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Is This All There Is?

  • The Introduction And The Why To The “Is This All There Is?” Podcast Premiering On The Mental Health News Radio Network

    23 ENE. 2023 · It FEELS SO GOOD to be back on the mic and with Kristin Walker for this introduction back home on The Mental Health News Radio Network. I am excited to settle into my own podcast and share such inspiring and inventive ways that can help ENDURE, ENGAGE & EVOLVE ourselves, our lives and our unfolding moments. This podcast is truly a labor of love! It’s an amalgamation of laughter, longing and learning on a platform that shares some of the most incredible humans changing the world one act of love, bravery and courage at a time. So buckle up, Buttercup, and come along for the ride that just might alter the course of your moment, day or life!!! Summon the courage to find your own unique ways to live deeper within your own life and intentionally plot your evolution. You do not want to miss what is happening along this journey. OUR EXPLORATION IS LIMITLESS AND NO TOPIC IS OFF LIMITS. You will find yourself laughing, crying, questioning and happily evolving throughout our time together - sometimes all in one episode.
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  • Silence Is Also A Conversation with Kristin Walker, CEO of Mental Health News Radio Network

    24 ENE. 2023 · It all began with a conversation where two self proclaimed verbal extroverts (Katherine and Kristin) shared their own intimate stories about how they found themselves residing in an unfamiliar stillness and silenced arena and how they ended up craving more and more silence as it began transforming our day-to-day existence and reshaping how they manage their lives, careers and personal space. Come explore the impact of silence and its deafening message as we share how we use it in our everyday lives. It is so true that intentional silence signals thoughtfulness, deliberation and encourages a deep internal reflection. True to the old saying ... “Speech May Be Silver But Silence Is Golden!” Join Kristin and I as we reflect and share just how much silence has helped change us both for the better and continues to make space for us to expand into stillness!
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  • Miscarriages, Loss & Grief with Lauren Dickens, RN

    25 ENE. 2023 · I am super excited to introduce you to Laurn Dickens ... an amazing friend, peer and labor and delivery nurse that fell in love with everything related to OB Nursing.... from pregnancy to the birthing, breast feeding and the mother-baby bonding process. Lauren is amazing in all aspects of her loving OB nursing service to her patients but one particular patient and family always holds a special place in her heart ... a patient and family that has just experienced a miscarriage or intrautertine fetal demise. Lauren understands this deep grief and traumatic loss as you will come to understand in this podcast as she shares her own perosnal journey of a baby lost and grieved for .... even 24 years later. The grief and loss of losing a child is beyond what anyone can even comprehend and there are no words in the moment, or any time that follows, to adequately describe and explain this unimaginable pain and heartache. A pain and heartache that never ends. The pain might dull and the grief might lessen but you are forever changed and life as you once knew it... will bever be the same. Lauren shares her beautiful insight and loving gift with our audience in dealing with her own personal loss and the grief that ensued. Join us as we lovingly share some time together discussing one of lifes hardest losses... the sudden loss and death of a baby.
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  • Making A Way Out .... Even When You Don't See One ...

    30 ENE. 2023 · We all find ourselves playing "small" in the midst of dreaming big and having big dreams! It seems like the bigger the dream within you, the smaller you seem to shrink in the world existing around you .... UNTIL the day comes that you know you can no longer play small in this world that calls you forth to dream out loud! This is my own true story about finding myself miserable and "caged" in a career that seemed impossible to escape. I was making great money, getting on a plane to go work more than I did a car, had the big title and position and began waking up everyday ... MISERABLE! And wanting to escape into what was really calling me forth, We were brought on this planet to share our own unique and special gifts given graciously by God himself. What we do with those gifts is our own free will. Playing small in such a vast and expansive Universe is all FEAR based and in this podcast I share how I broke out of the professional cage of my position and became free on so many levels.... professionally AND personally! AND I'VE NEVER BEEN THE SAME SINCE! THANK GOD! ... "And The Day Came When The Risk To Remain Tight In A Bud Was More Painful Than The Risk It Took To Blossom" Anais Nin
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  • Lucky Girl Syndrome

    10 FEB. 2023 · It’s the hot new self help craze that hit Tik Tok around the first of the year and already has a staggering 149 million views. Lucky Girl Syndrome encourages you to create a positive mantra like “I’m the luckiest girl in the world, everything always works out for me and things happen easily, effortlessly and naturally for me….. I always get what I want!” These affirmations are then repeated numerous times a day to help counteract negative thoughts, beliefs and actions and draw into your life that which you have your mindset and positive thoughts geared towards. Sounds great right? Well hold on! Is it as simple as believing that all good things will come your way if you constantly repeat these positive sayings and maintain a positive outlook? Can it be that incredible simple? Can we really create the world around us with the power of our thoughts? Let’s get into the psychology of lucky girl syndrome and see what some critics are warning about concerning this type of positive psychology. It might not be exactly what you are thinking, or will it? One thing is for sure … it will positively make you examine your own belief system about your thoughts, attitudes and reality.
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  • Stepping Outside Of The Box with Kwan Patton

    15 FEB. 2023 · What a podcast this was with my soul sister Kwan Patton from Vision Of Life Coaching and Manifesting Your Wings Of Worth podcast on our Mental Health News Radio Network. On this podcast we “unpack” the act of STEPPING OUTSIDE OF YOUR BOX! Your box of fear, your box of playing and living small in this big world, your boxed mundane comfort zone, your box of perceived security and your weighted box of negative thinking. We share what it means to be willing to do, say and take action in a new and different way - even if that first step places you in an unfamiliar and vulnerable position (and the secret to know here is this… it always does). Take the step with Kwan and myself as we cross into the unknown and explore the big magic that happens when we find the courage to say YES! It is only when we are willing to let go of what we deem our “certainties” and willfully shed our self imposed walls of constrained normalcy that we get to experience the beauty and beckoning of what is waiting for us outside of our box!
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  • Messages From The Other Side With Internationally Known Psychic Medium Terry Yoder

    21 FEB. 2023 · I am thrilled and honored to share Terry Yoder on my podcast! This illuminated soul is an internationally known empath, psychic medium, tarot counselor and all around amazing and loving being. I was first introduced to Terry when I saw him on the films FROM THE OTHER SIDE and BEYOND OUR SIGHT. He has a global clientele of thousands of clients with whom many have been with him for years… some for decades. Terry combines his psychic mediumship and the interpretation of tarot with his ability to intuit, feel, see and hear messages through deep emotional empathy. His gifts can help clients navigate and determine how to avoid life’s difficult passages, discover one’s purpose, find freedom from feeling stuck, stagnate, fearful, repressed or perhaps individuals in the midst of experiencing relationship issues or those seeking spiritual and/or religious recovery. Join us on this journey as Terry shares how messages from the other side AND on this side can be shared with his clients to enrich, engage and enlighten their lives and living experiences. "YOUR FIRST THOUGHT IS ALWAYS IN ALIGNMENT WITH SPIRIT, YOUR SECOND THOUGHT IS ALWAYS YOU ARGUING WITH THE FIRST THOUGHT" Terry Yoder
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  • Postpartum Depression And Postpartum Anxiety - IT'S OK TO NOT BE OK With Amanda Deeds, RN

    1 MAR. 2023 · According to the Maternal Mental Health Alliance, one in five women will experience maternal mental health (MMH) conditions during pregnancy or the first year postpartum, and seventy-five percent of those women will go untreated. This podcast is the amazing and brave journey of how Amanda Deeds dealt with her intense and overwhelming postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety just hours after the birth of her baby girl. Amanda is a seasoned and brilliant Labor & Delivery Nurse who herself journeyed through the dark gates of depression and anxiety in the midst of what should have been the most joyous and celebratory time of her life. She openly shares how she became quickly became paralyzed with the overwhelming feelings of anxiety and depression and came out on the other side to now become an advocate for all mothers dealing with PPD and PPA. Her message is a beautiful reminder to us all that IT IS OK TO NOT BE OK and how we can conquer these dark times by being open, vulnerable and asking for what we need in the midst of the moment. Join Amanda and me in this honest conversation that we hope will help normalize conversations around postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety to encourage other mothers to speak up, feel more comfortable in asking for the help they need and supporting them in their times of need.
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  • Mindfulness 101 With Dr. Kay Colbert

    8 MAR. 2023 · Dr. Kay Colbert is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in Dallas, Texas and has a long-standing interest in mindfulness based practices. She received her doctorate from the University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice with her dissertation research focusing on using mindfulness interventions with addiction. In addition to her doctorate she has had extensive professional training throughout he University of California San Diego Center for Mindfulness and also with Jon Kabat-Zinn. Her specialty is in trauma, substance abuse and addictive behaviors. Dr. Colbert lectures around the country on mental health, addiction, trauma and mindfulness topics. She leads mindfulness trainings at the Dallas Yoga Center, in person and online. In this amazing and revealing podcast - Dr. Colbert shares with us just how simple the act of mindfulness can be in our normal, everyday life. Mindfulness certainly isn’t just for the good to great meditators and those on a cushion in a yoga studio or in a quiet dark room. Mindfulness is found in the most informal of moments like while you are brushing your teeth, taking a shower or drinking a cup of tea. Dr. Colbert shares tools that are hugely impactful in peoples daily lives and she even takes us through a mindfulness exercise that allows you to feel the power of being Mindful In The Moment
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  • The 3 Things We Have The Hardest Time Saying

    15 MAR. 2023 · What are the 3 things that most people have the hardest time saying to others in their personal or professional life? This podcast shares a little of the myriad of emotions and feelings that people experience when these 3 things need to be said, shared and yet… sometimes they go days, months, years or even lifetimes without ever being spoken. Life is messy and we all forget the birthdays or anniversaries some years. We don’t end up calling or texting when we promised we would. We say the wrong things, perhaps at the wrong moment or in the wrong inflection. We gave our word and we didn’t follow through or maybe we were just silent when we needed to be in communication and contact. We just mess up!! We are human! Come discover some of the most effective tools when we want to offer a meaningful, sincere and resolving sentiment and how the aftermath can forever change and shift our lives and relationships.
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The podcast where we uncover inventive ways to ENDURE, ENGAGE and EVOLVE ourselves, our lives and the way we live within both. Our exploration is limitless and no topic is...

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The podcast where we uncover inventive ways to ENDURE, ENGAGE and EVOLVE ourselves, our lives and the way we live within both.

Our exploration is limitless and no topic is off limits.

You will find yourself laughing, crying, questioning and happily evolving throughout our time together - sometimes all in one episode.
So buckle up Buttercup and summon the courage to find your own unique ways to live deeper within your own life and intentionally plot your own evolution.

Be Brave! Be Open! Be Attentive To What Is Meant For Your Expansion But Most Of All…. BE YOU!
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