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IndigeCast with Seth Vlotaros

  • Ep 4 - Indigenous Youth and Filmmaking with Connor Martin!

    3 MAY. 2021 · Boozhoo/Hello! Join me as we learn about Connor's experience in film school, her creative inspirations, and just her life in Six Nations! We also talk a bit about the meaning of success and our shared passions for indigenous youth work :D Here are our socials! Connor's Instagram: @littlebrownbearmedia Seth's Instagram: @helloiamseth
    Escuchado 1h 1m 52s
  • Episode 3 - Shaker and Two-Spirited teachings with Laura Horton!

    21 ABR. 2021 · Join me as I sit down and listen to Laura share her knowledge on Shakers and Two Spirited teachings!
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    Episode 2 - Cultural Art and Exploration with Tashie Broadbent!

    5 ABR. 2021 · Join me as we listen to Tashie talk about her experience making Indigenous crafts from such a young age what it was growing up in London, ON as Indigenous youth! --------------- Here is the promised social media from this episode! Seth's Page: @Hello.I.Am.Seth Seth's Instagram: @helloiamseth Tashie's Craft Business: @StrawberryEagle Tashie's Instagram: @strawberry_eagle
    Escuchado 47m 25s
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    Episode 1 - Indigenous Women In Trades and Self Discovery with Maria Vandenbrand!

    22 MAR. 2021 · Episode 1 is a sit down with one my dearest friends Maria Vandenbrand! Maria talks about what it was like being an indigenous women working in the trades, how it effected her life, and the opportunities it gave her! She also shares her stories and experiences of when she found out she had Indigenous heritage!
    Escuchado 46m 56s
  • Ep 0 - Welcome To IndigeCast!

    8 MAR. 2021 · Boozhoo! Welcome to IndigeCast! With Episode 0, I give a little introduction about myself and did a short talk about why I've decided to start this podcast what it has to offer!
    Escuchado 10m 3s
Grab some cedar tea and hang out with Seth as he explores the indigenous culture through a series of fun and exciting interviews!

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