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Houston P. A. hosted by Laurent

  • No Summer Slide with Literacy Now!

    14 JUN. 2024 · Jacque Daughtry is the CEO of Literacy Now and Jacklyn Wilson is their Chief Operating Officer. They discuss their programs that fight the "summer slide" student experience from being away from school for 2 months and how their other volunteer driven programs, including the Lunch Bunch, help elevate the catastrophically low literacy rate amongst Harris County children. You can get involved: http://www.literacynowhouston.org 
    Played 30m 27s
  • F3: Fitness, Fellowship &Faith

    6 JUN. 2024 · Christian Taylor aka Hertz, Juan Martinez aka Fear Factor, Richard Chavez aka Camelbak, discuss F3: a national network of free, peer-led workouts for men. The Fs stand for Fitness, Fellowship and Faith. Their mission is to plant, grow and serve small workout groups for men for the invigoration of male community leadership. We had a lot of fun talking about how their community has their own way of talking and how every man is welcome, no matter their age or fitness level. Go to http://www.f3nation.com/ to find a local program near you.
    Played 30m 45s
  • Big Brothers Big Sister: lifelong friendship that break the cycle of poverty

    31 MAY. 2024 · Pierce Bush is the CEO of Big Brother Big Sisters Lone Star. They help volunteers mentor kids, guiding them to graduate from high school and form valuable connections in life. They are in need of mentors, especially men because they have far more boys on their waiting list and it’s worth getting involved. Their results are impressive. The “Littles” are exponentially more likely to graduate and get a good job, breaking the cycle of poverty they grew up in. We also talk about the lasting bonds Bigs and Littles form and how so many Littles return to be mentors themselves. Go to http://www.bbbstx.org/greater-houston to sign up.
    Played 30m 6s
  • Motherhood Center: supporting new moms and dads

    4 MAY. 2024 · Gabriela Gerhart is the founder of Motherhood Center. They offer education, support groups and access to experts and doulas for expecting mothers and fathers. The free Baby Bump Social is every 2nd Thursday of the month and just announced: every third Thursday of the month will be a new dad group. Go to http://www.motherhoodcenter.com/ for more information.
    Played 30m 29s
  • Special Olympics Texas gets a lot of help from Jersey Mike's

    23 MAR. 2024 · The Special Olympics Texan East Region is getting a bunch of help from Jersey Mike’s who is conducting a cool fundraiser on March 27th. They will donate all proceeds to Special Olympics nationwide. To tell us how if affects Texas, my guests are: Ainsley Spenser, a Special Olympics athlete with a great story of friendship, AJ Edenzon, the Executive Director of Special Olympics Texan East Region, Carolina Proaño, a marketing specialist for a Jersey Mikes franchise in Houston and John Foster, the area director for Jersey Mike’s. Go to http://www.sotx.org/ to see their many programs which brings families and friends together on a weekly basis.
    Played 30m 20s
  • Houston PetSet: 20 years of serving Texans and our animals

    16 MAR. 2024 · Lisa Tynan is the marketing and special events specialist for Houston PetSet. We celebrate their 20 years of service to Texans by discussing the great success they have had lobbying our city and state government to enact more humane laws. They also offer free chip and vaccine services and we explain how important it is to do this with our pets. And we always talk about their pet transports. They have sent opver 10,000 cats and dogs to states up north so they could be adopted. Their websites have great videos you should check out. They’ll fill your heart with hope and joy! Go to http://www.houstonpetset.org/ and also consider donating a few bucks. They’re doing great work.
    Played 30m 45s
  • Sweat Equity: Houston Habitat for Humanity's secret to success

    2 MAR. 2024 · Sylvia Villalpando is the Homeowner Services Associate Director for Houston Habitat for Humanity. Their success is in large part due to their “Sweat Equity” program, which requires potential homeowners to take financial management classes and to put in some work in helping others with their home needs. We also discuss how Houston Habitat chooses applicants and how they buy land to build houses. They need volunteers and we also discuss the great help they’re getting from big companies in Houston. Go to: www.houstonhabitat.org
    Played 30m
  • Literacy Now is fixing the catastrophic reading rate in the Houston Area

    24 FEB. 2024 · Jacque Daughtry is the CEO of Literacy Now and Jacklyn Wilson is their chief Operating officer. Only about 30% of Houston Area 3rd graders can read at their 3rd grade level when they are pushed into 4th grade. This condemns these kids to a life of poverty and, probably, petty crime or worse. That’s what the data tells us. Literacy Now helps those kids catch up to their reading level and it works because there is nothing wrong with the kids! It’s how we allow our public education system to fail them that is wrong. Other programs Literacy Now operates help them achieve this goal: Reading Intervention, The Reading Express and the crucial Parent Partnership because without the parents participating, it’s harder to get the kids to learn. You can volunteer and donate here:http://www.literacynowhouston.org/
    Played 30m 10s
  • Lupus Texas Gulf Coast

    17 FEB. 2024 · Anne Marie Blacketer is the CEO of Lupus Texas Gulf Coast. Lupus is still a relatively unknown disease to most and raising awareness is how we can create more research opportunities. The disease affects black women disproportionately and we still don’t know the cause, nor is there any cure. Lupus Texas Gulf Coast offers support to those living with Lupus, including a summer camp for children that is held at Camp For All in Burton, TX. It’s designed to engage kids between the ages of 5-15 who have lupus. Check out their website: https://www.lupus.org/texasgulfcoast
    Played 29m 33s
  • Inova: Memorial Assistance Ministries' new program for Entrepreneurs

    10 FEB. 2024 · Sonja Gee is the President & CEO of Memorial Assistance Ministries (MAM). They never dropped the ball during the pandemic. They kept their doors as open as legally possible and continuing their services uninterrupted. They are launching a new program: the Innova Community Business Academy, designed to to empower entrepreneurs and small businesses in poor communities. Their first graduating class was a great success and they are already expanding which means over twice as many graduates in 2024! MAM also has a great Literacy Advance program and that is on top of all their services supporting in need of long term support. Go to: http://www.mamhouston.org/
    Played 30m 32s

Houston P.A. is a weekly program of conversation hosted by Laurent Fouilloud-Buyat (just call him Laurent, pronounced low-ront). Each week, Laurent invites you to meet the people who make Houston...

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Houston P.A. is a weekly program of conversation hosted by Laurent Fouilloud-Buyat (just call him Laurent, pronounced low-ront). Each week, Laurent invites you to meet the people who make Houston unique: the museum curators, scientists, writers, dancers, musicians, civil servants, the neighbor who used to be an alcoholic but is now in recovery, and the one who has donated two gallons of blood in his lifetime ... they're on Houston Public Affairs, the show about the people of Houston.
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