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Joni Aldrich SOS: Supporter of Survival

  • Treatment SOS: Why don't presidential candidates talk cancer?

    7 ABR. 2016 · Guest: Robert Berman, www.Cancer4Pres.org. Robert is Pres. and CEO of ITUS Corp., subsidiary to Anixa Diagnostics Corp. who is developing a blood test for early detection of cancers. Cancer is the big Elephant and Donkey in the room that none of the candidates are talking about. Cancer4Pres.org is a grassroots effort to add the cancer conversation to political candidates--why aren't they talking about it already? Co-host: Dr. Peter Hofland, editor and publisher of ADC Review, Journal of Antibody-drug Conjugates. Joni Aldrich, author of Advocacy Heals U, www.motivationalpress.com/Advocacy-Heals-U/
    50m 31s
  • Advocacy Heals U: Mystery of Life After Death

    23 MAR. 2016 · Guest Bob Harrison, author of Because of Annie, Unlocking the Mystery of Life After Death. From his eyes as a loving caregiver, you'll feel the trauma, pain, and hear the laughter through the loving viewpoint of a fight through cancer (multiple myeloma). Although Annie did not survive, Bob's hope is that someone will learn from his experience and not have to relive this story. Co-host Chris Jerry, www.emilyjerryfoundation.org Host Joni Aldrich, www.jonialdrich.com Advocacy Heals U the book at www.motivationalpress.com/Advocacy-Heals-U/
    50m 5s
  • Advocacy Heals U: Imagine Inspire Believe, Aimee Suyko

    23 MAR. 2016 · Aimee Suyko: "I’ve spoken to tons of women who are living the after-life of cancer and everyone handles it differently, but all of us agree that it’s a new sisterhood that unless you’ve walked this path, you truly will never understand the physical, mental and spiritual differences that will live with you forever. This is why I’ve been called to create this community and to work with women who are facing, battling or recovering from breast cancer. We will live with scars, we will live with side effects from medications, we will live with the thoughts of will it come back again. Yet every day we will get up, and live the lives we were meant to live." Loving your body after breast cancer by Aimee Suyko! Co-host Chris Jerry, www.emilyjerryfoundation.org; Host: Joni Aldrich, www.jonialdrich.com
    46m 46s
  • Treatment SOS: Breast Microseed Radiation

    23 MAR. 2016 · Breast Microseed from Concure Oncology, is an exciting, precision radiation therapy for early stage breast cancer patients post lumpectomy. It is a one time, one-hour outpatient procedure using low dose radioactive microseeds implanted in and around the surgical cavity to prevent local recurrence of the cancer, preventing the inconvenience and collateral damage of conventional radiation for breast cancer. Ask your oncologist about www.breastmicroseed.com Guests: Sandra Rorem, CEO Concure Oncology; Dr. Juanita Crook, Professor of Radiation Oncology, Univ. of British Columbia. Host: Joni Aldrich, www.jonialdrich.com
  • Advocacy Heals U: The Bridge of Intuition

    10 MAR. 2016 · Dr. Toni Luisa Rivera’s fascination with the body, mind, emotion, spirit connection has grown through her career that started in Puerto Rico, where she learned that complete healing comes through the ability to access body wisdom. Instead of being stuck in the injury, what her book, The Propelled Heart, focuses on is what life is trying to teach us through the experiences (the Event), relationships and circumstances of our lives. Co-host Chris Jerry. Host Joni Aldrich. www.motivationalpress.com/Advocacy-Heals-U/
    51m 51s
  • Advocacy Heal U: Marc Clark and the Advocate Fable

    10 MAR. 2016 · Chris and I helped Marc Clark realize that he is very much an advocate. He's author of award-winning children’s books (www.thefableskingdom.com) including The Royal Fables: Stories From the Princes & Princesses Of The Texas Children’s Hospital. The Princess & The Parakeet is a new story in memory of Brooke Hester, and donations go to her foundation: Brooke’s Blossoming Hope for Childhood Cancer Foundation. Co-host Chris Jerry. Host Joni Aldrich. www.motivationalpress.com/Advocacy-Heals-U/
    50m 55s
  • Treatment SOS: Patient Safety Movement Foundation

    29 FEB. 2016 · The 2016 World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit brought together creative minds from around the world with one goal in mind...ZERO Preventable Patient Deaths by 2020. The Patient Safety Movement Foundation is breaking down the silos between hospitals, medical technology companies, doctors, engineers, and families of patients who have died needlessly. Guest: Joe Kiani runs one of the world's most admired medical technology companies, is an inventor of world-changing noninvasive patient monitoring devices, and a trusted voice for patient safety and care. Co-Host: Chris Jerry, www.emilyjerryfoundation.org Host: Joni Aldrich, www.jonialdrich.com
    49m 58s
  • Treatment SOS: Metastatic Breast Cancer, Story Half Told

    29 FEB. 2016 · "The time is now to begin the next phase of the breast cancer treatment, where all people living with breast cancer -- the early, the advanced and the metastatic -- feel equally embraced." The Story Half Told initiative hopes to promote understanding of metastatic breast cancer, dispel misperceptions, combat stigma and expand awareness to include late stage breast cancer. Julia Perkins Smith M.D. is a Senior Medical Director for Pfizer Oncology and US Lead for Breast Cancer. Carol Miele, grandmother and retired nurse, is one of five women who share their courage through photos and stories. Host: Joni Aldrich, www.jonialdrich.com
    50m 52s
  • Treatment SOS: Is Your Brain Relaxed? If Not Read On!

    17 FEB. 2016 · Have you ever had a brain stall where you just couldn't think of a name or word, and then remember it the next day when you weren't putting pressure on your brain? High-resolution, relational, resonance-based electroencephalic mirroring (HIRREM®) is a computer-guided technology that can be described as a highly precise, sound-based, “brain mirror.” Use of this mirror is intended to support a deeply relaxed or meditative state of a unique kind that is proven to help those with PTSD! From this relaxed state, typically accompanied by improved sleep, the brain tends to optimize its activity patterns. HIRREM is commonly associated with improvements in multiple domains, for example in mental and physical health, learning, and reaction time. Guest: Lee Gerdes, CEO of Brain State Technologies. Host: Joni Aldrich, www.jonialdrich.com
    51m 13s
  • Treatment SOS: Diagnosing the Right Thyroid Condition

    17 FEB. 2016 · Feeling sluggish? Not up to par? Thyroid could be the culprit, but standard tests may not detect it---hear what a leading expert has to say! Guest: Dr. Gil Kajiki, Founder of Worldwide Treatment Center The Valley Thyroid Institute. If you don't feel good but your doctor says there's nothing wrong...maybe he/she is not testing adequately, because they don't any other treatments except medication, radiation or surgery. Dr. Kajiki's non-drug treatment for hypothyroidism, low thyroid and Hashimoto's disease has amazing results...after the right diagnosis. Host: Joni Aldrich, www.jonialdrich.com
    50m 55s

Radio shows by author, speaker and international cancer advocate Joni Aldrich dedicated to helping cancer families and caregivers survive. Joni Aldrich SOS: Supporter of Survival Podcast is brought to you...

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Radio shows by author, speaker and international cancer advocate Joni Aldrich dedicated to helping cancer families and caregivers survive.

Joni Aldrich SOS: Supporter of Survival Podcast is brought to you by Talk 4 Podcasting (www.talk4podcasting.com/) on the Talk 4 Media Network (www.talk4media.com/).
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