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  • How is Komodor making Kubernetes accessible?

    19 JUN. 2024 · This week, host Eve Young, economics correspondent for The Jerusalem Post, interviews Amy Ariel, Chief Marketing office of Komodor, an Israeli tech company helping other companies manage Kubernetes at scale. Amy explains what Kubernetes is, how it impacts all of us as consumers and how https://komodor.com/ is helping companies use it better. She also talks about the democratizing impact tech, and especially open source code, can have. Eve and Amy also discuss how and why Israel became a leader in cloud computing and what it's like being a woman in the Israeli tech scene.
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  • How is fintech company Lili leveling the playing field for small businesses?

    11 JUN. 2024 · This week, host Eve Young, economics correspondent for The Jerusalem Post, interviews Liran Zelkha, Co-founder of Lili, a fintech company making life easier for small businesses in the US with their software solutions. Liran explains how Lili is using artificial intelligence to help small business owners get the information that they need to make the right business decisions. He also talks about how AI is impacting fintech, and how multiple AI models can be used in tandem to improve the answers it gives users.  Eve and Liran also discuss how technology can be a force for equality and accessibility, how it can make expensive services available to small business owners, and help level the playing field. 
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  • How is artificial intelligence revolutionizing healthcare?

    5 JUN. 2024 · The Inside Israeli Innovation Podcast with Eve Young: Season 2, Episode 16. This week, host Eve Young, economics correspondent for The Jerusalem Post, interviews Michael Braginsky, Co-founder and CTO of Aidoc, an Israeli tech company that develops computer-aided triage and notification systems. Michael explains how Aidoc is using artificial intelligence to help doctors do their jobs better. He also talks about how AI is impacting health tech, and how health tech can change our lives as patients and as healthcare professionals. Eve and Michael also discuss the relationship between entrepreneurs and those in the industry in which they are working, and how this improves innovation. They also touch on what makes Israel a great place to innovate (hint, it has to do with good old Israeli chutzpa). 
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  • Is deep tech the next frontier of Israeli innovation?

    29 MAY. 2024 · The Inside Israeli Innovation Podcast with Eve Young This week, host Eve Young, economics correspondent for The Jerusalem Post, interviews Doron Zaur, founding partner at Earth and Beyond Ventures - an early stage venture capital fund focused on investing in Israeli deep tech and space tech. Doron explains why deep tech may be harder to replicate and how it can lead to incredible and unexpected innovation. He touches on quantum, and shares how he thinks artificial intelligence fits into the Israeli innovation ecosystem. Eve and Doron also discuss the relationship between Israel's industry and government, and how this relationship can push Israel's innovation to new frontiers.
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  • How does venture capital influence Israeli innovation?

    22 MAY. 2024 · The Inside Israeli Innovation Podcast with Eve Young This week, incoming host Eve Young, chief economics correspondent for The Jerusalem Post, interviews Emma Lipski, a principal at early-stage venture capital firm https://www.10d.vc/, which works with Israeli entrepreneurs. Emma explains how venture capital influences innovation and shares exciting trends in Israel's start-up space to be aware of. Eve and Emma also discuss how innovation can impact inequality, especially in healthcare,  and discuss the business case for femtech.
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  • Meet the Israeli gaming co. fighting October 7 censorship

    8 MAY. 2024 · An Israeli technology company that a famous US gaming company acquired has developed a platform to fight censorship of October 7 massacre videos on social networks. Get to know Mavens and what makes the company tick in this week's episode of Inside Israeli Innovation. Then, host Maayan Hoffman will speak with Liat Ashkenazi, senior vice president of engineering at Own Company. A passionate innovator, Ashkenazi is committed to building strong engineering teams and fostering a culture of collaboration, transparency, and continuous learning to achieve business goals and customer satisfaction. Finally, we flip over to an interview with Dr. Dorit Rozner, chief technology officer at the Kitchen FoodTech Hub, who talks about the future of food technology and how it could be the secret sauce to Israel’s food security.
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  • Israel's climate tech: Visionary or hollow?

    1 MAY. 2024 · This week, on Inside Israeli Innovation, host Maayan Hoffman delves into climate technology, talking with two industry leaders about whether the country's advancements could play a pivotal role in combating global warming and saving the planet. Guy Cherni, co-founder and managing partner of Climate First, and Karina Rubinstein, Venture Partner at the InNegev technology incubator, explore why Israel is so far behind in meeting its climate change goals and the potential of its technology to help bridge the gap. A report released in March by the state comptroller raised a red flag on Israel's alarming lack of progress in addressing the country's climate crisis. Comptroller Matanyahu Englman and his team highlighted the government's failure to  - reduce greenhouse gas emissions,  - take preventive measures against global temperature rise,  - adopt climate change risk management policies,  - address economic and financial concerns, and  - establish a suitable framework for tackling climate issues. So, why should you care about Israel's growing climate tech innovation? Cherni and Rubinstein share insights. Finally, Hoffman synchs with Israeli tech and marketing enthusiast Yoel Israel, the founder of IsraelTech. He talks about how social media is changing the way the tech community communicates and the role his team hopes to play in the transformation.
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  • Can this Tel Aviv security venture stop terrorists before they attack?

    24 ABR. 2024 · In this week’s episode of Inside Israeli Innovation, Maayan Hoffman kicks off the show with a conversation with RealEye Co-Founder and CEO Kevin Cohen, who delves into its cutting-edge technology to detect, identify, and rapidly extract threats, vulnerabilities, fraudulent activity, distinctive personas, and suspicious activities in the areas of law enforcement, intelligence, law enforcement, military ane cross-border activity. Can this Tel Aviv-based intelligence and security venture stop terrorists before they attack? Then, we talk to two Israeli-founded insurance technology companies that are revolutionizing the industry in the United States. Next Insurance is a standout insurtech company founded in 2016 by Guy Goldstein, Alon Huri, and Nissim Tapiro. It has over 500,000 clients and coverage for more than 1,300 types of businesses. We talked with Tapiro.  Healthee is a pioneering startup transforming how employees engage with their medical benefits. The company recently secured an impressive $32 million in Series A funding. We talked to co-founder and CEO Guy Benjamin. Finally, the flagship programs of the 8200 Alumni Association combine forces and launch a new cycle amid the Gaza war. Hear from Adi Nechemia, Managing Director at 8200 For Startups by EISP, and Leehe Friedman, Managing Director of 8200 Impact,
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  • AI fabric adapts to our feelings, Michael Fertik ups Israeli investments post Oct. 7

    17 ABR. 2024 · In this week’s episode of Inside Israeli Innovation, Maayan Hoffman takes listeners all over the innovation landscape. We start with a conversation with Michael Fertik, managing director and founder of Heroic Ventures, who shares his insights on investing in Israel during the Gaza war. We discuss the challenges and opportunities of investing in Israeli startups during geopolitical tensions. Fertik highlights the resilience of the Israeli high-tech industry despite adversity but does note a decline in new Israeli startups and startup investments in Israel. However, Fertik says that despite warnings, risks and rockets, he remains “bullish” on Israel’s economy and encourages others to invest, too.  We then talk to Cplus, a company that has developed a new type of dynamic textile capable of responding to environmental and physiological cues. We don’t want to give it all away, but your clothing might one day know more about how you feel than you do. We also speak to Optimove, a company specializing in personalized marketing using artificial intelligence and big data. The company’s CEO, Pini Yakuel, talks about how to effectively market to existing clients, especially during times of crisis.  Then, we wrap up with a conversation with Ari Ben Dror, vice president of sustainability and operations at the Good Food Institute Israel, about the growing food technology landscape in the Jewish state. 
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  • Innovation meets regulation: How Israeli tech is shaping financial compliance

    10 ABR. 2024 · This week on Inside Israeli Innovation, Maayan Hoffman explores the latest trends in cybersecurity in Israel against the backdrop of Cybertech Global Tel Aviv. Then, she talks to an organization helping small businesses navigate crises and build economic resilience. Finally, she dives into an interview with an Israeli company aiding financial institutions with communication compliance for transparency and investor protection.  Cyber Industry Despite facing a funding challenge, the cyber sector, as revealed in a study by Cybertech Global and IVC, continues to lead Israel's high-tech industry. The report disclosed that cyber exits in 2023 reached an impressive $7.1 billion. However, funding for cyber companies experienced a dip to $2.38 billion, the lowest in five years. Ogen: Transformative Impact Sagi Balasha, the CEO of Ogen, a social lending enterprise, shares heartwarming stories of how the organization's interest-free or low-interest loans have transformed the lives of low- and middle-income Israelis. These loans have not only aided in their recovery but also paved the way for their prosperity. The organization has set an ambitious $100 million goal for its Emergency War Relief Fund to assist 250,000 Israelis, including farmers, reserve soldiers, and small businesses. Shield: Compliance Monitoring Regulations require financial institutions to monitor employee communication for legal and ethical compliance. Shield is using artificial intelligence and natural language processing to analyze human communication and detect anomalies or policy violations. And, according to its founder, Shiran Weitzman, this is only the beginning. He predicts a future where companies must monitor employee communications beyond financial compliance, including sexual harassment and bullying. How do employees feel about this? Tune in to find out.
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Your go-to podcast for all things to do with innovation in Israel! Join Eve Young as she delves into the heart of Israel's tech and business scenes and uncovers the...

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Your go-to podcast for all things to do with innovation in Israel!

Join Eve Young as she delves into the heart of Israel's tech and business scenes and uncovers the groundbreaking ideas and visionary minds working to shape the future. Join her each week as she shines a spotlight on the latest trends and entrepreneurial spirit propelling Israel to the forefront of global innovation.
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