• Commentary: Sports fans need to know more about the world

    30 AGO. 2020 · Lots of fans say, “I wish I could just watch a game to escape the reality of what’s happening.” I do too. However, that’s not gonna happen. Sports is part of our lives and our economy. We rely on these athletes to entertain us. Sure, many of them are being paid incredible amounts of money. But money pales when people -- who are like you -- seem to be killed -- in what appears to be -- a random fashion. If anything about this pandemic -- and the deaths of our black brothers and sisters at the hands of police – have shown us is that -- as a society -- we have many problems that need to be addressed. Unfortunately, none of our lawmakers get it -- because they don’t understand the causes.
    2m 37s
  • Sports and Celeb Bar Stories: Eric Snyder gives us funniest Howard Cosell story ever

    30 AGO. 2020 · Eric Snyder is my top sports barometer. He’s covered the Oakland Raiders for AOL back in the 90s. He appears on many sports radio shows offering commentary. He’s also a screenwriter and now a new novelist. And he is a decades long Bartender both in Hollywood and in Las Vegas – with some great stories. One of them about Howard Cosell. Bar patrons call him Fish. I am fortunate to have him as a friend – and I call him Boychic.
    14m 17s
  • Rivers Edge is a Must for Golfers. Pro Sebastian Beecroft explains Arnie's Revenge

    30 AGO. 2020 · Let’s talk fall golf. The best place is in the Carolinas. One of the best and most interesting courses is Rivers Edge in Shallotte North Carolina. It is on the Myrtle Beach golf Trail. Sebastian Beecroft is the first assistant pro at Rivers Edge – and he joins us. Sebastian, welcome to the show.
    12m 14s
  • Yahoo Sports Kevin Iole talks Covid, Boxing, UFC, NFL, and NHL

    30 AGO. 2020 · There’s so much going on in sports. So I wanted to bring in someone who has a wide perspective. Kevin Iole is a combat columnist for yahoo sports. He is also an institution in Las Vegas. So he can talk about the NHL and even some of the NBA. He tells us all the protocols he must endure to cover the fight scene in Las Vegas
    10m 22s
  • Optimism: IVP Air is showing signs of killing Covid in the air 99.99%

    23 AGO. 2020 · But there are very good signs that we could return to normalcy – maybe by the first of the year. There’s a lot to talk about a vaccine. But just this week – as you heard me mention during the show -- I have been introduced to a product, called IVP air. Go to the website: it is I-v-p-air.com This is an air filtration system that can wipe out 99.9% of the Covid virus in the air in buildings. It can be used as a portable device or part of a building’s HVAC system. I’m no scientist so don’t take my word.
    2m 45s
  • Bryan Cranston Talks Dos Hombres Mezcal and post-Covid Entertainment Industry

    23 AGO. 2020 · Bryan Cranston and Breaking Bad Co-star Aaron Paul are behind Dos Hombres Mezcal. Bryan also tells us his predictions for the future of entertainment in Post-Covid world. This interview was brought to you by IVPair, an air filtration system that is shown to kill Covid in the air by 99.99%
    14m 14s
  • Bryan Cranston: Huge Baseball and Dodger fan; he also has a new film, "The One And Only Ivan"

    23 AGO. 2020 · We are talking with Emmy and Tony award winner Bryan Cranston. Many of you know him from breaking bad. He has a new film out called the one and only Ivan which is coming out on Disney+. And he is behind the mezcal Dos Hombres with his Breaking Bad co-star Aaron Paul.
    10m 21s
  • Bryan Cranston talks about Positive Covid Test and will Walter White join Saul in final season

    23 AGO. 2020 · Our guest for the show is Actor Bryan Cranston. You know him from many TV and film appearances. He is probably best-known as Walter White in the ground breaking – and still resonating show – Breaking Bad -- which won him 4 primetime Emmy awards for outstanding actor in a drama series. But he’s also won 2 tonies. One for playing LBJ in the play All The Way. And another tony for playing Howard Beale in the theater production of Network. Plus he won the Olivier award for that role over in London. He has a new film coming out called The One and Only Ivan. He also has a new mescal – a libation I am dying to hear about. His autobiography is a must read. It is called A Life in Parts. Plus Bryan is also a huge sports fans. We will cover all of that. Plus we ask him two want-to-know questions: how is he after positive Covid, and will Walter White join Better Call Saul?
    12m 7s
  • Why I have Actor Bryan Cranston on for a full show about sports.

    23 AGO. 2020 · Instead of three guests, it will be just one -- Bryan Cranston. Many of you know Bryan from his role as Walter White in Breaking Bad. He also has a new filming coming out called The One and Only Ivan. But Bryan is so much more. He is one of the greatest actors of our time. But he is also an entrepreneur with a new libation – a mezcal. Plus he is a huge sports fan – a Dodgers fan – who remembers the Dodgers playing in The Coliseum in the late 1950s -- all the way up to the Dodgers loss in the 2018 series. For me, Bryan has been a good friend since 1983. Our mutual friend is John O’Hurley, my college roommate and longtime buddy. John O introduced Bryan and me when they were starring in the Soap Opera Loving – back in 1983. Once we all ended up on the west coast, Bryan gave me two great tips. I was taking acting classes -- more for exploring screenwriting. But I was tempted to look at acting. Bryan asked me, “Do you wake every morning, thinking about acting?” I said, “No I don’t.” He said then don’t waste your time. And he was right. Then in 2004, as I covered and deciphered the 2004 presidential election, Bryan said to me “Why don’t you write a book on this?” And I did. Thus my first book, TRUTH: the no BS guide to navigating a media biased world. I am indebted to Bryan for both of those gems of advice.
    3m 22s
  • Why PGA Championship May Have Given Golf New Life: My Commentary

    23 AGO. 2020 · The PGA Championship may have catapulted golf to the top of professional sports during this Covid chaos. It was brilliant. Colin Morikawa gave us a final round major we won’t forget. But what was so fascinating about that round of golf was the other young up-and-coming hot shots that could give Golf new life even beyond the pandemic. Besides Morikawa, we had Matthew Wolff, Scottie Scheffler, and Xander Schauffele. And to go along with them were the so-called old guys -- DJ, Justin Rose, Brooks Koepka, and crazy fun Bryson De Chambeau. Yes Tiger was there too -- finishing 44th. Here’s something else that might change too. Maybe sportscasts will stop leading with Tiger’s tourney results first – even when he doesn’t win or contend. And that could be a big turnaround -- as far as real news judgement in the sports news field. But also for the game. Nothing against Tiger, but we shouldn’t be just relying on him – to just show up -- to make the event something to watch.
    2m 23s
John Daly knows news and sports. He hosts TVS Presents Sport Magazine on Radio. Heard here and on more than 100 radio stations across the US.
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