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Ice Cold Conservative with Jasmin St Claire

  • Nate Cain Unveils the Truth Behind Ukraine and Hillary Clinton’s Dark Secrets

    17 ENE. 2024 · The original Whistle blower in the Hillary Clinton case, Nate Cain, sits down to talk with me about his upcoming bid for West Virginia congress 2nd district. The American people were gaslit by the situation in Ukraine, to really know the facts behind what happened in the Hillary Clinton’s nefarious and alarming business dealings. And Nate Cain is now running for Congress in the second district of West Virginia and his main focuses are: protect our constitutional rights, protecting the children and restoring our security. For more about him, please visit his website http://www.natecain4wv.con/m
    1h 2m 40s
  • Sarah McAbee's Heart-Wrenching Journey and the Battle for J6 Families

    8 ENE. 2024 · Sarah McAbee joins me to discuss J6 and her stand in the gap foundation. Her husband is currently a political prisoner awaiting sentencing. She is a true warrior and has been very active in providing vital services for families of J6ers. As a victim of the government arresting her husband , she takes us through the whole journey and lets us know how a lot of us can help. Be sure to check out : http://www.standinthegap.foundation/ Reach out to her also on twitter: https://twitter.com/TheRealJ6Sarah Check out: http://www.freedomfirstbeef.com/ use code : JASMIN for 15% off
    30m 5s
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    Lady MAGA Speaks Out Against Transgender Story Hour

    23 ENE. 2023 · Lady Maga was perfect for this episode. Not only was she beat up by fellow supporters, but she kept on sticking to spreading the MAGA agenda. She is the perfect person to speak out against the transgender story hours as she despises sexualizing children. No matter who is a Republican and loves the MAGA agenda, we have to stick together. Put aside religion and assumptions and remember that we are all fighting for the same thing. SPONSORS: Consider investing in gold with Our Gold Guy, who is an America First Patriot, sources all his gold from America and has the best rates in the industry. Let him that know Jasmin St Claire sent you when you fill out the form at https://ourgoldguy.com. Start off your morning with the only coffee that tastes like FREEDOM! Freedom First Coffee is 100% organic and fire-roasted right on Main Street USA. Use code JASMIN for a MASSIVE discount at https://freedomfirstcoffee.com.
    59m 5s
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    The Truth About Detransitioning with Abel Garcia

    11 ENE. 2023 · Meet Abel Garcia. If you want to know the TRUTH about detransitioning, you won't want to miss this episode as Abel Garcia is a product of someone who suffered that. See what the aftermath is and most of all, how innocent people are getting brainwashed by trusted doctors and adults.
    39m 43s
  • Dustin Faulkner: Fighting the Good Fight for America

    10 ENE. 2023 · Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and chat with other people that have common sense and are like-minded. I wanted to know more about a lot of the people that are in the Freedom first Network family, so I decided to bring Dustin Faulkner on who has quite a lot to say, and he’s very active on the front lines of fighting the good fight for this country.
    41m 29s
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    Drew Taylor on Taiwan, Roe v Wade, Primaries & Private Grooming Parties

    9 ENE. 2023 · Drew Taylor from United Resistance joins this episode of Hot Topic with Jasmin St Claire to discuss Nancy Pelosi's trip to Taiwan, the aftermath of the Dobbs Decision, the GOP Primaries and private grooming parties. Hot Topic: The weekly show hosted by Jasmin where are we talk about anything and everything taboo and controversial in the news. Featuring different guest we discuss what their topic of the day is.
    40m 22s
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    Leader of Gays Against Groomers Exposes how Pedophiles Hide Under the LGBTQ Umbrella to Groom the Youth

    30 NOV. 2022 · Let's welcome the activated activist Mario Presents to Ice Cold Conservative with Jasmin St Claire. He speaks the truth as we explore this whole trend of pedophiles hiding under the umbrella of the LGBTQ community as a way to groom the youth. Mario, who is a  member of the LGBTQ and the leader of Gays Against Groomers in California, tells us the truth about how real LGBTQ feels about this. Hopefully this educates the brainwashed and under-informed as to what the difference is, how this is a huge backlash to the LGBTQ community and how we can all fight against this!
    1h 2m 51s
  • LEXIT’s Jesse Holguin: Stop Being a Political Pawn!

    28 NOV. 2022 · Just like Candace Owens has Blexit, Jesse Holguin founded Lexit for those in the Latin community who are sick of being used by the left as political pawns and would like to see what the right has to offer and the truth as to what we stand for. Stop the woke non-Latin people who tell the Latin community what should & should not be tolerated and more! Lexit is such a great thing that I even joined it.
    30m 13s
  • Drake Wuertz Shares How the Left’s Mentality has Affected His Career

    18 OCT. 2022 · This episode of Ice Cold Conservative was a lot of fun. Meet Drake Wuertz! Those of you who like wrestling, must know him from the WWE and he also ran for 38th district in Florida! He’s back in the ring again working for XPW wrestling October 22 in Pomona I’m excited to work with him! But most importantly, he’s another person whose career had been affected by the mentality of the left. It was great speaking to someone else in the world of wrestling and knowing that there are more of us conservatives out there. Become a Freedom First TV subscriber today using code JASMIN for 25% off at https://freedomfirst.tv/subscribe.
    42m 4s
  • Dr Cal Beisner: The Crisis of Climate Misinformation

    14 OCT. 2022 · Ice Cold Conservative welcomes the founder of the Cornwall Alliance for the fellowship of creation, Dr Calvin Beisner. The true crisis we’re facing is misinformation out there about climate change and electrical cars. As we have power outages across the nation and people complaining about climate change let’s see what’s really going on. Calvin Beisner has put together an 18 page document available on his website www.Cornwallalliance.org… it’s called “fact-checked”. This episode is very informative and very important I encourage everyone to watch because I’ve learned quite a bit from it. Become a Freedom First TV subscriber using code JASMIN for 25% off at https://freedomfirst.tv/subscribe.
    54m 34s
Jasmin St Claire interviews some of the top conservative newsmakers every Friday on Ice Cold Conservative.

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