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Jackies Proof Animals Have Souls

  • Journeying Through Mediumship and Self-Discovery

    21 FEB. 2024 · Differentiating between psychic and mediumistic readings, Jackie clarified that mediumistic readings involve communication with a third-party spirit communicator, such as a beloved spirit animal or deceased individual. The hallmark of a credible mediumistic reading is the revelation of information unknown to the sitter beforehand, whereas psychic readings typically offer predictive insights and guidance. She emphasized the importance of disciplined meditation and patience in nurturing both psychic and mediumistic spiritual gifts. There is so much more information on the audio. Please help us with this excellent host from England. This is the URL to review for further information. https://bit.ly/42KOBJj
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  • Unveiling the Profound Messages of Spirits

    14 FEB. 2024 · Reflecting on personal experiences, Jackie shared moments when songs mysteriously appeared in her mind, revealing hidden truths about her surroundings. From "electric avenue" signaling electrical issues in her home to discovering ivy-covered walls through a whimsical tune, Jackie's encounters underscored the interconnectedness between spirits and everyday life. Switching gears, Jackie delved into meditation practices with Rachel, emphasizing its importance in nurturing spiritual connections, balancing energies, and promoting mental well-being. Rachel's insights shed light on the transformative power of meditation in grounding individuals amidst the chaos of modern life. Additionally, Rachel shared captivating anecdotes about her dog, Bambi, intuitively reacting to spiritual presences, offering glimpses into the unseen world around us. We are providing the URL for this interview for more contact information: https://bit.ly/49xLvun
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  • Beyond the Veil Unlocking Your Psychic Potential

    7 FEB. 2024 · Jackie highlighted Rachel's remarkable abilities and invited her to share insights into nurturing budding mediums, emphasizing the importance of divine guidance and protection. Delving into the interconnectedness of souls and the role of spirit guides, Jackie and Rachel explored the initial steps for mediumistic development, emphasizing the significance of invoking divine white light for protection and welcoming spirit communicators into one's sphere. Rachel shared a captivating anecdote about her encounter with a spirit guide, reaffirming her belief in the presence and guidance of spiritual entities. We providing further information and contacting Jackie: https://bit.ly/3Uvs3u5
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  • Rachel and Sophie's Unbreakable Connection

    31 ENE. 2024 · On the morning of Sophie's passing, Rachel received a spiritual message and later took her to the vet, suspecting a weak heart. Signs from angels appeared during this time. In the vet's waiting room, Rachel saw divine manifestations, and Sophie passed away in the arms of a young nurse, whom Rachel recognized as an earth angel. Despite the loss, Rachel finds comfort in the signs from Sophie's spirit and believes in adopting another animal. She emphasizes the capacity of our hearts to love multiple animals and encourages providing a loving home for those in need. Rachel sees the act of adopting as a tribute to the departed animal's memory, knowing they would be happy to see their human sharing love with another furry companion. For more on this interview with Jackie and Rachel- use this URL: https://bit.ly/42mJAqq
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  • Victorian Ghost Children and Their Spirit Animals

    10 ENE. 2024 · Since she was three years old, Rachel has had experiences of seeing two Victorian spirit children jumping on her bed at night. When she felt pain in her legs under the covers, young Rachel attributed it to these spirit children's antics. Seeking understanding, Rachel's mother took her to the library to research the historical attire of these children. During a vacation in Greece, Rachel shared her longing for her dog back in England, who usually slept on her bed. Unexpectedly, while on holiday, her spirit guides sent a variety of spirit animals to accompany her, evident by the impressions they left on her hotel bed. which possess souls. You will hear much more discussion on this via the Audio. For further information on the Viictoriian Ghost: https://bit.ly/3S8by5w
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  • Chronicling Sound Bites from Jesus, Mystical Animals

    3 ENE. 2024 · Currently, Clive is embarking on a fascinating new project. He is attempting to communicate with the spirit of Emma, a dog belonging to his daughter who recently passed away. He aims to find out if Emma’s spirit has reincarnated in Willow, his daughter’s newly adopted dog. For more information on this topic: https://bit.ly/3RLmsg6
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  • Energy Forms A New View on Angelic Presence

    27 DIC. 2023 · For over four decades, she has led Moonstarlodge in Ontario's Georgian Bay region, which she directs alongside her husband Brian. This center is renowned for promoting indigenous arts, spirituality, and education, and Kathryn is also known for her weekly channeled readings available on YouTube.Kathryn's spiritual perceptions have evolved. As a young girl, she envisioned angels as the traditional winged beings found in storybooks. Now, in her 60s, her understanding has deepened, seeing angels as manifestations of energy, which she refers to as the Legion of Light. Her childhood was marked by vivid experiences, including seeing spirit animals, auras, and precognitive events. Her father played a crucial role in her spiritual development, introducing her to Algonquin traditions, such as communicating with spirit animals and ancestors and practicing healing rituals in the forest. For further information: https://bit.ly/3TyKBcs
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  • The Art of Spiritual Renewal through Meditation

    20 DIC. 2023 · Reverend Carl and his wife are both Usui Reiki Teachers. Reverend Carl continues to give healing today and can be contacted by email. He previously worked as a hypnotherapist. Reverend Carl calls his form of healing innovative, namely, the ‘Transformational Energy Exchange Technique’ aka spiritual healing through meditation. His goal, like other healers, is to cleanse peoples’ and animals’ emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual bodies from damaging, lingering, negative energy that causes imbalances and disease.! For more information: https://bit.ly/3v3Yxku
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  • A Divine Connection with Leonardo Da Vinci

    15 DIC. 2023 · Jackie welcomes Sandy Ingham, a seasoned medium of 76 years hailing from Truro, Cornwall. At the age of 60, Leo, her spiritual guide identified as Leonardo Da Vinci, took a prominent role in her experiences. In a captivating display, both of Sandy's hands, guided by Leo, simultaneously crafted two distinct paintings—one portraying spirit animals and the other depicting spirit people. Despite lacking any formal artistic abilities or training, Sandy has authored notable books such as "https://www.amazon.com/Mediumship-Psychic-Art-Sandy-Ingham/dp/1909439991/ref=sr_1_1?crid=361QJXYBE5B1A&keywords=Psychic+Art+of+Sandy+Ingham&qid=1702129859&s=books&sprefix=psychic+art+of+sandy+ingham%2Cstripbooks%2C426&sr=1-1 Book 1" and "https://www.amazon.com/Drawing-Past-Mediumship-Spirit-Ingham/dp/0578503166/ref=sr_1_2?crid=23M6J238X8TVN&keywords=Sandy+Ingham&qid=1702130020&s=books&sprefix=sandy+ingham%2Cstripbooks%2C162&sr=1-2." During their conversation, Sandy recounted a fascinating incident aboard a cruise where she witnessed a spirited horse walking through a wall. To her astonishment, she later discovered that the beloved spirit horse had once belonged to a lady in the adjacent room. For further information on this medium: https://bit.ly/3towyeH
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  • The Profound Spirituality of Our Animal Companions

    6 DIC. 2023 · The conversation pivots to Jackie's belief in the enduring innocence of pets and animals. She shares her perspective on the spirit realm as a space where reunions with spirit pets occur during the sleep state, fostering an unbreakable love link that transcends time. Both hosts emphasize the spiritual elevation of animals, citing their selfless love and loyalty. The discussion extends to the global issue of homeless animals, urging compassion and adoption. Jackie and Claire advocate for providing a loving home to animals, underscoring their shared desire for companionship and safety in a world that often overlooks their profound capacity for healing and connection. For further information: https://bit.ly/3uLANS4
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My show will encompass my passion for animals and their incredibly heightened senses, and all things spiritual, psychic, and mediumistic! My long-term passion has always been exploring Shamanic, Out of...

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My show will encompass my passion for animals and their incredibly heightened senses, and all things spiritual, psychic, and mediumistic! My long-term passion has always been exploring Shamanic, Out of Body & Near-Death Experiences, and Mediumship (channeling), proving all beings survive death as a fact of nature. I wholeheartedly invite listeners to email thoughts, comments, views, and personal psychic, and mediumistic experiences to be discussed in forthcoming shows!

I have a love of all animals; every individual has character and personality!
Importantly, all have emotions, feelings, and nerve endings, that feel pain! So many animals show incredible love, loyalty, telepathic, and psychic abilities and demonstrate their after-death survival as anyone knows who has lived with or spent considerable time with, a dog, cat, horse, cow, monkey, etc.

I discuss my books on my website www.jackiejoneshunt.com during my Zoom Talks, and TV and Radio Interviews. I have had countless personal, psychic &; mediumistic experiences proving to me that life continues after physical death for all beings, whether 2 or 4-legged, winged, or tailed! These experiences have certainly impacted my life. These include when I hemorrhaged and fought for my life. The human animal forgets we, too, are biologically classified as animals, mammals, and primates, and importantly we have tails in our mothers’ wombs

I also offer Tarot, Angel Cards; Angel Dice Readings Online with positive accurate feedback. I give predictive information and intuitive counseling in all areas of life. These are 1 to 1, face-to-face, or voice only, using Watts App or Facebook Messenger. I hope to bring my above favorite topics to my show and heartily welcome and encourage listeners to email me their broad-ranging views and psychic and mediumistic experiences of animals and people to be discussed in my following shows. My show will evolve from there!!
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