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  • @Tawala- Rhythms of Healing

    23 JUN. 2024 · Dana and Dr. J join Tawala to talk https://rhythms-of-healing.my.canva.site/, an innovative program designed to harmonize the elements of hip hop culture, meditation, and wellness practices into a transformative healing experience looking at mental health and wellness in the universal language of music.
    Escuchado 16m 12s
  • @Tawala- Small Business Shout Out- DJ Pat Dee Talks Kids Party DJ

    23 JUN. 2024 · https://jackfactory.com/kids-parties/ will bring a Pro DJ, sound system, kid friendly music, bubble machine and amazing colorful lights to your event. They are available for school events, birthdays, and anywhere you need an interactive dj for kids from preschool, elementary and middle school ages. Fun DJ's that will have kids dancing, laughing and enjoying every moment. A DJ who can keep kids of all ages moving with a variety of music, games, fun interactive dances and more. Light shows that will keep kids attention and loads of bubbles to chase and pop.
    Escuchado 10m 13s
  • @ForkReporter- Ivan Vasquez of Madre

    23 JUN. 2024 · Neil and Bill Esparza introduce Ivan Vasquez of https://madrerestaurants.com/. They are doing a tasting and giving some true Mezcal history! 
    Escuchado 14m 35s
  • @ForkReporter- Chef Odessa Rodriguez of Tainos

    23 JUN. 2024 · Neil and Bill Esparza are joined by Odessa Rodriguez of https://tainosla.com/, a Puerto Rican Ghost Kitchen that only offers delivery and take out services. Take a listen to all the thought and love put into this amazing food!
    Escuchado 22m 43s
  • @ForkReporter- Chef Jose Olmedo Carles Rojas of Si! Mon

    23 JUN. 2024 · Neil is joined by Bill Esparza during this Fork Report. Their first guest is Chef Jose Olmedo Carles Rojas of https://www.si-mon.la/ in Venice. He is chef owner at the first Panamanian fine dining restaurant in Los Angeles. Carlos' restaurant in Panamá is a Latin America's 50 Best restaurants. Take a listen to what they offer at Si! Mon.   
    Escuchado 28m 26s
  • @MrMoKelly & “The Bikeriders” in ‘The Rahner Report’

    22 JUN. 2024 · ICYMI: ‘Later, with Mo’Kelly’ Presents – Mark Rahner’s review of the new Focus Features crime/drama “https://www.fandango.com/the-bikeriders-2024-233140/movie-overview,” which tells the story of a midwestern motorcycle club known as the ‘Vandals’ in ‘https://www.markrahner.com/’ - on KFI AM 640…Live everywhere on the iHeartRadio app
    Escuchado 9m 50s
  • @GaryAndShannon - #What'sHappening - RFK JR. supporters protest outside KFI

    21 JUN. 2024 · Gary and Shannon search the internet far and wide for What's Happening on Friday, June 21st, 2024: Robert F Kennedy Jr. supporters arrived across from Warner Brothers Studios and KFI around Noon. Supporters want RFK Jr. to appear on the debate stage with Biden and Trump on CNN next week.  Listen to the impromptu interview with the protest organizer, Laura Jones now! - https://www.nbclosangeles.com/decision-2024/june-2024-presidential-debate-trump-biden/3436419/ - https://www.politico.com/news/2024/06/20/robert-f-kennedy-cnn-debate-atlanta-june-27-00164275
    Escuchado 10m 30s
  • @GaryAndShannon - #NNNYNTK

    21 JUN. 2024 · Gary and Shannon talk about the stories that slipped throught the cracks this week.
    Escuchado 11m 18s
  • @GaryAndShannon - #TerrorInTheSkies

    21 JUN. 2024 · Gary and Shannon talk about the latest travel mishaps.
    Escuchado 3m 40s
  • @BillHandelShow – ‘Foodie Friday’ with Neil Saavedra

    21 JUN. 2024 · KFI food enthusiast and Fork Reporter Neil Saavedra comes on the program to talk about Netflix introducing a new line of.... popcorn and the 10 most offensive things you can do at a restaurant.
    Escuchado 12m 39s
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