• Mastering Health and Mindset: Transformative Insights with Adam Gilbert of My Body Tutor

    11 JUN. 2024 · Join us on Kindsight 101 as we chat with Adam Gilbert, the visionary behind My Body Tutor, a unique fitness and nutrition program focused on accountability and daily support. In this episode, Adam reveals powerful strategies for transforming your health and mindset. He discusses his personal motivations, the three keys to making lasting changes, and the gap between knowledge and action. Whether you're struggling with consistency or looking to overhaul your lifestyle, Adam's insights will inspire and guide you towards becoming your best self.Here are 5 takeaways from this episode: - Accountability is Crucial: Learn why daily support and accountability are vital for achieving and maintaining your health goals. - Mindset Matters: Discover how shifting your mindset can overcome barriers and propel you towards success. - Realistic Planning: Understand the importance of creating practical and sustainable health plans. - Emotional Eating: Gain insights into recognizing and managing emotional eating triggers. - Consistent Action: Find out how to bridge the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it. Ready to take control of your health and transform your mindset? Visithttps://www.mybodytutor.com/ to learn more about Adam Gilbert's comprehensive fitness and nutrition program.#HealthTransformation #MindsetShift #FitnessAccountability #DailySupport #EmotionalEating #SustainableHealth #WellnessJourney #HealthyHabits #OvercomingBarriers #NutritionTips #ConsistentAction #MindsetMatters #RealisticGoals #HealthMotivation #WellnessCoach
    35m 7s
  • Ditch the Cardio, Lift the Weights: Build Your Dream Body Through Strength Training (with Candice McMurran and Chris Harrison)

    4 JUN. 2024 · Are you tired of endless cardio but not seeing the results you want? This episode dives into the world of strength training and dismantles common misconceptions holding you back. Learn why strength training is key to building muscle and achieving that toned physique, especially for women. Discover the importance of intentionality during workouts and how to push yourself beyond perceived limitations. Plus, get tips on finding accountability and dealing with unsupportive friends and family on your fitness journey.Here are 5 takeaways from this episode: - Strength training is more effective than cardio for building muscle and achieving a toned physique. - Group fitness classes may not be the best option for building muscle. - Focus on intentionality during workouts and push yourself beyond perceived limitations. - Creatine is a safe and beneficial supplement for muscle growth and overall performance. - Prioritize your fitness goals and find accountability partners to stay motivated. Ready to crush your fitness goals? Get Candice’s discounted cookbook with delicious, macro-friendly recipes: https://stan.store/Candice1111#ditchthecardio #liftweights #strengthtraining #musclebuilding #tonedphysique #fitnessmyths #creatine #workoutmotivation #accountabilitypartner #fitfam #healthyllifestyle #overcomingobstacles #supportivecommunity #womenwholift #buildyourdreambody #strengthtrainingforwomen #intentionality #fitnessjourney
    20m 16s
  • You Can’t Outwork a Bad Diet: Mastering Nutrition for Lasting Results (with Candice McMurran)

    28 MAY. 2024 · In this episode of Kindsight 101, Candice McMurran, a nutrition coach and personal trainer, dismantles the myth that you can outwork a bad diet. She emphasizes the importance of proper nutrition for achieving your fitness goals.Here are 5 key takeaways: - Nutrition is King: Working out is important, but it can’t compensate for a poor diet. You need to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight and consume enough protein to build muscle. - Track Your Macros: Tracking your macros (macronutrients: fat, protein, carbs) helps you understand your calorie intake and ensures you’re hitting your goals. Free apps like MyFitnessPal can simplify this process. - Beware of Hidden Calories: Restaurant meals and seemingly healthy options like Lean Cuisine meals can be surprisingly calorie-dense. Track your food intake to avoid unintentional overconsumption. - Focus on Calorie Intake, Protein, and Fiber: When starting out, focus on tracking your total calorie intake, protein intake, and fiber intake. This provides a strong foundation for healthy eating. - Prioritize Meal Prep: Planning and prepping your meals in advance helps you stay on track and avoid unhealthy choices when hunger strikes. Batch cook proteins and create multiple meals for the week. Ready to crush your fitness goals? Get Candice’s discounted cookbook with delicious, macro-friendly recipes: https://stan.store/Candice1111#nutrition #weightloss #fitness #healthylifestyle #macros #protein #caloriecounting #mealprep #healthyrecipes #fattolose #musclebuilding #nutritioncoach #healthyhabits #wellness #womenwholift
    28m 10s
  • Unlock Your Potential: How to Act & Become Who You Want to Be (Candice McMurran Interview)

    21 MAY. 2024 · Candice McMurran, a fitness and nutrition expert, joins Morgane Michael to discuss the importance of mindset in achieving goals. Many people focus on reaching a specific number on the scale, but often their true desire is to feel empowered and like themselves again. Candice explains how to shift your focus from the number to the feeling and create a plan to become the person you want to be.Here are 5 takeaways from this episode: - Focus on feeling, not the number: Dig deeper to understand what the desired weight loss or fitness goal truly represents for you. - Embrace self-compassion: Be kind to yourself throughout the journey and celebrate small wins. - Progress over perfection: Aim for sustainable changes and don’t be discouraged by setbacks. - Become the person you want to be: Act as if you’ve already achieved your goal and adopt the habits that align with your desired future self. - Navigate life’s seasons: There will be times when following your plan perfectly isn’t feasible. Find ways to make progress even during busy seasons. Ready to crush your fitness goals? Get Candice’s discounted cookbook with delicious, macro-friendly recipes: https://stan.store/Candice1111#mindsetmatters #fitnessgoals #healthylifestyle #selflove #bodypositivity #wellnessjourney #motivationmonday #fitfam #nutritioncoach #healthyhabits
    33m 42s
  • Recharging Your Life: 5 Questions to Reignite Your Passion

    14 MAY. 2024 · re you feeling restless and unfulfilled? Join Morgane Michael on a journey to rediscover your passion and purpose. In this episode, Morgane dives deep into the root causes of feeling stuck and explores 5 life-changing questions to help you: - Identify areas in your life that need a refresh - Uncover limiting beliefs that hold you back - Challenge societal expectations and define your own success - Face your fears and take action towards your goals - Prioritize what truly matters and let go of what doesn’t #lifecoaching #lifepurpose #selfdiscovery #personalgrowth #motivation #goalsetting #overcominglimitations #fulfillment #selfreflection #lifeplanning #breakthrough #mindset #empowerment #careercoaching #positivevibes #takeaction #dreamlife #MorganeMichael #KindSight101
    20m 18s
  • Productivity Hacks (With Cal Newport)

    7 MAY. 2024 · Life Edit of the Month: Do Fewer Things, Get More DoneMorgane introduces the Pomodoro Technique, a simple yet effective method to boost productivity. By breaking your time into focused 25-minute sprints followed by 5 minutes of recovery, discover how to achieve more by doing less.Why It MattersIn a world where productivity often meets resistance, Morgane debunks the myths and lays out five essential frames to simplify your life and amplify your achievements: - Adopt the mantra: If it’s not an F-YES, it’s a no. - Understand that consistency trumps intensity, every single time. - Cultivate the art of rituals to maintain discipline in your daily life. - Before quitting, ask yourself: Is it working? Do I love it? - Prepare your to-do list the night before to streamline your day.
    20m 23s
  • The Lesson of Glass and Rubber Balls

    30 ABR. 2024 · Ever feel like you’re juggling too much, scared to drop the ball? Let’s sift through which are glass and which are rubber. This episode, we delve into what truly deserves our tender loving care and what can bounce back if let go. It’s a heartwarming look at prioritizing life’s juggle, ensuring what’s precious isn’t overlooked. Together, let’s learn to hold tight to what matters most and let the rest bounce away. #LifePriorities #GlassAndRubber #HoldTight #WhatMattersMost #HeartwarmingWisdom
    7m 11s
  • Reconnect with yourself (with John Kabat-Zinn)

    23 ABR. 2024 · In the whirlwind of life, ever long for a pause button? Enter John Kabat-Zinn, taught me the 54321 grounding exercise - a simple yet profound tool to melt away anxiety and bring us back to ourselves. It’s about finding calm in the chaos, peace in the present. So, take a breath, and let’s journey inward together. Your sanctuary of peace awaits. #MindfulMoments #JohnKabatZinnWisdom #FindYourCalm #InnerPeaceJourney #AnxietyRelief
    5m 12s
  • Unlocking Your Potential (with Tony Robbins)

    16 ABR. 2024 · Ready to meet the most incredible version of you? Imagine crafting an avatar - your ultimate mentor, imbued with qualities you admire and aspire to. Tony Robbins taught me the roadmap to unleash that potential, and I guide you through envisioning and embodying your ideal self. It’s more than inspiration; it’s a transformation. Let’s dive in and unlock the powerhouse within. #TonyRobbinsInspiration #UnlockPotential #BeYourBestSelf #MentorGoals #TransformationJourney
    7m 34s
  • Finding Your Inner Circle (with Brene Brown)

    9 ABR. 2024 · Ever feel like some folks just don’t get your spark? Well, you’re not alone. Brene Brown's concept of keeping the flame alive by picking those who pick us is so important. Let's precious souls who fan your flames, not douse them. This episode is about ditching the naysayers and cherishing those who cheer us on. Brene’s insights? Pure gold. Let’s learn to treasure those true-blue friends and make our inner circle a fortress of love and support. #SoulTribe #BreneBrownWisdom #TrueFriends #HeartToHeart #SparkJoy #InnerCircleGoals
    6m 13s

This is KindSight 101, the podcast where you’ll hear from world renowned educational leaders about the mobilizing power of kindness. Together, by challenging our assumptions and venturing beyond the status...

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This is KindSight 101, the podcast where you’ll hear from world renowned educational leaders about the mobilizing power of kindness. Together, by challenging our assumptions and venturing beyond the status quo in education, we can make a BIG impact...one small act at a time.
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