• A Dive Into Our Prayer Ministry

    15 JUN. 2024 · In this episode we delve into the profound influence of prayer in the midst of Lebanon's ongoing trials. Host Elio Constantine, alongside John Crump from Heart for Lebanon's international office, unpacks the transformative and sustaining power of prayer for individuals and nations alike. We are reminded of the pivotal role of prayer partners in supporting Heart for Lebanon's mission, emphasizing that their intercessions are as crucial as financial support. Reflecting on the promises of God regarding prayer, we look at Matthew 7:7 and John 14:13-14, which assure us of the Lord's attentive response to our earnest petitions. John Crump, our Ministry and Church Catalyst, engages in profound dialogue with Elio, exploring whether prayer changes God's mind or serves to transform us. John draws upon biblical narratives, including the experiences of Moses, Esther, Mordecai, and the early church, to illustrate how prayer has historically been a catalyst for confronting and overcoming systems of injustice. Elio shares a personal testimony of prayer's miraculous impact during Lebanon's economic crisis, a story of last-minute hope that reinforces his faith in God's provision. We also hear from Adham, a young man from Aleppo, whose vision impairment led him to Heart for Lebanon's Bible study and a newfound relationship with God through prayer and support. As the episode concludes, John emphasizes that prayer is the lifeblood of Heart for Lebanon, a foundation more vital than any resource. He invites listeners to join the community of prayer partners, a commitment that undergirds the ministry's work and brings hope to the marginalized. If you have questions, please reach out to us at podcast@heartforlebanon.org. If you have a prayer request you'd like to share, please send it to prayer@heartforlebanon.org.
    21m 36s
  • Summer of Hope Kickoff

    1 JUN. 2024 · We dive into the transformative power of summer camps as a beacon of light for the children of Lebanon. Host Elio Constantine welcomes us into a discussion about the Summer of Hope initiative, a program designed to bring joy and the love of Christ to Syrian, Kurdish, and Lebanese children amidst the nation's multifaceted crises. Lebanon, a country grappling with an economic downturn considered one of the worst in recent history, hosts an overwhelming number of Syrian refugee children—estimated between 600,000 to 650,000. In these trying times, the children bear the brunt of the nation's hardships, often facing a future dimmed by the shadows of war, displacement, and poverty. Elio is joined by Joanna and Freddy from Heart for Lebanon's Children-at-Risk team, who share their passion and plans for the upcoming summer camps. The camps aim to nurture steadfast faith, foster community, and inspire hope in the face of adversity. Freddy shares a touching story from the field, including the tale of Faiz, a mute boy whose life was transformed by the Hope on Wheels program. Through the simple yet profound acts of kindness and the sharing of Bible stories, Faiz found a sense of belonging and joy that had previously eluded him. Join us as we explore the importance of nurturing the young hearts and minds of Lebanon, and learn how you can be a part of their journey by visiting heartforlebanon.org. Your prayers and support can help sow seeds of hope and strength in the lives of these precious children. For more information or to join the prayer community, visit heartforlebanon.org/prayer. Send your questions or comments to podcast@heartforlebanon.org, and be a part of the story that changes lives through faith, love, and the unyielding hope of Christ.
    19m 1s
  • From Tradition to Truth: Joseph's Journey

    18 MAY. 2024 · In this episode, we immerse ourselves in the transformative tale of Joseph Sayah, a man who found the true essence of his faith through the Bible study sessions offered by Heart for Lebanon. Join host Elio Constantine as we navigate Joseph's journey from a 'traditional' Christian background in the Bekaa Valley to a profound spiritual awakening that reshaped his life and beliefs.  Joseph's story is one of resilience and revelation. He grew up amidst the turmoil of civil war, harboring dreams of monastic life that were displaced by military service. His traditional Christian upbringing left him with unanswered questions about his faith, which were only magnified by the disciplined spirituality he observed in others. The turning point came with his daughter's marriage to a devout young man of Syrian descent, challenging Joseph's preconceptions and leading him to Heart for Lebanon's spiritual community. There, Joseph's eyes were opened to the teachings of Jesus, the structure of the Bible, and the commandments that he had never fully understood before. Discover how Heart for Lebanon's approach to ministry, rooted in unconditional love and trust, fosters spiritual formation and discipleship.  Embrace the opportunity to be a beacon of hope and join us in prayer by visiting heartforlebanon.org. Share your thoughts and questions with us at podcast@heartforlebanon.org, and stay tuned for the next episode. 
    15m 48s
  • Cultivating Unity in Lebanon's Complexity

    4 MAY. 2024 · Here we delve into the essence of spiritual formation and the role of Bible studies in fostering a journey towards Christ-like transformation amidst the complexities of Lebanon's cultural mosaic. Host Elio Constantine is joined by Milad Nassar, Heart for Lebanon's South Ministry Center Field Manager and Hope Evangelical Church Ghazieh's Lead Pastor, to discuss the organization's unconditional approach to ministry. They explore how this approach transcends sectarian divides, offering love and dignity to all, irrespective of background or belief. You'll hear the inspiring testimonies of Idris, a Kurdish refugee who discovers the Bible as a source of love and peace, and Eliane, whose journey with Heart for Lebanon leads her to a life of discipleship, even beyond the borders of Lebanon. The episode culminates with the remarkable story of Milad and Claude—once on opposing sides of conflict, now united in Christ, demonstrating that true reconciliation and unity are possible through the transformative power of God's love. Join us as we explore the path from unconditional ministry to discipleship, and how Heart for Lebanon is breaking down barriers to build a family in faith. For those moved by the stories of hope and change, visit heartforlebanon.org to learn how you can contribute through prayer and engagement. Send your questions or comments to podcast@heartforlebanon.org.
    23m 38s
  • Reshaping Futures in Lebanon

    20 ABR. 2024 · In this episode of Journey of Hope, we step into the classrooms of Heart for Lebanon's H.O.P.E. (Helping Overcome Poverty through Education) Program, where transformative stories unfold every day. Our host, Elio Constantine, takes us on a journey to discover the profound impact this initiative has on the lives of over 1,000 at-risk children in Lebanon. Bashir, the field manager and a lead pastor, shares the program's history and its exponential growth from 27 to 400 students in the Bekaa Valley alone. He emphasizes the importance of sharing Christian values and the love of Jesus, which resonate not only with the children but also ripple out to touch entire families. Witness the narrative of change through the eyes of Maram, a 13-year-old girl who learned the value of kindness and equality through the program's Bible sessions. Maram's aspirations to become a psychologist and help those with mental health challenges highlight the program's success in instilling hope and ambition in the hearts of these young learners.  Learn how Heart for Lebanon is battling the crisis of education and childhood neglect by providing a sanctuary of learning and love. Hear from Aida, a dedicated teacher, and Bushra, a former student, who both testify to the nurturing environment and personalized care that set the H.O.P.E. Program apart from any other educational experience. As Elio Constantine wraps up the episode, he extends a heartfelt invitation to listeners to engage with Heart for Lebanon's mission. By visiting heartforlebanon.org/prayer, you can join the prayer community, support the program, and help sow seeds of hope in the fertile ground of young hearts and minds. For questions, email podcast@heartforlebanon.org
    12m 38s
  • Transforming Lives Through Learning

    6 ABR. 2024 · In this episode, we turn our attention to a beacon of light amidst the challenges faced by Syrian refugee children in Lebanon. With over 470,000 registered young refugees, and many more unaccounted for, Lebanon stands as the largest per capita host of Syrian refugees worldwide. This influx puts a strain on the country’s infrastructure and educational system, leaving countless children without access to schooling and facing a precarious future. Our host, Elio Constantine, guides us through a narrative of transformation, focusing on Heart for Lebanon's H.O.P.E. (Helping Overcome Poverty through Education) Program. This initiative is not just about academics; it's about nurturing life skills, instilling Christian values, and fostering a sense of community and belonging. We hear from Joanna, the program's curriculum overseer, and Nada, a dedicated teacher, who shares the profound impact of the program on both the children and the educators themselves. Through their stories, we learn about the holistic approach Heart for Lebanon takes, addressing the children's needs with love and care beyond the classroom. We witness how the Hope Educational Program equips these young minds not only with knowledge but also with the resilience and faith to navigate life's storms. There is also a moving personal account of Ayman, a 15-year-old Syrian refugee whose life was radically changed by the Hope Center. For those inspired to make a difference, visit heartforlebanon.org/prayer to discover how you can become a prayer partner and support the H.O.P.E. Program. Join us in praying for the teachers, the children and their families, and help foster a future where every child has the opportunity to become a leader of faith in their community. Tune in for an episode that will challenge your heart and inspire you to be part of the Journey of Hope.
    20m 17s
  • From Ritual to Relationship: Part 2 - Praying

    16 MAR. 2024 · In this moving conversation, we rejoin Yasser as he delves into the indispensable connection between prayer and fasting. With a Muslim background and a transformative encounter with Christ in the early '90s, Yasser's insights bridge cultural divides and bring a profound understanding of spiritual disciplines. Part 2 of our series with Yasser, a key contributor to Heart for Lebanon's missional leadership program, focuses on the life-changing impact of prayer. From personal transformation to the power of intercession, Yasser's stories underscore the vitality of an authentic relationship with God through disciplined practice and heartfelt prayer. In this episode, we also hear the poignant testimony of Micheline, whose journey from ritual to relationship illustrates the transformative power of truly knowing Christ. Her story is a testament to the beauty of discovering one's faith not as a series of obligations but as a living, breathing walk with God. As our host, Elio Constantine, reminds us, the turmoil in Lebanon is a backdrop to the powerful testimonies shared. He extends a heartfelt invitation to listeners to pray for the Heart for Lebanon team and the nation itself, as they strive for peace, reconciliation, and biblical justice. This episode isn't just a podcast; it's a call to action—a reminder that the practice of our faith is not just theoretical but a daily commitment to living out the teachings of Jesus. Join us for an episode that challenges, inspires, and calls us to deeper devotion, and if you missed Part 1, be sure to catch up for the full story of hope, transformation, and discipline in faith. For those moved to support or learn more about the work of Heart for Lebanon, visit heartforlebanon.org and consider joining the prayer community. Together, let's embrace the journey of hope. --- 📋 Episode Chapters (00:00) This podcast is part two of a series we did with Yasser (02:24) All of what you said sounds to me as if it's something that we should live (09:08) Micheline shares her story of finding God for herself (16:19) "Prayer for me is important because of a personal testimony." (21:40) The five disciplines that can help any Believer (22:23) We encourage you to pray for Lebanon after listening to these two episodes
    23m 40s
  • From Ritual to Relationship: Part 1 - Fasting

    2 MAR. 2024 · In this thought-provoking episode of Journey of Hope, we delve into the transformative power of faith beyond religious rituals with our guest Yasser who talks about how fasting, when stripped of its true spiritual essence, can become a mere tradition devoid of its intended purpose. As we approach the month of Ramadan, this dialogue takes a timely look at fasting from both Christian and Muslim perspectives, exploring its origins, significance, and the cultural nuances that have shaped its practice. Yasser's journey from observing Ramadan to discovering the biblical context of fasting illuminates the stark differences between performing religious duties for merit and embracing a discipline that deepens one's relationship with God. This episode is not just about abstaining from food; it's an invitation to reflect on the communal aspects of faith, the importance of discipline, and the pitfalls of reducing profound spiritual experiences to mere formalities. Join us as we uncover how fasting can lead to a disciplined life that truly reflects the character of Christ. Listen to Part 1 of this enriching conversation and be sure to catch the upcoming episode, Part 2, where we'll dive deeper into the indispensable role of prayer in fasting and the dangers of disconnecting the two. Subscribe to our podcast to ensure you don't miss the continuation of this inspiring story of hope and transformation on Journey of Hope.
    24m 25s
  • Love, for and from Christ.

    17 FEB. 2024 · In the week where the world looks at love through a cultural view, we are asking "what is love?" from a Biblical view? Without the love of Christ in our hearts, the ministry of Heart for Lebanon would not exist today. From the beginning love has been the starting point of serving all those we encounter with the goal to show them the love God has for them, and lead them to know Him personally. Hear our guest, Hoda Melki, share about how the ministry began and why we do what we do with the compassionate heart of Jesus Christ at the center.
    26m 38s
  • What 'Family Care' Means & Why We Do It

    3 FEB. 2024 · Our Family Care initiative is designed to show the love of Christ through meeting survival needs with tangible goods while opening the door to deeper relationships with the families we serve. Both refugee and local Lebanese families benefit from humanitarian aid and relational visits that lead to spiritual conversations. Our Team is able to meet with and evaluate families in need, and supply essential food and hygiene items. It takes a lot of work and time but the relational value added to the people we serve far outweighs the cost. To see an example of a family served, and where they are on their faith journey now, visit heartforlebanon.org/family-care-brings-rasha-hope/
    30m 8s

Journey of Hope is a podcast giving you insights into the ministry of Heart for Lebanon. Through conversations with field and regional experts, you will gain a new perspective on...

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Journey of Hope is a podcast giving you insights into the ministry of Heart for Lebanon. Through conversations with field and regional experts, you will gain a new perspective on what is taking place and what’s possible as we “Make Disciples”. The stories you hear will move beyond theoretical and make the ministry practical as we show you the impact God is making in Lebanon and the Middle East.
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