• Emerging Technologies Reports with Stephen Bitteker

    17 MAY. 2023 · Kyle Chilton and Stephen Bitteker discuss the KLAS Emerging Technologies reports and some recent findings in the data. Data shows that providers are overwhlemed with the amount of new technology options while simultaneously worrying that they are going to miss out on new products. They also worry about how new solutions will work with their EMRs. In a world of burnout and staffing issues, they also worry that the learning curve of training will outweigh benefits the new solutions might provide down the road.
    22m 11s
  • HIMSS Patient Engagement Review

    10 MAY. 2023 · Get ready to dive into the HIMSS23 discussion surrounding patient engagement with Adam Cherrington and Dan Czech. In this episode, they share five brief interviews with leading patient engagement experts they had the opportunity to speak with at the conference. These experts provide valuable insights into how to effectively include patients in the healthcare process, as well as the challenges and successes they see in their organizations and companies.Additionally, as seasoned healthcare professionals, Adam and Dan also bring their own unique perspectives to the table. They share their observations and insights from their own experiences at HIMSS, shedding light on the latest trends and developments in patient engagement.
    23m 44s
  • Innovations in Pharmacy with Jackson Tate

    3 MAY. 2023 · Kyle Chilton is joined by Jackson Tate to discuss pharmacy solutions. Pharmacy is such a legacy space for hospitals - a cost center typically - but innovations are using software and hardware to try and figure out how to keep innovating and optimizing. The current economic situation means people are looking for ways to leverage technology to improve ROI. New solutions are saving money and improving the bottom line while also highlighting the lack of optimization before. Automization is also a focus in trying to reduce the amount of human error - leackage, lost revenue, lost savings etc.
    24m 41s
  • How Technology Can Mitigate Patient Anxiety in Medicine with Dana Oaks

    12 ABR. 2023 · Dan Czech and Adam Cherrington are joined by Dana Oaks, Professor in Residence Healthcare Administration at Utah Valley University. Dana comes from a lineage of healthcare providers but decided he didn't want to go to school to be a healthcare provider. Instead, he found a meeting of business and healthcare that he was interested in. After earning his MBA and MHA, he has been chief in multiple organizations around the country. Dana discusses his experience with Telemedicine during the pandemic and working in a largely rural area that made getting care to patients incredibly hard. These health systems faced incredible challenges including personnel shortages, funding shortages, and technology accessibility shortages. His organization had to figure out how to mitigate anxiety and burnout in small areas. He learned just how critical Social Determinants of Health is to getting people care. This like proximity, ability to travel, access to technology, and education determine the care patients get. There is a difference in doing the right thing clinically but the wrong thing in communication in healthcare. Communication de-escalates both health crisis and anxiety crisis and reducing anxiety helps caregivers give better care.
    30m 56s
  • Turning Patient Engagement into Patient Activation with Carrie Kozlowski

    5 ABR. 2023 · Adam Cherrington is joined by Carrie Kozlowski, COO and Co-Founder of Upfront. Carrie started her career on the clincial side as an occupational therapsist. As such, she got to see patient experience 1-to-1 as well as through transitions of care. She saw gaps in care and communcation, and wanted to make a difference in patient care to set them up for success. The discussion is on how to leverage technology to create transitions in care that simplify and improve workflows and scalability so care can become frictionless. Upfront's goal is to transition from patient engagement (reaching out to patients) to patient activation (patients are empowered and active in acheiving their health goals). Patient participation is important to diminish the issues in those transitions of care. Healthcare still doesn't know how to capitalize on consumer data and expertise as well as some other industries.
    26m 5s
  • Top 3 Emerging Technologies With Dan Nigrin

    29 MAR. 2023 · Kyle Chilton is joined by Dan Nigrin, CIO of Main Health. Dan Nigrin got his start as a pediatric endocrinologist and quickly discovered his love of marrying clinician experience with technology. His love of personal computing and electronic music led him to marry two of his other loves - healthcare and IT. Dan and Kyle discuss Voice Enabled Documentation, Remote Patient Monitoring, and Patient Facing Communication and how all three will benefit healthcare moving forward. Discussion also includes how technology advanced during COVID and how healthcare can adopt technology better when not in crisis.
    31m 36s
  • 18m 46s
  • Curating Digital Spaces for Patients with Sara Vaezy

    15 MAR. 2023 · Adam Cherrington and Dan Czech are joined by Sara Vaezy, Executive VP Cheif Strategy and Digital Officer at Providence Health. Sara has spent her entire career in or adjacent to healthcare. Working in everything from medical devices to pop health companies, she has now been at Providence Health for 7 years, most of those in the digital health area. The discussion focuses on how to provide an overarching digital health experience not only with clincial data, but behavioral, economic, and social behaviors that help get clinicians a well-rounded understanding of their patients. Providence Health's motto "Know me, care for me, ease my way," can only be acheived if the organization can leverage their technology to truly "know" their patients in a deep and meaningful way.
    32m 36s
  • Amplifying Patient Voice Through Digital Transformation with Laura Marquez

    8 MAR. 2023 · Adam Cherrington and Dan Czech are joined by Laura Marquez, head of Digital Transformation at the University of Utah. Laura Marquez's passion is amplifying the patient voice by putting the patient and their families first. She has been in healthcare for over 20 years, and her goal is to make healthcare better. She believes in smoothing out journeys for patients and caregivers and easing through difficulties in getting care, and billing after care. Working with both the patient hat and the IT hat on, seeing patients through their circumstance is imperative. We increase empathy and understanding for others when we see through their lens. Invite disparate voices to the table so they can be catered to and make the experience better for them. Getting live feedback on how to make a patient experience better means changes have a quicker turnaround.
    34m 51s
  • CCM Top of Mind Report 2023 with Alex Nixon

    1 MAR. 2023 · KLAS' Jennifer Hickenlooper is joined by Alex Nixon - Senior Research Analyst for the Center for Connected Medicine. The Center for Connected Medicine (CCM) is an independent think tank at the Unviersity of Pittsburgh specializing in healthcare innovation and new technologies. For the past 6 years, CCM has done a Top of Mind annual report which shows the top 3 technologies that healthcare executives are considering and implementing. For 2023, the 3 technologies that CCM found to be Top of Mind were Patient Access, Telehealth, and AI. This is interesting considering this matches the previous year's top 3 technologies as well and that may be due to change being slow in healthcare as well as holdover from needs from the COVID-19 pandemic. Healthcare providers and organizations are looking to restore patient volumes, and notice that consumers have more technology choices and greater expectations for their care. Their concern moving forward is that they compete with digital first and tech-enabled companies that are aiming to compete with traditional health systems.
    26m 44s

The Patient Voice Amplified is a KLAS Research podcast created to give patients a voice when it comes to the technology used in their care. In doing so, we aim...

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The Patient Voice Amplified is a KLAS Research podcast created to give patients a voice when it comes to the technology used in their care. In doing so, we aim to get you, the leaders in healthcare IT, all the information you need to improve patient engagement in your part of the world.

Join patient engagement experts, Adam Cherrington and Dan Czech, as they talk to patients from all sides of the story—from those who may work in the healthcare industry, to the everyday patients who have an incredible perspective to share. We will also dig into what KLAS is currently researching and what we’re hearing from the industry.

KLAS provides accurate, honest, and impartial insights for the healthcare IT industry. Our mission? To improve the world’s healthcare by amplifying the voices of providers, payers, and patients when it comes to the digital experience.
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