• JJR - 245 - It's Just What They Do

    28 MAR. 2024 · Official Friend of the Show Jason Kessler joins me and we go over the SHOCKING societal collapse in Haiti, Congress cracks down on the CCP, the culpability of CashMeOusside Syndrome, super serious spicy chat situation, the kissed shoe on the other foot and oh so much more.
    2h 10m 45s
  • JJR - 244 - American Muscle In Action

    11 MAR. 2024 · Sunday night solo show I go over SOTU sideshow, American Muscle live in action, South Dakota safer for the Chosen, airline industry's diversity disaster, levels of unsustainably never before seen and oh so much more.
    2h 4m 33s
  • JJR - 243 - Season of Self Immolation

    11 MAR. 2024 · From social media sites to soldiers it sorta seems we're in a season of self immolation, Matty Boombalatty joins me and we go over the recent shakeup at Gab dot com. Also queer advocate becomes a martyr, this week in activism and political persecution, White Rural Rage, kodak black says get back and oh so much more.
    2h 43m 37s
  • Explícito

    JJR - 241 - More Like Belly Willis

    19 FEB. 2024 · Sunday night solo show I go over the sage of Boyfriend and Belly Willis, this week in activism, Don't say I didn't tell ya so, wtf are Trump sneakers, will Sora destroy Hollywood, and so much more.
    2h 27m 52s
  • JJR - 240 - Enough About "The Big Game"

    12 FEB. 2024 · Just Joe Radio "Fuck the Superbowl" special, I got longtime pal Cino sitting in with me. We go over the propaganda, idol worship, and over all hilarity surrounding Taylor Swift Superbowl bread and circus. Also Hawley, Mayorkas and HIAS, Kwanez outta control, musician not magician, ow my balls and more.
    2h 34m 19s
  • JJR - 239 - Where's Your Humanity

    12 FEB. 2024 · Back in action, Matty stops by to help with the heavy lifting. We go over the significance and impact of the Tucker/Putin interview, also babblin' Biden completely blows it, no more militias, illegal arm gestures, Australian upset with Barbara, Dystopia Goggles., eThots get dignified and more
    2h 27m 6s
  • Explícito

    JJR - 238 - Showdown or Circus??

    29 ENE. 2024 · Joined by Nick, host of Night Nation Review, we do our best to decipher whether the showdown between the Biden administration and Texas is serious or just more circus. Also Spaceman tours the Sad Place, Benminem's fire bars, America's refusal to deal with reality, and apparently there IS crying footyball.
    2h 58m 45s
  • JJR - 237 - Life, Liberty, Victory

    29 ENE. 2024 · Noted activist and outspoken advocate for Nationalism, Thomas Rousseau, stops by for a discussion on the recent Patriot Front demonstrations in Washington D.C. and NYC, as well as the histrionic meltdown within the media and Conservative Inc afterword. Later we get into a myriad of items from 3rd world invasion to religion's role in Nationalism, what's next for Patriot Front, as well as some live calls. https://odysee.com/$/discover?t=fronthttps://odysee.com/$/discover?t=libertyhttps://odysee.com/$/discover?t=lifehttps://odysee.com/$/discover?t=patriothttps://odysee.com/$/discover?t=victory
    2h 55m 31s
  • Explícito

    JJR - The Fedjacketing of Patriot Front

    22 ENE. 2024 · Spurred by the recent massive coordinated effort to castigate activist organization Patriot Front as a "Fed" op, I passionately express my disdain (to put it politely) for a merry band of internet ignoramuses, grifters, and gatekeepers. Also out with the New Twitter, in with the Old Twitter.
    1h 27m 53s
  • Explícito

    JJR - 235 - Threepeter Triple Threat Trifecta

    15 ENE. 2024 · Third episode in 3 days, I walk through a myriad of happenings and events to cap off the week. Click the play button and enjoy, friend.
    1h 31m 14s
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