 songs and I whittled it down to about 20 something, and apart from songs on the record they were 95% songs from the last six records. My purpose at the moment is to get people that haven't heard those records to hear them, as well as the one we just recorded. After the initial terror, it was just joy. And the recording... I did all my vocals in a day and a half, and I was really shocked to find out that Pete and Ray and Murray had done the tracking similarly, like a day and a half, and I couldn't believe it. I thought this is like trying to cage a tiger or jump onto it." In the full interview the chemistry of Tim and Blackie is evident as they bounce off each other, talking more about Tim joining the band, the upcoming album, why they chose Rogers as singer, how, if at all, The Hard-Ons will be different musically, humour in music and why it's important, what Tim brings to The Hard-Ons and more.
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    BLACK RHENO Bring the Noise

    30 SEP. 2019 · Black Rheno are one of those bands that everybody should have heard but too many have not. They are a hard-working, hard-touring excitement machine and after introducing themselves to the world with their debut E.P Let's Start a Cult in 2016, are finally ready to unleash their first full-length album, with the appropriately titled Noise Smasher set for release on October 25 "We're ecstatic!" blurted drummer Dougy "We're very excited (laughs). There's a big tour coming up for it too but we've all been waiting for the right time to drop it and I think now is that time. Let's do it!" After completing the album some time ago and with anticipation around the country now threatening to boil over, Dougy admits that sitting on the album before releasing it has been frustrating to say the least. "Oh man, you have no idea," he laughed "It's been pretty crazy. The E.P came out a couple of years ago now and we've been sitting on this for a while waiting for the right time to bring it out. We have worked insanely hard on it. It's a good mix of everything. You've seen us play and I think its a good adaption of what we do live. We go crazy, we can make you dance and go nuts, and hopefully it all works out. Very excited is an understatement. Musically Noise Smasher follows a similar path to the music on Let's Start a Cult, but Dougy says that for their second release Black Rheno tapped a little more into their personal influences - more subconsciously than thought out - with the resulting collection of music the definitive sound of a band at peace with their craft. "Other artists talk about where most of their influences have come from - usually their personal favourite artists - but I have never really thought like that," he deliberated. "But when I think about it this album pretty much sounds like all of our individual favourite bands (laughs), with all those genres smashed into one. It's great. You wouldn't pick it but I'm an avid fan of most genres. I grew up with just death metal and that was it, but I'm also a big fan of the Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age and Kyuss or stoner stuff, but fuck I also like Sting and The Police - there's nothing of that on the album of course (laughs) - but it's a big mix of different genres which is great. It's not just death metal, death metal, death metal. It can pick you up at some points and you get all groovy and start dancing, or you can start banging your fucken head and start smashing things if you like. There's something for the whole family if you will." Tour Dates Thursday 7th November Badlands, Perth Friday 8th November Enigma, Adelaide Saturday 9th November Max Watts, Melbourne Sunday 10th November Brisbane Hotel, Hobart Monday 11th November The Basement, Canberra Wednesday 13th November The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle Thursday 14th November Crowbar, Sydney Friday 15th November Crowbar, Brisbane
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All the latest music interviews from the team at HEAVY Magazine. HEAVY interviews the worlds leading rock, punk, metal and beyond musicians in the heavy universe of music. We will...

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All the latest music interviews from the team at HEAVY Magazine.

HEAVY interviews the worlds leading rock, punk, metal and beyond musicians in the heavy universe of music.

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