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Just Being Intentional - with Thomas Harris

  • Andy Erwin - Saving Cinema with Soul: How Faith-based Films are Bringing Back the Crowds

    31 MAY. 2024 · In the latest thought-provoking episode of "Just Being Intentional," host Thomas Harris sits down with acclaimed filmmaker Andy Erwin to delve deep into the intersection of faith, film, and the pursuit of purpose within the realm of success. Enjoying the success of their studio's recent movie, Unsung Hero, Andy Erwin shares an exclusive look into his latest cinematic ventures, including the eagerly anticipated "Sarah's Oil," a compelling period drama that brings to life the story of the first black millionaire in the United States. The conversation then shifts to "Fearless," a project close to Andy's heart, which chronicles the gripping tales of Navy SEALs and their unyielding courage. Throughout the episode, Thomas, drawing from his own experiences as a veteran, engages with Andy in a vibrant discussion about "Fearless," expressing genuine enthusiasm for the project's potential to inspire and resonate with audiences. Andy also tantalizes listeners with hints of a sequel to one of his box-office hits and reveals plans to bring a beloved best-selling novel to the silver screen, promising to captivate fans and newcomers alike. As the episode unfolds, Andy and Thomas explore the challenges and triumphs of living out one's Christian faith amidst the pressures of industry success. They reflect on the power of storytelling to shape hearts and minds, and the responsibility that comes with wielding such influence. The dialogue culminates in a mutual acknowledgment of the critical role that intentionality plays in their creative and personal journeys, leaving listeners with a renewed sense of purpose and a deeper understanding of the transformative impact of faith-driven artistry in today's culture. Keywords: Andy Erwin Filmmaker Kingdom Story Company Faith-based Films Movie Production Storytelling Lionsgate Collaboration Hashtags: #unsunghero #JesusRevolution #ICanOnlyImagine #AndyErwin #Filmmaker #KingdomStoryCompany #FaithBasedFilms #MovieProduction #Storytelling #Lionsgate #AudienceImpact #FamilyInFilm #upcomingmovies
    47m 12s
  • Just Being Intentional | Nate Boyer: How You Can Support Veterans and Athletes

    22 MAY. 2024 · In this episode of Just Being Intentional with Thomas Harris, host Thomas Harris has an engaging conversation with Boyer, a former Green Beret, ex-football player, and co-founder of Merging Vets and Players (MVP). Boyer shares his compelling life story, beginning with his childhood in the San Francisco Bay area and leading up to his decision to join the military, a choice spurred by his time in Darfur and the impact of the 9/11 events. He then recounts his unique journey to becoming a football player for the University of Texas and his short stint with the Seattle Seahawks. Throughout the episode, Boyer opens up about the difficulties of dealing with PTSD and the broader issue of trauma, challenging the stigma and highlighting that trauma is not exclusive to any one group. He delves into his work with Jay Glazer in co-founding MVP, an organization dedicated to helping veterans and athletes find community and purpose after their professional careers have ended. Moreover, Boyer discusses his role in the production of a film that realistically depicts the challenges faced by service members transitioning back to civilian life. The conversation wraps up with Boyer and Harris emphasizing the significance of living intentionally, setting healthy boundaries, and prioritizing personal well-being. Mentioned in this episode: - Merging Vets and Players (MVP) organization - University of Tennessee - UC Berkeley - Golden Gate Fields horse racing track - San Francisco 49ers (Niners) - San Francisco Giants - Golden State Warriors - Darfur, Sudan - 18 X-Ray Program - Special Forces (Green Berets) - PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) - University of Texas Longhorns - Central Texas College - Unbreakable Performance Center - MVP (Merging Vets and Players) - Hollywood Veterans Center - Paramount Plus - Mike Pereira from Fox
    34m 14s
  • Just Being Intentional | Serving Women and Children - Talitha Phillips

    12 MAY. 2024 · Just Being Intentional | Serving Women and Children - Talitha Phillips In this inspiring episode of "Just Being Intentional," host Thomas Harris interviews Talitha Phillips, CEO of Claris Health, a Los Angeles-based organization dedicated to providing comprehensive pregnancy and healthcare support. Learn about the vital services they offer, the challenges faced in the healthcare industry, and how they empower women to make life-affirming decisions. Tune in to hear powerful stories of hope and transformation that underscore the importance of supporting women through their pregnancy journeys. Timestamps: 0:00 - Introduction and Welcome 0:22 - Gratitude for Viewer Support 5:41 - Addressing the Needs of Pregnant Women 11:02 - Personal Stories of Unexpected Pregnancy 16:25 - The Choices Women Face During Pregnancy 22:08 - Opportunities for a Better Life Through Support 30:37 - Discussing Women's Health Initiatives 35:43 - Advocacy and Support for Life Choices 40:59 - How to Support Claris Health and Talitha Phillips
    41m 27s
  • Just Being Intentional | Brothers in Arms: a Path to Purpose

    3 MAY. 2024 · Dive into the transformative journey of resilience and redemption in "Brothers in Arms: Paths to Purpose," the second episode of "Just Being Intentional with Thomas Harris." This episode features an enlightening conversation with Yves Cachuela, a fellow veteran and brother in arms, who shares his compelling life story—from a turbulent youth to finding redemption through military service. Explore the powerful impacts of community, the struggles of transitioning back to civilian life, and the profound role of intentional living. Join us as we uncover the trials and triumphs that define the veteran experience, offering insights that inspire and challenge us to live more purposefully. In a special segment, discover how you can support Yves during a challenging time by contributing to the GoFundMe campaign set up for his daughter Kayah's medical and funeral expenses. Show your support and make a difference at https://gofund.me/82dafcbd.
    33m 49s
  • Just Being Intentional | First Episode Follow-Up Bonus

    23 ABR. 2024 · Welcome back to 'Just Being Intentional with Thomas Harris' for a special follow-up to our first episode. In this intimate session, Thomas delves deeper into the themes introduced previously, sharing his heartfelt experiences from military life to personal faith. This episode is a profound exploration of how pivotal moments can shape our life's path and the power of intentional actions in forging a new destiny. Join us as Thomas opens up about his emotional journey, the lessons learned, and how these experiences fuel his current life's mission. Timestamps for Key Points - 00:00:41 - Embracing Emotional Moments: Thomas discusses the emotional impact of completing military training and the gratitude he feels for the new beginnings it facilitated. - 00:02:50 - Defining Moments: Reflection on how joining the military served as a critical pivot point in Thomas's life. - 00:05:30 - Legacy of Loss: Thomas talks about his father's death by suicide and its profound effect on his personal development and decisions. - 00:06:40 - Cycle Breaking: Insights into Thomas's intentions to break familial cycles and set a higher standard for his own family. - 00:08:17 - Living a Legacy: Thomas expresses his desire for his children to surpass the life lessons he's imparted, emphasizing the concept of 'paying it forward.' - 00:10:15 - Closing Thoughts: Summation of the episode's themes and an invitation for listeners to reach out via the show notes for further dialogue.
    10m 59s
  • Just Being Intentional | Harnessing the Power of an Intentional Life

    19 ABR. 2024 · In this profound episode, Thomas Harris embarks on a personal journey reflecting on a life marked by challenges, transformations, and triumphs. Beginning with a social experiment during the 2020 pandemic, Thomas reaches out to old contacts, rekindling connections and sharing in the often untold struggles behind curated social media facades. He discusses his decision to start the podcast as a platform for sharing stories that nurture community and foster understanding across diverse backgrounds. Through his own narrative—from a troubled childhood and military service to finding solace in faith and family—Thomas highlights the power of storytelling in healing and uniting us all. Timestamps: 0:00 - Introduction to the social experiment during the pandemic 2:05 - Importance of community and sharing personal stories 4:00 - Launching the podcast "Just Being Intentional" 6:30 - Reflecting on past struggles and deciding to serve the community 9:50 - Military service and its challenges 14:00 - Personal struggles with isolation and decision-making 18:25 - Turning to Christianity and its impact 22:45 - Mental health advocacy and veteran outreach 27:00 - Family life and setting examples for children 31:15 - Conclusion and future aspirations  #IntentionalConnections#intentionalliving #resilience #veteranstories #mentalhealthawareness #storytelling #storyteller #JustBeingIntentional
    39m 2s

Welcome to Just Being Intentional - with Thomas Harris! Thomas Harris is on a mission to help you live life on purpose instead of by accident. In each episode, Thomas...

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Welcome to Just Being Intentional - with Thomas Harris!

Thomas Harris is on a mission to help you live life on purpose instead of by accident.
In each episode, Thomas will share practical insights and actionable steps for bringing more intention and mindfulness to every area of your life.Whether it's your relationships, career, health or personal growth, Thomas believes that taking the time to truly think about what you want and designing a plan to achieve it is the key to finding meaning, happiness and success.

Through insightful solo episodes and inspiring interviews with guests, Thomas aims to give you the tools to turn intentions into reality. You'll hear powerful stories of people who hit the reset button on their lives by becoming intentional. Listen in as they share their "aha moments" and how they turned things around once they started focusing their energy in a purposeful way.

Whether you're looking for motivation or new strategies to reach your goals, "Just Being Intentional" is the podcast that will challenge you to design the life you've always wanted. Thomas is here to ensure you stop drifting through life's currents and start steering the ship!
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