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  • Is the FED just a bad boyfriend?? What do they really mean about rates?!?

    27 ABR. 2024 · Kin & Capital - Episode 7  Is the FED a Bad Boyfriend? What Do They Really Mean About Interest Rates? Episode Description: In this fun & informative episode of "Kin & Capital," join financial sibling gurus Amanda and Tony as they disect the FED's latest moves with a touch of humor. Have you ever wondered if the FED is as fickle as a bad boyfriend or girlfriend? We're breaking down the latest on interest rates and what the Fed's mixed signals could mean for your wallet. Tune in as we discuss: The real impact of the FED’s policies on everyday financial decisions. How recent economic events like inflation and global market trends tie into the FED's strategy. Practical advice on navigating your financial plans amidst uncertain economic times. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just getting started, Amanda and Tony provide the insights you need to understand the complexities of economic policies and how they affect your financial future. Don’t miss this episode filled with actionable tips, expert analysis, and a bit of humor to lighten the economic jargon!
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  • Is Your Advisor Legit? Find out now! Harnessing Market Momentum, and Avoiding Money Scams

    28 MAR. 2024 · Kin & Capital SHOW 6 Is Your Advisor Legit? Find out now! Harnessing Market Momentum, and Avoiding Money Scams.  Plus, where do you fall in The Great Wealth Transfer?? **Don't miss the latest episode of the podcast!! Key takeaways from this episode: 🔑 TikTok Debate: Learn about the implications of the current legislative pressures on TikTok as we discuss Bytedance's tense situation and ponder a future ad market that might favor giants such as Meta. 🔑 Wise Wealth Tips: The digital financial influencer landscape is fraught with risks. We underscore the importance of verifying advisor qualifications, with tools like the CFP board and broker check. 🔑 Real Estate Insights: Discover what the new real estate commission laws could mean for the market and dig into how current high mortgage rates necessitate skilled negotiation from real estate agents. 🔑 Political and Market Moves: Stay tuned for our take on the latest market trends, the buzz around a potential third-party presidential candidate, and the day-to-night shifts in the political arena. 🔑 Scam Watch: The team shares tips, plus a personal narrative to remind us of the importance of protecting our elders against ever-evolving scams targeting their hard-earned wealth. 🎁 Exclusive Offer: Don't miss out on a complimentary financial review with Aurion Wealth Advisors—you might just find the clarity you've been seeking. 🔈 Listen Now: Tune in to this in-depth episode for a meaningful discourse on these topics and more, fostering both your knowledge and your net worth. A Friendly Reminder: The Kin & Capital Podcast provides information for educational and entertainment purposes only. Please consult with a professional advisor for financial decisions tailored to your needs. Your financial well-being is our utmost priority, and we hope this episode serves as another stepping stone toward securing your prosperity. Ready to elevate your financial wisdom?  Call or text us today 386-846-0658 
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  • Financial Touchdowns - How to Build & Protect Future Fortunes

    21 FEB. 2024 · Kin & Capital SHOW 5 Step into the exhilarating world of 'Financial Touchdowns & Future Fortunes Where finance meets fun, and every episode is a game-changer. **Don't miss the latest episode of the podcast, where our savvy sibling hosts, Amanda Hayes-Blocksom and Tony Hayes, joined by Marc Killian, dive deep into the economic whirlwind of the Super Bowl! Key insights from our latest conversation:- 🤑 *Wager Winnings & Advertising Ambition*: We tackle the staggering $23 billion wagered on the Super Bowl, the impressive $650 million advertising spend, as well as discuss viewership stats and the monumental economic impact of the big game.- 💸 *Money Moves & Halftime Hype*: We provide an inside look at the lucrative earnings of NFL players, the detailed strategizing behind the iconic halftime show, and the long-term financial considerations for athletes, focusing on the jock tax and the importance of strategic tax planning.- 🛡️ *Shielding Wealth*: Our hosts emphasize the critical role of life insurance, the power of trusts, and the significance of estate planning, catering to everyone from high-net-worth individuals to family firms preparing for business succession. 🔑 Three Key Takeaways: 1.**Estate planning is a must**: Regardless of whether you're an NFL superstar or a business mogul, instruments like trusts, living wills, and healthcare directives are foundational for securing your legacy. 2. **Tax planning is integral**: High-income earners, especially those earning across state lines, must navigate complex tax landscapes by employing strategies to efficiently manage their liabilities. 3. **Life insurance evolves:** Insights into the dynamic underwriting process beckon a deeper understanding of life insurance as a tool not just for protection but for strategic financial planning. Huddle up with our financial experts to go beyond the touchdowns and into the treasury. Tune into our episode of Kin & Capital, and don’t forget to reach out to Aurion Wealth Advisors to help solidify your financial game plan! Remember to **connect with Aurion** and join the conversation around finance, investing, and navigating market tides.
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  • BIG Money for TOP employees, Manure blasting, and of course POLITICS!

    24 ENE. 2024 · Kin & Capital Show 4 Join us for a deep dive with team at Aurion Wealth Advisors Amanda Hayes-Blocksom, Tony Hayes, and Marc Killian, as we explore the nuances of our evolving economy and the strategies that affect our financial wellbeing. Key Takeaways from the Episode: 💹 **Markets and Earnings:** We discuss the bull run in markets, touching on AI stocks and their optimistic outlook, the connection between market resilience and election years, and potential perturbations due to rate cut predictions and global economic surges. 🔌 **EV Infrastructure & Challenges:** The cold snap has revealed the limitations of Tesla's EVs and infrastructure. We tackle the Biden administration’s efforts to bolster the EV market despite infrastructural gaps, offering insights into the future of energy efficiency and sustainable transportation. 🏈 **Sports & Financial Planning:** The episode takes an unexpected turn into the financial strategies behind retaining top sports coaches, highlighting the unconventional compensation methods like deferred compensation and split dollar plans, emphasizing the importance of expert financial advice. Tune in to Episode 4- where personal finance meets real-world implications, and get armed with the knowledge you need to navigate the ever-changing economic landscape. 🌞 For more insights and personalized financial guidance, follow Amanda Hayes-Blocksom and Tony Hayes. #AurionWealth #FinancialPlanning #Economy #EV #Markets #Stocks #Investing #Retirement #Podcast #FinancialAdvice
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  • Rate Cuts & Reindeer Suits - Cousin Eddie Style

    23 DIC. 2023 · Kin and Capital Show 3 🌟 Tune into the latest episode of Kin & Capital PLUS watch the full show on our You Tube Channel! Unwrap the complexities of the holiday markets with Tony, Marc & Amanda. It's a show filled with insightful banter, laughters and a wealth of financial wisdom you won't want to miss! In this festive episode, we delve into the recent market rally, the prospective rate cuts by the Fed, and how investors can tactically navigate the highs and lows of the financial landscape. Plus, get exclusive personal anecdotes from our guests, including Amanda's secret tip for an uncrowded visit to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame! Here are your *3 Key Takeaways* from this episode:- **The Importance of Professional Guidance**: Amanda discusses her role as a fiduciary, emphasizing that guiding clients towards growth without arguing over financial decisions is crucial. Remember, a qualified professional is your best ally in financial planning.- *Investment Strategies Amidst Market Volatility**: Our discourse on market predictions leads to indispensable advice - don't give into panic, employ a quantitative approach, and maintain a diverse portfolio to ensure long-term success.- **Navigating Family & Finance Over the Holidays**: The holiday spirit brings about shopping trends and family finances. Our guests share their personal preferences in holiday shopping strategies, concern for online theft, and navigating financial assistance within the family. Don’t forget to call ✨ 386-846-0658 ✨ or visit 💻 secureyoursunshine.com for personalized financial advice from the team at Aurion Wealth Advisors.👀 #AurionPodcast #KinAndCapital #FinancialPlanning #MarketInsights #RetirementPlanning #InvestmentStrategy #HolidayFinance #FamilyFinancialPlanning #AurionWealthAdvisors
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  • Trading tips, AI Shakeups, and Advanced Tax Planning

    25 NOV. 2023 · In this episode of Kin & Capital, Amanda, Tony & Marc discuss key IRA, 401k, and retirement plan updates, tax deductions from real estate and cost segregation studies. We dove into some striking financial predictions, discussed the UAW auto strike, GM budget cuts, and Super Bowl ad prices. We also covered insider trading and potential tech industry shakeups. All this and more, contextualized with a touch of humor and our favorite Thanksgiving traditions. Tune in to learn and grow with us as we navigate the world of finance!
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  • Recessions, Rates and Travis Kelce!

    28 OCT. 2023 · Get ready for an episode that tackles the hottest financial topics on everyone's minds—from mortgages and investments to market volatility. Welcome to the latest episode of Kin & Capital, hosted by Amanda Hayes-Blocksom and Tony Hayes! Today, we kick things off with a deep dive into the complexities of home mortgages, including the surprising spike in insurance costs headed into 2024. Are you budget-ready for these shifts? We then shift our focus to the investment landscape. With key earnings reports on the horizon from tech giants like Google, Microsoft, Meta, and Amazon, what does this mean for your portfolio and the broader market? But that's not all—we explore the looming fears of a recession and how it could shake up your investment strategy. Throughout the episode, we'll spotlight the critical role trust plays in financial planning and why a tailored approach is crucial. We'll also tackle hot-button issues like rising interest rates, inflation, and the ever-present concern of a housing crash. For the full experience and personalized financial advice, visit us at www.apricuswealthadvisors.com or give us a call or text at 386-846-0658. Don't miss out on this insightful discussion designed to empower you for a financially secure tomorrow. As always, consult with qualified professionals like us for personalized financial advice. Tune in to Kin & Capital and get the clarity and strategies you need to navigate the financial road ahead!
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Welcome to Kin & Capital with Amanda & Tony!! Your premiere destination for insightful and reliable financial and retirement planning guidance, presented by Aurion Wealth Advisors. In a world where...

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Welcome to Kin & Capital with Amanda & Tony!!

Your premiere destination for insightful and reliable financial and retirement planning guidance, presented by Aurion Wealth Advisors.

In a world where financial security is paramount understanding the path to independence is not a luxury, but a necessity.

Kin & Capital is here to illuminate that path, providing you with trusted strategies and personalized advice essential for making informed decisions about your future.

Your hosts are siblings Tony Hayes and Certified Financial Planner, Amanda Hayes-Blocksom.

They combine their extensive backgrounds & knowledge with a unique personal touch, ensuring that your financial planning is not just a process, but a meaningful journey.

Kin & Capital is more than a show.

It's your resource for a financially secure tomorrow.
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