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  • From Roswell to Elkhorn Ashton Solecki's Acting Evolution

    26 MAY. 2024 · I welcomed back Ashton Solecki to discusses her role as Medora in the TV show Elkhorn and the character's complex motivations. She talks about the chemistry between the cast members and the strong bond they have. Ashton also shares her personal connection to the setting of the show, as she grew up near the real town of Medora. She highlights the importance of portraying historical characters with nuance and explores the love story between Medora and the Marquis. The conversation also touches on the power dynamics and tension between the characters in the show. In this part of the conversation, Ashton and Chris discuss the relationship between Medora and Rosie in the show Elkhorn. They speculate on why Medora takes an interest in Rosie and how their dynamic evolves throughout the season. They also talk about the challenges of filming in heavy costumes and the extreme weather conditions on set. Ashton shares her experience of understanding her character, Medora, and the growth she experienced as an actor during the filming process. In this final part of the conversation, Chris and Ashton discuss Chris's experience filming a torture scene and the challenges of becoming an overnight success in the entertainment industry. They also talk about the importance of enjoying the journey and not just focusing on the end goal. The conversation then takes a lighthearted turn as they share their impressions of various characters and discuss Ashton's upcoming projects. They end the conversation with a humorous discussion about Ashton's recent encounter with mice in her house. Takeaways The cast of Elkhorn has a strong bond and great chemistry. Portraying historical characters requires nuance and understanding. Medora and the Marquis have a complex love story. The show explores power dynamics and tension between characters. The relationship between Madora and Rosie in Elkhorn is a central theme in the show. Madora takes an interest in Rosie because she sees herself in her and wants to mentor her. Filming in heavy costumes and extreme weather conditions was challenging for the cast. Ashton gained a deeper understanding of her character, Madora, as she worked with the other actors on set. Acting is a challenging career that requires dedication and perseverance. The entertainment industry can involve challenging and uncomfortable experiences, such as filming intense scenes like torture. Becoming an overnight success often requires years of hard work and perseverance. It's important to enjoy the journey and focus on doing good work, rather than solely chasing success. Impressions can be a fun and impressive talent, but not everyone has the ability to do them. Ashton has an upcoming project called 'The Darkness Returns,' which is a supernatural horror meets psychological thriller. Ashton had a recent experience with mice in her house, which she handled with compassion and a catch-and-release approach. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Favorite Guest 01:30 Elkhorn and the Excitement of Release 05:00 Medora's Character and Historical Context 06:33 Chemistry with Jeff Fahey and Playing Off Each Other 08:00 Medora's Role as the Money and Love Story with the Marquis 09:39 Playing a Real Person and Finding Medora's Character 11:11 The Dinner Scene and Strong Personalities 12:58 Medora's Sweet Side and Love for Family 14:06 Balancing Social Acceptability and Inner Thoughts 15:29 Tension and Power Dynamics in the Show 21:29 Challenges of Filming in Heavy Costumes and Extreme Weather 25:19 Understanding and Developing the Character of Madora 29:06 The Rewards and Challenges of an Acting Career 36:51 Navigating Challenging Scenes and the Path to Success in the Entertainment Industry 38:57 Finding Joy in the Journey and Doing Good Work 41:01 Impressions and Upcoming Projects 48:38 Dealing with Mice in the House: A Humorous Encounter
    53m 3s
  • Elkhorn Interview: The Honesty and Honour of William Sewell with Elijha Mahar

    25 MAY. 2024 · I am joined by actor Elijha Mahar who discusses his character William Sewell in the TV show 'Roosevelt', as well as the dynamics between Sewell and Roosevelt. We talk about the importance of Sewell's stabilizing presence in Roosevelt's life and how Sewell guides him without telling him what to do. We also discuss the close-knit cast and the authenticity of the costumes and makeup. Elijha shares his takeaways from playing Sewell and encourages viewers to enjoy the show's wholesome and historically accurate retelling of one of America's greatest presidents. Sound Bites "I walk up to him, I look him right in the eyes like, that's it. I hold my axe up. No one carries an axe pull out his axe like, what's this guy got to do with an axe?" "He misses his wife. He misses Mary. He wants, he starts to see people, you know, creating families and creating, you know, relationships here. And, you know, he, she's, she's like his rock, you know?" "If you want my advice, I'll give it to you, but I'm not going to tell you what to do." "Enjoy it, sit down, watch it. You can watch it with your kids. You can watch it with your grandparents. And, you know, it's going to be really fun." Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Setting the Stage 01:52 Sewell's Backstory and Relationship with Roosevelt 05:46 Sewell's Reaction to the Wild West 06:36 Sewell's Role in the Divide Between the Working Class and the Affluent 07:55 Sewell's Physical Presence and Intimidation 08:51 Describing Sewell in Three Words 09:35 Sewell's Relationship with Other Characters 10:40 Challenges in Portraying Sewell 11:38 Researching Sewell's Background 12:35 Creating Sewell's Physical Presence 14:00 Sewell's Loneliness and Missing His Wife 16:21 Sewell's Strengths and Weaknesses 17:12 Sewell's Loneliness and Missing His Wife 18:08 Sewell's Relationship with Roosevelt 19:18 The Role of Sewell in Guiding Roosevelt 20:56 The Close-Knit Cast and Crew of 'Roosevelt' 22:52 Challenges of Filming in Heavy Costumes and Hot Weather 36:13 The Influence of Playing Sewell on Parenting 38:38 An Old-Style TV Western Feel with Historical Accuracy 39:55 New Chapter 39:55 New Chapter 2
    39m 57s
  • Elkhorn Interview: From Elkhorn to Deep Within: Matt Wiggins on Character, Music, and Gratitude

    15 MAY. 2024 · In this conversation, I chat with actor and singer Matt Wiggins as he discusses his role as William Merrifield in the TV show Elkhorn. He describes his character as wise, patient, and driven, and compares him to a big brother figure for Teddy Roosevelt. Matt talks about the strengths of his character, including his patience, experience, and leadership qualities. He also mentions a potential weakness, which is a bit of ego and jealousy. Matt explains how he built chemistry with the other actors and worked with the director to shape his character's arc. He discusses the authenticity of his performance and how he maintained it throughout the show. Matt also shares his excitement about being part of a Western and the joy of losing himself in the time period. Matt Wiggins discusses the personal development he gained from playing the character Bill in the show Elkhorn, including humility and staying grounded. He also talks about his music career with the band Deep Within and their success in the metal genre. Matt expresses gratitude to the fans of Elkhorn and his music, emphasizing the importance of their support in his journey. Takeaways Matt Wiggins describes his character in Elkhorn, William Merrifield, as wise, patient, and driven. The strengths of the character include his patience, experience, and leadership qualities. A potential weakness of the character is a bit of ego and jealousy. Matt built chemistry with the other actors and worked with the director to shape his character's arc. He maintained the authenticity of his performance by immersing himself in the time period and staying focused on the character. Matt is excited about being part of a Western and enjoyed the experience of losing himself in the world of Elkhorn. Playing the character Bill in Elkhorn taught Matt Wiggins about humility and staying grounded. Matt's music career with the band Deep Within has been successful in the metal genre. He is grateful for the support of fans of Elkhorn and his music. The personal development and success Matt has experienced are a result of the connection with fans. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Excitement 01:56 The Wise, Patient, and Driven Character of William Merrifield 06:54 Strengths and Weaknesses of William Merrifield 08:20 Building Chemistry and Shaping the Character's Arc 12:13 Maintaining Authenticity in the Performance 21:54 Lessons in Personal Development and Humility 25:19 Deep Within: A Successful Journey in the Metal Genre 32:45 Gratitude for Fans: The Key to Success
    41m 59s
  • Elkhorn Interview: From Scrappy to Kind-Hearted Unveiling Rosie Maddox with Tori Griffith

    9 MAY. 2024 · In this conversation, I chat with actress Tori Griffith who discusses her role as Rosie Maddox in the TV show Elkhorn. She talks about her character's traits and motivations, as well as her preparation for the role. Tori mentions that Rosie is scrappy, ambitious, and kind-hearted. She wants to have her own life and follow her dreams, which were not common for women in that time period. Tori researched books set in the Victorian era and the Old West to understand the mindset of women during that time. She also created a storyboard and a Spotify playlist to immerse herself in the character's world. Tori highlights the strong relationship between Rosie and Medora, played by Ashton Leigh, and how working with Ashton elevated her performance. She also mentions the challenges of portraying a character from a different time period and the importance of knowing the character's backstory. Tori Griffith discusses the challenges of embodying her character in Elkhorn, including the need to be more contained and less expressive. She shares how the costumes helped her get into character and how the heat on set affected the cast. Tori emphasizes the importance of building good relationships with cast and crew on set and shares her experiences working with actors who were down-to-earth and easy to work with. She also mentions her upcoming film, Bau: Artist at War, a Holocaust film set to be released by Paramount. Takeaways Rosie Maddox is a scrappy, ambitious, and kind-hearted character who wants to have her own life and follow her dreams. Tori Griffith researched books set in the Victorian era and the Old West to understand the mindset of women during that time. She created a storyboard and a Spotify playlist to immerse herself in the character's world. Working with Ashton Leigh, who plays Medora, elevated Tori's performance and showcased the strong relationship between their characters. Portraying a character from a different time period comes with challenges, but knowing the character's backstory is crucial for bringing them to life. Embodying a character sometimes requires being more contained and less expressive. Costumes can help actors get into character and improve their posture and mannerisms. Building good relationships with cast and crew on set is important for a positive working environment. Working with down-to-earth actors can make the filming experience more enjoyable. Tori Griffith has an upcoming film, Bau Artist at War, a Holocaust film set to be released by Paramount. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Technical Difficulties 02:07 Introducing Tori Griffith and Elkhorn 04:32 Describing Rosie Maddox in Three Words 07:00 Creating a Storyboard and Spotify Playlist 12:38 The Strong Relationship Between Rosie and Medora 19:14 Challenges of Portraying Rosie Maddox 21:33 Challenges of Character Embodiment 25:32 Filming in Hot Weather 32:59 Building Relationships on Set 39:15 Upcoming Film: Bau: Artist at War
    38m 28s
  • Elkhorn Interview: Exploring the Flaws and Complexities of Roosevelts Character with Mason Beals

    6 MAY. 2024 · Mason Beals discusses his role as Theodore Roosevelt in the show Elkhorn and the challenges of portraying the character. He talks about the character's origin story and his journey in the show. Mason also highlights the flaws and complexities of Roosevelt, including his abandonment of his daughter and his desire to be a cowboy. He discusses the dynamics between Roosevelt, Medora, and the Marquis de Marais, and how they represent different worlds and class systems. Mason also mentions the fight scenes in the show and the fun of playing the action hero. The conversation covers various topics related to the TV show 'Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders'. The actors discuss their characters, the dynamics between them, and the development of their relationships. They also talk about the age difference between the characters and the challenges of portraying historical figures. The conversation touches on the show's sense of levity and the importance of having fun while watching it. The actors express their hopes for a second season and encourage viewers to enjoy the series.
    35m 40s
  • Elkhorn Interview: Jeff Dujardin discusses playing the Marquis de Mores

    3 MAY. 2024 · I sat down to chat with Jeff DuJardin who discusses his role as the Marquis de Mores in the TV show Elkhorn. We discuss the character's motivations, his relationship with Theodore Roosevelt, and the dynamics of the show. Jeff describes the Marquis as ambitious, loyal, and cultured. Jeff.talks about the challenges of portraying a character with a believable French accent and the research he did to understand the Marquis. The conversation also touches on the chemistry between the characters, the allure of the Wild West setting, and the writing and character development in the show. Jeff hints at the escalating tensions between the Marquis and Theodore Roosevelt in future episodes. Takeaways The Marquis de Mores is an ambitious, loyal, and cultured character in the TV show Elkhorn. Jeff DuJardin prepared for the role by doing research and drawing upon his own background. The Marquis and Theodore Roosevelt have a complex relationship, with tensions escalating throughout the show. The appeal of Westerns lies in the freedom and nostalgia associated with that era. Future episodes of Elkhorn promise to deliver more intense and dramatic moments between the characters. Sound Bites "The Marquis de Mores is ambitious, loyal, and cultured."  "The Marquis has to think outside the box now that Theodore is here."  "The Marquis and his wife Medora are like a powerful and driven couple." Chapters https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYqCAnT4ZV8&t=0s Introduction and Background https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYqCAnT4ZV8&t=181s The Intriguing Character of the Marquis de Mores https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYqCAnT4ZV8&t=372s The Chemistry and Allure of Elkhorn's Wild West Setting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYqCAnT4ZV8&t=661s Escalating Tensions: The Marquis vs. Theodore Roosevelt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eYqCAnT4ZV8&t=1863s Future Episodes and Conclusion
    31m 34s
  • Behind the Scenes: Unmasking Emotions in Roswell Delirium with Kylee Levien

    11 MAR. 2024 · In this episode, join us as we delve into Kylee Levien’s journey portraying a traumatized yet resilient character in the film. From challenging hospital scenes to the emotional impact of the story, we explore the highs and lows of filmmaking. Plus, Kylee shares insights from her experience on set, including moments of improvisation and the art of vulnerability. Remember, every emotion has a story, and this podcast episode uncovers the raw emotions behind the camera. Tune in for an intimate conversation about passion, transformation, and the power of storytelling. Takeaways Roswell Delirium is a film that explores the story of a young girl dealing with trauma and adversity in a post-apocalyptic world. Kylee's character, Mayday Malone, is described as traumatized, strong, and independent. The most challenging scene for Kylee to film was in the hospital, The film evokes nostalgia and emotional connections to real-life events, such as the Challenger explosion. Chapters 00:00 Introduction 01:12 Background and Praise for Roswell Delirium 06:00 Challenges of Filming Emotional Scenes 10:29 Most Challenging Scene to Film 13:19 Emotional Impact of the Film 15:39 The Depth and Complexity of the Film 21:35 The Impact of Real-Life Events 22:04 Capturing Raw Emotions 22:52 Directing Style 25:04 Memorable Moments on Set 31:23 Approaching Roles with Physical Transformations 35:27 Improvisation and Character Development 39:11 Upcoming Projects 41:08 Lessons Learned
    40m 42s
  • Emotional Resonance: Arielle Bodenhausen discusses her role in Roswell Delirium

    6 MAR. 2024 · Arielle Bodenhausen joins me to chat and discusses her background and multiple roles, including teaching dance and yoga. She shares her transition into acting and her experience working on the film Roswell Delirium. The conversation explores the character of Wendy and her journey as a mother in a post-apocalyptic world. The emotional scenes and subtle references in the film are highlighted, along with the transformation of Wendy's character. The discussion concludes with a reflection on motherhood and the emotional resonance of the film. In this conversation, Arielle Bodenhausen discusses her powerful and emotional filming experience in the movie Roswell Delirium. She shares how she channeled her personal experiences into her performance and the impact it had on the entire cast and crew. Arielle talks about the challenges of filming intense scenes and the emotional journey her character goes through. She also reflects on the importance of trust and instinct in acting and the valuable lessons she learned from working with veteran actors. Arielle expresses her excitement for future projects and her desire to explore different types of roles. Takeaways Channeling personal experiences can bring depth and authenticity to a performance. Intense and emotional scenes can create a powerful and immersive filming experience. Trusting instincts and embracing imperfections can lead to impactful performances. Working with veteran actors provides valuable learning opportunities and insights. Exploring different types of roles can be an exciting and fulfilling career direction. Chapters 00:00 Introduction 00:41 Arielle's Background and Multiple Roles 05:12 Role in Roswell Delirium 08:37 Wendy's Character in the Film 12:19 Emotional Scenes and Subtle References 16:04 Transformation of Wendy's Character 22:23 Powerful and Emotional Filming Experience 23:30 Emotional Scenes and Reconnecting with Co-Stars 24:20 Intense Makeup Process and Waiting for the Final Scene 26:09 Impactful Performance and Marveling at Co-Star's Work 27:15 Receiving Emotional Moments and Capturing Powerful Scenes 29:21 The Emotional Impact of Wendy's Storyline 30:19 Discovering the Storytelling Techniques in the Film 32:00 Two Cameras and Seamless Transitions 33:22 Challenges and Most Challenging Scenes 34:04 Takeaways from Wendy's Character and Filming Experience 36:57 Working with Veteran Actors and Learning from Them 39:14 Future Projects and Shifting Focus 41:45 Final Message to the Audience
    40m 43s
  • Roswell Delirium: An Intimate Journey with Ashton Solecki

    1 MAR. 2024 · In this conversation, I talk with actress Ashton Solecki about her role in the film Roswell Delirium and the challenges she faced. She shares her initial impressions of the film and the attraction to the script and story. Ashton talks about the most challenging scene she had to film and the emotional intensity of the final scene. She also discusses her working relationship with Kylie Levien and Arie Bodenhausen, as well as her experience working with Anthony Michael Hall. We talk about her experience working on the film and the unique nature of the storytelling. She emphasizes the importance of immersing oneself in a character and the impact of truthful acting. The conversation concludes with a discussion on powerful moments on set and the immersive nature of acting as well as gives us a sneak mention of her upcoming projects, including a TV show and a feature film. Chapters 00:00 Introduction and Pronunciation 01:14 Initial Impressions of the Film 08:00 Most Challenging Scene 1 3:44 Working with Kylie and Ari 21:27 Powerful Moments on Set 23:11 Immersing Yourself in a Character 23:59 The Impact of Truthful Acting 24:46 The Unique Nature of Roswell Delirium 26:10 Fitting into the Film Landscape 27:05 The Divisiveness of Emotional Films 27:31 Unapologetic Filmmaking 28:22 The Rewarding Experience of Working on Roswell Delirium 30:30 The Power of the Film's Storytelling 32:22 The Impact of the Young Actors in the Film 33:48 Hidden Inspirations and Homages in Roswell Delirium 36:13 The Collaborative Effort of the Film Crew 38:43 The Experience of Watching the Film at the Chinese Theater 43:08 Upcoming Projects 45:06 Closing Remarks
    44m 20s
  • From Puppetry to Performance: A Journey with Charlotte Campbell

    28 FEB. 2024 · Summary In this conversation, I chat with Charlotte Campbell, who discusses her career and various aspects of her work as an actress. She talks about her early interest in performing and how she got started in the industry. Charlotte also shares her experiences with puppetry and aerial hoop, as well as her role in a play about domestic abuse. She explains her process for building a character from scratch and how she develops chemistry with her co-stars. Finally, she discusses how she handles emotionally taxing scenes and the importance of preparation and focus. In this conversation, Charlotte Campbell discusses the differences between stage and screen acting. She emphasizes the importance of being fully present and taking risks in both mediums. Charlotte also shares her admiration for actors such as Meryl Streep, Heath Ledger, and Claire Foy, who have had a significant impact on her own acting journey. She offers advice to aspiring actors, encouraging them to trust their instincts, embrace failure as redirection, and always have faith in themselves. Takeaways Early experiences and interests can shape a person's career path. Acting requires vulnerability and the ability to connect with others. Building a character involves understanding their emotional life and physicality. Chemistry with co-stars is developed through active listening and trust. Handling emotionally taxing scenes requires preparation and focus. Being fully present and taking risks are essential in both stage and screen acting. Stage acting requires pacing oneself and maintaining energy throughout a performance. Film acting allows for subtlety and the capture of micro expressions. Respecting and supporting the crew is crucial on a film set. Inspiration can be drawn from actors like Meryl Streep, Heath Ledger, and Claire Foy. Aspiring actors should trust their instincts, embrace failure, and have faith in themselves. Precision of Film 35:02 Respecting and Supporting the Crew 36:03 Actors Who Inspire 37:28 Meryl Streep's Impact 38:28 Heath Ledger's Performance in The Dark Knight 39:28 Claire Foy's Work in The Crown 44:31 Advice for Actors Starting Out
    48m 29s

Hellblazerbiz is a show bringing those who you see on film and tv, and those who work behind the scenes, into your living room, discussing and being open about their...

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Hellblazerbiz is a show bringing those who you see on film and tv, and those who work behind the scenes, into your living room, discussing and being open about their inspirations, their careers, their lives, with lots of laughter along the way. Sit back and enjoy as you get to learn more about who they are, and that in the end, no matter what career or vocation we do, we all have similar traits and shows us the human side of these people who we admire on screen
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