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    Junt Sosa: How Rap & Hip Hop Music Transformed My Life

    25 NOV. 2022 · Junt Sosa is a hip hop artist that makes rap music with good healing energy and empowering messages. In this interview, he talks about how he got into music, his creative process, and what he wants his music to achieve. If you're a fan of rap or hip hop, or if you're interested in the discovery of new music artists, this is an episode for you. NEW SINGLE “OPTIONS” now available on all platforms. linktr.ee/Juntsosa
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  • Marine Veteran: Turned Pianist and Guitarist Brett Wayne Lee

    14 NOV. 2022 · Solo Artist Brett Wayne Lee is a pianist and guitarist who left the Marines in 2008 and toured local pubs and clubs with a few Rock N Roll bands before deciding to go solo in 2020. He has a new song, "Move Close to Me," about love at first sight, and "No Rules" about the loss of life in the military. We are so excited to see what this talented artist will do next and we know you will be as well. Check out the link below to listen to Brett Wayne Lee's new songs and be sure to follow him on his journey to success. https://www.brettwaynelee.com/
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    BTA Dropboyphill UNEDITED MATERIAL talks Rap Battle

    5 NOV. 2022 · In this video, BTA Dropboyphill UNEDITED MATERIAL talks about his Rap Battle and how he's going to strategize against the other rapper.
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    Why do people keep confusing Naz with Nas?

    5 OCT. 2022 · Do you get people confusing you with other people all the time? Well, in this video, we explore why people tend to mix up Naz and Nas. After watching this video, hopefully you'll be able to set the record straight whenever someone confuses you with someone else. The music artist Naz makes feel good music for the ladies that is a unique flavor for the East Coast compared to the trending Drill music you are typically hearing on the radio airwaves nowadays.
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    Is It Just Me, or is Meg the Stallion Music Totally Overrated

    3 SEP. 2022 · In this episode, I'm going to be bashing the artist Meg the Stallion and her music. It's not that I'm a hater (or maybe I am), but if you want my honest opinion, I think her music is just plain bad.
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  • FOH Films Production Interview

    8 AGO. 2022 · In this video, FOH Films Production will talk about their new upcoming film and various other insight on the world of music and film.
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  • What We Got Wrong About College Athlete Song Writer Artist Prominence

    1 AGO. 2022 · Prominence has been on the scene for over a year now and is making waves in Lawrenceville, GA. He's even been noticed and has had his single "Sin" on the soundtrack for the film, "Dying to Learn"! Tune into this interview to learn more about Prominence and what he has planned next! Follow Prominence: https://instagram.com/the_real_prominence https://unitedmasters.com/prominence5675 Listen and watch more full episodes at https://transformuradio.com
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  • Music Interview with Award Nominated Pop Singer Eye'z

    25 JUL. 2022 · Making music for a living is no easy task. It takes hard work and dedication to see success, let alone a career in the business. In this interview we speak to award nominated pop singer Eye’z about her musical beginnings, the challenges she faces being an artist in 2022 and much more. instagram.com/mseyez https://linktr.ee/mseyez
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    Versuz Underground KUSH MAC VS TRAMENDIS live from WTLB-DB

    23 JUL. 2022 · BRK/Chop It Up "Da Podcast" Presents "Versuz Underground" KUSH MAC VS TRAMENDIS live from WTLB-DB Transform U Radio Powered by Restream Official prize packages offered for tonight's "Verzuz Underground" song vs song battle between two of Racine, WI's best hip hop artists....... #Kush_Mac (Chris Mcmillian) vs #Tramendis_Tha_Brute (Antonio Howard) - Live Interview on 'Real Life Matters' on BELL FIBE TV cable television - Live Interview on 'The Peep Game Show' Hosted by Christopher Denton and Will "Chill" Rinehart on SiriusXM 142 (see flyer for show times) 12,000,000 viewers in 29 countries · Courtesy of William Rinehart Check out https://grassrootsmusicseminar.com/ - Radio and Podcast Premium Exclusive Promo Package which includes · Song Rotation · Inclusion to Top Playlists · DJ shout outs across the Transform U Network platform · Social Media promotion of your single · Short Interview feature · Social media promotion of all interviews · Two promotional flyers for your next events · And a blog and press release · Kinetic PE Mixx Show Premium Celebrity Platform is broadcast on iheart Radio, Pandora, Spotify, Castbox, Apple, and over 20 other platforms with subscribed viewers and clients in 14 countries. Has an average of 10,000 downloads per episode. · Courtesy of #Kinetic_PE_Mixx_Show Check out https://www.transformuradio.com/ JULY 17TH @7PM LIVE!!! On the #ChopItUpPodcast in New Orleans, LA hosted by #Hawklyfe and also on the #Kinetic_PE_Mixx_Show in Milwaukee, WI hosted by #DJ_Potential AT THE Wtlb-Db Transform U Radio station. Special judges #Will_Chill_Rhinehart Villeboy Cas Marcus Hart Presented by Battle Rap Kingdom Transform U Media Network Modern-Day Pharaoh Services Association UniversalThinking MindsofSound https://www.trai.company/ Kinetic PE MIXX Show on any podcast app or YouTube
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  • PaperPosh of PaperGirl Entertainment: Questions and Answers with DJ Potential

    11 JUL. 2022 · This is an episode of PaperPosh of PaperGirl Entertainment answering questions. Who is that lady in the video? What does PaperPosh do? What are her qualifications? How is PaperPosh navigating the entertainment business? Find more information about PaperPosh here: https://youtu.be/bU4sqdoovAA
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DJ Potential interviews celebrities in the music and entertainment industry along with some mixes of endless combinations; EDM, workout killer tracks, energy beats, hip hop, rap, R&B, Dubstep, Trap music,...

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DJ Potential interviews celebrities in the music and entertainment industry along with some mixes of endless combinations; EDM, workout killer tracks, energy beats, hip hop, rap, R&B, Dubstep, Trap music, and more.
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