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    "Diss and That"

    15 MAY. 2024 · Episode 184: In this episode, Mark is once again joined by DJ, beat maker, producer- DJ Real One. We talk about his new album- "Asia Connect", as well as his travels that helped shape the sound of the album, places to eat out of the country, record store day, hipsters, classic Hip Hop battle records and the current Kendrick Lamar-Drake beef.  Check out DJ Real One's music and more- https://linktr.ee/djrealone Mark also breaks down Kool Moe Dee's album "How Ya Like Me Now" because of it's cover and album sleeve being instrumental in his classic battle with LL Cool J.  Check out our sponsor Super 7, for the latest in action figures and merch featuring pop culture icons. Click the link for the latest figures and more- https://super7.com/INFINITEBANTERPODCAST https://super7.com/
    1h 38m 48s
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    “C2E2 Banter”

    4 MAY. 2024 · Episode 183: In this episode, Mark talks about attending C2E2, going to past conventions and the upcoming "Free Comic Book Day" and "May The Fourth Be With You" day on 5/4/24 Mark also has an interview at C2E2 with Peter Santa Maria, the senior creative director of collectibles at Mondo.  Check out Mondo at - https://mondoshop.com/ Also included in the episode are past interviews from artist Nathan Hamill and actor Russell Todd, who starred in "Friday The 13th Part 2", which is celebrating 43 years this May.  Check out our sponsor Super 7, for the latest in action figures and merch featuring pop culture icons. Click the link for the latest figures and more- https://super7.com/INFINITEBANTERPODCAST
    1h 15m 3s
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    "Raiders of The Lost Art"

    26 ABR. 2024 · Episode 182: In this episode, Mark talks with artist and teacher Andrew Katz. They focus on discussing his work with "Delta Bravo: In Search Of..." videos, where they revisit iconic sites where photos and album covers were taken of Hip Hop legends like LL Cool J, Run-D.M.C., The Beastie Boys and more. We also talk about his involvement with The National Hip Hop Museum in D.C. and how his art has led to connections with Chuck D. and Spike Lee.  Check out Andrew Katz at https://linktr.ee/ajkatzart
    1h 31m 13s
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    "Pinpoint Presentation"

    12 ABR. 2024 · Episode 181: In this episode, Mark is joined by Hip Hop artist Pinpoint, who is part of the collective called "GAWDS". We discuss the new GAWDS album called "Legends at the Dive  Bar", the Hip Hop scene in Baltimore, going to dive bars, favorite drinks and a funny stort about his first rap name.  Check out The GAWDS on all platforms or here- https://linktr.ee/gawds Mark also talks about if he is a fan or not of Phil Collins
    59m 10s
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    "Alpha Bits"

    5 ABR. 2024 · Episode 180: In this episode, Mark talks with Hip Hop producer Onaje Jordan about his new project called "Alpha 2". They discuss the concept of the EP, working with different featured artists, technology when it comes to crafting beats and production and Jordan's early memories of Hip Hop culture.  Check out Onaje Jordan on all platforms or- https://linktr.ee/onajejordanbeats Mark also talks about the passing of comedy icon Joe Flaherty
    43m 49s
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    "Misfit Banter"

    28 MAR. 2024 · Episode 179: In this episode, Mark is joined by Hip Hop artist, Mr. Misfit to discuss his latest project with DJ Real One called  "Greet and Build EP". We also talk about being over 40 in the Hip Hop game, drinking Carolus, the song "Ladi Dadi", is he a Cubs fan, and his first memory that got him into Hip Hop.  Check out Mr. Misfit on all platforms or here- https://music.apple.com/us/album/dj-real-one-x-mr-misfit-greet-build-ep/1735794916 Mark also discusses his only time buying a White Sox hat. 
    1h 9s
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    "Zombies, Football and Wrestling"

    8 MAR. 2024 · Episode 178: In this episode, the five years of Infinite Banter episode, Mark is joined by actor, speaker, musician and author-IronE Singleton, who many know for his time on "The Walking Dead" playing the character "T- Dog". We talk about his start in acting, landing that role on TWD, "The Blind Side", playing college football, rough times growing up, his book and one man show- "Blindsided By The Walking Dead", old school wrestling, being inspired by "Rocky" and his favorite Hip Hop artist.  Check out IronE Singleton at http://ironeproductions.com/ and http://www.ironesingleton.com/index.html Mark also reviews the first two episodes of the new "The Walking Dead" Rick & Michonne spinoff show- "The Ones Who Live" and reminisces about meeting the recently passed wrestler "Virgil". 
    55m 20s
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    "Podcast Appetizer"

    1 MAR. 2024 · Episode 177: In this episode, Mark is joined by filmmaker- Pamela Davis-Noland to talk about her upcoming short film "Room For Dessert", which deals with systemic racism and cake. Pamela talks about filming in New Orleans, the concept and message of the film, some of the obstacles making a film amid strikes and budget restraints, her background in playwriting and producing and the lasting message she hopes to convey with this project. Check out "Room For Dessert" at- https://novacvideo.org/room-for-dessert/ Also, Mark plays a segment of a previous interview he did with Theodus Crane and Kerry Cahill, who are involoved with "Room For Dessert". Crane plays the lead character and Cahill is a producer on the film. Mark also talks about a few of his favorite movies set in New Orleans and mentions the short film "Chipper" with past guest Jayson Warner Smith- https://youtu.be/2zMdnCgO8nI?si=OtN_lON3RDeSGmug
    56m 53s
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    "Broadcasters Always Secretly In Competition"

    23 FEB. 2024 · Episode 176: In this episode, Mark talks with Hip Hop artist, Pretty Bulli. We discuss her coming up in the Buffalo New York scene, being known for her freestyles, influences, her previous project "Duffel Bag Bulli" and her upcoming project with producer Kidd Called Quest "Then and Now". Check out music and more from Pretty Bulli here- https://linktr.ee/prettybulli Mark also talks about songs his daughter likes when they are driving around.
    53m 19s
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    "Monarchs on the Wire"

    16 FEB. 2024 · Episode 175: In this episode, Mark talks with Hip Hop artist- Halo The Lost Angel of Reagan Era Records, to talk about their new album- "Reagan Ordo Seclorum". We discuss the dynamic of having multpile members of a group, the concept of the album, the reason why we see shoes on a wire and Halo's early days as a B-Boy and what song got him moving. Check out Reagan Era Records here- https://www.officialreaganerarecords.com/ Also, a bonus segment where the new track from past guests Danjah Stand Clear and Musik G called "Ready 2 Rock" gets a spotlight.
    51m 54s
Infinite Banter is a podcast that features interviews and covers various topics including Hip Hop, TV, Movies, Comic Books, Wrestling, Star Wars, The Walking Dead

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