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Israel, Palestine, Gaza - Conflict+War

  • Israel-Hamas Conflict Escalates- Civilian Casualties Mount in Gaza

    14 MAR. 2024 · This episode discusses the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip, focusing on the rising civilian casualties, the deepening humanitarian crisis, and the political divisions within the international community regarding the situation. It explores the impact of the violence on innocent lives, the desperate measures Palestinians are forced to take to survive under blockade, and the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to the decades-long conflict. The article also examines the US government's stance on the issue, including sanctions on Israeli settlers and the widening political divide over its approach to Israel and the Palestinian territories.
    17m 11s
  • Displaced Gazans Cram Into Rafah As Israel Vows Not to Stop

    18 FEB. 2024 · This episode delves into the intensifying crisis in Gaza as over 1.5 million displaced Palestinians cram into the southern city of Rafah while Israeli forces vow to continue military operations. It covers the desperate accounts of civilians who fled on foot from Gaza City, the defiant stance from Israeli leaders like Gantz, the calls for de-escalation from mediators like Qatar’s PM, and the staggering climbing death toll which has now surpassed 28,000 Palestinians killed. The update provides vital context around the human rights catastrophe unfolding as experts warn of the consequences and the increasingly distant dream of Palestinian statehood.
    4m 32s
  • The Latest on the Israel-Gaza Conflict

    9 FEB. 2024 · Israel continues heavy airstrikes on Gaza after Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu flatly rejected a phased 135-day ceasefire offer from Hamas, vowing instead to achieve “total victory” even as the Palestinian death toll tops a staggering 27,000 by local counts. Israel confirms plans to battle deeper into Gaza cities like Rafah in the south, where over 1 million displaced people have dangerously fled, drawing grave warnings of an even more disastrous humanitarian fallout from the United States and United Nations. Regional mediation attempts show little progress so far.
    8m 50s
  • Biden Sanctions Settlers as Gaza Crisis Intensifies and Militias Threaten US Forces

    2 FEB. 2024 · Biden sanctions violent Israeli settlers amid deepening Gaza crisis and defiant Iranian proxies' threats towards US forces, complicating efforts to de-escalate tensions in Israel-Palestine conflict.
    9m 12s
  • War Update - US Troops Perish in Iran-Blamed Strike and More

    29 ENE. 2024 · The UN appeals for justice for victims of a Gaza attack while the EU funds a controversial aid agency in the region. Meanwhile, a potential deal on hostage releases and ceasefire is presented to Hamas. Tensions with Iran escalate after US troops are killed in a drone strike in Jordan.
    9m 49s
  • As Gaza Deaths Mount, Elusive Peace Looks More Distant Amid Calls for Ceasefire and Access to Humanitarian Aid

    24 ENE. 2024 · As the death toll soars over 25,000 in Gaza, this in-depth report explores the key obstacles stalling a ceasefire, the dire humanitarian crisis unfolding for civilians trapped under Israeli bombardment, perspectives from Gazans longing for peace, global reaction to alleged war crimes, and the complex strategic calculations confronting leaders on all sides of the conflict.
    25m 13s
  • US Steps Up Airstrikes - Israel Among Top Jailers of Journalists

    18 ENE. 2024 · Aid groups struggle to operate in Gaza as the longest communications blackout of the war stymies rescue efforts; meanwhile, an Israeli mother grieves the captive husband she left behind in Gaza while warning that hospitals sheltered hostages.
    6m 43s
  • Middle East Tensions Escalate Amid Houthi Strikes, Hamas Conflict Fallout, and Looming Court Cases

    11 ENE. 2024 · Yemen's Houthi rebels warn of retaliation for any US aggression after recent deadly strikes, while criticizing American and British support for Israel.
    9m 27s
  • Day 90 - Mounting Casualties and Failing Diplomacy as Israel's War on Gaza Rages On

    8 ENE. 2024 · On day 90 of Israel's war on Gaza, the humanitarian crisis worsens while diplomacy stalls and violence spreads.
    5m 25s
  • American Elderly Hostage Dies Amid Collapsed Israel-Hamas Ceasefire Efforts

    22 DIC. 2023 · Hamas rejected an Israeli offer of a limited, one-week ceasefire in Gaza in exchange for some hostage releases, insisting instead on a comprehensive, permanent truce. Meanwhile, the UN warns of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis unfolding in the Palestinian territory, with over 500,000 Gazans now facing critical food and medicine shortages amid disabled hospitals and infrastructure. A recent poll also shows growing support for Hamas in Saudi Arabia, even as an elderly American hostage dies in Israeli custody.
    9m 25s

Israel, Palestine, Gaza - Conflict + War is a timely and informative podcast dedicated to providing regular updates on the dynamic and fluid situation in the Israel-Palestine-Gaza conflict. This podcast...

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Israel, Palestine, Gaza - Conflict + War is a timely and informative podcast dedicated to providing regular updates on the dynamic and fluid situation in the Israel-Palestine-Gaza conflict. This podcast serves as your go-to source for the latest developments, breaking news, and analysis regarding the ongoing tensions, peace negotiations, and humanitarian efforts in the region. Each episode offers listeners a concise yet comprehensive overview of the most recent events, diplomatic initiatives, and the human impact on both sides. Stay informed and gain a nuanced perspective on this enduring crisis by tuning in to Israel, Palestine, Gaza - Conflict+War
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