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  • Tyson Martell | From Oil & Gas to Acting & Ceremony

    7 MAR. 2024 · In this enlightening episode of the Indigenous Fashion Podcast, we embark on a profound journey with Tyson Martell, a Cree nation healer and educator. Tyson shares his transformative path from personal trauma to becoming a conduit for healing, guided by the ancestral wisdom of his lineage of medicine men and healers. Through his story, we explore the intricate connections between wellness, spirituality, and indigenous practices, offering listeners a unique perspective on healing and personal growth. Join us as Tyson reveals the power of traditional medicines, the significance of balance in our lives, and his mission to empower the next generation with the knowledge of their cultural heritage. https://www.instagram.com/oskapoi1919/ 1. Indigenous healing 2. Spiritual wellness 3. Cree nation 4. Traditional medicines 5. Personal transformation 6. Ancestral wisdom 7. Indigenous cultures 8. Trauma recovery 9. Medicine men 10. Spiritual practices 11. Personal growth 12. Healing journey 13. Indigenous spirituality 14. Self-help 15. Wellness podcast 16. Energy healing 17. Cultural heritage 18. Empowering youth 19. Balance in life 20. Healing ceremonies 21. Native American healing 22. Overcoming trauma 23. Spiritual awakening 24. Indigenous knowledge 25. Community healing 26. Healing practices 27. Healing stories 28. Indigenous wisdom 29. Cultural healing 30. Indigenous educators Welcome to a very special episode of the Indigenous Fashion Podcast, where we delve deep into the heart of healing and wisdom from the Cree nation. Today, we have the honor of welcoming Tyson Martell, a remarkable individual whose life story embodies the transformative power of indigenous practices and the journey to wellness. From experiencing profound personal trauma to discovering his calling as a healer and mentor, Tyson's story is one of resilience, enlightenment, and the sacred duty to pass on ancestral knowledge. Sit back and let Tyson's journey inspire you to explore the depths of your own path to healing. 1. "When I take on the creator's energy, it's so great that I heal myself as well as them." 2. "All that trauma, I didn't know that I was masking with all that overworking." 3. "I walk with medicine. I'm a healer." 4. "Creator will give us what we need, not what we want." 5. "Wellness is your priority." Overview for Each Section: 1.**Introduction of Tyson Martell**: Explore Tyson's background, his Cree heritage, and his role in the community. 2. **Journey to Healing**: Tyson shares his personal transformation from trauma to becoming a healer. 3. **The Power of Traditional Medicines**: Insights into Tyson's training in traditional medicines and the healing ceremonies. 4. **Healing Practices in Action**: A live demonstration of Tyson's healing practice on co-host Laura, including the spiritual and physical aspects of healing. 5. **Educating and Empowering Youth**: Tyson discusses his mission to teach and empower young men and women with indigenous wisdom.
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  • Threads of Tradition: Sewing Empowerment with Stephanie Eagletail Designs | Tsuu T'ina Nation in Alberta, Canada

    3 MAR. 2024 · In this inspiring episode of the Indigenous Fashion Podcast, host Ashley delves into the heart of traditional Indigenous fashion with the remarkable Stephanie Eagletail, an Indigenous designer transforming lives through the art of sewing. From the Tsuu T'ina Nation in Alberta, Canada, Stephanie shares her journey of rediscovery and empowerment, weaving tales of her humble beginnings, the deep-seated love for fashion nurtured from childhood, and the profound impact of her work beyond the runway. With a mission rooted in cultural preservation, education, and empowerment, Stephanie's sewing lessons have touched the lives of over 360 individuals across Canada, offering not just a skill but a path to self-sufficiency, pride, and a deeper connection with their heritage. This episode explores the power of traditional crafts in shaping identities, strengthening communities, and fostering personal growth. Join us as we uncover the stories of resilience, creativity, and transformation sewn into every piece Stephanie Eagletail creates. https://www.instagram.com/steph_eagletail/ The journey and impact of Stephanie Eagletail, an Indigenous designer - The significance of traditional Indigenous sewing techniques and their role in cultural preservation and personal development - The transformative power of teaching and sharing skills within Indigenous communities - The importance of self-expression and identity through fashion The target audience for this podcast episode includes individuals interested in Indigenous cultures, traditional fashion, women's empowerment, the role of arts in social change, and those seeking inspirational stories of personal growth and community impact. - **Introduction to Stephanie Eagletail and Her Background**: Discover Stephanie's roots in the Tsuu T'ina Nation, her early passion for fashion, and her journey into the world of Indigenous design. - **The Power of Sewing and Education**: Explore how Stephanie's sewing classes have become a beacon of hope, skill, and empowerment for Indigenous communities across Canada. - **Impact Stories**: Hear touching stories of how Stephanie's work has profoundly affected individuals and communities, fostering self-esteem, cultural pride, and new opportunities. - **Future Endeavors and How to Connect**: Learn about Stephanie's plans for expanding her reach through online tutorials and where to find her work and classes.
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  • Building a Legacy: Dante Biss Grayson's Impact on the Indigenous Fashion Industry

    14 ENE. 2024 · Dante Biss Grayson is a Native American designer hailing from Santa Fe, New Mexico, renowned for his versatile design skills and contributions to indigenous fashion. He is the creator of the Skygo Collection, a premier indigenous fashion brand that has evolved into a full-fledged fashion house. Before stepping into the fashion world, Dante served a twelve-year military tenure, which included experience from 9/11. Post-military, he embraced his art and design background, which included studies in Amsterdam, as a therapeutic avenue to address his PTSD. With advocacies for indigenous issues and a commitment to cultural appreciation, he has created waves at events like New York Fashion Week and garnered attention in "Cowgirl Magazine." Episode Summary: In this captivating episode, Ashley, our enthusiastic host, sits down with the visionary indigenous fashion designer, Dante Biss Grayson. Dante shares the journey of his brand, the Sky Eagle Collection, from its inception through the global pandemic to its current status as a fashion powerhouse. Driven by his Osage heritage, his designs embrace cultural elements with a fresh lens while striving for global appreciation and advocacy for native issues. Dante delves into his eclectic history, drawing a picture of his artistic roots in Santa Fe, his time in the military, and the role of art in his life post-service. His narrative is a testament to resilience and innovation, as he pivots from military service to fashion entrepreneurship. We learn of his ventures into ranch wear, swimwear, media consulting, and fashion show production as he sketches out an expansive vision for 2024. Key Takeaways: - Dante Biss Grayson is a Native American artist and military veteran who has leveraged art for therapy and advocacy, leading to the creation of the Sky Eagle Collection. - The Sky Eagle Collection isn't just a fashion brand; it's an expression and advocacy platform for indigenous issues, intertwining cultural appreciation with modern design. - Dante emphasizes the importance of ethical collaborations between indigenous creators and major fashion brands, urging appropriate compensation and respect. - Sky Eagle Collection is looking forward to diversifying their reach — with plans to launch a ranch wear line, swimwear, and a fashion show featuring indigenous designers. - Dante aspires to maintain an ethos of cross-cultural collaboration and environmental awareness, aiming for future partnerships that highlight creativity and mutual growth. Quotes: - "For me, [fashion is] also very healing, but also advocating for different issues." - "I'm here to remind people that we're still here, that we can compete on a global level." - "You got to put in the work if you want it. You can't just be like, 'oh, I'm Tom Ford now.'" Resources & Links - Sky Eagle Collection Website:https://skyeaglecollection.com/https://skyeaglecollection.com/ - Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/skyeaglecollection/ - Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skyeaglecollections
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  • Honor Our Legacy Fashion Show @ Northern Winz Casino, Montana with Rebekah Jarvey

    6 SEP. 2023 · In this captivating episode of "Indigenous Fashion with Rebekah Jarvey," host Ashley engages in a lively conversation with the talented Indigenous fashion designer, Rebekah Jarvey. Rebekah, on her way to a fashion show in Saquon, California, shares exciting details about the upcoming "Honor Our Legacy Fashion Show," a remarkable event in its seventh year. The event, taking place on September 16th at the Northern Winz Casino in Boxelder, Montana, is a celebration of emerging Indigenous designers and talent from across North America. The podcast delves into the event's structure, featuring a diverse range of designers, performances, and activities that make it a must-attend for all ages and genders within the Indigenous community. *Show Notes:* - *Event Overview: * The "Honor Our Legacy Fashion Show" is in its seventh year, taking place on September 16th at the Northern Winz Casino in Boxelder, Montana. The event celebrates emerging Indigenous fashion designers and showcases their unique styles. - *Event Duration: * The fashion show typically lasts around three to four hours, depending on the number of entries and the lineup. It is divided into two parts: the first part focuses on individual designs and attire judging, with cash prizes for winners. The second part features performances and showcases of invited Indigenous designers. - *Unique Features: * "Honor Our Legacy" stands out for its family-oriented approach and community involvement, encouraging people to participate in the fashion industry and providing inspiration and motivation. The event promotes diversity within Indigenous fashion. - *Featured Designers: * Notable designers include Yolanda from the Crow Nation, incorporating MMIW symbols into her ready-to-wear designs, Lisa from the Three Affiliated Tribes, blending traditional designs with ready-to-wear, and Shirley from the Navajo Nation, known for her velvet garments. - *Inclusivity: * While this year's designers are all women, the fashion show is open to all ages and genders within the Indigenous community. The organizers welcome male designers for future editions. - *Entertainment: * The show features performances by Indigenous artists Spur Poer and Natani, offering a diverse range of music mediums, from traditional to hip-hop. The theme "Embodying Indigenous Diversity" reflects the show's commitment to showcasing diverse talent. - *Inspiration from Abroad: * Rebekah shares how her first trip abroad to France impacted her life, introducing her to international fashion and inspiring her to aspire to see Indigenous fashion represented on the Cannes Festival red carpet someday. - *Community Connection: * "Honor Our Legacy" is a personal passion project for Rebekah, as it allows her to share her experiences with her community and create a platform for others to shine. - *Event Details: * The fashion show starts at 6:00 PM, with doors opening at 5:00 PM. It's a free, family-oriented event, featuring a guest DJ from Washington, TJ Baker, a free nacho bar, and vendors selling Indigenous art and products. - *Stay Updated: * https://www.facebook.com/people/Honor-Our-Legacy-Fashion-Show/100067311373314/?paipv=0&eav=AfZszwTLEuwOzczJV018VhdyCmOHdfCKFvHFwrQjVetwfyJvsQ8MbHDghJtQ1GpKhXc&_rdr - **Get Involved:** If you want to participate in the event or showcase an Indigenous fashion designer on the podcast, contact them at ifashionpodcast@gmail.com. This episode of "Indigenous Fashion with Rebekah Jarvey" showcases the vibrant and inclusive spirit of Indigenous fashion, highlighting the "Honor Our Legacy Fashion Show" as a beacon of creativity, community, and cultural celebration. As Rebekah and Ashley's engaging conversation unfolds, listeners are encouraged to explore and support the diverse talent in Indigenous fashion while gaining insight into the personal journey and aspirations of the passionate host, Rebekah Jarvey.
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  • Designer Rebekah Jarvey | Redefining Indigenous Fashion with Vibrant Neons

    7 JUL. 2023 · In this captivating podcast episode, fashion takes center stage as Rebekah Jarvey, an Indigenous designer from Montana, shares her inspiring journey and her powerful expression of culture through her new fashion line. Rebekah's presence at the Cannes Indigenous Arts and Fashion Festival in France marks a significant milestone in her career. Rebekah's line is a stunning representation of her Indigenous heritage, infused with contemporary aesthetics and vibrant neons. As a lover of fashion from a young age, Rebekah's creative journey began with designing clothes for her Barbie dolls. However, it was in 2020 that she made the transition into the industry as a designer, driven by her innate passion for fashion and her desire to make a meaningful impact. Born and raised on the Chippewa Cree tribe reservation in Rocky Boy, Montana, Rebekah draws strength and inspiration from her Indigenous roots. Her line serves as a vehicle for sharing her culture with the world, challenging stereotypes, and breaking away from traditional cultural colors. By embracing bold and unconventional color palettes such as pink and neon green, she pushes the boundaries of Indigenous fashion, redefining the notion of contemporary Indigenous artistry. Rebekah's line not only showcases her unique design aesthetic but also serves as a platform for educating others about the history and struggles of Indigenous peoples. She acknowledges the painful legacy of residential schools, where her great-grandparents and grandparents were subjected to severe abuse. The trauma inherited through generations has motivated Rebekah to use her fashion as a form of storytelling, shedding light on the injustices faced by Indigenous communities. Through her line, Rebekah communicates resilience, empowerment, and the beauty of her heritage. She acknowledges that not all Indigenous artists adhere to traditional designs and colors, embracing her identity as a contemporary artist who is unafraid to explore new territories and express her creativity authentically. As Rebekah and Ashley discuss the significance of Indigenous identity and the importance of understanding and appreciating diverse cultures, they highlight the transformative power of fashion as a means of cultural expression and storytelling. Rebekah's line serves as a testament to the resilience and strength of Indigenous communities, reclaiming narratives and challenging preconceived notions in the fashion industry. Join Ashley and Rebekah on this captivating conversation, as they invite listeners to celebrate and embrace the vibrant tapestry of Indigenous culture through the lens of contemporary fashion.
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  • Kansas Middletent | Fashion as a Tool for Change, Breaking Stereotypes and Celebrating Heritage

    22 JUN. 2023 · Meet Kansas Middletent, a Lakota model, 7th Generation Warrior, Entrepreneur, Public Speaker, Actor/Stunt Rider SAG-AFTRA and advocate for indigenous fashion. Kansas shares his journey in the industry, starting from his early days as a model in Denver to walking the runway in France. He also discusses his role as a consultant in various areas such as indigenous crises, education, marketing, and public speaking. Kansas opens up about his background growing up in Lower Brule, South Dakota, and the challenges faced by indigenous communities, including lack of resources and high poverty rates. He emphasizes the importance of understanding and communication, encouraging listeners to ask questions and engage with their local communities. The conversation delves into the topic of addiction and its impact on families and communities. Kansas shares personal experiences and highlights the need for support systems and finding strength in family. He also touches on the power of prayer and faith in cultivating resilience. Throughout the episode, Kansas emphasizes the significance of fashion as a means of self-expression and empowerment. He discusses the connection between love and fashion and the positive impact it can have on individuals and communities. Connect with Kansas on https://www.facebook.com/kmiddletent/ Connect with Kansas on https://www.instagram.com/siouxperman605/?hl=en https://rebekahjarvey.com https://rebekahjarvey.com - "The reservation never lacked talent. We only lacked resources." - Kansas Middle Tent - "Being able to walk into a store and buy my kids something they want without having to worry about money, that's why I say I get to live my dream." - Kansas Middle Tent - "Step into your power. Turn your pain into power and follow your dreams despite what anybody says." - Kansas Middle Tent - 4. "Indigenous fashion is not just about clothes; it's about reclaiming our identity and sharing our stories with the world." - Kansas Middle Tent - "Fashion has the power to heal. It allows us to express our culture, our heritage, and our resilience." - Kansas Middle Tent 6. "We need to support indigenous designers and artists. By buying their creations, we are investing in our communities and empowering future generations." - Kansas Middle Tent 7. "Education is key. By educating ourselves and others about indigenous culture, we can break down stereotypes and foster understanding." - Kansas Middle Tent 8. "Indigenous fashion is a movement of self-determination, reminding us of our strength, beauty, and resilience as indigenous peoples." - Kansas Middle Tent 9. "Fashion is a tool for change. It allows us to challenge the status quo and redefine beauty on our own terms." - Kansas Middle Tent 10. "We must honor our ancestors through the clothes we wear, celebrating our heritage and keeping our traditions alive." - Kansas Middle Tent
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  • Amanda Wanotch | Exploring the Intersection of Ceremony and Fashion in Indigenous Culture

    21 JUN. 2023 · Introducing Amanda Wanotch In this intriguing episode of the Indigenous Fashion podcast, host Ashley welcomes special guest Amanda Wanotch, an international model and executive production assistant at the International Indigenous Fashion Week. Amanda shares her experiences and insights into the world of Indigenous fashion and ceremony. Amanda discusses her involvement in the Alberta Indigenous Fashion Week, a collaboration between British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Alberta. She highlights the work of Chelsea Richette, the CEO of International Indigenous Fashion Week, and their journey together in the fashion industry. The conversation delves into Amanda's personal journey in the fashion world, from her first fashion show to modeling in New York and Paris. She reflects on the impact of her Metis heritage and the deep sense of pride she feels as a Metis person. Amanda also emphasizes the importance of honoring and supporting Indigenous designers and models, providing them with a platform to showcase their unique visions. As the discussion unfolds, Amanda shares her perspective on the role of ceremony in Indigenous culture and fashion. She explains how fashion can be a form of spiritual ceremony, infused with meaning and symbolism. Amanda explores the significance of colors in her personal color palette and their representation of power, healing, and cultural identity. Furthermore, Amanda touches on the need to acknowledge and address the ongoing issues faced by Indigenous communities, such as the missing and murdered Indigenous women crisis. She reveals her upcoming fashion show, "Lips and Lashes and Legacy," which aims to honor the strength and resilience of Indigenous women and promote self-love and gratitude. Throughout the episode, Amanda's authenticity, confidence, and deep connection to her spiritual and cultural heritage shine through. Her unwavering commitment to healing, empowerment, and the elevation of Indigenous fashion leaves a lasting impression. Connect with Amanda on https://www.facebook.com/amanda.bulldawg Quotes: 1. "Fashion is more than just clothes and beautiful people. It's a spiritual ceremony that resonates with who I am and what I do." - Amanda Wanotch 2. "The work of International Indigenous Fashion Week is about giving designers and models an opportunity to showcase their unique visions and be seen within the fashion industry." - Amanda Wanotch 3. "For me, fashion is a platform where I can incorporate my healing work. It's about understanding energy and embracing my role as an energy healer." - Amanda Wanotch 4. "Indigenous fashion is about honoring our culture, reclaiming our identities, and showcasing the strength and resilience of our people." - Amanda Wanotch 5. "In our culture, we have a deep sense of pride and gratitude for our heritage. It's about nurturing our roots and celebrating our connection to Mother Earth." - Amanda Wanotch 6. "We must remember our past and the challenges we've faced, but we also need to focus on strength, resiliency, and the legacy we leave behind for future generations." - Amanda Wanotch 7. "Fashion can be a form of ceremony, infused with symbolism and meaning. It's about weaving new threads of understanding and curiosity, bridging cultures through creative expression." - Amanda Wanotch
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  • Indigenous Fashion Welcome

    17 JUN. 2023 · Welcome, dear listeners, to "Indigenous Fashion: Weaving Cultural Threads," the podcast that celebrates the vibrant tapestry of Indigenous fashion and invites you to embark on a transformative journey with us. In this space, we honor the beauty, wisdom, and creativity of Indigenous cultures from around the world, as expressed through the art of fashion. We warmly welcome you to join our diverse community of fashion enthusiasts, cultural explorers, and advocates for social change. Here, you will hear the voices of Indigenous designers, artisans, and visionaries who are breathing life into ancient traditions and reshaping the fashion landscape with their innovative approaches. Together, we will delve into the narratives behind every garment, unraveling the stories that are interwoven within the fabric. By listening to "Indigenous Fashion," you are not just engaging with style trends; you are embracing a profound opportunity to honor cultural diversity, challenge stereotypes, and support sustainable practices. It is through these conversations that we can dismantle barriers, foster understanding, and amplify the voices that have often been marginalized or unheard. Whether you have a deep appreciation for Indigenous artistry, a curiosity for different cultural perspectives, or a passion for promoting social justice, this podcast is your gateway to a world where fashion becomes a catalyst for change. We extend our gratitude to the Indigenous communities who graciously share their heritage and knowledge with us. It is an honor to learn from their rich traditions and empower their voices. So, welcome, dear listeners, as we embark on this enlightening journey together. Let us celebrate the colors, patterns, and stories that define Indigenous fashion, weaving cultural threads that connect us all. Thank you for joining us on "Indigenous Fashion: Weaving Cultural Threads."
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Let's explore together! https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100094350141794 Step into the vibrant world of Indigenous Fashion, a captivating podcast that illuminates the rich tapestry of native cultures across the globe. Through captivating narratives and...

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Let's explore together!

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Step into the vibrant world of Indigenous Fashion, a captivating podcast that illuminates the rich tapestry of native cultures across the globe. Through captivating narratives and immersive storytelling, this podcast showcases the remarkable work of indigenous communities, celebrating their ancestral artistry, resilience, and profound connection to the natural world.
Each episode takes listeners on a transformative journey, exploring the diverse realms of indigenous fashion.

From the sacred looms of the Navajo Nation to the lush rainforests of the Yawanawá tribe, from the red deserts of Australia's First Nations to the ancestral tattooing traditions of the Maori, the podcast weaves together tales of creativity, heritage, and identity.

Through the voices of indigenous artisans, designers, and cultural custodians, the podcast uncovers the intricate techniques, materials, and symbolism embedded within indigenous garments, jewelry, and adornments. It delves into the stories behind the patterns, colors, and motifs, revealing the wisdom and ancestral knowledge woven into each piece.

Listeners are invited to witness the resilience of indigenous cultures, their ability to adapt to changing times while maintaining a profound connection to their heritage. By highlighting the beauty of indigenous fashion, the podcast serves as a platform for cultural exchange, fostering understanding and appreciation for the diverse indigenous communities that contribute to our global tapestry.

Whether it's the beadwork of the Lakota Sioux, the huipiles of the Maya, or the quillwork of the Haudenosaunee, the Indigenous Fashion podcast celebrates the global mosaic of indigenous creativity. It calls upon us all to honor the past, embrace the present, and support the continued flourishing of indigenous artistry in a world that can often overlook their profound contributions.
So join the podcast, immerse yourself in the stories, rhythms, and traditions that shape indigenous fashion, and embark on a transformative journey of discovery, inspiration, and cultural appreciation.
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