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I AM Rising

  • When Saying Nothing is the Answer

    19 JUN. 2024 · This episode dives deep into what to say and not to say to someone going through a challenge, an illness, a loss, etc. It's meant to be educational and inspirational and also healing! I go through a list of all of the things people said to me during the darkest and scariest time of my life from diagnosis of cancer, through treatment, and beyond.  As my mom always says, "People mean well." And I get that. AND, we can all learn, grow, and evolve to be a better healing space for others when they are going though struggles.  And we can begin to take ownership of our feelings that come up when those around us are suffering. This could be a controversial or triggering episode!  And that's amazing because that means there is energy to be felt, experienced, breathed into, and forgiven. Let the healing begin! If you'd like to watch this episode, it's on YouTube https://youtu.be/K1NpmHpk0DI
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  • First and Last Breaths

    7 ABR. 2024 · This 4th episode was recorded when I was in my 2nd year of studying with Alchemy of Breath,  (my school), as a mentor.  I share some of the trauma from receiving the actual diagnosis, multiple surgeries and the aftermath,  toxic drugs, not feeling safe in my body, and dissociating.  I share how breast cancer cracked me open to meet myself on the inside; how I truly met my light in the darkness by facing my death and my willingness to embrace the unknown. In Alchemy of Breath, we did an exercise of writing a letter from our death bed, breaths away from our dying self to our current self.  I share the letter to music as a healing process.  The 2nd half being very meditative provides the opportunity for you to inquire into your own life and experience, opening your heart to the moment and what comes up for you.   
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  • The In Between

    10 MAR. 2024 · I AM Rising Season 2, Episode 2; "The In-Between" In this 2nd episode, I go a little deeper in sharing my journey through a life-threatening breast cancer diagnosis and 2 and a half year recovery.  I read a journal entry of when I was in the darkest of times.  This was after surgeries and chemotherapy and I felt dead on the inside just as much as the outside.  Some things I talk about are: - - Once cancer is in the body it’s a wake up call; a calling to go inside. - Breathing new life to those parts that shut down/closed. - How we build up walls and create identities to protect ourselves - Cancer as a punishment vs cancer as a gift; how I slowly got there - Shame/guilt, embarrassment, closure, giving power away, and how toxic this is to the body. - How to feel whole vibrant alive again after severe trauma. - The choice to surrender. - What is the true medicine? How to navigate resistance. - Last few moments invitation to breathe, open, and drop in to embrace yourself. What new commitment can you make for yourself?
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  • Death, Rebirth; The Return

    22 FEB. 2024 · Season Two: Episode One of I AM Rising and a dramatic title that is based completely in truth. Death, Rebirth; the Return. After 3 years of a healing recovery from a life-threatening breast cancer diagnosis, Tina opens up about her journey of meeting her death face to face. In this first episode, she reads a part of her journal when she is in the darkest of places. After surgeries, and chemotherapy, no hair, no eyebrows, no eyelashes, feeling lost, dead inside, like a shell of a human being, wondering if she would ever even remotely feel like herself again, whoever that even was anymore. She shares deeply and authentically and we peer into the depths of her suffering in the pitch-black, darkness. She then shares the total contrast of a journal entry a year or so later demonstrating a complete turnaround! Tina lays the groundwork about some of what she did during this time to heal and paints a picture of what to expect for future episodes.
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  • Mary Magdalene & the Sisterhood of the Rose

    14 AGO. 2019 · Mary Magdalene, a true embodiment of the Divine Feminine, has been around me for many years preparing me for the Goddess work that I'm currently doing in my work with women. Her consciousness and energy comes through with a "Sisterhood of the Rose", a powerful tribe of High Priestesses, Goddesses, and women throughout "her-story." During a very difficult time of my life, I called out to her in pain, in frustration, in such a dark night of the soul, and she spoke to me, and to us, and this episode is her channeled message to bring hope, light, love and clarity in moving forward.
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  • Through the Darkness and into the Light

    13 JUL. 2019 · We are in a period awakening on this planet, and with this awakening comes many changes. There have been so many obstacles, challenges and hardships. So many of my clients and students have reached out to ask what is happening! So, I asked my angels and guides why things have been so difficult, why so many of us are having challenges on a regular basis, and what is happening as a whole that we are stuck and unable to move forward. And in meditation I received a powerful message that I channel and share with you on this episode, leading to a healing meditation at the end to help you move from any darkness in your life into the light...
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  • An Inner Commitment to Yourself

    13 JUN. 2019 · Where are your deepest commitments? Do you know? Are you open to creating space for yourself? This episode will inspire you to make new commitments honoring your process and all that comes up, good and bad, positive and negative, all as part of your unique and perfect experience to grow… I talk about just being solid and clear with your intentions…. letting go of all else. It’s realizing that every moment is a prayer, every word is a prayer, and when we set an intention, and communicate with our Higher Self, angels and guides, everything after that is a continuation of that inner commitment.  So I invite you to make a new commitment each morning with me for the next 40 days and see how things begin to shift and transform. Listen to the affirmative prayer/meditations as if the words are coming from you…
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  • Connecting with the Divine Mother

    21 MAY. 2019 · This episode is an opportunity to connect with the nurturing and powerful energy of the Divine Mother; to feel her presence, to hear her messages for you, to surrender and be more in alignment with your heart. She came to me recently in a meditation with such unconditional love, grace, healing and compassion helping me through a challenging and emotional time. I channel and share her deep and profound message, and I invite you to listen as if she's speaking directly to you.
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I AM Rising is a journey to awaken to our true authentic selves; to rise in our power, beauty, and grace unifying with the love and light within us.. The...

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I AM Rising is a journey to awaken to our true authentic selves; to rise in our power, beauty, and grace unifying with the love and light within us..

The I AM term has a deeper significance as well.

The I AM Presence Itself is our true identity, our unique expression and embodiment of the Divine individualized as each of us. It is who we are at our core when we drop our minds, and open our hearts...

And as we are in the Age of Aquarius, it is the time of the Divine Feminine Rising, so we are being called more than ever before to RISE.. and to RISE TOGETHER.

Each meditative episode of this podcast will inspire and uplift you giving you an opportunity to slow down from what you’re doing, become still, and remember and align with the love, the light, the God/Goddess within you.

I’m here to guide you, support you, and hold prayer, and with these meditative vibes bring healing and wholeness to help us in collectively making a difference on this beautiful planet.
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